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*** Author's note: *** Hey there Everybody!!! I am finally back online.... WOOO HOOO!!! Any who I know it's been a while since I posted ANYTHING at all on this site b but hopefully that is gonna change soon. RL has been wonderful lately and I have a few buddies online that I simply hafta keep in touch with. The good news is that the last three months may not have given me any new ideas for a new Smallville part but it did give me my fiance Shawn... Yes... I am getting Married!!! SO please be patient... I will be working on the Smallville story... (and it may be a bit more accurate... Shawn has a Superman comic collection that would put most comic book stores to shame) Thanks again for reading... I am still in awe a how many of y'all have read this.


*Hugs to All*




*WARNING DISCLAIMER: There will be ratings posted at each chapter link. These ratings can be anywhere from PG-14 to NC-17. This fic is not for young children and people that are offended by adult situations, language etc. IF I feel it needs to be addressed for fear young children may read, like there’s a sexual situation, or something of that nature, I will post warnings such as this one… along with the chapter rating at the link. Enough said??? Parental Advisory…is implemented. READ at your own risk…(I know… those are sometimes the best fics…=P) If you are not of age, or are offended by such material, please avoid this fic… I have warned you… if you do not follow this warning that is not my fault. Please refrain from any emails, or critical comments due to the warning. I have done my part by rating the story. After all, this fic is strictly for entertainment purposes, no infringement on characters or certain storylines is intended. Those of you that do read my fics... I hope you like them and thank you for taking the time to read them. Just a little extra side note- I don’t own Smallville... WB does... as well as Tollin/ Robbins Productions… Smallville is the baby of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster… Smallville developed for TV by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar. Only original characters and storyline are mine. Thanks!!!





Part 1- “At First Sight” (Rated PG-14)

Part 2-“The Interview” (Rated PG-14)

Part 3-"How Clark Kent Got his Groove..." (Rated PG-14)

Part 4-"An Ode to Florence Nightingale..." (Rated PG-16 borderline R rating)

Part 5a-"Serenade..." (Rated PG-16)

Part 5b-"Standing Still..." (Rated R)

Part 6- “Can’t Fight the Moonlight”(*WARNING* DEFINITELY Rated NC-17)

Part 7- “So Much For the Afterglow” (*WARNING* DEFINITELY Rated NC-17)

Part 8- “Somebody Save Me”(Rated PG-16)

Part 9- “The Storm”(Rated R)POSTED 4/10/02

To Be Continued…

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