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Sailor Scouts Central
Created June 11th, 2001
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Welcome to the Sailor Scout page known as Sailor Scout Central. Well...I'm working on making this site better and if you think of anything I should add, E-mail me and let me know. Also if you have a site that you want me to check out or put a link to from this site, or if you have any fanfic or fanart, or if you just wanna talk to a fellow moonie, E-mail me I'll respond quickly and I'll do my best to get an opinion page posted. This site won't have much of any updates until the summer when I'll have more time. Check out my new Animated GIFs page! I'm also adding a shop site, right now I only have trading cards to sell but there will be more to come!
E-mail me with any questions or comments. I'd love to hear what u have to say!

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