Title: Only Human

Author: Nursie

E-mail: Nursie1126@hotmail.com

Disclaimer: I don't own Smallville... WB does... Only original characters and storyline are mine.

Rating: Rated R

Characters: Clark and the gang plus original characters.

Spoilers: Any and ALL Smallville eppies up to Nicodemus and possibly future eppies once they air and I keep up with the story.







Part 9- "The Storm..."


Clark shut the window to his bedroom and stood back to admire his work. It wasn't perfect, and his parents would see something had happened... however, they would also appreciate the effort Clark had put into fixing the window. He smiled at the job he did as he watched the raindrops start to hit the pane. He glanced over at the alarm clock next to his bed. He turned and left his room.


Alissa Luthor pulled into the driveway just as the rain started to fall heavily. She grabbed her purse and the overnight bag she had brought, then made her way to the Kent farm. 


"Hello?" She called through the screen as Clark came down the stairs. He heard her voice and a sharp shot of pain went straight to his heart. She caught the look in his eyes as she opened the screen door and entered the Kent kitchen. "Don't look so happy to see me." She teased.


Clark smiled sheepishly as he walked towards her. "It's not that..." He said. He walked up to her and kissed her cautiously on the cheek.


Lis noted the manner in his kiss and looked at him questionably. "What is it?" She asked him. She didn't need to speak to him any further to know there was something definitely wrong.


Clark blinked and turned away from her. "How are you feeling?" He asked fighting to keep his tone normal.


"I'm... fine." Lis answered then moved her arm up and down so that he could see it didn't hurt. Where she learned to hide the pain so well, she couldn’t say… she only knew she deserved an academy award for such a feat. "Look... it doesn't hurt... are you sure it was broken?" She smiled at him.


"I guess you took your medication then?" Clark asked turning back to her letting her see the uncertainty in his eyes.


She stepped back from him, wondering what was going on in his head. "Why... yes... I did. Why do you ask?"


"Just wanted to make sure you are at least doing something that you said you were doing. I mean I don't know if you are telling me the truth about the whole situation."


One look at his face and she knew that he knew. Her bags fell to the floor and she thought she might cry. "What do you mean Clark?" She asked fanning ignorance.


"You know what I meant..." Clark said. His eyes the color of steel and his body language showing he was clearly afraid.


"You spoke to Lex..." She muttered. “Didn’t you… He told you."


"He just wants the best for you... if you go to the hospital, at least there you have a chance. Don't make me watch you die. I can't do that... not after last night."


"He had no right to tell you… You don't understand Clark. I can't go back."


"Why not? I'll come see you... I won't leave you."


"No... But I will leave you." She said softly. "Either way... no matter if I am with you here and now or in the hospital hooked up to a vent. You don't understand Clark. I will leave you whether or not you have the strength to hold on to me. Not even you are strong enough to do that.”


Clark suddenly flashed back to the vision Cassandra had shown him. There had been an unmarked grave there, in front of him… beside his parents and his friends. He grew very afraid, when he realized it was hers. "I wish I COULD die like you... do you know what it's like to know you'll out live all your loved ones?"


"Clark... you don't know what your future holds... Mine... well I know what's going to happen to me. I accepted it along time ago… I am asking you to keep me company until it does."


"Until approximately one o'clock today I thought you were going to be part of that future. I WANT you to be part of that future." Clark was becoming irate.


"Clark, you are meant for bigger and better things... you don't need to be babysitting me for the rest of my life, how ever long that may be. Please, let me stay here... in your arms, nothing hurts... nothing can touch me. I want to die there... not in some cold hospital bed." She tried to reassure him.


Clark looked at her as the tears started to stain her face. "I can't do that." He whispered.


Lis heard his words, she jumped a bit as the lightning flashed and the thunder rolled. She turned and grabbed the handle on the screen door. "Then there's nothing else to say."


"No… there's a lot more left to say. Lis, I love you." Clark called after her but she had already gone. He watched her run past her car into the cornfield. Clark cursed the weather and was out the door after her in seconds.


