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Episode 6: Showdown in Tokyo 3

Extended: Aoba reports that there is a high-energy reaction inside the target. Unit 1 reaches the surface and Misato yells to duck. A large blast hit Unit 1 and Shinji starts to scream. Misato yells to retrieve Unit 1 and it sinks back below the surface. Unit 1 is taken to the 7th cage where Misato is going to meet Shinji and orders Ritsuko to take over. Hyuga reports that Shinji's brain waves are erratic and his cardiac signs are weak. Ritsuko orders a heart massage, which stabilizes Shinji's heartbeat. The entry plug is force-ejected and there is an emergency discharge of LCL. Shinji is taken out and has a bloody nose. It shows a shot of the 5th Angel, Ramiel, starting to drill into the ground. Misato follows Shinji in a stretcher down a hall to an emergency room. Shinji is hooked up to a breathing apparatus and is put in a medical tube. The Angel continues to drill. A Unit 1 decoy balloon raises weapon and is vaporized by the Angel. A German type 12 self-propelled mortar fires at the Angel. Its shot bounces off Ramiel's A.T. Field. Misato concludes that it is too risky for close range combat, the Angel destroys anything within a firing zone; the A.T. field is strong enough that the shifts are visible, and a conventional weapon would not damage it; in other words it is a flying fortress. Ramiel's drill will get to NERV headquarters in 10 hours. Ritsuko said that Unit 1's defensive armor melted down to the third layer, and it would take 3 hours to replace. Misato then receives a report that Shinji suffered not physical damage. She proposes to Gendou to use a sniper to shoot the target outside its firing zone. She says the MAGI supercomputers gave two affirmatives and one conditional affirmative. She is given permission to proceed. Ritsuko says that the positron rifles couldn't handle the energy needed. Misato then "borrows" the SSDF's (Strategic Self-Defense Force) new prototype positron cannon. Misato is asked where the 180 kilowatts needed would come from; she responded that it would come from all over Japan. Announcements are then shown saying that there will be a power blackout throughout most of Japan until morning. Ritsuko acquires a shield from the bottom of a space shuttle that should stand up to the Angel's particle beam for at least 17 seconds. Misato dubbed this mission, Operation Ushima. She then said that the pilot was the only problem. Shinji is then shown waking up and Misato is told. Shinji is sitting in a hospital bed when Rei wheels in a cart. She says she was sent to brief him. She tells him about the timetables and gives him a new plug suit. Shinji sits up and the sheets fall down most of his body. Rei tells him no to show up looking like that. Shinji then pulls up the sheets in embarrassment and apologizes. Rei shows him his meal on the cart. Shinji says he doesn't feel like eating anything. Rei says they will be departing in 60 minutes. Shinji then says he doesn't want to pilot again. Rei responds that he can stay in bed and Ritsuko is ready to rewrite files Rei to pilot Unit 1. Rei says goodbye and leaves. The scene shifts to Kensuke, Toji, and other classmates sitting on a roof. Kensuke says he hacked into his dad's files and he is sure this is the time the Evas are supposed to show up. The mountain shifts and reveals a large door. It opens and Units 1 and 0 come out. They start walking and the students cheer them on. Shinji asks if the plan will work and if Ritsuko is sure it is safe. She says theoretically, yes. Misato explains the battle plan: Unit 1 will be the gunner and Unit 0 will offer cover. Shinji is gunner because he has a higher sync ratio. He is told the positron beam will be affected by the Earth's gravitational forces and to remember to adjust for that. He is told not to worry, do what the manual says and the computer will handle the rest. He is then told that before he can fire a second time he must wait for the barrel to cool, then replace the fuses, and reload. He has to destroy the Angel with the first shot. Shinji and Rei are then getting in plug suits with a sheet in between them. He says maybe this will be our last day alive. Rei asks why he would say something like that, and then she says you won't die, I'll be protecting you. The scene changes to showing Pen Pen overlooking the city from a balcony. It shows the power turning out, Pen Pen again, and then power turning out all over Japan. Shinji and Rei are sitting on platforms next to each other. Shinji asks why she pilots. She says she is bounded to it. He asks if it is to his father. Rei responds that it is to all people. Shinji asks what she means. She stands up and says it's time to go. Then she says goodbye. They begin to turn on power systems, cooling systems and release final safety locks. The energy is being transmitted to the weapon when a high-energy build up is detected in the target. Shinji fires. Ramiel fires. The two beams close upon each other and distort the paths. Both shots miss. The drill then breaks through the geofront. Ramiel fires again and begins to melt Unit 0's shield. Shinji shoots again and the shot goes through the Angel. The partially melted Unit 0 falls to the ground. The drill stops. Shinji takes out Unit 0's entry plug and opens the heated hatch with his hands. Shinji asks Rei if she is all right. Shinji is teary when he tells her not to say goodbye when she leaves on a mission because it's just too sad. Shinji starts to cry. Rei asks why, apologizes, and says she doesn't know what to do or feel at a time like this. Shinji tells her to just try smiling. Rei smiles. To be continued...