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Gallery of Sailor Senshi Attacks & Transformations!

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Mercury's Transformation

Mercury's Stance
Mars' Transformation
Mars’ Stance Jupiter's Transformation
Jupiter's Stance Venus' Transformation Venus' Stance

Neptune's Stance

Uranus' Transformation

Uranus' Stance

Pluto’s Transformation Beginning

Pluto’s Stance

3 Outers Transform!

Moon Prism Power

Chibimoon’s Stance

Moon Crystal Power
Crisis Make-up Moon Crisis Make-up (Doublemoon)


Shabon Spray (Mercury Bubbles Blast)

Shine Aqua Illusion

♥ Mercury Aqua Rhapsody

Mercury Aqua Mirage

Fire Soul (Mars Fire Ignite) Burning Mandala (Mars Celestial Fire Surround)

♥ Mars Flame Sniper

Akuryo Taisan
Supreme Thunder (Jupiter Thunder Crash)
Sparkling Wide Pressure
Crescent Beam Venus Love Me Chain (Venus Love Chain Encircle)

♥ Venus Love and Beauty Shock

World Shaking

Space Sword Blaster

Deep Submerge

Submarine Reflection (in Sailormoon S)

Dead Scream
Pluto's Time Stop

Pink Sugar Heart Attack

Twinkle Bell

Moon Tiara Action (Moon Tiara Magic)
"Cosmic Moon Power"
Moon Princess Halation (Moon Sceptre Elimination)
Moon Spiral Heart Attack

Rainbow Moon Heartache

Moon Gorgeous Meditation

♥ Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss

♥ Chibi Attacks

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