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Frequently asked questions. These are site-specific questions, the FAQ regarding Robotech is in another section. This is here so you dont have to waste your time e-mailing me about something thats already on here.

Question: Can you send me some of your videos/music to me through ICQ, AIM, E-mail, IRC?

Answer: Nope.

Question: Can you add a link to my page?

Answer: Yep.

Question: Wheres all your RPG mecha?

Answer: Under the section labeled "Robotech RPG" (seriously, this has been asked before)

Question: Can i use some of your images on my site?

Answer: I cant stop you since they are all copyright Harmony Gold. But, since my images are 90% original, i ask you add a link to my page.

Question: Can i use some of your sounds on my site?

Answer: Again, i cant stop you, but this time i would rather you not, because sounds are a pain in the ass to make, and it would make me pretty mad to see a site using all my sounds with no original sounds.

Question: Can i use some of your RPG mecha on my site?

Answer: Absolutely not. Unlike the images and sounds, these ARE copyright of me, so if you see them on another page, thats because i gave that person permission to use them and they are probably a friend (Yeah! Im partial to friends! Got a problem with it???!!)

Question: Can you rip [insert song here] and send it to me?

Answer: See question and answer #1

Question: Help!! I cant download the MP3s! It tells me there is no file there!

Answer: Well, if you had read the "Required Reading" header above the MP3s, you would have found out that the MP3s are "blocked" meaning that you need to right click then select "save target as" to download.

Okay, i hoped this answered some of your questions. If there is still an unanswered question, feel free to e-mail me.