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♥September 11, 2002♥

OMG I'm soo sorry I haven't updated in such a long time, but I was really busy and everything, and when I wasn't busy I just wanted to relax. I'm really sorry, but I tend to be a bit lazy...okay...a lot lazy. I'm like Serena and doing homework, some things just don't get done any time soon, lol. But I try to update my webbies ^.^ Anyway, I added a fanfic writing forum, and a link to my blog, where you can learn about me! cool hu? lol, anywayz, I will try to update more ^.^

¤August 15, 2002¤

Okay, um, I'm going away to camp tomorrow, and I won't be back until the 25th, so I won't be doing much updating...Real sorry about not updating even when I was home, lol, but I was in a lazy, depressed, when I get back, school is gonna start so I'll have less time to spend updating this site, but don't worry! I will seriously try my hardest to update ^.^

¥August 7, 2002¥

Alright, I added a few new things! I'm still working very hard to get everything up and finished ^.^ lucky for me I still have a few more weeks left of summer before I go to camp! ...and then school..:P Oh well, by then, I should have everything done! Keep checking back!

ºAugust 2, 2002º

Brand new layout people! I've been working on this layout for more than 10 hours straight, and I'm still not finished... *sigh* so some of the links won't be up yet. I am however going to try to get everything up real soon, like maybe even tomorrow! Sorry, I could have had more done today, but I totally zonked a really deep sleep...:P I stayed up all night working on this so I was really tired. Anyway, check back real soon!