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This quiz is pretty hard, but that depends on how much you know! There are 50 questions, and they'll get a bit harder the more down you go. This quiz is for fun! It is to test how much you know about Sailor Moon! Once you send in your answers, I will check them and send them back to you!! After each month, I will put up another quiz, and you can test your knowledge once again! this quiz will be up for others who haven't participated yet ~.^ Please, Do not look any of the answers up! becuz then it wouldn't be very fun for others. Besides, you're not competing against anyone, this is just for you to find out how much you know! so, HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

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1. Name the inner scouts:

2. Name the outer scouts:

3. Which scout uses a mini computer?

4. Which scout does Artemis protect and guide?

5. How is Rini related to Serena?

6. What did everyone first believe about Chibi Chibi's relation to Serena/Rini?

7. Which of the scouts has their birthday in December?

8. Dark red is who's favorite colour?

9. Before Serena ever met any of the sailor scouts, who was her best friend?

10. What is Serena's personality like?

11. What is Setsuna's English name?

12. What did Serena and Mina think of Amara when they first saw her?

13. Name one of Sailor Jupiter's attacks:

14. Name one of Sailor Moon's attacks in the Manga:

15. What does Sailor Minimoon say to call upon Pegases?

16. What is Pegases' real name?

17. What does Sailor Neptune's name mean?

18. How many episodes of Sailor Moon are there in the Japanese version?

19. What is the true identity of Sailor Chibi Chibi?

20. In what episode do you find this out?

21. Who is Wicked Lady?

22. What does Rini call Sailor Pluto?

23. What is Rini's real name?

24. How did Rini first appear on Sailor Moon?

25. What is Sailor Saturn's favorite colour?

26. By what name did Darien always call Serena?

27. Why did Tuxedo Mask want the Rainbow Crystals?

28. How many rainbow crystals are there?

29. What is the name of Andrew's sister?

30. In the Sailor Moon R movie (Promise of the Rose), what was the name of the flower that had control over Feori (sorry about my spelling ^^;)?

31. In which movie did Luna transform into a human?

32. Name at least one of the villians from the Negaverse:

33. Where on the Earth was Queen Beryl getting ready for her attack?

34. Who were the two villians from the Doom Tree?

35. What school did Seiya transfer to?

36. What is the name of the idol group that the Star Fighters are in?

37. What is Sailor Star Healer's real name?

38. Fish's Eye wonders why she cannot dream. Why can't she have dreams?

39. What does Amara want to do most?

40. Why is the Dark Moon after Rini?

41. Name one of the villians from the Witches Five:

42. What special power does Hotaru have?

43. How do Hotaru and Rini meet?

44. Who is Hotaru's father?

45. How was Mimet destroyed?

46. Which scout has the 'Space Sword'?

47. Name one of the villians from the Dark Moon:

48. In who's dreams is Pegases hiding in in Sailor Moon Supers?

49. In the movie Sailor Moon SuperS-Black Dream Hole, who's cookies tasted better, Serena's or Rini's?

50. In that same movie, why did Pararu advise the scouts not to go into the dream hole?

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