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Chapter 1: Quatre's View I watch the girl walk down the path. I've seen her working on a Gundam, and seen her pilot a small leo…that was a while ago, seeing her in the leo had been before the gundam wars. It seems like ancient history to me now.

I had heard the news caster call her Dusk. What a mysterious name.

The girl stops dead in her tracts. Not good.

"Who's there?" The girl's voice is monotone, not giving any clue to her feelings. Strange. I come down from the safety of the tree, staying calm. "I'm not here to hurt you" I say, not wanting her to leave.

"It's not like you could" She says under her breath. "How long have you been following me?" she asks, agitated.

"Who said I was following you? I'm just takin' a walk" I lie. "I come here a lot."

"Sure" she says sarcastically. She turns around and looks at me. "Do I know you?"

I may know her, but I don't think she knows me…"I don't think so" I answer "Why?"

She shakes her head, as if coming out of a trance. "No reason." She seems preoccupied.

I realize that I need to back off a little, and walk away.

Chapter 2: Duo Sees Her

What a Gundam! This thing is as big as deathscye! All black. I wonder whose it is. Maybe it's Quatre's. He's been out here an awful lot lately. But this doesn't seem like Quatre's kinda thing, besides, he like Sandrock too much.

A girl walks up to the gundam, must be a mechanic. She smiles a half hearted smile.

She looks around and sees me. Dam, I probably shouldn't have stayed out in the open.

She pulls out a gun and points it straight at my head. "Who are you?" I guess my being here doesn't make her too happy. "And what are you doing here?" standard pilot questions.

"My name is Duo, I was just taking a hike" what a crappy lie. I hate lyeing, I never lie, why did I just lie.

"Lier" I guess she thought so too. How do I answer that? "Don't toy with me, this is loaded, and I will shoot." She tells me. Goody, a kid with an attitude.

"I don't doubt that" it's true, I do believe her.

"So tell me why you're here" she demands.

I sigh "I can't do that, little girl" was that a mistake? She is pointing a gun to my head, but I'm the God of Death.

"Just because I'm little, doesn't mean I'm weak" how cute.

I'm sorta out of it today, maybe I should quit pushing myself so hard…yeah, right.

"Look, kid, I'm not here to pick a fight, so why are you making this so hard?" I ask.

"Because I don't exactly like it when people I don't know are staring at my mobile suit with no good reason."

"I've got a great reason for being here, I just can't tell you" maybe that'll shut her up.

She puts her gun in her pocket. Finally. Wait a second!

"That's your suit?" I ask, there's jut no way.

"Yup, you sound surprised" Well duh!

"You pilot it?"


A girl gundam pilot, I never thought it would happen. Wufei's gonna love this.

Chapter 3: Black Wing's Pilot That Duo is a strange boy. He looked like one of the guys on the gundam site I hacked into. Could he be Deathscye's pilot? It would explain why he was so interested about Black Wing. That blond guy looked like Sandrock's pilot, but he seemed too sweet to be a gundam pilot, of coarse, you never know.

I have to find a better place to hide Black Wing. If the wrong people found it, I'd be in deep. I still have some things to work out before I get in that kind of trouble, I'm just not ready for that kin of trouble yet, or am I?

Why didn't I destroy that boy? I caught him snooping around my gundam and I've killed for less, so why didn't I just do it? I should've killed him, but something inside me told me no way. It's just so strange.

What's that? There's something in the air. A Leo! One of Black Wing's arrows should do the trick. I send one of Black Wing's thermal arrows flying towards the Leo. Bu-bye.

This is a wastes of Black Wing's energy. I've gotta get into this stuff soon.

Chapter 4: Wu Fei's Dismay Either she lied to me or we've got a new pilot on our hands," Duo tells me.

"What are you ranting about?" That's really getting annoying.

"I was checking out a new gundam I saw in the woods, and a girl walked up to it." Oh my god. A girl gundam pilot? It's impossible. This just can't happen!

"You're sure she's the pilot?" Please let him say no.

