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Don't Forget!

Treasure, treasure! All mine! I win! Ding-dong, the captain's dead! As it so expectantly turned out, I thrashed a gang of pirates just last night. Serves them right, it does! That's one less threat on the Demon Sea, all thanks to Rina Erris! (Oh yeah, that's me, by the way!) While getting off the ship with my loot, I came upon a guy who just happened to be imprisoned for one reason or another. Well I, being the good soul that I am, rescued him and brought him out to freedom! Huh? Oh, well, yeah, he did save my butt back there... once, but that's beside the point!

Now here I am, back in town. Turns out that Kari is a pretty nice guy, although a bit overprotective. He grates on my nerves sometimes, to be honest. He's also dense as a brick. Well, I guess you can't have good looks and good brains all at the same times... except for me, that is! Me, the lovely sorcery genius, Rina Erris!

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