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Q. How did you make your site?

A. I started out coding everything by hand with Notepad. A few years ago, I got some help with Dreamweaver, which made things so much easier! I still use Notepad or Wordpad. Graphics were done with Photoshop and ImageReady.


Q. Why Sailormoon?

A. It was the first anime I had ever watched and I liked it. I also enjoy things dealing with space and the planets.


Q. What browser(s) do you use to test your site?

A. I use Internet Explorer 7.0 and Firefox 13, and when I have access to a Mac, I test with Safari (whatever the current version for OSX is).


Q. Can I submit some of my own fanart/wallpapers/fanfics?

A. Sure! They don't have to deal with Sailormoon but please, no hentai! Email or IM me and send me what you would like for me to put online as well as the name/screenname you would like to be called and I will get that online as soon as I can.


Q. How did you get the name "Silver Lizard"?

A. It's quite simple. I like silver as a color and for jewelry, and one of my nicknames is Lizard.