Fanfiction links This is where I post almost ALL of my fanfiction.

A Sailor Moon Romance- This is the site that FIRST struck me into writing fanfiction. It's supposed to be NOTHING but romance fiction, with just a taste of Hentai in another section to spice it up a little *^.^*

Generals Love | The Untold Legend - This is a general/senshi romance site, I used to be REALLY into this type of fanfiction. If you don't know what the heck I'm talking about, then go check it out!

Ranma 1/2: Hearts of Ice- No one said this was just SM! This is a Ranma 1/2 fanfiction, and the girl who writes it is kind of slow at getting the chapters out but I for one don't mind the wait, it's REALLY good!

SM Links

~*Pretty Senshi *~ - This is the AWESOMEST site! Actually it's more of a main page for her many sites, but they're all awesome!

Lyric Moon- This is just a lyric site for SM songs, they probably have every SM song out there, including the musical songs.

The compleat Sailor Moon CD List- This site used to have every SM song on MP3, but they don't anymore, but you can still go there and use the lists as recorces, I still do.

Manga Style- Manga scans, they scanned all the art books and then some from the Manga, I love to just look at Naoko-sama's great works.

Kims's Fansubs- This is where you can get some fansubs, I haven't boughten in awhile but this is where I get my subs when I have the cash. They have SM and other fansubs as well ^.^


Slightly Damaged - This is my art site that I made pretty much for my mother,but it's still worth checking out, so please go check it out

Online Manga's

There Be Elves
Fate Martyr Sapheire-My latest obsession
Journey's Down-All the characters look like they're like 8 years old! But it's over all a VERY good comic. Also there's some Yoai and crossdressing so beware.
Legacy of the Messiah-Yoai action here, but good plot :)
Two points of View-I don't even know what to say about this one... very speratic
Utukki-- VERY GOOD!!
Lastly... Link ME!