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Sailor Uranus

Sailor Name: Sailor Uranus
Human Name: Amara Ten'ou/Ten'ou Haruka
Name meaning: N/A
Other Names:N/A
Age: 16
Birthday: January 27th
Astrological sign: Aquarius
Blood type: B
School: Mugen Gakuen High School
Favorite Color: Gold
Favorite Food: Salad
Least Favorite Food: Nattou (fermented soybeans)
Favorite Subject: N/A
Worst Subject: N/A
Favorite Pastimes: racing, track and field, playing the piano
Strong Points: racing
Bad Habit: N/A
Dream: to become the top racing driver in the world, do something only she can do.
Family: Currently lives alone
Sailor Uranus has a boyish personality, she doesn't wear skirts, she dresses in boy clothes and uses boyish language when talking. Before Minako and Usagi found out that she was a girl, they thought she was a boy.

The following is a list of the magical phrases and attacks that she uses: