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The Backdoor of the Multiverse

This, my friends, is an all-but-illegal backdoor to the Keep. In such an event that the Keep won't let you in for whatever bitchy reason, just enter through here. A few things might be a tad different, but you'll be RPing with your pals in no time!

Update: 8/14/2004 - Backdoor no longer for Keep entry. Due to the fact that cheaters have been utilizing this service to bypass the user limits implaced upon the Keep chatroom, I have removed the fields for usernames and passwords at request. Fortunately, it is still possible to monitor user activity within the chat via a userlist, and it is still possible to register and edit profiles. So the Keep's backdoor is no longer a backdoor so much as a window now. It still has its uses, so it is not obsolete. Better than the Nazi Screen of Dhoom, right? ~_^ ~ Site admin, Soja
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The Keep 2.0

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