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You are suddenly in a dark and misty forest. After walking around for some time, you come upon a large castle with candlelight glimmering in the windows. You shiver, as you approach it. You go to knock on the door, when you hear a young woman's voice coming from inside.

"Let our guest inside Destonia." She says.

You hear another girl's voice, "I still don't know what you mean, Kagome. There can't be anyone here."

The door creaks open and light shines on your face, temporarily blinding you.

"You were right…" The blue haired girl who opened the door says to someone out of sight, as she gestures for you to come in. You walk in, still uncertain if these people are safe to be around.

"Hello…" You begin, but are cut off by a girl with short brown hair,

"Yes, we know why you are here. Please have a seat. Would like some tea?"

"…" You sit down.

"My name is Kagome Summers and this is Destonia Green." The brown haired girl says as the blue haired girl who you now know is Destonia hands her the teapot.

"We have been put in charge of maintaining the castle and taking care of guests that Lady Pistachio greatly cares about." Kagome says. "So, please, look around and feel free to link to us if you so desire."

Destonia said, "Also, Please be sure to visit the Guest Book room and sign in. There is also a quiz there and Lady Pistachio would be greatly pleased to find that her guest has signed in."

Saying that she seems to be reminded of something else, "Oh yes, and please, if you have any problem with any parts so the site, such as the links won't work, or a picture won't come up, please report it to us."

As you finish your tea and get ready to walk off, they also stand and bow, "Thank you, and please come again soon!"

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