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Sailor Pluto

Sailor Name: Sailor Pluto
Human Name: Trista Meiou/ Meiou Setsuna
Name meaning: Dark Ruler
Other Names:N/A
Age: unknown, probably in her early 20's
Birthday: October 29th
Astrological sign: Scorpio
Blood type: A
Gemstone: Garnet
School: She is already out of school
Favorite Color: Dark red
Favorite Food: green tea
Least Favorite Food: eggplant
Favorite Subject: when she was in school, it was physics
Worst Subject: when she was in school, it was music
Favorite Pastimes: sewing, shopping
Has Trouble With: Cockroaches
Strong Points: sewing
Dream: To be a disigner
Family:She currently lives alone

The following is a list of magical phrases and attacks that she uses: