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Fighting On this page I will teach you the great art of fighting. First off, to fight, you have to have an opponent. Then you must find a ref. You cannot fight without either off these. Then, when you, your opponent, and the ref get in the arena. You send the ref your stats over private chat. You need to send your pl,ki,spd,hp, and any items you plan on using. After that, the ref writes all of this down, and keeps track of it through the whole match. Then, whoever has the higher spd goes first. He says a move, and then the ref says Countdown. The ref will countdown from 5. The person not using an attack has to get as many dodges or blocks in that 5 seconds. 0 is automatically fatal, and 7 is a miss. Here is an example: Ref: GOKU itís your turn: Great, now I will get a chance to destroy you CELL! CELL: Please GOKU Donít kill me. GOKU: SAY YOUR PRAYERS Ref: Today GOKU GOKU: Okay, KAMEHAMEHA!! CELL: Oh no Ref: Countdown! Ref: 5 CELL: dodge Ref: 4 Ref: 3 CELL: Dodge CELL: Dodge Ref: 2 CELL: Dodge Ref: 1 Ref: You got 4 dodges in. Then the damage would be figured out by how much PL and KI both the fighters have, and how many blocks they got in. Say, if Goku was at 50,000 and Cell was at 30,000 that would be a strong hit, but if Goku were at 30,000 and Cell at 50,000 it would be a weak hit. Everything the ref says goes. No arguing. If I ever hear you argued with the ref, you will be punished, severely. If you have any more questions, email me.