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"You must Die, now! Do not run, your life is mine to take, now Stop!" I yell at this man, this common, pitiful soul
The man runs away, stumbles from me, but backs himself into a corner, then falls to his knees.
"Please! I beg you, don't... don't do this!" Tears roll down his cheeks, yet I have no pity, I must kill. "My family... they need me! PLEASE!" I feel ice running through my heart.
I take the glass bottle in my hand, bash it into the wall, then I drive it into the man's chest. Before death takes this man, he grabs one of the shards and drives it into my ankle, yet it neither pains nor weakens me. I then turn around to see two other men, one terrified to the point that he cannot move his limbs, and the other with fire in his eyes.
The second man runs at me with his own broken bottle, and as he reaches me, plunges it into my chest, quickly pulls it back, then rams it into my neck. It does nothing. I take my glass, blood dripping onto the floor, and drive it into his heart.
I turn my icy eyes to the last man, still frozen at the bar. I walk towards him and he falls from his chair, mumbling inaudibly, as he curls into a fetal ball. I drag the glass across his neck, and his life leaves him.
I stand there, in a puddle of blood; I just stand there, not knowing, not caring what happens next. I sit at the bar and drink from the only unbroken glass on the counter.
"I saw what you did, tortured soul. I see the blood now staining your garments." An old woman appears behind me. "You cannot control what you do anymore, can you, young man?"
"What does it matter to you, old hag?" I continue to drink from the glass.
"It matters to me because I must now teach you to control yourself, or I must control you, I'd rather do the first, much less painful, for you, but I doubt it still possible." Her words fall on my ears, but do not truly penetrate my mind.
"Old hag, I do not care what you think you can do to me. I feel no pain, no remorse, and I will now kill you, as the others." I stab her with the broken glass still in my hand.
"I see, young man." Her tone is so final, it's annoying. "I cannot teach you control, so I must control you myself."
"Go ahead and try, old hag, but why do you not fall?"
"The same reason you do not. I am immortal."
I now realize this hag's threats are true. I throw the glass at her and run out into the streets. No one is near, they must have heard the yelling of the men I killed. I run into the store across the street and somehow find myself in a one-way hall. I turn back to the door, but the old woman has blocked my exit.
"I must do this, understand that, tortured soul." She grabs me tightly by both shoulders, I struggle, but cannot escape.
I yell at her "Leave me be, hag! I will not be controlled by you!!"
The old woman shakes her head in pity. "Hold still, I will not let you depart."
For some strange reason, my body stops struggling, and I cannot make it start again. "Release me from your spell, Hag, now!!"
"I will not." She presses her lips against mine. A million voices flow through my head, each one calling my name, telling me to continue my hunt, then the hag s voice yells a strange word over the other voices, and they all leave my mind. She drops me to the floor.
"Leave my head, Hag!"
Learn some respect, demon. It's too late, now, I already have you. This day was the last of your freedom.
"No. It's not possible, You lie!"
If only that were so. Now, calm yourself and come with me.
"I can fight you, I must!"
Then why did you not fight the voices? You are mine, demon, know that, and things will be much easier.
"No! I have to continue the hunt!" I can feel my spirit breaking to her will. I must leave her. I run outside and, simply run through the street. "I will not become her slave!! Never!!!"
I suddenly disappear then reappear in the middle of a closed in labyrinth. "What is this? Let me out!"
"This is your mind, if you can escape before midnight, in thirty minutes, you will be allowed your free will, understand?" The woman's voice echoes off of the walls of the labyrinth.
"Release me, please, You must have the power!"
"You are wasting your time, demon. accept your task, and be appreciative that I have given you this chance. I do not do this very often."
"Yes, lady." I cannot believe my mouth. I must find my way out of this labyrinth. I cannot face the world like this, but how could I face the world with such anger? What torture turned me into this demon? I may never know. My life before, I cannot see. It has left my mind. I run from hall to hall, turning left and right, never seeming any closer to freedom. What seems like an eternity passes by, then I hear that voice, becoming so familiar...
"Time's up, demon, although you were close; one more turn, and you would have seen the exit." I walk to the turn and see light coming from the outside. I fall to my knees. "Do not look so sad, demon, life as my slave is not torture, not too much so. You'll see."
"But what took my heart... I wasn't born demon... was I?" That fact seems less concrete with every passing second.
"No one is, you were made demon when another demon killed your family, your wife, children; even the dog was taken. Quite ironic. You became demon because of another demon's killing spree, so you go on your own."
"What happened to the other demon?"
"The angel of death took him to Hell. That's enough questions for now. You need to sleep, now."
"Sleep? Why? I'm not weary..."
"Just relax." She appears beside me, places her hand on my shoulder and then we both reappear in a bedroom, a small candle lit by the bed. "Now sleep."
I lie down on the bed, suddenly very tired, but then force myself back up. "No! I have to fight this, release me, now!"
"Most do not fight for this long, you should be proud."
"I won't stop! Ever!" I get out of the bed and run to the window, ready to jump, but my body stops moving all together. "Release me..."
"I will not." A bottle appears in her hand, filled with a green liquid. She puts the opening up to my mouth and pours it in. It burns my throaght, the first pain I can remember feeling.
I cough most of it out, but the little that is left in my system knocks me into deep sleep.
"Sleep, now, my love. Tomorrow, perhaps, we can find the love lost to death."