Title: Only Human

Author: Nursie

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Rating: DEFINITE NC-17... NO exceptions... DO NOT READ IF UNDERAGE... Or are offended by adult material.

Characters: Clark and the gang plus original characters.

Spoilers: Any and ALL Smallville eppies up to Nicodemus and possibly future eppies once they air and I keep up with the story.







Part 7- “So Much for the Afterglow...”


Clark's eyes opened slowly, although he was groggy, he could make out the pattern on his pillowcase and strained to open his eyes further. He found himself lying on his stomach; his body sprawled over half his bed. He frowned suddenly remembering his dream... but it had been so real. Even still he could still feel her skin against his palms and the tickle in his belly was still incredibly sweet. He sighed and sat up, the smell of breakfast engulfed his nose as he smiled. "At least mom is still home and is cooking food. A dream like that can leave a guy with quite an appetite." Clark stretched his muscles before placing his feet on the floor.


"What's this on the floor..." He thought out loud, bending to take a look at the foreign object. Once sitting up straight, he felt a warm breeze at his back and turned to see if he had left his window open.


His jaw dropped as he saw the shamble that used to be his window. He distinctly saw a chair imprinted in his wall. Cursing himself rather loudly, for an instant... then it hit him. He was naked... that certainly wasn't his bra on the floor, nor were those his sandals. His big toe couldn't fit into them. His mouth turned upwards into a smile that he only got during Christmas when time to open presents. He certainly felt Santa had come early this year... and he was an awfully good boy from what he could remember.


"If her clothes are up here... then were is she?" He asked himself out loud pulling on his boxers and a t-shirt. He decided to allow the scent of bacon lead the way as he walked out of his room into the hallway.


Clark came barreling down the stairs trying to keep super speed in check. He didn't want to seem too anxious. However once he saw her, he was at her side before she could blink or even fathom he was up.


She jumped, almost dropping the skillet she had in her hand. "MY GOD CLARK! I hope you don't do that to your mom." Her heartbeat quickened and she kissed him good morning.


"Good morning to you too." Clark licked his lips. He watched her place the skillet on the stove and start to break eggs into it. He noticed how appealing she looked in his flannel shirt. He wrapped his arms around his waist.


She giggled lightly. "How much can you eat?" She asked plainly.


"You have no clue do you." He shook his head. "Let's just say cook the entire package and keep 'em comin." He teased.


"If you eat like that... how do you stay so... um... well.. "


"Fit?" Clark patted his stomach.


"I was gonna say hot." Lis flipped the bacon in the frying pan.


"Alien DNA." Clark said nonchalantly.


"They should market your metabolism and create a diet drink for women."


Clark laughed. "Would they get my super strength and speed?"


"Sure...what the hell." Lis teased.


"Kewl... then I wouldn't be so freaky." Clark's gaze shifted from Lis to the plate on the table in front of him. Lis picked up on his sudden change in stature.


"What's the matter Clark... there's something wrong."


He sighed. "It's nothing really... I just... I don't know. It kinda goes back to our conversation last night. You know the one before I broke your arm..."


"Not the arm again."


"By the way... how does it feel today... are you ready to go to the hospital for a look?"


"I am not going to the hospital Clark... I meant that last night... I mean it now."


"Why not? I can see if it were me... then no, I wouldn't go to the hospital for obvious reasons. They'd probably try to dissect me. But you... It needs medical attention." Clark knew he was pushing, he didn't want to make her mad, but he wanted to get his point across.


"Clark... it's not your business."


"Not my business? Let see... you're my girlfriend... and it's none of my business?"


Lis's face grew angry at first... almost letting loose with a scathing remark that would ultimately send her upstairs for her clothing and out the door faster than Clark could run, but once she heard him say girlfriend... her expression softened. Clark saw the storm clouds in her eyes as she prepared to give him a good piece of her mind, however he knew that he had given her a good piece of his heart, and the heart always wins out over the mind.


"Did you just say girlfriend?" Lis asked sheepishly any trace of anger removed from her face.


"Well yah... you should know that in some countries we would be married right now." Clark mused. "Or at least engaged."


"Married?" Lis's voice shook.


"Sure... we consummated it last night. Or at least I recall consummation... If that was a dream... I don't wanna know what it's really like." Clark flashed Lis her favorite smile and any anger at his interference about her health seemed to disappear.