"That's what she said," oh, no…not only is she a girl, but she's naive too. You don't just go around telling people that you don't know that you pilot a gundam. I've got to find this weakling.

"Where was she?" I ask.

Duo looks at me weird "What are you thinking of doing?"

"Tell me now!" I demand.

"She was somewhere in the woods where Quatre keeps going into. I can't remember where it was exactly," He says.

I walk out of the room, that idiot is making me sick.

I stare at the new gundam. Very nice. A girl walks towards it. Must be her.

She takes out a gun and points it at me. Yep, it's me.

"What are you doing here?" She asks. Her voice stays level.

"You pilot that thing?" I ask.

"Why would I tell you? Why are you here?" At least she doesn't say it straight out.

"I'm here because I want to be here."

"That doesn't tell me anything," she says. Maybe Duo was hearing things. "I'd advise you to leave now."

She has no idea who she's up against. "I'd advise you to leave this place and never come back" I say.

"Leave, little man, now, I'm not in the mood to mess with a stuck up jerk like you," empty demands.

"What if I don't?" I'm not leaving till I'm ready to go.

The girl shoots her gun and I dodge.

I hear something moving behind me and glance toward the sound. Is that Quatre?

"What the!?" the girl's surprised.

"Go away!" I tell Quatre.

"I can't, I have got to talk to you, now," Quatre tells me.

"Not now," I say. The girl crosses her arms, impatiently. Still holding the gun tight.

"This can't wait." Quatre is trying to stop me. "Please come with me now"


"Please, Wu Fei."

Big mistake, now someone we don't know knows my name. I glare at Quatre for a second. I leave, he follows.

Chapter 5: She Battles I sit in Black Wing, the magnificent machine that I created, with only a little help. That Wu Fei guy is quite a character. You'd think someone with that attitude would've come in for the kill, but not even a move. Maybe he's never heard of girl power. No matter. On another note, I wonder who that blond guy is. He's gotta have something to do with the gundams. I just know it.

And what about this base? I just can't have an Oz base so close to my gundam's set up. I know I'll be leaving pretty soon, but it doesn't matter. The Oz creeps might find stuff they need to stay away from.

Black Wing shows me a mobile suit carrier flying above me. Perfect timing, for me, not so good for the ship.

What? The suits are being sent out, and coming straight at me. Cool! A chance to give Black Wing some exercise.

I take out my thermal saber (I love that thing), the arrows probably wouldn't fare to well against the suit's shields. The first doll comes at me and I effortlessly slice it in half. I swiftly do the same to the rest of the troops.

More coming, they're all in a group. Around 20, no more than that. Dang! This is not good. I can't handle this many on my own, not like this. Wait a second, Sand Rock is here! Please tell me he's here to help.

The dolls touch down all around me and I fight them all. I send a message to Sand Rock "Are you just gonna sit there, or are you gonna help me?".

He answers me, it's the blond guy! "I wasn't sure if you wanted help".

"Join in any time, I'm not gonna send you away". He jumps in. He's awesome. The dolls are gone in no time. I jump down from Black Wing, he jumps down from Sand Rock.

"You're really good," he tells me.

"Thanks," I say, "But you're better."

He laughs, "Thank you. I'm Quatre."

"Dusk," I say. We shake hands.

I never thought such a deadly pilot could be so…sweet. It's really hard to believe.

"I've got to go, now," he tells me. "Good luck".

"Thanks" I say, "You too. Bye" He gets in Sand Rock and leaves. I wish he didn't have to go.

If he's a gundam pilot, than that means Wu Fei's probably a gundam pilot too, right? But he doesn't look like any of the pics I've found online. Maybe he pilots Natako. Oh well, I'll find out soon enough.

Chapter 6: Heero's Thoughts "She's good, Heero, she really is" Quatre says. He's been trying to convince me of that all day.

"I don't doubt that, but we don't need any more pilots," I tell him. It's true. "Besides, it would drive Wu Fei nuts."

"It couldn't hurt to try. Why won't you give her a chance?" Quatre's such a softy.

