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A Project Tale

Written by: Zeal
Hosted and Edited by: Soja Kakarotto a.k.a. Sangatsu
Based on a True Story

Act 1
The Keep Arena

[Enter Nigatsu plushy]

Nigatsu: Heeee Iím so cool and above everyone else. I feel special.

[Enter Noir plushy]

Noir: Oh itís one of those stupid Project bastards. Iím going to kill you with my cheapo spells that I got off your forums!
Nigatsu: WTF!?! You unethical idiot, you canít beat me!
Noir: Oh yes I can, I stole all the information off your site by means through an idiotic method where I used my goony characters called Flail for my ID name. Now I am unstoppable!
Nigatsu: Oh just wait Iíll use my boom spell on you!

[Nigatsu charges Noir. Noir boom spells Nigatsu with cheap ass copy and past, not to mention he ruined the spellís limitations. Nigatsu dies.]

Nigatsu: Ugggggh... nooo!

[Enter Sangatsu, Shigatsu, and Zeal plushies]

Sang: Hiiiiiiiiidddyyyy hoooooo!
Shi: Oh no... Ni has died! I shall avenge his death.

[Noir blows up Shi. Shi dies.]

Shi: Nooooo!!!
Zeal: I should defend my loveís family! I will use my wooden sword and simple light spells to defeat thee!
Sang: You killed Shi and Ni. You shall die fox boy.
Noir: You cannot defeat me. I can dodge every attack you throw at me! I am a munchkin bastard that stole all your information, Ramus!
Sang: [growls] Oh bring it on.

[Sang and Noir fight. Enter Cheesy Sound Effects and Shichigatsu]

Cheesy Sound Effects: Smack! Pow! Zap! Ka-Boom!

[Zeal uses spiffy keen sword attack on Noir, though Noir dodges it.]

Shichi: What is going on my Zealybear?
Zeal: That bad perverted fox man (pervert is a gene so it was passed down obviously by the sicko who did naughty things to a fox. EwwwwÖ) killed your brothers!
Shichi: Oh no! Now I shall use my very powerful sneak attacks (considering Iím cursed now so itís pushing it) to kill him.

[Shichi does 2 powerful sneak attacks that he dodges. Noir counters with Dragon Slave. Zeal is badly injured.]

Zeal: This sucks, being a human.
Shichi: Zeal! [Rushes to his side]

[Noir and Sang continues to fight. Shichi tries to rescue Zeal, Shi, and Niís Ďboxí]

Sang: [pants] You are good.
Noir: You pathetic project, I am a god who has to cheat, lie and sneak to make myself feel good by making my characters know everything about yours! Even though this a game/story/play only meant for simple entertainment although it has entirely consumed my life because I care so much about my character Iím willing to go out of my way to make him all powerful and cooler then anyone elseís!
Sang: So why are you trying to kill our family again?
Noir: Because you are a group of powerful people whom can role-play better then I. If I defeat you I might gain respect by the people who Iíll never meet in real life! So then I can then after --BLARG!

[Sangatsu hits Noir with a Ra-Tilt while he revealed his true intentions. Noir is slightly wounded.]

Noir: [gasp] You are so powerful!
Sang: You notice this NOW?!?
Noir: I shall run away like a little sissy because I donít have the backbone nor the creativity to defeat you! [Escapes]
Sang: I have this overly large feeling that heís going to die, then be brought back again, then die, then come back, die and come backÖ Itís going to be like the soap opera from Hell.
Zeal: [Heals himself with one of his few memorized healing spells] Look on the bright side. At least we play fair. Shichi letís go find a Resurrection ScrollÖ Iím sure they sell them at the church back at Spell Point for a difficult task and a large amount of money.
Shichi: Ichi probably will be able to bring back one of them.
Sang: I shall find these stupid fox peoples and lay the SMACKDOWN!