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Hi ya! Long time since an update huh??? Well... The good news is that I am hoping to update more often... having got a new computer and access to online status. The bad news is my new job as well as my son and husband are gonna take up a lot of my time.

I do how however have several things to post! I am adding a new section to the Stories page... A Harry Potter page. There I hope to post a story I am currently working on. For all of you that are for the Harry/Hermione ship then you just might like this story.

As for other stories in the Story Room, I will return to them, as soon as that darn writer's block eases up a bit. I figure I'll write as much on my HP fic as I can until I get back into the swing of things with Smallville and the other two.

*** Nursie Note: 4/10/04- Anywho... for now... Consider this site... Under Construction ...

~ Nursie



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