"I don't have time for this, I've got better things to do then argue with you."

"Just promise me you won't kill her off without giving her a chance. Please, Heero."

"No promises."

Chapter 7: She Stands I sit in the Oz cell listening to these idiotic-so called soldiers telling me over and over to give them the info they want. I don't know what they wanna know, not that I'd tell them if I knew.

I secretly unlock the cuffs with the key I easily pick-pocketed from the head guard. I'll wait for a weak moment to show them why I'm so calm.

Something knocks the door open and somehow KO's all the soldiers. I drop the cuffs. It's Wu Fei!

"Thanks," I say, "but I had It under control," then I cautiously walk out the door.

Wu Fei follows me. "Wait" he says.

"This is no time to stop," I tell him. "If you wanna talk to me, you can wait until we get outta here."

I keep walking. I don't think Wu Fei is following me, oh well.

When I get out of the gate, I see Wu Fei waiting for me. Goody, goody gumdrops (Sarcastic)

"You have to stop this, you're gonna get hurt," he says.

"Gimme a break! I don't think you know who you're talking to," I say. I won't let him think I'm a weakling.

It's time, I knew I'd have to do this, with at least one of the other gundam pilots. I grab my sword. "Don't do that," he says, "I don't fight girls"

"What's wrong? Scared you'll loose?" I ask, I have to do this, "I can see now this is the only way you'll see how strong I really am". He tries to walk away. I hold my sword up to his neck. He pulls his sword and we begin to fight.

The clash lasts about ten-twenty minutes, but I finally get him on his knees with my sword, again at his neck. I let a triumphant smile spread across my face. He closes his eyes and awaits the finale blow, but I won't give it to him.

"I don't kill unless it's absolutely necessary, especially those I'm trying to help," I say. "You're a good swordsman."

I put my sword in its sheath and walk away. I take one more look at Wu Fei. He looks as if he wishes I had killed him. I think I just rattled his world. One small step for me, one giant step for woman kind.

Chapter 8: The Nightmare Came True I watch Wu Fei pace the room, punching at the air. I don't see why he's so mad, that girl is good.

"Wu Fei, please calm down, this won't help anything," I plead.

"I have to get stronger, Quatre. I can't believe I was beaten by a girl!" he says. "She didn't even break into a sweat!"

"It's just one fight," he needs to calm down, this can't be healthy.

"Go away, I'm busy."

"Not until you calm down" he continues his punching.

"Have you seen Trowa?" I ask, trying to get his mind on something else.

"No! Get out!" he yells.

I'm fighting a lost battle. He won't stop. I do as he asks me.

Chapter 9: A School Scene I sit at my desk watching the clock tick on. The teacher babbles on about history I've heard a million times before, or so it seems. Maybe I should've at least gotten my honors classes put through to my new school, at least that way I wouldn't be falling asleep in class this often, but that would've drawn special attention. That's the last thing I need.

I don't see the need to go to school, I've passed to collage level on all my classes. Hank said I should go to keep up with "current events", but when you think about it, I am a living current event.

Maybe next time I'll sign up as a 12th grader. I could pass as a senior.

Finally, the bell rings. I walk out the door and into the hallway, being careful not to run into anybody. This school has all grades, from kinder garden to collage graduation, and I don't feel like getting into a fight, not that I couldn't whip anyone here, but…

Someone pulls me into a doorway, "What the?" is the reaction that comes out of my mouth.

"You're Dusk, right?" he asks me. He seems familiar.

"Yeah, who are you?" he doesn't seem like the sort of guy that goes along with Oz.

"Someone who doesn't like cheeky little girls trying to act like a gundam pilot," he must be another gundam pilot.

"What do you do to cheeky little girls who act like gundam pilots?" he starts to walk away, but right as he passes my ear he whispers "'I'll kill you". He's Wing Zero's pilot.

Chapter 10: Quatre Goes Back I search through the woods where I saw her before. We set that base back a few months, so I don't think they'll be coming back anytime soon.