In the middle of the field, Clark caught up with her, standing there in front of her. "Don't shut me out Lis. You need to talk to me. If you can make me understand… Well then, I’m… I'm willing to listen."


Lis fell to the ground as the rain poured around her. "We both have issues in the past that don't make any sense. You are super strong… super speedy… super everything… Hell you are a super man.  Me… I'm just a girl that was dying of Leukemia at age six until the one day that I got better."


"What made you better?" Clark asked her as he sank down on to the ground next to her ignoring the rain. "Did they find a new treatment?"


"It wasn't the medication Clark. It was something else… Remember how Lex lost his hair after the freak meteor storm? Well, I went into remission. I was well and happy... until my mother and I went back to Metropolis. I became ill again a few years after I left here."


"You lived in Smallville when you were young?"


"On the same land the castle was built on."


"How were you caught in the meteor shower?" Clark asked, his stomach in knots. If he was the reason for her illness, it would have been the last straw, he couldn't live with himself if someone he loved was dying just because he landed on this rock.


"I was sick for some time Clark... very sick... for once, on a good day, my mother let me go outside to play. Lex was with Father on some business deal... I remember Lex complaining about how father was always expecting such things of him. He used to tell me I was lucky... back then... it was him with the hair and me that was bald." Lis's voice weakened and she tried to smile through the memories.  "The meteors were beautiful weren't they?" She chuckled nervously. "I can laugh now… because I remember waking up in the hospital, they told me that my skin had taken on a greenish hue. The next day, blood test came back normal. There was my miracle Clark. I was cured."


"So the meteor rocks made you better?" Clark cried. He hadn't been prepared for that. Something that could kill him could ultimately make save her. He winced at the irony of the situation.


"I don't know Clark... but I have thought about that... it's why I came back here to Smallville after the doc handed me my death sentence."


"You were supposed to die?" Clark murmured.


"Right now Clark... I'm a walking corpse... couldn't you tell that last night?" She said, as she tried to add a hint of humor in her voice.


Clark raised his head to look at her as the rain pelted off his handsome face. He suddenly felt a bit ill to his stomach but he shrugged it off as nerves from the situation. Lis looked past him and noticed a faint green glow behind him. Making a mental note where it was, she put her arms around him and hugged him close. "Hold me Clark... just hold me."


"You know what happens when I just hold you." Clark whispered. He caught her eye and brought his lips to hers. "Ever made love in a cornfield?" He asked sheepishly figuring that both needed a little distraction and Clark couldn't help the way she felt in his arms. The rain was definitely romantic and he felt his hands moving up her bare back.  He pulled her closer hoping the rain would not bother her; he really didn't need her catching pneumonia or something.  He gently placed his hand under her shirt and traveled it up her back to her bra.


By the time he laid her down in the mud, he had forgotten the sick feeling in his gut. He kissed her with all that he had; trying to forget the information he received that day. She was there now, and that was all that mattered to him. This newfound feeling he had discovered over took his self-control and before he knew it, he was on top of her and inside her.  The water pouring from the sky did nothing to cool their heated bodies down.


Clark couldn't help but think how funny it was how time flies by so fast. Faster it seemed than he could run. The next time Lis left his bed was when the sun started to go down that Sunday evening. He winced at the car door slamming shut. He didn't want to acknowledge her leaving, so he faked like he was half asleep then gently let her kiss his lips and whisper goodbye. The next thing he knew his mother was calling him for breakfast.




Clark stumbled down the stairs and entered the kitchen. He had no appetite for a change as he sat down lazily in the chair next to the table. Martha Kent poured him a glass of apple juice and turned to place the container back into the refrigerator. She stopped suddenly, taking another look at her son. He looked a mess... his eyes were puffy, and his appearance was distraught and mangy. Something she had never seen in her son. She closed the fridge door and pulled up a chair to sit next to him.


"Hey there sleepy head... didn't see ya last night when we got in. How was your weekend?"


Clark played with his cereal. The bowl of Trix sat in front of him as he lifted the spoon and poured the milk back into the bowl. He didn't answer his mother... His thoughts were elsewhere.