"What countries would we be married in?" Lis asked with a grin.


"The middle east... China... I think... I could fly us there if you want.... You know, make it official."


"Fly?" Lis blinked hard then remembered the bacon burning on the stove, she quickly took it off the burner.


"Yummy... well done." Clark stood up and reached for the skillet without a potholder, piling the contents on his plate. Lis eyed him with curiosity, the cast iron skillet was hot and would have given her a third degree burn... but Clark lifted it as if it wasn't even warm.


"Rewind please... did you say FLY?"


"Yes... I can fly I can fly I can fly... Shall we go to Neverland?"


"Huh?" Lis asked confused slightly... where had she heard that before?


"Well… sorta anyhow… Haven’t really tested it out yet.” Clark’s eyes were peaceful and a playful grin crossed his mouth. “Second star to the right... past the London clock tower." Clark teased.


Finally getting the joke, she smacked Clark with a dishtowel. "Ok... Peter Pan.... Am I Tinkerbell or Wendy?"


"Why Wendy of course... everyone knows that Peter Pan loved Wendy." Clark answered.


"Ahh... yes... but what of Tinkerbell... won't she be hurt?" Lis saw where the metaphor was going. He was talking about Chloe.


"I think she can handle it... she's got all that pixie dust."


Lis took a seat in the chair in front of Clark. He sat once more and began to eat his breakfast that consisted of practically everything Lis could find to cook. He had a pound of pretty well done bacon, a carton of eggs, scrambled... six pieces of toast and that was only because the toaster wouldn't hold anymore... several fried potatoes and a bowl of Trix cereal that Clark insisted upon.


"Clark?" Lis asked after several moments past and Clark was well into eating his breakfast.


"Yah?" He replied his mouth full of food. He took a drink of milk from the pitcher and caught a dirty look from Lis. "If you tell me to get a glass..." He stated.


She waited until Clark swallowed his food. "About last night..." She looked down at the table.


Clark's heart started to race. "What about it." He said the panic clearly evident in his tone.


Lis sensed his unease and grabbed his hand with hers. "Oh Clark... don't be so jumpy. You did nothing wrong... in fact everything you did was right... I'm not going anywhere Clark. I was just giving you a way to let me down easy if you needed it."


"I said you're my girlfriend... didn't I..." Clark shrugged then took a bite of his Trix.


"Yes... I guess you did." Lis's mouth turned into a smile. "Then I guess there is something I should tell you..."


"What's that?" Clark asked curious. He glanced over at the clock, it was late, and he had slept in. The country style artwork on the clock frame displayed one beautifully crafted hand on the eight and the other on the six.... Which meant Clark had slept in by three hours.


Lis caught his look of dread as he peered down from the clock. "You have work to do... don'tcha?"


"Yah... I have my regular chores to do, along with several deliveries I have to take out for dad before noon. But... it can wait a few more minutes... Is there something you want to tell me?"


Lis breathed deep. She knew she should tell him about why her arm broke so easily; she wanted to relieve his conscience of any guilt. Although, if she did tell him, it would be like admitting to herself that the Leukemia was back. The Leukemia that mysteriously went into remission when the meteors hit Smallville...Lex lost his hair... she got a cure for Cancer. Until just after she turned twelve. After years living in Metropolis... it came back... worse than before.  She sighed heavily. "I guess this conversation can wait... its not that important." She smiled at him sweetly trying to ease his worry.


"If there's something we should talk about..." He started to say. "Then we should talk. My parents always say that you can't protect your loved ones by lying to them."


"Clark... I'm not lying to you about anything... I just can't tell you everything right now. Just know that my arm feels fine... and that it's not your fault it's black and blue."


"What do you mean?" Clark asked skeptical.


"Nothing important." Lis lied. "I have a disorder that makes them rather brittle. Lex tried to tell you that last night on the phone... remember?"


~Oh right... Lex...~ Clark thought. He pushed the thought of him in the back of his brain. He had to face him within hours to deliver the produce to the manor. He would have to endure heavy questioning no doubt. "What about what Lex told me last night... as I recall, I wasn't able to have a decent conversation with him... you were making sure of that."


