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"I wanna go beyond this day;
With my eyes on my dreams, I keep walking on."

Rina is... well, Rina. Her heritage is quite an impressive one, for starters. Being the descendant of world famous sorceress, Lina Inverse, Rina Erris has a great deal of animosity built up against her simply from being the mage's heir.

Having left her homeland of Zefielia at age 13, young Rina roamed the countryside picking up whatever jobs she was given. Bequeathed with a considerable amount of sorcerous talent, she always came through in a pinch. Among her assets are her intuition, invention, and unswerving determination.

Rina left home at a young age; that fact has since been established. Why did she leave, though? Well, Fate has always had fun using humans as pawns for her sheer amusement. Nevertheless, history was bound to repeat itself. Fleeing from a stressful home life (and at the bidding of her older brother), she left Zefielia soon after misfiring a Dragon Slave into one of the area's surrounding mountains. Even though she was a little careless with her spellcasting, her talent and quick-learning is unquestionable.

In order to gain more knowledge and, ergo, more magical power, Rina traveled all over the Demon Sea Penninsula. While she does odd jobs most often for money, Rina is occasionally lucky enough to get a chance at some ancient artifact or the such. To light, this brings one of Rina's more dire vices: her greed. Indeed, money and power are the prime things to offer Rina if she refuses a job the first time. She can be quite argumentative when she wants something, but this is simply a part of her nature. Her determination is a force to be reckoned with in itself.

Greed can be a good thing, sometimes. It has led to the rise of Rina's primary occupation (and source of income). This profession, although not official, recognized, or widely practiced; is bandit killing. First popularized amongst a small group by Lina Inverse (much to the dismay of thieves everywhere), bandit killing was soon picked up by a fourteen year-old Rina after she chased a pick-pocket into a thief encampment, destroyed the area, and took her money back (in addition to a fat interest charge). Since that day, the survivors have spread news to other bandit clans about a sorcerous monster disguised as a young girl with vibrant hair and vividly colored clothes. Since then, Rina has often been associated with the term "Rainbow Devil."

Of course, only an absolute moron with no semblance of a thought process would say it to her face.

With that in mind, we move on to Rina's other talents. All her life, Rina has had to work to get what she wants. In Zefielia, this means a lot of physical labor from both men and women. Rina did not have her parents growing up, as they left when she was four and haven't returned since. In addition to developing an illusionary work ethic, she also has a far above-average body strength. She can easily lift two -- even three -- times her own body weight. This also gives her a stamina beyond most; she is nowhere near as frail as her diminuitive frame would suggest. In addition to being a small target, she is light, agile, and ambidexterous. This makes casting spells of all sorts a breeze. Still, when she is hit, even Rina herself admits that she doesn't handle pain very well.

Rina is not the most beautiful rose in the garden, but she is one of the most unique. For one, her hair color is very distinct; violet hair is not common in the orients, and it is very rare outside of that area. A myth indicates that children with more vibrant natural hair colors have such shades because of their uniquely tuned magic capacities -- some of the highest in the world. Large eyes, a petite stature, and a sometimes tomboyish demeanor make her quite cute amongst other girls her age. However, two shortcomings bother her to a large extent (no pun intended).

Firstly, she is all but completely flat-chested. This is often an object of ridicule by outside parties unawares of her notorious hair-trigger temper (doubtlessly inherited from her mother's side of the family). One is lucky if he or she makes such rude remarks as "flat-chest" and survives Rina's wrath with little more than a concussion.

Secondly, she is quite short. 5'3" is where she stopped growing at age 12. Her growth spurt is taking its sweet time coming, that's for sure. Rina is more than frustrated about this inability despite the fact that she can Levitate easily to see her surroundings. Rina's food intake is inversely proportionate to her size. She can eat huge amounts of food, often being able to overeat most men twice her size. Being a sorceress is no low-calorie job, so she needs all the energy she can get. If she doesn't get her three square meals a day, she can become very unpleasant and veritably grumpy.

Not someone to underestimate, or be underestimated, Rina carries at her disposal a bevy of magical power. Her disciplines are wide and varied, ranging from the most simple utilitarian spells (such as the White Magic spell Lighting) to the most powerful and destructive Black Magic spell: the legendary Dragon Slave. Elemental shamanism spells serve her purposes well when neither of the extremes will do the trick.

Rina takes all things, good and bad, happy and sad, in stride, and day-by-day she continues her journey to her dreams, whatever they may be. Depression can only slow you down and get in the way, Rina surmises, so she always keeps happy... or at least seems that way. More often than not, Rina is energetic and upbeat, refusing to let anything slow her down on the path to greatness. All in all, Rina has her act together; it's those other people that have the problem.


Full Name:Rina Erris
Also known as: Bandit Killer
Rainbow Devil
The Enemy of All Living Things
That flat-chested, brainless, breastless witch
"the Beautiful Sorcery Prodigy Rina Erris" (In her own mind)
Blood Type:AB
Hair Color:Violet
Eye Color:Red-orange
Occupation:Adventuring Sorceress
Alignment:Chaotic Neutral
Birthdate:March 27, 1185 A.D.W. (After Demon War) Incidentally, this is 185 years after the initial Slayers series
Specialty:Various Manner of Sorcery
  • Primarily responsible for the annihilation of the Demon Sea Serpents pirate gang.
  • Various accounts of unnecessary violence
  • MANY accounts of random property damage
  • *Relations: Rune Erris (Brother)
    Flint Erris (Father)
    Remiina Gabriev/Erris (Mother)
    Dario Gabriev (Grandfather)
    Tina Ragnas/Gabriev (Grandmother)
    Garii Gabriev (Great Grandfather)
    Karia Sheriion/Gabriev (Great Grandmother)
    Lina Inverse/Gabriev (Great Great Grandmother)
    Gourry Gabriev (Great Great Grandfather)
    Luna Inverse (Great Great Grandaunt)
    Mellyroon Gabriev(?) (Possible Ancestor)
    Rowdy Gabriev (Possible Ancestor)

    *All relations past "Father" are on Remiina's side of the family.