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Kari Nobil

When Rina Erris destroyed the Demon Sea Serpent pirate gang near Aoi-Umi, and was later encountered on their ship by a small array of vengeful buccaneers, Kari Nobil jumped in to save her. She had freed him from his cell; how he wound up prisoner is anybody's guess. Though Rina appreciated the offer, she initially opted against accepting Kari as a bodyguard, but his big-brotherly nature prevented him from acting otherwise. Kari, dense as a brick, saw Rina as a younger girl in need of protection, and thus, he insisted on it.

Kari is a mercenary, but a very different one from what one may see him as. He is kind, noble in his intentions, and true to himself. He is sometimes easily tricked however, but he has always been able to wield his longsword with ease in a pinch.

Kari is the swordsman specialist of the pair, and acts the role very well. He's single-minded in his protection of Rina, and he has resolved to follow her around wherever she goes. Supposedly, he has nothing better to do, and perhaps still sees himself as her destined guardian.

Full Name:Karius Nobil
Also known as: "That moron mercenary"
"Rina's sole and trusted bodyguard" (In his own mind)
Blood Type:O
Hair Color:Platinum Blonde
Eye Color:Right Eye: Violet; Left Eye: Blue
Occupation:Freelance Mercenary
Alignment:Lawful Good
Hometown:New Sairaag
Birthdate:June 10, 1182 A.D.W. (After Demon War)
  • Partially responsible for the annihilation of the Demon Sea Serpents
  • Primarily responsible for the exile of the necromancer Kima Miasma from the Elmekia Empire
  • *Relations: Roy Nobil (Brother)
    Alexia Nobil (Sister)
    Ceros Nobil (Father)
    Miaska Nocturne/Nobil (Mother)
    Helios Nocturne (Grandfather)
    Karime Lagunis/Nocturne II (Grandmother)
    Ethori Lagunis (Great Grandfather)
    Karime Kimeha/Lagunis (Great Grandmother)
    Janus Kimeha (Great Great Grandfather)
    Sylphiel Nels Rahda/Kimeha (Great Great Grandmother)
    Eruk Rahda (Great Great Great Grandfather)