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Judas Greywords

When Rina Erris trashed the Demon Sea Serpents' pirate ship, one of Judas's servant, Syrius, happened to be on-deck. And, well, he got incinerated. Needless to say, Judas was mad. More importantly, though, Rina had a family history and a certain item that could potentially free him from his cursed Chimaeric body, and he knew this.

How he wound up with the body he has now is a mystery. He was born and lived simply and normally enough for most of his childhood years. Entering his teenage years, he took up swordsmanship and trained diligently, wanting to rank high and be recognized as one of the best swordsmen in history. His goal, however, became something of an obsession, and he started changing. First, his hair turned rigid and wiry. Next, his skin became rough and hard like rock. Then, his eyes became slitted and cat-like, like those of a demon's. His ears also became elf-like in shape. Finally, stone deposits grew around his body, especially on his face. His transformation caused his shunning from society.

Judas didn't quite cure himself, even after a fiasco with a lower heirarchy Mazoku, that of whom had promised him a cure. So, he's still searching for that cure, hoping to find one of the fabled Clair Bibles in hopes to cure himself. The curse makes him 1/3 golem, 1/3 demon, and 1/3 human, which makes him impervious to most physical weapon such as swords and buckshot, but not to the physical impact of, say, a cannonball.

Judas is quite self-conscious about his appearance, almost ashamed of it. In fact, he's a very quiet character all around, only speaking when necessary, and only interested in the shortest path to his cure, no matter the methods or means necessary to get to it. He also tends to get embarassed easily wherever the topic of romance is brought up.

Judas is a superb swordsman, having trained many long years. He often enhances his blade with the Astral Vine spell, one of many Shamanist spells at his disposal. He has more or less mastered the Spirit category of Shamanism, having learned its most powerful spell, the Ra-Tilt, among numerous other spells in other categories.


Full Name:Judas Greywords
Birthdate:April 14, 1178 A.D.W.
Also Known As:"Chimaera"
Blood Type:A
Race:Chimaera (1/3 Human, 1/3 Golem, 1/3 Demon)
Hair Color:Dull Silver
Eye Color:Violet
Occupation:Wandering Fighter Mage
  • Curses his existence every day of the week
  • Specialties:Swords
    Shamanist Magic, primarily Spirit Shamanism
    Relations: Elena Kikyo / Greywords (Mother)
    Leon Greywords (Father)
    Milli Noctina / Greywords (Grandmother)
    Meziah Greywords (Grandfather)
    Verdandi Greywords (Grandaunt)
    Zelda Peiorth / Greywords (Great Grandmother)
    Alec Greywords (Great Grandfather)
    Mirelna Epsilon / Greywords (Great Great Grandmother)
    Zelgadis Greywords (Great Great Grandfather)
    Rezo, the Red Priest (Great Great Great Grandfather OR Great Great Great Great Grandfather)