"Clark?" Martha Kent asked worried.


"Huh? Oh... hi mom... missed you." He forced himself to speak. He pushed the bowl away from him and leaned back in the chair.


Martha eyed her son's actions curiously. "What's the matter Clark? You look like you haven't showered or shaved all weekend." She replied noticing the five o'clock shadow that had appeared on her son's handsome features.


"How was your weekend? I hope you and Dad had a good time." Clark again forced himself to speak.


"I asked you first..." Clark's mother replied with a sneaky smile. "Did something happen this weekend?"


Clark blinked hard. He knew she would be able to judge his mood but he didn't think she'd know there was something wrong. His eyes shifted to his uneaten bowl of Trix. ~ Get it together Clark... don't show her you're upset... she'll question you about the weekend... she's already questioning you on what you did...~ Clark sucked in his breath and picked up his spoon again. He grabbed his bowl of cereal and began eating as he usually did. ~Better make it look good ~ He thought. Although Clark didn't like to lie to his parents, and if he did, he usually got caught; he figured he needed to make it sound like he had a typical weekend. He took a huge bite of the sugar-loaded cereal and flashed his mom his toothy smile.


Her expression lightened a bit as she watched Clark's stature change. She eyed him suspiciously for a moment longer however to make sure he was all right. "Well? No wild parties thrown here this weekend?"


Clark smiled. "Nope... unless you count the one where my computer chair sailed through my bedroom window ignited in flames." He teased.


Martha smiled at her son. "As long as nobody was hurt." She replied.


"Seriously mom, there really was an accident with the chair. I guess I still don't know my own strength. I think I might be getting stronger." He mussed his mouth full of food.


"Accident? What kind of accident?" She asked as she stood from her seat.


"I pulled the chair out from under me and it went sailing across the room. I didn't mean to do it... but it broke through the window and landed outside the house."


Martha sighed loudly. "How much it that gonna cost to fix?" She wondered out loud.


Clark caught her worried expression and quickly tried to make up for her thoughts. "Don't worry Mom. I fixed it yesterday... besides, it's my room and even though it may look a little odd, I can live with it."


"You fixed the window by yourself?" She asked as Jonathon Kent walked into the kitchen taking off his work gloves,


"Clark..." He asked walking straight over to the coffee pot and pouring himself some coffee. "Could you come help me with the livestock... Nellie just won't budge... she's knee deep in manure." Jonathon took a sip of his coffee, turned and looked at his family.


Clark finished his cereal and looked distastefully at his father. "I have school... " He answered.


"I know you have school Clark... this will only take a minute."


Clark sighed. "I don't think I have time to get cleaned up... could I do it after school?"


Jonathon looked at his son questionably. "What's with you this morning... you never really minded getting yourself arm deep in cow crap before." He gave a slight chuckle as he sat his coffee mug down on the table and took a seat.


Clark took a deep breath. He might as well tell them he met somebody... especially if he was going to have a real relationship with her... Problem was, Jonathon Kent hated the Luthor's... and Lis was a Luthor. He could tell them about her illness, but they would only try to warn him about how sick she was. He didn't need to hear from his parents that she was dying; reality hit him hard with that fact every breathing moment. All this power... all these gifts, and he couldn't even save the life of someone he loved. He felt helpless. He suddenly felt nauseous... and was actually frightened he might lose his breakfast. He stood, knowing he looked pale. He had never felt sick like this before... even though he did taste the normal life once. He scooted his chair up to the table. He breathed slowly and prepared to tell his parents a little of the tale.


"Well Clark? What's going on?" Jonathon asked curious. Martha looked on at Clark. They both watched his face turn several shades of red and they arched a skeptical eyebrow at him.


Clark took a deep breath. "There's this girl."


"Is she pretty?" Jonathon came back with.




"Is she smart?" Martha added. She looked over at her husband and smiled glad to know there was a reason at least for her son's appearance.


Clark ran a hand through his hair. "I'd say she's smart." ~Smart enough to figure out my secret on her own...~ He thought to himself. He smiled half-heartedly.


"Well who is she?" Clark's father inquired. "I take it that it's not Lana?"


