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Welcome to my much-neglected humor section! Hopefully, now that I'm a bit more focused, more stuff will be showing up here pretty soon. Until then, just do with what you have! (Also keep note: VERY little of this stuff is actually mine. Most of it I've pulled from the web. I am merely a free advertiser. :P)

Original Stories and Content

A Project Tale, Plushified and Retold by Zeal


Lina tells off Zelgadis over a slip of the tongue. Slayers
The Slayers get a choice... Slayers
The only laugh which terrifies Lina Inverse. Slayers

Stories, Comics, and Quizzes Etc.

You are an Idiot. Yes, you are.
Dark Lord Mr. T!!!
The Hells of Learning Japanese
Killer Seizure Robots!
What type of D&D character are you?
Da' Ghetto Test!
What Kind of Villain Are You?
What is Your Role-Playing Stereotype?
What Type of Friend Are You?
What High School Stereotype Are You?

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