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Hello once again! Lordie has it been a while! There are a few minor changes… mostly in the fics I am currently writing. I would like to take a moment to explain that I have taken a hiatus from my Voltron Fan Fic “The Lion King” For an indefinite amount of time. Please all you fellow Kaexer’s be patient… I will return to it, the outline is out there… and it’s still a story I need to tell. There has just been other’s popping up inside my head that I just can’t ignore. While I still love Lance like no Anime man should be loved… I am prone to displaying my lust for certain superheroes such as Batman and yes, Superman.

A funny thing happened when I got cable hooked up once again (FINALLY) I caught the last fifteen minutes of a show on WB called Smallville. So… now I am hooked.  I am all kinds of excited about Batman tie-ins and other outlets for Smallville fan fiction… and since my buddy Russ… (Yes Russ… you mention me on your site so here’s your lil fifteen seconds of fame on mine…) read a lil fledgling fic and as usual his reviews came back positive, so I decided to go ahead and start posting my Smallville Fan Fiction.  The fic is called “Only Human” and it is already several parts long and threatens to be even longer before it’s done.  I am sorry for those of you that hate lengthy fics and waiting for new parts to be posted… I’ll try to post as often as possible.  As for my Batman Beyond Fic… it is almost done… but I just need to scan the original copy into the computer and do a little more editing. I honestly have several parts ready to post, if you are interested… (I know you are Russ (Supes) But you’ll hafta wait like everyone else… just cause yer my superhero doesn’t mean you get privileges… or does it? =P And yes… just to answer a question once stated by my good pal Russ… I do write a lot of stuff for nurses. I have worked as a nurse for well, about 8 years now… and I just want to realistically portray my profession. Actually it’s like Russ said… another way to place myself inside the story. =)

O-K-BEEE! Disclaimers and warnings still apply to ALL stories now… not just the Voltron series. You’ll understand when more Bats get’s posted and Smallville gets underway.  Most of my stories start out at PG-14 and gradually extend to NC-17. As always, I will warn you of rating changes in the link to the chapter. Again please be patient... the disclaimers will be up as soon as possible. Just on the safe side... I don't own ANYTHING... all characters are property of said fandom. e.g. Batman and Superman are © of WB... and As soon as I am certain who owns Smallville... I'll post it here. I just know it's not me... but oh to Own Tom Welling's eyes... *sighs* Too bad that's Hollywood glitz... I have yet to see a man look THAT good here in my home town.

Again…Thank you for stopping by! I do hope you enjoy all the stories here at Nursie’s Art Ward… Be sure to check out the Fan Art’ll contain stuff from MOST of my stories. No new stuff in the Art department as of yet… but hopefully soon. Such as the life of a nurse… All work and no pay er… play. *lol* There's artwork that I did in art school such as life drawing and such. To learn more about this Nursie Lady… go to About meThere you can see pics of me and my son…Alrighty then… I’m just gonna shut up and let ya’ll read.


WARNING DISCLAIMER: There will be ratings posted at each chapter link. These ratings can be anywhere from PG-14 to NC-17. This fic is not for young children and people that are offended by adult situations, language etc. IF I feel it needs to be addressed for fear young children may read, like there’s a sexual situation, or something of that nature, I will post warnings such as this one… along with the chapter rating at the link. Enough said??? Parental Advisory…is implemented. READ at your own risk…(I know… those are sometimes the best fics…=P) If you are not of age, or are offended by such material, please avoid this fic… I have warned you… if you do not follow this warning that is not my fault. Please refrain from any emails, or critical comments due to the warning. I have done my part by rating the story. After all, this fic is strictly for entertainment purposes, no infringement on characters or certain storylines is intended. Those of you that do read my fics... I hope you like them and thank you for taking the time to read them.

Voltron: Defender of the Universe                                                 Batman Beyond

           "The Lion King”                                                         “A Bat Flew Over a Robin’s Nest”

*Nursie Note-8/12/02*

Callista Drake from A Bat Flew over a Robin's Nest

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“Only Human”

*Nursie Note 7/9/02*

Tom Welling- Clark Kent -Smallville on the WB...No one should look this good! =P

Just something I thought I'd throw in... My first Mickey Mouse *sighs* Ahh... memories.

Stay tuned…