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Mixx Manga

Mixx Comics allowed "Sailor Moon" fans the chance of reading Naoko Takeuchi's original manga storyline in English. When I bought the first volume, I was a little disappointed: the storylines were the same as in the anime. But the elegant drawings and special features lured me to buy other volumes, and they were well worth it. The progressing story went deeper into the "Sailor Moon" world, and were very intriguing. Naoko-san wrote "Sailor Moon" in her own fashion, and brought an aspect and depth into the story that is seldom discussed in the anime. It is more mature, and contains very little "filler", like the anime has.

These manga summaries are based on the English version of "Sailor Moon" produced and distributed by Mixx Entertainment Inc. The drawings of Naoko Takeuchi are reproduced, and the translation is apparently "Naoko-approved". This section is intended as a guide only: they in no way are a substitute for the real thing. ^.^ This section is written by Sailor Sayonara. Please email me if you have any comments or errors. Thanks!

Please note that these summaries are the result of my hard work. They are not to be copied or distributed without my permission.

Volume 1
Volume 2 Volume 3
Act 1: Bunny a.k.a. Sailor Moon Act 6: Tuxedo MaskAct 10: Moon
Act 2: Amy a.k.a. Sailor Mercury Act 7: Darien ShieldsAct 11: Endymion - Part 1
Act 3: Raye a.k.a. Sailor MarsAct 8: Sailor VAct 11: Endymion - Part 2
Act 4: MasqueradeAct 9: PrincessAct 12: Reincarnation
Act 5: Lita a.k.a. Sailor Jupiter

The SuperS manga series differs from the anime in many ways. Many people dislike the SuperS anime series out of all the five seasons of Sailor Moon. However, this manga arc is more mature than the anime. The focus is not solely on Chibi-Usa. Also, the Inner Senshi and Chibi-Moon have their dub names. However, the Outer Senshi keep their Japanese names (ie. Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna, Hotaru). This is because the English version of the manga was released before the SuperS (and S) anime were dubbed.

Volume 1

Act 1: Eclipse Dream

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