"Let's just say... what he meant by fragile was what I am telling you. My arm would have broken if the car door had hit it. You did nothing to crack the bone... I just have a condition that makes my bones break rather easily is all. I'm ok really Clark... I started taking my medication again... and if you worry about pain... well don't. I have that covered as well." Lis tried to explain the best she could without scaring him. He wouldn't need to hear that his new girlfriend could die. She smiled the best reassuring smile she could muster. His smile mirrored hers, and she sighed an inward sigh of relief. He was buying it for now.


Clark finished his breakfast in minutes as Lis slowly ate two pieces of toast. Clark looked at her as she ate. "Is that all you're gonna eat?" He asked her as he put his plate in the sink and rinsed it off.


"Not all of us can pull off eating like you do... If I ate like that... I'd be huge... and you sure as hell wouldn't want to see me naked if I gained a few pounds."


"Never happen..."


"What would never happen?" She asked playfully as she slowly began to wash the breakfast dishes.


"Me never wanting to see you naked." He answered brushing up against her from behind. She could feel the truth behind his words as his groin pushed into her bottom.


"Clark!" Lis cried. "You horn dog... " She squealed as he ran a hand over her breasts and poked one inside his flannel shirt.


"Hey... what can I say... you turn me on... especially wearing my shirt." He pressed harder into her, making her almost lose her balance. He caught her with a firm arm around her waist. He smelled her hair and kissed her neck gently. Hell, he was already late... might as well make it interesting.


"Are you serious?" She asked him leaning into his body.


"Can't you feel how serious I am?" He asked as he started to undo the buttons on his shirt.


"Clark... we don't have time to do..." Her words were lost in his mouth, as he turned her head to kiss her from behind. She could taste the jelly from the toast on his tongue as it slipped past her teeth and touched hers. She kissed him back with vigor and smiled while doing so. He ran a hand down her hip and over her bottom, leaning her into the kitchen sink. The sunlight poured into the kitchen as he lifted his shirt over her bottom and saw the wonderful royal blue of the panties she wore the night before.


"Damn it... you're wearing underwear..." He cursed, his finger finding the edge and moving past to enter her from behind. Finding his playground, he entered her with his fingers without asking permission.


Lis bit her lip and conceded to his action, feeling his steely erection against her.


 "I'm just going on instinct here, but just out of curiosity, he whispered, "Do I pull these down or sorta work around them."


"What ever is easier for you love..." She breathed.


"I'll just surprise you then." He taunted withdrawing his hand and moving it around to the front of her panties. He pulled them to the side the best he could, leaning her into the sink even harder. She grasped the countertop as she felt his other hand release her waist and begin to guide his swollen length once more into her private place. She winced a bit as the soreness from last night engulfed her at his touch. His shaft just as swollen if not more so due to the phenomenon known as morning wood. He groaned loudly as he thrust into her at the same time finding her rose bud of excitement with his fingers. He played with it for a split second before withdrawing his hardened flesh but once he found his rhythm, Lis was biting her lip and calling his name. He knew that the act had to be quick, so he did nothing to hold back their climax. Clark's thrusts became harder and faster as he felt her body's release coming, the small twitches and shudders, the way she met his rhythm and speed stroke for stroke. His gender engulfed in such warmth and silkiness as if he had submerged his entire being into a huge bin full of just out of the dryer laundry. He felt himself flex within her, as she tightened around him. She sucked in a breath of her own as Clark gritted his teeth. He wanted to hear her say it once more... just once before he came.  He took her neck in his mouth once more and suckled it knowing he would be leaving a mark... but he didn't care, at least then she'd be marked as his until the small 'hickie' faded. She could feel his breath on her ear as she felt the beginnings of his sex tremble inside her and her's tighten more so as it did.


"Say it once more..." Clark choked, then nipped at her earlobe, squeezing his eyes shut. "Please... I need to hear you say it."


