Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
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Chapter 1
Dusk looks throught the forest, seemingly very worried. A little puppy... or what looks like a puppy comes and jumps into her arms. "Hey, Pichu! Where's you're mom?"
"Right here!" A blonde girl calls. "How are ya!?" The blonde looks oddly like Dusk, although how is unknown. Her blonde hair with brown highlights is down, only reaching her shoulders, even though it's gelled. Her eyes are an interesting mix of grey and blue, they look unnatural. Her puppy's hair is about the same color as her own, except she has black tipped ears, feet and tail, and not as many highlights.
"Hey, Dawnie!" Dusk says, as she finds her sister spaceing out.
Dawn shakes her head as if comeing out of a trance, then says "Hey, can I meet your friends yet? I'm dying for some conversation that I don't have to think about not lettin' 'um know I don't like Ozies."
"Not in that outfit, you can't. They'd kill you faster then you could blink."
"Huh?" Dawn looks at her, clueless. "What do you mean?"
"Look at what you're wearing, my dearest sister." Dawn looks at her sleeve, then realizes the problem. Her jacket and pants are her Oz Uniform.
"Oh yeah! I forgot about that. I was called into a meeting right before I left, and I didn't have time to change clothes."
Dusk leads her sister to a small cabin, close to Quatre's house.

Chapter 2
Dusk and Dawn walk into Quatre's house, Dawn now wearing jeans and a grey tank top. Duo sees them and, hyper as allways, waves.
"Hey, Duo. What's up?" Dusk asks.
Duo answers "Not much, who's the new girl?"
"This is Dawn," Dusk says, "Dawn, this is Duo"
"Hey, like the hair" Dawn says.
Duo smiles. "Thanks, Dawnie." Duo says. "Took me a while to get it this long."
"I can only imagine. I couldn't deal with hair that long." Dawn says.
"You can hardly deal with your hair as long as it is." Dusk mumbles.
Dawn glares. "Don't make me hurt you."
"You wouldn't hurt a fly if you were paid." Dusk begins. "I know you better then that."
Dawn pouts. "I could change...."
"Yeah, right. When pigs fly." Dusk says.
Duo scratches his nose. "Uhh... are you two sisters or somethin'?"
"That's right," Dawn says, "How'd you know?"
"I just kinda figured." Duo answers.
"So, can I meet the other guys now?" Dawn asks impaciently.
"Ok, fine." Dusk says, "Duo, where is everybody?"
"Uhh.... I think they're in the living room." Duo says.
"Thanks. Come on, let's go." Dusk says, then she leads Dawn to the living room.
Dusk Walks into the living room, followed closely by Dawn. Heero and Trowa sit on the couch watching a show on anti-social historical figures. Quatre and Wu Fei are playing cards. Quatre looks up.
"Dusk! Hey. Wazzup?" He says.
Dusk smiles. "My sister's come for a visit. Guys, This is Dawn" She points to each of the boys as she says their name, "Dawn, these are Quatre, Wu Fei, Trowa, and Heero."
"Ohhhh. Kewlies." Dawn says.
Wu Fei glares for a moment, then decides not to comment, Trowa nods his head, obveously intereted in his show, Quatre waves politely (duh), and Heero barely moves.
"Jolly bunch of people, aren't they?" Dawn says sarcastically.
"You don't have any idea," Dusk says, "Trust me."

Chapter 3
Dawn lays on her back, staring at the ceiling in the room the Quatre brought her to yesterday. She was told she could stay as long as she wanted, although the boys, except for Quatre, all seemed very scaptical about her. She only wanted to be with peeople she could talk to.
She sighs, gets up and walks out the door. She walks to the kitchen where Dusk and the boys are eating breakfast. Duo has about 6 or seven pancakes on his plate, and that's obveously not all he's had this morning, Quatre is eating bacon slowly, with a fork, Heero is drinking orenge juice, Trowa's eating an apple, Dusk is eating an orenge, and Wufei is done eating, so he is simply watching Duo scarf down his pancakes, and looking as though he wants to hurl. Dawn walks to the table and picks up an apple, not very hungrey.
Quatre stops eating and says "Good morning Dawn", like the polite little one he is, then continues to cut his bacon.
Dusk looks up from her orenge and squirts herself "Damn it! Hi, dawnie...." she then grabs a napkin, and after trying to get the juice of her shirt quite a few differnt ways, heads to the bathroom muttering something.
Duo looks up now, just noticeing there's a newcomer in the room. He talks with a mouthful of pancake "Hey, Dawnie!"
Dawn laughs. "Morning, Duo." she sits where Dusk had sat and begins to eat her apple.
Wufei sighs, then gets up and walks out of the room, getting tired of getting grossed out by Duo's eating habits, not to mention hte fact that, as normal, he doesn't trust newcomers.