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To A Lonely Soul

You say you can't see your worth.
But I know it's not true.

You say you can't be happy.
I know that you can, if you try.

You say winning just isn't your thing.
I say winning isn't life's thing.

I try to make you happy, as well as I can.
There's only so much that I can do.

What do you need that I can give?

Stop living in self pity.
Give yourself a chance to live.

How little things did you chance before you gave up on life?
On living without pain or saddness?

I try to tell you what may help.
You refuse to take my advice.

What can I say to give you life?

You gave up on your self long ago.
Why can't I let you live your own life, as so many think I should?

I barely know you, I don't want more then friendship from you
You said you feel the same about me.

Maybe you're just meant to be sad.