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Alexis Stellae

She has always been fascinated with mechanical things, as far as she can remember. Alexis, or Alex as she's called by most of her friends and aquaintances, is a pro mechanic at a pretty young age. Tinkering, experimenting, customizing... she does all of these things to various machines. She had not planned on becoming a pro at this, however. She had other fantasies, dreams. Of this she wished to become a doctor, if only to help people.

She's your normal girl other than that. She went to high school, grew up in a good home, basic stuff. Her interest for mechanics came from her father, who worked on huge machines of all kinds, including military vehicles. At that time, there was a war in the Eastern Hemisphere. Living in Sydney, Australia, her father was called to help with the effort because of his fantastic ability with machines.

Jake Stellae, Lex's father, was on the frontline bases for months later that year, 2014. Alex was only 12 at that time, so she was off at school. The defenses around the cities and towns was extremely tight, ensuring no invasions. Citizens had to register and get a sort of 'permit' to enter the city. Martial law took hold, and reminders of the war at hand were everywhere. But, in around November, Alexis' father was killed in a surprise bombing by the enemy at the moment, the Koreas. Some whacko decided to unite the two countries, but not with peace efforts in mind. Once the union took place, North and South Korea became The People's Republic of Korea. The country had a prosperous first and second years, but then the corruption caused by absolute power took hold.

The leader turned the PRK into a dictatorship, and he obviously was aiming for an empire. Slowly, Korea took over the weaker Asian nations such as Cambodia and Mongolia. The crap hit the fan when they invaded China. Needless to say, the Russians weren't too happy about it as were the Chinese. Thus, both countries declared war. The U.S.A., as usual, stayed out of the battles until they were flocked with. The U.S.'s Hawiian islands were bombed, just like Pearl Harbor, by stealth jets nobody knew Korea had.

Eventually, Australia got pulled in and that's where this sad story began.

So, Jake was slain in the bombing. Heavy casualties were reported and it was all over the news in Australia that following morning. Alex is getting ready for school when the doorbell rings. "I'll get it, mum!" she shouts. "No, it's okay dear! I've got it! No hurry or you'll be late!" she responds. So she answers the door. A police officer stands there. Lex is coming down the stairs and rounds the corner. She watches her mother, Samantha, speak to the man.

... the officer shakes his head and Samantha turns a bit before falling to her knees, hands on her face. Lex runs up to her and looks at Samantha, who is sobbing deeply, the word 'Jake' slipping through her sobs at random intervals. "Mommy...? Why are you saying Dad's name...? I have to go to school, too..." Yet, she did not attend school that day. News of Jake's death had reached them sooner than would've been good. Alex and Samantha had a close talk with each other, concerning Jake. Samantha could not hold herself together and kept breaking down. This continued for two weeks, Samantha crying for days on end sometimes.

The war came to a climax five years later. It took the U.S. having to nuke a part of the Korean countryside and that caused much moral controversy. Alexis and Samantha had to move on, as life goes forth. Samantha never married another man to this day, she acts just like a normal person. Alexis is 17 now, working ever-dilligently on school and the such. Her interests have shifted though. She decided to honor her father's memory and practice mechanics and the like. She was gifted with the talent as she did many things with ease. Reconstruction begins in Australia. Land had to be reclaimed, cities had to be repaired, war costs had to be paid. It might have seemed like the typical happy ending, but truth in fact, it wasn't.

Sydney, as Alexis would put it, went to hell in the next few years. Crime began to run amok through the city and it eventually got so bad, the citizens had to go out armed or risk becoming victims themselves. Alexis, now 19, is a pro mechanic, having her own little shop and all. She's quite the marksman and a know-it-all when it comes to machines. As tough as her job may seem sometimes, she takes it as a hobby and is happy with her lifstyle... except the risk of going out. She was driving her jeep one day, going out across the outback to visit her bushie-of-an-uncle Robert, who was a war survivor. Bad luck seemed to follow her, though, and a freak lightning storm kicked up. She crashed her jeep, but the impact seemed delayed.

She opened her eyes slowly. She glanced around the general vincinity. It was obvious that this was not Australia. She looked around some more and she caught sight of the blasted center of the now-infamous, mother of all nexuses, the Multiverse; the Keep. She, being curious and sometimes brash in her actions headed right in. The very diversity was unlike any she suspected. She stayed at the first in she saw and decided to learn more about the place. She thought she was stranded here forever, but upon visiting her jeep wreck, she found a portal she could step through to get back to Australia with. She came back to her mother, who had thought she too was gone for good, and much to her relief as well. This is Alexis' story thus far...

Name: Aelxis Stellae
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Height: 5'6"
Race: Human
Hair Color: Blue-Green
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Mechanical Genius
Hometown: Sydney, Australia, Earth