"No... It’s not Lana." Clark felt weird talking about Lis like this. He didn't know how he was going to tell his parents what they needed to know without telling them almost everything. He sighed pushing his empty cereal bowl away from him.


"Who's this lucky lady then?" Jonathon quipped.


"I wouldn't say she was so lucky." Clark replied weakly.


Martha scowled. "Now Clark... why would you say that? You're a great guy. I'm sure she's happy to be with you."


Clark took a deep breath. "I didn't mean it like that. Honest."


"How did you mean it son?"


"There's something you should know." Clark answered. He collected his strength trying to rehearse what to say next to them. He took a deep breath before he could speak. His parents looked on at him with wonder.


"What is it son?" Jonathon asked concerned.


Martha's expression mirrored Jonathon's.


"This girl... well she's sorta sick."


"Sick?" Clark's parents said in unison. "How sick?"


Clark looked at the table. "She's dying."


Martha blinked trying to let the information sink in. "When did you find out?"


"How long has this been going on?" Jonathon asked as soon as his wife finished her sentence.


Clark felt bombarded with questions. "One at a time please..." He asked softly and Martha looked intently at her son.



"Ok... Are you alright?" Martha asked and touched her son's shoulder. She could feel him pull away and she blinked her eyes then looked at her husband.


"How does this girl feel about you?" Jonathon asked.


"She loves me."  Clark breathed then caught the look from his parents.


"She loves you?" Martha asked.


"And I love her." Clark admitted.


Jonathon smiled. "Then what's the problem?"


"Hello... I just told you... she's dying."


"What's wrong with her?" Martha asked trying to console her son.


"She has leukemia." Clark managed to say.


"Leukemia... OH Clark..." Martha's voice was sympathetic. "Who is this girl... She's pretty lucky to have you..."


"Dad's not going to like this." Clark shrugged.


"Now son... what makes you think that? She may not be Lana Lang but you know we haven't exactly been thrilled about you having a relationship with her... especially because of Nell."


"This has nothing to do with Nell's feelings for you Dad. I have my own problems..."


Martha winced. "Nell still has a thing for you Jonathon?" She teased.


Jonathon just shrugged embarrassed. "I guess it's that ol' Kent charm."


Martha rolled her eyes. "Whatever... Now Clark... You know you can talk to us, how serious is it?"


Clark took a deep breath. "It's pretty serious."


"Serious enough for you to throw a chair out your bedroom window?"


"You could say that." Clark said. "There are just aspects of this relationship I'd like to keep private... if you don't mind."


"Private? Aren't you a little young for that?" Martha teased; she glanced over at her husband. “We’ll respect that for now. Who is this girl? And how did she steal your heart?”


Clark breathed deeply. “Her name… is Alissa.”


“She must be new in town… there aren’t any Alissa’s from around here.” Jonathon said.


“You could say she’s new. She’s the nurse from last weekend.”


“The one that helped you in the clinic?” Martha asked curiously.




“Lex’s sister?” Jonathon questioned.


“Yes.” Clark answered again.


Jonathon sat back in his chair. “Does she know your secret?”


“I don’t know for certain Dad. She saved my tail at the clinic… you know that as well as I do.”


“I know that son… it’s just that…”

“Just what? She’s a Luthor? Or it’s just that she’s sick?” Clark was growing angry. “I shoulda known I couldn’t tell you any of this. You’re always saying how I can talk to you… and now…”


“Clark settle down.” Martha placed a hand on her son’s shoulders.


“Why should I? You guys are gonna just make this to sound like some crush… well I have news for both of you… this isn’t just some crush. I love her Mom… more than you know… that’s why it’s killing me to watch her die.”


Martha looked over at her husband. “Jonathon…” She said firmly. He caught her look and blinked hard.


“Son… I may have reservations because of her name but I am not blind at how she helped you. I may not trust her father or her brother for that matter but she proved herself worthy of our gratitude if nothing else.”

“So you’ll give her a chance.” Clark’s tone was hopeful.


