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Alright, Sailor Moon fans, listen up. This is the place where you can participate in great contests, and show the world how much you love Sailor Moon by winning and getting your name up here! There will always be contests being held, and once someone wins a contest, a new one will be put up. Does that sound okay? Okay! So get out there and test yourself! All that you have to do is email your contest answers to Good Luck!

Story Writing Contest:

Okay, here's how this contest works: You must write a Sailor Moon fanfiction, containing all Sailor Moon characters, or some other characters from different Anime shows. They will be put into different categories. The two main categories will be All Sailor Moon and Crossover. Then, once they are placed in those categories, they will be broken down into even smaller groups depending on genre, like Action, Romance, Adventure, Mystery, etc. The fanfics will be judged on spelling, grammar, detail, whether or not it makes sense, suspence, and if it keeps me interested throughout the story. I will also be looking for foreshadowing, perspectives, and correct use of dialect. Here, I will explain each more:
Spelling: Umm, well, this is pretty easy to understand, just go over your story and look for spelling mistakes. It's kind of annoying going through a story and having to stop and figure out what a word is. This is a very small thing, but important. People like to be able to understand a story, if you know what I mean ~.^
Grammar: Grammar...that's something that is very important. It is sometimes hard understanding what a person means when a certain sentence doesn't make sense. Incorrect grammar could possibly lead to making the person think the sentence means something that its not supposed to. Again, this is small, but important.
Detail: What I really love about stories is that they can paint a picture in my mind and its like I'm actually there. I'm not just talking about scenery either. I want to see what's going on, feel what the characters feel, and well, be there. Detail is the thing that makes all the difference, it lets you see what the author sees in their mind ^.^ But, don't make your story too cluttered...because that takes away from the story. Have enough to keep the reader interested, and not too much to bore them from reading all that excess stuff ^.^
Whether or Not it Makes Sense: Okay, this is very important. If I have no idea what you are talking about, its hard to figure out what's going on in the story.
Suspence: Okay, I find this VERY important in a story, no matter what genre, perspective, etc. Suspence is what keeps the reader ripping their hair out wondering what's gonna happen next. If their's no suspence, it's like there's no point in reading. Keep me entertained, and wanting to read on to see what happens.
Keep me Interested Throughout the Story: This is basically the same as above. I want to be interested in the story, and not have to force myself to read it. Personally, I like basically all kinds of stories, but there has to be something going on for me to actually like it. Get me hooked right from the beginning, and keep me hooked right until the very end.
Foreshadowing: Alright, this is something I know some of you more experienced writers are very familiar with. Foreshadowing is when you leave small clues throughout the story that lead to what's going to happen next. But don't have them too big, or else that'll just give away the story. Foreshadowing can be as simple as a person saying something, or just describing a very beautiful...necklace, persay, and then it plays a very important role during a later part in the story. I watch for things like this, it's kinda like a hobby for me, lol. Keep out unnecessary stuff that has nothing to do with the rest of the story, because that's just writing excess, and its not needed. For example, if you describe that beautiful necklace, try to fit it in later in the story, or else just mention it briefly, and don't put much detail into it if its not important.
Perspectives: Yet another thing you experienced writers out there are familiar with. There are different kinds of perspectives. First person is when a character in the story is telling the reader what's going on, and Third person is when the narator tells the story. Unlimited Omniscient is when the person telling the story sees all, hears all, knows all. They can hear everything everyone is saying, and be wherever they want. Limited Omniscient is when the story is told from only one person's perspective, and can only hear that one person's thoughts and whatever. Camera View is when you can only see what's going on and not hear anyone's thoughts. Okay, so what I'll be looking for is whether or not you used it correctly, like if you have your story as Third Person Limited Omniscient, keep it that way. Don't just jump in with someone else's thoughts, keep it the way you start it out to be. Or if it's in Unlimited Omniscient, keep in touch with ALL of your main characters, and keep tabs on what they're all thinking, although keep up the mystery and don't give away anything you don't want the reader to know about until you feel its time ~.^
Correct Use of Dialect: Alright, yes, another thing you people out there are familiar with ^.^ Dialect is of course the way a person speaks. Like, for example, if it was a Scottish person speaking, they would be speaking with an accent. Instead of saying "I can't hear you," they would actually say something like "Me no can hear," or something like that ^.^
Alright, I hope this has helped you out with writing your story. Once I get 20 stories for a category, I will judge them. Of course, I will judge them as soon as I get them, but once I get 20 I will pick the winner ^.^ I will put them up on the fanfic page for all the Sailor Moon fans that come here to read ^.^ Oh, and I seriously don't mind language or romance or anything like that. Personally, I am around people who swear in basically every sentence they say like its they only adjective they know for anything, lol, so I'm used to it. But be sure to warn me first, just so I know what I'm getting myself into, ~.^ Your story can be as short or long as you want it to be. I know that this seems pretty harsh for judging stories, but I think that it will help you become a better writer. I won't say anything mean, like "Your story sucks!!!" but I won't lie either. I will explain where you could improve, certain weaknesses, and how to fix them. And please, don't look at me just as a 13 year old who doesn't know what I'm doing, because I know lots about writing...well, kinda, lol. I still suck at writing, but I'm trying, and I know all of you are too! ~.^ Enjoy writing, and please send in your fanfics!!

Caption Contest

Okay, what you do here is look at the picture below and conjure up something really funny, witty and hularious to go with it! Make sure that your caption goes with the picture and that it makes sense, and is still really funny! I'll put them all up here, and once I get bored with the caption I'll make a new one! of course, your captions will all remain here for all to see ^.^

None yet, please send in your captions!

Mystery Pic

Alright, this is very simple, all you have to do is look at the picture and figure out which character it is from Sailor Moon! Once someone guesses right they will get their name up here, and a new picture will be up ^.^ Enjoy doing the contest!

Oh hey, someone got the answer right! it was Sailorsoilderoflove! She guessed SailorStar Fighter...good job!'s a new one...

More coming soon!