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Kak's History

-Soja Kakarotto: Prolouge-

For starters, you are reading this story oocly. Kak is the latest in an esoteric line of ’Earth Guardians’. The last one to be before him was around five hundred years ago. After his days came to an end, the need for one Soja was non-existent. Thus, the weapon of the Soja, the title and surname given to the current senshi, the Silver Star Lance, was lost and was laid to rest in the Silver Star Spire. It stayed dormant for five hundred years. It stayed that way until the need for a guardian, a Soja, was dire.

-Soja Kakarotto: Beginnings-

It was soon after Cell’s decimation that a blood sample was collected by one of Dr. Gero’s long-lost colleagues. His name was Professor Shoichi Ko, a very intelligent scientist who helped Gero compile data concerning the ’Cell Project’. After seeing the imperfections in Cell, he decided to begin work on a new project henceforth. His objective, the same as most ambitous minds: to bring the world to its knees with a creation of evil.

He began work on the ’Artificial Saiyan Project’. He had many many faliures before he started getting things right. Artificial Saiyans were made using the gathered DNA of the Earth Saiyans in different combinations. The most powerful combination was the one created with the DNA of Son Goku and Vegeta. This combination was labeled ’Artificial Saiyan #38’...

Several years later, after Buu's awakening and defeat, Artificial Saiyan #38 was completed. He was seven by the time he was awakened nearly seven years later. So #38 was awakened, again for those who missed it. Due to the DNA change in the Saiyans’ blood, from becoming SSJ, he was already very powerful for his age and was only controlled through a mind control device. #38 was raised with a broad range of knowledge and skill in the martial arts as well as various ki techniques.

-Soja Kakarotto: Cataclysm-

One day, several more months later, the impossible happened. Kak rid himself of the mind-control device and went on a rampage of the lab. He eventually wrecked most of the lab and killed most of the assistants. He flew off like a maniac (note: he has not touched SSJ at this point), and for not looking, hit a low-flying plane. He spun to the ground like a plane that had been shot down, which speak of Dabura, had been shot down by Kak himself. In case you want to know, the plane’s inhabitants survived but Kak, now lost in the deep temperate forests of Earth (China region on the real Earth), retained no memory of who he was or where he came from. Luckily for him, he landed near a villiage, sealed off from civilization.

-Soja Kakarotto: Awakening-

The villiage lived much like the indians of real-world North America. He lived an enjoyable life with people his own age for six years. What Kak wore at this time resembles what Kyle of Nanza wears in Lunar Silver Star Story for the Playstation... can’t find a damned pic. Just look up ’Kyle’ and ’Lunar Silver Star Story’ on Yahoo... or ask my good friend JennyNagashiki. Anyways... He lived a relatively peaceful life for that while. His fellow villiagers were amazed by his incredible strength although we know why he was this way.

The sky blackened. The ground trembled. Then, it was over. The villiage was in panic and the chief had to calm them down. Great time for the chief’s right-hand man, Kakarotto as #38 was properly named, to be off at the waterfalls. Kakarotto, now thirteen, ran back to the villiage and helped calm them down. A demon appeared all of a sudden and attacked the area in general. The demon resembles Garlic Jr. in his super form for you DBZ lovers to know. Kakarotto, seeing no other alternative, went hand-to-hand with the monster, being knocked out early in the fray. He comes to a few seconds later and, all of a sudden, the Silver Star Lance manifests itself before him. Several flashbacks come to him in a matter of seconds, and in the same window of time, he vanquishes the demon with a single slash.

-Soja Kakarotto: Destiny’s Revelation-

He stands there, in the middle of the wreckage, and wonders what he should do next... He consults with the chief and about what he saw in the vision. The chief laughs heartily and tells him to head west to the city. He said that he had a destiny to fulfill, then he let him know about how the saw him fall from the sky and how the last protector, a Soja, was from the same villiage Kakarotto had grown up in. He told him all the legends and about the lance, a twin trident with two blades of some unbreakable crystalline substance, which is now in a pendant form. He let Kak in on the fact that he, indeed, was the new Soja, and he told him to travel out onto the world as it would soon need him!

Needless to say, Kak was very shocked and needed some time to think about it. He went to his thinking spot, the waterfalls, and thought and thought about his future. After a night of silent deliberation, he came back to the villiage and told them he was to leave. The chief, being the optimist that he is, gave Kak a going-away present, a silver bracelet, along with a celebration. Kak was not the same optimistic way about leaving the only home he ever knew, but who ever is?

-Soja Kakarotto: Departure-

The next morning Kak left for the city. He had not yet aquired all his techniques from memory, but he eventually would. On his way through the forest, he encountered a very startled Piccolo. You see, Piccolo was not used to sensing powers up in the 60 millions from just any young person who happened by. Piccolo just decided to leave for the moment. Kak had already been suspicious of Piccolo, as he very much resembled the demon from earlier in the week. He shrugged it off and continued on toward the city. On his way to the city, West Capital, he found a Dragonball, the shukyu four-star, beside him. He couldn’t help but take it for himself, and thus, he did so. He trudged on toward the city...

-Soja Kakarotto: Arrival-

So Kakarotto arrived in West Capital, home of Capsule Corp. Here is where he decided to come for some answers and help. He came to a city in a semi-bad state, so he decided to help. People stared at his wild-person clothes, but he didn’t seem to care. They were grateful for his help anyways. A very watchful Bulma caught eye of him and invited him to stay at their place. Vegeta was just a tad jealous of him, but for what?? Kak, however, was lucky enough to get some training sessions in the Gravity Room. From there nothing much happened except he met Crysta at age six. He decided to leave Capsule Corp. to do some adventuring all his own after a couple of years, so he did at age seventeen. In good clothes and strength and knowledge behind him, he was off to explore the world.

-Soja Kakarotto: Continuation-

It was not long before Kak ran into more demons like the one that attacked his villiage. Of course, Kakarot vanquished each like the hero he was born to be. Soon the demons became harder to find as they had disguised themselves as humans. Kak had to learn how to read auras and recognize them. Once he found a demon, he would have to engage it in battle and slay it. This was often difficult and dangerous, but he always managed to get the job done, picking up a few tricks on the way. Kak came to the Keep under mysterious circumstances, but he can now come and go as he pleases. He built his own home, which resembles the Masaki house in the Tenchi series, in the country near the forest. Several glades and fields dot the area, making for a peaceful setting. He eventually goes on to marry Asahi Hikari-Mano and becomes a king as a result. He has a cabbit named Ven-Ohki whom he obtained from the greatest mind in the Universe, Washu! He is a very experienced fighter and is dedicated to the point of dying for his wife, his child, his family, his friends, and his world, the Earth.

This is "Destination", another Kakarot theme.

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