There she is! What the? She's got a bird, a falcon, I think, on her shoulder. She smiles and waves at me with her free hand. I wave back.

She walks to within a few feet of me and says "This is Salem, in case you were wondering".

I smile "She's beautiful. Where'd you get her?"

"I found her. Her parents abandoned her as an egg, they were probably killed by hunters, so I took care of her until she could fend for herself" she answers.

Cool. "That's pretty amazing. How old is she?"

"Three years," that seems to have brought up some bad memories.

"You ok?" I ask.

"I'm fine, it's just…"

"It's just what?"

"Well, three years ago was when I failed my mission."

"What mission?" I'm now officially confused.

She sighs and looks at the ground. "To keep my brother alive." So that's what the leo was for.

"What happened?" I ask.

She looks up for a second, then focuses on the ground again. "He went out of sight for a little bit, then I saw him. He was being held at gun point. I shot at his assassin, but I was too late."

I have no idea how to answer that. "I'm sorry."

"Not your fault."

Chapter 11: Sorrow From Her Past I remember watching my brother talk to the people about his dream of pacifism from the small leo Hank made for me. That thing may have only been about half the size of a normal leo, but it served me well. I also remember Night joking about me being too much of a shadow. I guess I wasn't enough of a shadow.

The crowd called him lightning because of his speaches, and they called me thunder because I'd kill anyone who tried to hurt him.

My brother, my Night, my Thunder, why? Why did you leave my protective sight?

He walked into the room with his assassin I couldn't follow right away, I had to get out of the leo, and I wasn't in a hurry, Night was grown man, he could take care of himself, or so I thought. I took too long.

When I reached my Night, it was too late. That idiot shot Night right as I walked in. I was too late. My first failed mission.

That's when I began the designs for Black Wing, that's when I found Salem, and that's when I lost my Thunder.

Chapter 12: Heero talks Again The first time I tried, she didn't take me seriously. I'll have to have another talk with Dusk. She won't be able to keep up with me, Duo, Quatre, Trowa, and Wu Fei.

There she is. If she's half as smart as Quatre makes her out to be, she'll avoid me, but I've got to talk her out of this. I'm not exactly sure why, but I don't want to kill her.

She sees me, then turns and walks the other way. I walk after her, slightly faster than her.

When I catch up to her, I grab her shoulder.

"What do you want now?" she says, irritated.

"You're still trying."

"I'm not gonna change my life just because some boy I don't even know tells me I should, there's no way." Not a good response.

She turns around, twisting out of my grasp, and pulls her sunglasses off, then looks me straight in the eye. "I won't give this up, not without a fight, I'd rather die".

Interesting. "Then I advise you to watch your back".

"You can't do this, Heero, not without seeing her battle! She's got to have some good skills, she beat Wu Fei!" He can be as bad as Duo sometimes.

"So did Treiz, that doesn't make him qualified to be a gundam pilot. It takes more than sword fighting" I say.

"She's not Treiz, she's a girl who wants to help. Why won't you just accept that?" Quatre just won't give up, will he?

"Look, I'm not planning on killing her anyway, ok?" I'll let her get killed by herself.

"Really?" He sounds surprised, I don't blame him.

"I talked to her earlier, she seemed she might have what it takes, so I'll let her do what she wants, as long as she doesn't get in my way" Quatre smiles.

Chapter 13: Duo Again Should I help her out, or let her suffer in battle? She looks as if she's having a little trouble. I'll step in eventually to get this base done in, but do I let Dusk get caught?

Wow! That's…good…She just slashed the other suits in half. They were just turned into scrap metal. Cool! Her voice comes over the intercom, sarcastic "Thanks for the help. So what'd ya think?"

I answer her "Cool, but why'd you wait so long?"

"I was hacking into the Oz computer"


"I was trying to get some info to make this a little easier when those idiots attacked me. I had to be close enough to the base to get the stuff I was after."

"Very nice"

"I'm outta here" She flies off in her gundam, then I do the same. I really don't fell like getting into a battle anymore.

