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These are some ideas I had for attack names that never made it

based on other anime/shows
Starlight Honeymoon Group Hug Therapy Tokyo Mew Mew + Sailormoon blunders:
Star Disco Inferno Strawberry Glaive Surprise
Pink Sugar Heart Disease! Ribbon Minto Sniper
Moon Spiral Coronary Bypass Mars Ribbon Sniper
Sparkling Barometric Pressure Star Pudding-ring Inferno
Burning Toaster Oven Ribbon Sensitive Inferno
Venus Love Note Chain Letter Death Ribbon Zakuro Spear
Pink Sugar Tooth Decay Star Sensitive Pudding-rings
Bubble Bath Zakuro Spear Blaster
Cootie Exorcism! Ribbon Spiral Heart... stop the room from spinning before I fall over!
Shine Aqua Evaporation  
Shallow Submerge Avatar: the Last Airbender + Sailormoon:
Venus Hate-me Chain Shine Aqua Bending
Venus Hate-mail Chain Letter World Bending and Shaking
Death Bowtie Revolution Flame Bending Sniper
Starlight Honeymoon Psycho Therapy  
MoonLight Camera Action  
Moon Ugly Meditation  
Venus Chain-Link Fence  
Mercury and Lead Poisoning  
Venus Annoying Chain Letter of Doom  
Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Bill  
World Shaking, Rattle, and Rolling  
Venus Love and Ugly Shock Therapy  
Venus Shock Therapy  
Shiny Narrow Pressure Gradient  
Star Gentle Butt-Kickin'  
Jupiter Hemlock Drink of Socrates  

...and of course...

Midlife Crisis Make UP!!

Midlife Crisis Make UP!! ...oops!


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