Jonathon sighed. “We are apprehensive about this Clark… it’s your first relationship that we have known of. Are you sure you are prepared for this? How serious are you… I mean she’s sick Clark… can you deal with what’s going to happen.”


“I’m not prepared to watch her die if that’s what you’re asking. I won’t do that. She’s going to beat this disease… I know there’s a way.”


“Clark honey… she’s probably had all of the treatments that are available. She’s a Luthor… there’s enough money there to provide her with the newest medications. She’s probably exhausted every option.” Martha tried to reason.


“I won’t accept that.” Clark cried. “I can’t accept that.”


“I’m worried for you son… I can’t fathom not letting you see Alissa… but I don’t want to see you hurt.” Jonathon said.


“I’m already going to be hurt Dad. There’s no way around that.”


“Is that what happened to your window? Did she tell you and you had to throw something?”


“Not exactly.” Clark answered.


“You never told us how serious this is… What happened this weekend that turned this into a serious relationship?” Martha asked.


“I don’t know how to tell you this.” Clark whispered.


Martha stood up, her hand going to her mouth. She understood what had happened without Clark explaining. She looked over at her husband who she knew hadn’t quite gotten it yet. “I’m guessing this is pretty serious.” She said gravely more to Jonathon than to Clark. Clark winced when he realized she knew what had happened. He wanted to cringe when he figured out that his mother knew he was having sex with Alissa. “Clark…” She said softly.


Clark was deep in his trance when he heard his mother’s voice echo into his head. “Wha… what?” He stammered.


“You never answered us… how serious is it?”


Clark bit his lip as he felt both sets of his parent’s eyes on him. He had to answer them… but he didn’t know how. “You’re wanting to know how serious this is?”


“From the look on your face I’m guessing it’s very serious.”


“Are you like wanting details?” Clark cried. “I told you there are parts of this I would like to keep private.” Clark was becoming irate.


“Son… we aren’t asking you to give explicit details… we are just trying to understand how important this is.”


“It’s pretty important. I don’t go falling in love with just anyone. Alissa is not like any other girl I’ve known. She’s wonderful Dad… if you give her a chance… I know you’ll love her as well.”


Jonathon looked at Martha. “Maybe we should talk alone.” He said nodding to Martha. She flashed him a dirty look.


“Just because this conversation has taken on sexual undertones does not mean I shouldn’t be part of it. If Clark was normal… I could handle the fact that Clark is obviously having intimate relations with this girl… However we all know Clark is not exactly normal. I don’t want him hurt… You can understand that can’t you.”


“I thought you didn’t want details.” Clark insisted.


“Martha… you should really let me talk to him.” Jonathon said.


Martha walked away from Clark and started running water to do the breakfast dishes. “Oh alright… Just remember you can always talk to us Clark. We may not have all the answers but we will try to help.” She turned off the water and crossed over to give Clark a hug. Clark placed an arm over his mother’s and stood to follow his dad outside the house.


They walked for a few minutes in silence and Clark was more than happy for the quiet. They passed the barn and were close to the livestock pen where Jonathon wanted Clark’s help with one of the cows. Jonathon opened the gate and Clark followed him. Once the gate was shut, Jonathon turned to Clark.


“So tell me Clark… how long has this been going on? Is that why she bailed you out at the clinic?”


“No… nothing happened until Friday. We didn’t even get together until then… I didn’t even know she was sick until after we got together.”

“When you say together… I take it that you mean you two are dating.” Jonathon took out his work gloves and pulled one at a time on his hands.


“We’re having sex dad.” Clark admitted bluntly. He couldn’t believe how direct he was being. “I know that there was question to whether I could actually be with a girl… but believe me dad… I had no trouble in that department… It seems I’m more human than we thought.” Clark added the end statement to get his point across.


“I didn’t doubt you would be able to be with a girl as you put it… I said before, you had the right equipment… there are other issues when it comes to sex though son… issues that need to be thought out…”

“What are you saying Dad?”


“If you are responsible enough to be having sex Clark… you are old enough to know why we have sex… it’s not just an act of love son… it’s also our way of reproducing. I don’t know how the people do things where you come from… but here…”


“Dad… what are you saying?”


