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Mena, Alan (Zejan's character from her Voltron fan fiction "Lion Tales") and Lance. This wonderful piece of artwork was a gift from the Wonderful... talented... Zejan the Wonder Monkey... You can see more of her art work at her site Zejan's Voltron Lair Or you could join the KAEX Mailing List at Yahoo groups. Once again, *bows to Zejan in all her artistic glory* Thank you Zejan for the wonderful artwork you did for me. I will be drawing some stuff for you as well as soon as I can.


 Please bare in mind that I have lost three of these chapters and I am working on finding them where I printed them out. I will probably have to retype them but hopefully I can just scan them in... if and when I ever get my scanner working again. I will list the missing chapters with asterisks as missing in action, if you recognize the part as one you might have saved a while ago... please send it to me so I can edit it and repost it. Any and all help would be appreciated.



Nursie Note 9/13/02... ALL MIA parts have been found thanks to the wonderful LP!!! LUV YA BABE!!! They should be reposted sometime in the very near future! Thanks!!!

***WARNING DISCLAIMER: ***There will be ratings posted at each chapter link. These ratings can be anywhere from PG-14 to NC-17. This fic is not for young children and people that are offended by adult situations, language etc. IF I feel it needs to be addressed for fear young children may read, like there’s a sexual situation, or something of that nature, I will post warnings such as this one… along with the chapter rating at the link. Enough said??? Parental Advisory…is implemented. READ at your own risk…(I know… those are sometimes the best fics =P) If you are not of age, or are offended by such material, please avoid this fic… I have warned you… if you do not follow this warning that is not my fault. Please refrain from any emails, or critical comments due to the warning. I have done my part by rating the story. After all, this fic is strictly for entertainment purposes, no infringement on characters or certain storylines is intended. Those of you that do read my fics... I hope you like them and thank you for taking the time to read them.

***Credits Disclaimer:*** Dungeon & Dragons and Dragon Lance are registered trademarks owned by Wizards of the Coast 'copyright 02'. I do not own anything... Character and content are used for entertainment purposes only. References are used as research to make a better more believable storyline. No infringements are intended. In other words... don't own... don't sue...=P Voltron is a registered copyright of World Entertainment Productions also known as WEP. I do not own Voltron either... original characters are copyrighted by Nursie '02.


The Lion King

Part One: "First Things First..." (*Warning* Rated NC-17)

Part Two: "A Friend In Deed..."(*Warning* Rated NC-17)

Interlude One: "What Lies Beneath..."(Rated PG-14)

Part Three: "The Lyin' the Witch and the Wardrobe..."(Rated PG-16)

Interlude Two: "Enter the Fairy Dragon..."(Rated PG-14)

Part Four: "Push..." (Rated PG-14)

Part Five: "Vision Questa..."(Rated PG-14)

Part Six: "Lance's Brown Eyed Girl..."(Rated PG-14)

Part Seven: "Dream Scape..."(Rated PG-14)

Part Eight: "Night Moves..." (*Warning* Rated NC-17)

Part Nine: "With a Little Help from Our Friends..." (Rated R)

Interlude Three: "The Curse..."(*Warning* Rated NC-17)

Part Ten: "Fools Rush In..."(Rated R)

Part Eleven: "Mad Season..."(Rated R)

Part Twelve: "Homecoming Queen..." (Unfinished)

Interlude Four: "The Eye of the Storm..." (Unfinished)

Part Thirteen: "The Storm..."(Unfinished)

Part Fourteen: "The Fall..."(Unfinished)

Part Fifteen: "The Call..." (Unfinished)

Part Sixteen: "Dragon Slayer..." (Unfinished)

Part Seventeen: "If You're Gone..." (Unfinished)

Part Eighteen: "Witchy Woman..." (Unfinished)


To Be Continued...

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