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Sailor Stars Opening Theme: Lyrics and Translation

Last updated: April 2, 2004
Sailor Sayonara

The opening theme to the fifth series, Sailor Moon Sailor Stars. Lyrics written by Naoko Takechi.

White = Japanese romanized lyrics
Blue = English translation

Sailor Stars Opening Theme

Don't give up!

Ashita e, Sailor yell!
For tomorrow, Sailor yell!

Zettai! Tsukamaeru, Sailor star!
I will catch you, Sailor star!

Kono chikai todoke! Gingamade!
Our promise, to reach up to the galaxy!

Anata ga kieta sonotoki kara...
From that moment when you disappeared...

Sagashi tsudukeru tabi ga hajimatta
My journey to keep searching for you has just started

Kibanda chizu ni wa stencil no tenshi no e
On the old yellow map there's a picture of a stencilled angel

Yubisasusaki wa daku na koro seumu ga matteru
Pointing at the evil colosseum as if it's beckoning me.

Kurueru mune niwa ano hino himitsu no kiss
My trembling heart still remembers a secret kiss on that day.

Donnani tsurai sedamedemo
How hard my destiny shall turn out to be.

Oitsudukeru kara
I will just look for you.

Kokai wa shinai! Sailor eyes!
I won't regret! Sailor eyes!

Anatani tsuiteku! Sailor wind!
I will follow you! Sailor wind!

Kono uta wa hoshi no michishirube
This song will be a guidepoint in the Milky Way

Don't give up!

Ashita e! Sailor yell!
For tomorrow! Sailor yell!

Zettai! Mitsukeruyo! Sailor star!
I will find you! Sailor star!

Tenshi no hane da tobitatsuno!
My angel wings fly me up to the sky!

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