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Two Words

A panic arises in a villiage somewhere on the south islands. The people outside are easily taken prisoner by a wave of men in uniforms, military uniforms from the looks of them. Amongst the chaos, a single officer stands. As the dust settles, contrary to the noise, a soldier reports to the officer.

Soldier: "Sir! The town has been secured and the residents have been taken prisoner."

Officer: "And the elder...?"

Soldier: "Put into solitary confinement."

Officer: "Is the interrogator on hand?"

Soldier: "He sure is... it won't be long before we have the Dragonball, General Skie."

***Local Bar, West Capital***

The Sun is high in its noontime position. Across the street the Local Bar is visible. Across from the local bar is a restaurant but that's irrelevant at this point. Inside the bar now, our favorite Artificial Saiyan, Soja Kakarotto, sits at the bar's end, watching the TV while drinking a bottle of 7-Up... not the bottle so much as its liquid content.

Television: #We interrupt this program for an important news flash.#

Kakarot mumbles to himself absently, "It was on the news, you idiot."

Reporter on the TV: #Rumors of an attack on a village in the area of South Capital, the South Islands more precisely, started making their way throughout the mainstream of the news community earlier this morning. We are loo--#

Kak's shouting drowns out the news, "Why the hell are you reporting on something that may not even be true, you numskulls!!?"

The other occupants of the bar glare begrudgingly at Kak. One steps forward, "Hey, shut up! You're disturbing me!"

Kakarot's right eye twitches and he turns to the man shouting at him, a biker and a bar frequenter apparently. "Hey, are you tryin' to start something, eh?"

The guy yelling at Kak stands up quickly. "What, are you gonna start somethin'?!"

Kakarot stands up, the usual smirk on his face. "I'm ready for you, yeah?"

The idiot throws the first punch, a major no-no with Kak. Kak merely steps aside and dodges the punch easily, almost too easily. He slowly brings up his arm... and brings it down on the hoodlum, elbow to back. A loud thud, a crack of a table, and another thud, the latter being of the man's body hitting the ground. He tosses the barkeep several coins after passing by a shocked and bewildered crowd, "Sorry 'bout that..."

The bartender catches the coins and nods to Kak as he leaves, "Aw, don't worry 'bout it. Happens all the time."

So Kakarot exits the bar. He looks around, then at his watch. He did not have work today, so he's been simply 'patrolling' the city. He hmms and decides to pay Rendus a visit.

***Rendus' House***

Rendus: "Hey, buddy! What brings you to my house (especially since you'd never visit if there wasn't something in it for you)?"

Kakarot: "Oh... just thought you might know something of an attack on a villiage?"

Rendus: "Oh, that. It's been all over the news this morning. They're making a pretty big fuss out of a rumor...."

Kakarot: "Yeah, I know... I wouldn't be surprised if it was true." Kak then quirks and narrows his eyes. "Why would anyone want to attack a villiage, anyway?"

Rendus: "I would usually be the one to ask a question like that, but you're probably as puzzled as I am."

Kakarot: "Ah... maybe they're just trying to raise ratings. Oh well. I have some things to do. See ya', Ren."

Rendus: "Alright, later."

As Kakarot leaves, Rendus turns around, his face hinting at deep thought, a rare occasion for Rendus which is why you should mark this day on your calendar, folks. "This is like a story my uncle Gohan told me... he said his father fought a group of people who were terrorizing innocents and villiages because they were looking for the Dragonballs..."

He looks up.

"I think their name was.... the Red Ribbon Army."

***Route 76***

Kakarot cruises toward Orange Star City atop his Capsule #9 motorcycle, his most loved and most reliable form of transportation, aside from Bukujitsu flight that is. Thoughts run through his mind as he keeps forward. Signs pass quickly, each reading that Orange Star City grows closer by the mile. He blinks and a car is less than ten feet in front of him. Both he and the car swerve at the last moment. Kak turns and shouts at the other driver. "WATCH WHERE THE HELL YOU'RE GOING!!!"

A familiar green-haired inventor pokes her head out of the car's window. "YOU WATCH WHAT YOU SAY, KAK!!!"

Kakarot acks and sweatdrops. "Bulma?! What are you doing out here...?!"

Bulma's demeanor softens somewhat and she smiles sweetly, which could mean either everything was fine, or something darker... "Oh, nothing important. I was just visiting Gohan and Videl, since Pan always hung around with Trunks when he was about your age."

Kak pulls his bike up to Bulma's side's window and nods. "Oh... I see. Hear the rumors?"

Bulma: "Yeah... that's really wierd, I think. When I was young and prettier than I am now, there was a situation of the sort and me and Goku were caught up in it... well, I wasn't until the end of it was near. But, I doubt you want to hear an old lady's tale, eh?"

Kakarot: "Zzz.... Zzz..."

Bulma smacks Kak upside the head with a fan, waking him up instantly. "Ow OW! Yeah, yeah, I heard you!"

Bulma: "You better have. You could learn something from what I say, you know."

Kakarot: "Yeah, you're right there..."

Bulma: "Of course I am! When have I ever been wrong?"

Kakarot: "... ... ..."

Bulma: "Hey, don't look at me like that. I have a few more errands to run anyway. You wanna help me out?"

Kakarot: "Tch, sure. I'm not doing anything..." He caps his bike and climbs into the passenger's seat of the now-open air hovercar.

Bulma smiles sweetly again, "I'm glad. First stop, the grocery store. Vegeta eats up almost everything in the house. You Saiyans have that voracious hunger, I'll never forget it. Everytime I went with Goku to dinner, he made a mess, eating like a pig."

Kakarot: "Yeah, yeah... say, can I turn on the radio?"

Bulma: "Sure, go ahead."

Kak gradually turns the radio on and tunes it carefully. He groans. "Augh! The news again..."

Bulma stays quiet and keeps her eyes on the road.

Radio: #This is not a rumor anymore. A terrorist group calling themselves the Blue Bow Regime has sent threats to Central Capital's president demanding the city treasure, a Dragonball.#

Kakarot and Bulma ack, and the scene fades out with various expressions of disbelief. The radio drones on as they speak rapidly and bring up points.

~Continued in Chapter 2