Chapter 14: Wu Fei And The Others Quatre's out with that girl. I still can't believe she defeated me so easily.

"I think she'd be a good ally." Trowa says, strangely enough, I agree.

He still hasn't seen her face to face, but he's watched her in battle.

Heero glances at Trowa "I still don't think we can trust her." He doesn't like her.

"We can't trust anybody, not even ourselves in some situations, why let a good pilot, and mechanic, end up as our enemy because of paranoia?" Duo says. He's right.

"I never thought I'd say this, but I agree with Duo. It'll take forever to be able to trust her." I can't believe I just said that.

Heero sighs "Do what you want". He doesn't like it, but he won't stop it.

Quatre walks in and somehow can sense the tense air in the room. "What's going on, guys?"

"We've been talking about that Dusk girl" Duo answers.

"And?" Quatre asks with a hopeful voice.

"Do what you want," Heero says, then leaves the room.

Chapter 15: Trowa's Talk I see Dusk walking down the school hall and walks towards her.

"Who are you?" She asks before I get a chance to open my mouth.

"The name's Trowa. You're Dusk, right?" I say.

"The last person who said that almost beat me up," she says, then continues "Yeah, I'm Dusk".

"I'm not here to hurt you." Interesting girl.

"That's nice to know, but why are you here?"

"I want to talk to you".

"What about?"

I whisper my answer "About your gundam" she gulps.

"How did you…?"

"Don't worry".

"Wait a sec, you're Heavyarm's pilot, aren't you?" She whispers, careful not to let anyone else hear. I smile in reply.

"Meet me in front after school, ok?"


Chapter 16: The Meeting I sit on the front steps waiting for Trowa. I hope he's not coming here to back up Heero. I don't like dealing with that kind of crap.

There he is, I take a deep breath and stand up. Not very smart to sit when meeting people like him. He waves for me to come to him, so I do.

"Come with me," he says, "I want to talk somewhere out of the crowd".

"Good idea". I say.

I follow him into an alley. This is creepy. Oh well, I like a little creepiness every once in a while.

"So, I hear you built your own gundam". Naw, really?

"Well, I designed it and supervised the construction" I say, "It took me four years, but I got it done".

"That's cool". He says "Just a little advice, for one thing, if you plan on joining me and the others, giving up isn't an option"

I smile at him "That's a little obvious"

"I figured you would say something like that". He pauses then says "One other thing, don't get on Heero's bad side, he's not really a guy you want to have against you".

"I sort of figured that much on my own" I answer. "I've got to go".

"See ya".


Chapter 17: Acceptance Dusk is one of us now, Heero finally decided to accept her, the funny thing is, Wu Fei did it before Heero. Of coarse, his little fight with her probably helped that.

I knew she'd be accepted, she acts like she knows exactly what she wants to do, and when she wants to do it, which is good, keeps others from seeing weaknesses too quickly.

Quatre somehow trusted her from the start. I have a feeling that without Quatre's trust, she would've given up after Heero's speech.

"Hey, Duo, you alive?" Dusk calls. "We're gonna be late for school!"

*Sigh* I don't feel like being late. "I'm coming, just chill out".

"Doesn't look like it," she laughs. Strange girl. I walk with her.

Chapter 18: The End Me, Dusk, Duo, Trowa, Heero, and Wu Fei, a team. We've all decided to stand by Dusk, except maybe Heero. He seems like he may just ignore her for now. Oh well, you can't win 'em all.

"Hey, Dusk," I say, "You coming?"

"Yeah, I've just gotta get my laptop," Dusk says.

She's started keeping that laptop with her at all times. Guess she likes computers.

She puts it in a backpack then follows me. I'm bringing her to Peacemillion so I can give her a tour. As we board the shuttle, she props her sunglasses up on her head and I see her deep blue eyes for the first time. She looks right into my eyes.

"Thank you, Quatre" she says.

"What for?" I ask.

"For not just ignoring me," she answers. "I needed someone to believe in me."