“Were you careful?” Jonathon blinked.


“Careful?” Clark repeated.


“Yes… you know… did you use protection? You don’t know if you can have children Clark… I don’t exactly want to test out the chances right now. You said yourself Lis is dying… even if your genetic makeup is compatible with a female from Earth doesn’t mean she could carry your child.”


“What are you trying to say?”


“You don’t know if you can get a girl pregnant… if you can… there is the issue of her being able to carry the baby. The child would be part human… and part… whatever it is that you are… I’m not trying to alarm you son… but you have all these gifts Clark.”


Clark scowled at his father. “Are you saying I’m not human after all?”


Jonathon balked at Clark’s question. “Son… I didn’t say that. You are human in every way that it counts. I just don’t want you to be discovered because you’re thinking with your zipper.”


Clark rolled his eyes. “I don’t understand… I thought you would be happy for me that I can have a physical relationship. I didn’t expect you to give me a speech on the wonders of reproduction.”


“All I am asking is where you careful.”


Clark closed his eyes. “Whether or not I can have children should not even be an issue here. Lis said she had it covered. I believe her.”


“In other words you didn’t use any protection…”


“Dad…” Clark whined. “It wasn’t something we thought about… the first time we had sex it just sorta happened.”


“Just sorta happened? Clark you need to be careful. People could find out your secret in a way we never thought possible now. What happens if Lis turns up pregnant…”

“She’s dying remember… I doubt she’d be able to carry a baby that had a normal father… let along one with my… gifts.”


“I just asked a simple question… were you careful.”


“She said it was covered.”


“For your sake I hope you’re right. You don’t know how any of this could go… you are new to this sort of relationship… and honestly Clark… it scares me. I don’t want you or any part of you dissected… whether it’s you that is the one placed under a microscope or whether it’s a part of you that you did not count on coming into being.”


“Dad… You are worried about nothing. I trust Lis.”


“Clark… I wasn’t trying to imply she would do something like that on purpose. I’m just trying to make you think. I’m happy that you are able to have this sort of relationship. I just don’t think you should be exploring the question of whether or not you can or can’t have children.”


“I am not planning on having any kids at this moment.” Clark said seriously. He almost wanted to laugh. His dad was truly afraid that something of that sort could happen… but Clark was not ready to think about it. “When I am ready… and when Lis is ready… then we will discuss the topic of children… but right now… neither of us are in any position to be exploring the subject.”


“You really do love her.”


“More than you know.”


“It’s funny… you speak about her like she’s going to be around for a while.” Jonathon said softly knowing full well that if the love of Clark’s life did indeed have the illness Clark said, that she would not be around come Christmas. Jonathon’s heart sank for his son. He pushed his reservations to the back of his mind. He knew that when Lis was gone, that he and Martha would have to be there for Clark.


“I won’t let myself think any other way.” Clark told him.


“I wouldn’t expect you to.” Jonathon said his tone showing Clark that he was accepting the inevitable.


“Are you going to give her a chance?”


“That was never a question Clark. I tolerate Lex don’t I?” Jonathon threw an arm across his son’s shoulders. “I think I can handle his sister.” A smile crossed Jonathon’s face and Clark knew he was in for some teasing. “So what was it like? You can tell me the explicit details.” Jonathon wiggled his eyebrows as they found the problem he needed Clark’s help with.


“Daaaadddd.” Clark whined.


“Truthfully Clark… Lis would need a miracle to happen if she’s going to get better.” Jonathon shrugged turning back to look at Clark.


Clark looked at his dad.


“And unless you suddenly have taken on the ability to perform miracles I don’t see that happening.”


“I dunno dad…” Clark smacked his lips and a hint of laughter crossed his eyes. “She did mention God a few times this weekend.” Clark bent over and took the cow by the leg lifting it out of its cement hold.


Jonathon laughed good-naturedly. Smacking Clark playfully on the back, he stepped aside to let Clark work.


Clark put the cow down out of the way and started laughing himself.



To Be Continued…


Part 10-“The Dance”