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Sailor Mars

Sailor Name: Sailor Mars, Super Sailor Mars
Human Name:Raye Hino/Hino Rei
Name meaning: N/A
Other Names:N/A
Age: 14(at the beginning of the show), 16 (at the end of the show)
Birthday:April 17th
Astrological sign:Aries
Blood type:AB
School: T*A Private Girls School
Sport Good At: land sports
Favorite Color:red and black
Favorite Food: Fugu (blow fish), Thai Cuisine, vegetarian pizza
Least Favorite Food: Canned Asparagus
Favorite Subject: Ancient Writing, classical literature
Worst Subject: Modern Sociology
Favorite Pastimes: reading manga (comic books), meditating
Favorite Animal: iguana, crow, panda
Favorite Place: Fukami
Has Trouble With:television, temper
Strong Points: meditation
Bad Habit: When meeting people, stare at them hard and straight, without a blink
Clubs:She doesn't participate with the other girls because she attends the T*A Private Girls School rather than the Crossroads High.
Dream: to be a head priestess at her shrine; to be a singer/song writer, a model, a wonderful seiyuu (voice actress), and the wife of someone she loves.
Motto: Don't Depend on Men!
Family: Lives with her grandfather at Hikawa Jinja (a shrine). Her father is a politician.

The following is a list of the magical phrases and attacks that she uses:
The following is a list of the magical phrases and attacks that she uses in the manga: