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Soja Kakarotto

One of the foremost martial artists in the world, Soja Kakarotto, Kakarot or Soja for short, leaves an impression on most people he meets. Most of the time he keeps to himself, going about his daily business and leaving others to go about theirs. He doesn't stick out significantly in a crowd, unless one takes his strong build and aura into account. In fact, he looks very normal.

Usually, Kak keeps to himself. One of his largest dislikes is getting involved in other people's business when it doesn't concern or hold an incentive for him. As a result, getting favors out of him is a herculean task. The only exceptions to this rule are his close friends and family; their happiness and well-being is good enough an incentive for him. Food is one of Kak's most beloved posessions, however. In gargantuan quantities, he will consume meal after meal, delicacy after delicacy. It is sometimes startling the amount of Zeni he can spend at one restaurant in one night.

Fighting, he found, was a good way to expand his power, broaden his horizons, increase his skill, and have fun; again, this is a trait native to his species. For a while, he played mercenary. Soon, when he saw the suffering he had caused from the enemies' point of view, he quit that way of life and moved from that area. He eventually came to a small village near a mountain range and built a home their. The seclusion of a mountain village provides prime conditions for martial arts training, but it can also grow tedious and redundant. While out in the world, he saw many things, good and bad. His strong sense of morality pushed him to put his gifted strength and combat prowess to use and defeat malevolence wherever he found it.

Kakarot carries his flaws as most others do. His arrogant pride, caused by his unusual strength and the fact that most around him don't posess the same strength, can sometimes be obnoxious. This has eased in magnitude as time has gone by. His short, fierce temper, however, is still the same, and chances are that it'll never change. Many times he displays a childish nature about himself. However, his strong conscience is sometimes overshadowed by excitement, especially when posed with a difficult battle. This often leads to massive collateral damage, which somehow gets seen before the fact that he is like a savior (in his own mind).

Kak has a natural instinct for fighting; it is in his blood. He himself was born of a surrogate mother, named Maria Soja, by means of the DNA splicing of two of the most powerful Saiyan warriors the Universe has ever seen. All this, orchestrated by a sane yet ambitious scientist, led to chaos, but this chaos soon mellowed out when Kei Soja (As his real name goes), only three at the time, woke up in a dense forest. A group of villagers brought him in to care and raise him, and he eventually grew strong. One fateful day, around his 12th birthday, he uncovered an unusual talisman: a silver disc with a phoenix and a dragon emblazoned onto its surface. Kak fashioned this into a pendant and placed it around his neck. The spiritual and physical change he underwent that night changed his destiny forever.

Without warning, the village was destroyed in a forest calamity. Like that, he had no home. Knowing only what the village inhabitants had taught him (a limited but effective skill in martial arts), he paid his respects and ventured off for the outside world.

His experience and strength serve him well. For a while he did not know that the talisman he wore was the mark of the Makiri, a Demon Slayer. The talisman did not hold any power in itself, but it drew on its owner's power and amplified it, making its power his and his power its. Depending on the holder's soul, it also takes a shape at their will. With Soja, the pendant took the shape of the Yamikiri, a pole weapon with two different blades at each end. One blade is a glaive-like sabre; the second blade is a three-pronged sword, like a bladed trident. Although the physical blades are made of a mysterious crystal, harder and stronger than any other substance in the world, the blades may be replaced by flaring blades. Flaring blades are extensions of the user's will, and the stronger the user's will is, the stronger and sharper the flaring blades will be.

After-effects of his creation still plague him. One of his most dangerous, most feared traits is his tendency to become a berserker. Although he has learned to control his anger over time, with experience, this state is still a threat to anyone around him when he enters it. Extreme rage, anger, and hatred can trigger this stage, and when it is activated there is almost certainly no escape. In this form, Kakarot will seek to remove the point of his antagonism and anyone standing in his way when he gives chase. Although it is not for certain, this is possibly what destroyed his home village when he was young.

Always, he keeps a cool head in a tense situation. He has heard many bits of wisdom, but one of the poverbs he abides closely to is "panic, and you'll drown." His intuition often gets him out of tough situations, but sometimes he'll let his sarcastic streak get the better of him and will waste time. Despite this fact, he will always get the job done, whatever it may be. He is a kind forgiving soul under his rough exterior, and certainly one that you would want beside you in a fight, for his loyalty to friends and family is unswaying.


Yamikiri - Double-ended weapon; one end trident, opposite end glaive; blades can be interchanged between mysterious crystal substance, nearly unbreakable, or channel Kak's will through it to make blades of energy. Now that Kak's duty of slaying demons is done, he has lain this weapon to rest in the depths of the realm of Elysion, the kingdom which he presides over as supreme sovreign. He feared that if the weapon's awesome power were to fall into the hands of a person with a black heart, there would be no stopping them. At the same time, the weapon was legendary in its strength, and he reasoned that it would be wise to lock it where only he and his family could reach it in a time of dire need.

Nyoi-Bo or Power Pole or Monkey King's Staff - A mythical, legendary weapon. This is in fact the staff that once belonged to Son Gohan, Son Goku, and, more recently, Son Gohan. Until now, the staff has been without owner. Soja took it upon himself to prevent as much destruction as was possible, and that meant the destruction of life as well. Upon a visit, he took posession of the Nyoi-Bo to replace his metal staff. The staff is red in color with a brass covering at each tip of the staff. Upon the command to do so, the Nyoi-Bo is capable of extending to an absurd 3,000 kilometers in length (!!!).

Attack Techniques
Technique purposes listed

Kikou Ha (Ki Light Wave): A bolt of ki energy fired from the hand. It isn't very strong to an opponent of Kak's strength so it is mostly used for distraction purposes. The most basice ki attack. Ki Attack

Kamehameha Wave: One of the most devastating and versatile techniques around. The executor fires a beam of a blue-white color. It's power can be changed, and it can also be directed at something in mid blast. Ki Attack

Big Bang Attack: A quickly charged ki energy beam. It is capable of immense destruction and can be very dangerous in the hands of one who knows how to use the technique effectively. It is fired from the palm at a ninety-degree angle. Ki Attack

Dodonpa: A blast of energy from the fingers. It is a very condensed beam of energy which has explosive potential. Since it is quickly charged, it is easily wielded by an experienced fighter. Ki Attack

Chi-Ha (Chi Wave): A blast of physical energy that acts on the target as if it had recieved an extreme blow at close range. It is very fast, near unavoidable, and very strong. It is also invisible, adding to the unavoidability factor. Chi Attack

Renzoku Yaiba (Literally 'Multiple Blades'): A red knife made of ki that can be thrown to pierce most anything. It can be thrown repeatedly and result in a 'renzoku energy dan' effect, as its name suggests. Ki Attack

Renzoku Rei-Korosu: A deadly technique of Vegeta's creation. From both of the extended hands, wave after wave of energy sphere is fired into an area around the target. At the user's choosing, the spheres collapse inward at their target and annihilate it with an array of powerful explosions. Ki Attack

Finish Buster: A ball of ki energy, five to ten feet large, that is thrown at the opponent and capable of mass destruction. It is very fast moving in comparison to other attacks of this nature. Ki Attack

Ki no Tsurugi: By focusing his ki into a point, Soja can project a blade of ki from his fingers. This blade can extend to almost any length and has the potential to pierce any substance. Ki Attack

Kino Mitsurugi: A gigantic blade of light forms in Kak's hands, bearing the ability to cleave through most substances in the known universe. Supportive Ki Attack

Giga Buster: A landscape-threatning blast of ki energy, always in the form of a large sphere thrown with an overhead toss. Absolute destruction at its best, or so it is thought. Ki Attack

Renzoku Energy Dan: One move that is easy to abuse. Kak shoots ki bolts continuously from his hand, continually pounding the target with shot after shot. While each shot is relatively weak, the hundreds upon hundreds that are shot can completely decimate an area. The attack can be held up for as long as desired, or as long as the user has energy... The undisputed master of this technique is Vegeta. Ki Attack

Utilitarian Techniques

Power Up: One increases power and ki to repel a threat more effectively. Power-Up

Super Saiyan (Supaa Saiyajin): The Legendary state of any Saiyan in which the Saiyan surpasses the normal limitations of a normal Saiyan. Power-Up

Super Saiyan Beyond a Super Saiyan (Supaa Saiyajin 2): The state of power in which a Saiyan surpasses Super Saiyan. The attributes most affected are speed, strength, and ki power. The state is characterized by the hair becoming straighter and by small electrical waves that encircle the body of the Saiyan. Power-Up

Ki Barrier: A shield made from ki and used to block energy attacks. Doesn't work on physical attacks. Defensive

Bukujutsu: Basically put, flight, or the ability to fly. Transportive

Instant Transmission: The ability to instantly move between two points. This ability can be coupled with other skills to have a devastating effect on the opponent. Transportive

Zanzoken/Invisible Jumping: The ability to move so fast, a person would leave a blur (an afterimage) of themselves in their former location, thus allowing them to attack from a different point. Defensive/Offensive/Transportive


Full Name: Soja Kakarotto
Kei Soja (First Given Name)
Also Known As: "Kei"
"Makiri Soja"
Blood Type:O
Race:Saiyan or Saiyajin
Hair Color:Onyx Black
Eye Color:Onyx Black
Alignment:Neutral Good
*Power Levels: Base: Power Levels
SSJ: Are
SSJ2: For
Relations: Yuri Hikari-Soja (Daughter)
Asahi Hikari-Soja (Wife)
Maria Soja (Birth Mother)
Son Goku (Half Father through Cloning)
Vegeta (Half Father through Cloning)
Bardock (Blood Grandfather)
King Vegeta (Blood Grandfather)

*Note that these power levels are only estimated and may be significantly higher or lower than accounted.

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