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very proud to be free of hentai!

Still under construction; please excuse my mess!

This is my huge gallery of Sailormoon pics. (right around 2000 pictures!)

 You may be wondering what makes my site different than all the other Sailormoon galleries out there. I have different pages for attacks/transformations, and characters when they are transformed as well as in their civilian forms, and I have added a gallery for eyecatches (the scenes directly before and after commercials).  

I will warn you in advance, I do use their Japanese names and there may be some spoilers here.


Sailor Mercury / Ami pics Sailor Venus / Minako / Sailor V pics Tuxedo Mask / Moonlight Knight / Mamoru / Endymion pics
Queen Serenity pics Sailor Moon / Usagi / Serenity pics Sailor Chibimoon / Chibiusa / Small Lady pics
Sailor Chibichibi / Chibichibi / Sailor Cosmos pics Sailor Mars / Rei pics Sailor Jupiter / Makoto pics
Sailor Saturn / Hotaru pics Sailor Uranus / Haruka pics Sailor Neptune / Michiru pics
Sailor Pluto / Setsuna pics Sailor Starlights / Three Lights / Seiya / Fighter / Yaten / Healer / Taiki / Maker pics Princess Kakyuu / Sailor Kinmoku pics
Luna / Artemis / Diana pics secondary characters pics (Naru, Umino, Motoki, the Tsukino family, etc.) pics of miscellaneous characters from either one season of the anime or manga, or from a movie (Kakeru, Himeko, Pegasus, etc.)
Villains pics, separated by seasons group pics Mamoru & Usagi / Serenity & Endymion / Tuxedo Mask & Sailormoon pics
pics of the royal family of the Moon Kingdom - Neo-King Endymion, Neo-Queen Serenity, and Small Lady Chibiusa and Hotaru / Chibimoon and Saturn - best friends forever pics Chibiusa/Small Lady & Pegasus / Chibimoon & Elios pics
Haruka and Michiru / Uranus and Neptune pics pics of the Eyecatches Home