Lis breathlessly complied. As Clark withdrew one last time, she opened her mouth to speak the words he desperately needed to hear. She turned her head towards him, licking her lips, her face showing the signs of their actions. He touched his tongue to hers, thrusting his gender inside her hard, and his free hand on her hip pushing her onto him more. "Clark..." She whispered, in slow throaty breaths... "I love you." She finished and Clark claimed her mouth as his, burying himself as far into her as possible from that angle. Leaning over her further, he felt his release at the tip of his sex, his fingers working over her swollen sweet spot without stopping. Their cries of passion were muffled in each other's mouth as Lis's body was over taken by wild contractions, which only intensified in strength around Clark's member inside her. The gentle squeeze on his sex sent him over the edge as Lis's orgasm licked his velvet flesh. He filled her once more with his seed.


"Ohh..." Clark cried out afraid to move.


Lis felt her knees start to give from beneath her, Clark felt her sudden move and caught her in his arms. He turned her around and kissed her sweetly on the mouth. The kiss, somewhere between, raw passion, security and love, was the best kiss Lissa Luthor had ever received. Once again she felt complete after making love with Clark, even though this time it would be termed a quickie... She still felt the same emotions that were tied into last night's activity.


Clark straightened himself the best he could. The clock was ticking and he needed to get to work. He knew he wouldn't have a problem finishing his chores or even doing the deliveries... but he couldn't use his abilities... that was a rule on the Kent farm... Clark needed to do things as normal as possible. Clark smiled at the thought... ~ You can't be any more normal than what I just did with Lis... maybe someday I can be like normal people... have a wife... a family...~ Clark's brow arched as he wondered where that last thought came from. Sure, they had sex, and that led to 'procreation' as Lex put it... however, Lis said she had that part covered. Clark sighed... now was definitely not the time to experiment on finding out if he could father a child. However, if he were going to... right then, he wouldn't want it to be with anyone else.

Clark hugged her close stabilizing her stance so that she was secure on her feet. He kissed her forehead and smiled at her. "I um... I hafta get to work..." he said rather embarrassed. He hated to be so intimate with her then rush off.


"It's ok really Clark... I know you have work to do... and I am sure I can find something to do." She smiled brightly up at him.


Clark smiled back... did that mean she was gonna stick around for a while? Would he be able to make love to her again? He wanted to... God did he ever want to... with that thought, the seventeen year old male in him was apparent, for he was almost ready for another round. He scolded himself at the thought for he figured Lis was more than a little sore in that general area from all his prodding and 'poking'. He laughed at his own thoughts. "So you're gonna stay the day with me... and possibly tonight?" He asked, his voice showing a bit more hope than he would have normally displayed.


"I may run a few errands, but yes... I'll be back... I'll go to the market and get stuff for dinner. Does that sound alright... we can have a 'date'." Lis offered.


Clark liked the sound of that. He moved past her and towards the staircase to get dressed. He turned as if the idea had just hit him... and really it had. He hadn't thought much about it since Lis arrived at his house the night before. "Um… Lis?" he asked shyly one foot on the stair.


"Yes?" She answered back drying the dishes that were so discretely avoided while they quickly relieved their tension.


"I was wondering... funny you should mention dates...Um, you know, that it's the Junior/Senior prom next week... and I was just gonna go with Chloe and Pete... but I was wondering... would you consider going with me... I mean... since you are my girlfriend and all now."


Lis pretended to think for a second... a nano second. A smile crossed her face so fast that Clark had to look twice to make sure he saw it occur. "I would be honored to go with you." Lis answered proudly. She wanted to go... the idea of getting dressed up and looking like a princess. She was a Luthor... and dressing up was her family's thing so to speak. She had missed her own prom being in the cancer ward at the hospital in Gotham City, so she felt in her heart it was a way to make up for lost time.  "I can't wait." She added as Clark disappeared up the stairs. She turned to the task of finishing the dishes, which until now, she hadn't realized how many she had used to cook Clark his breakfast. She cursed inwardly and wondered how Mrs. Kent went about cooking Clark three square meals a day. As she washed the last of the skillets in the dirty dishwater, she felt a breeze blow past her and the screen door slam shut.  She rolled her eyes... ~How do the Kent's get used to that? ~ She smiled warmly and placed the rest of the dishes in their place.






About an hour later, Clark looked up from his task. He watched as Lis's head disappeared into the car door as it shut. He frowned a bit, wishing he could have been able to tell her goodbye. Although he knew he'd be seeing her again in a few hours. How long could it take to go to the market and run some errands? Then he remembered how long it usually took his mother. He sighed loudly and put down the chain to the tractor. It had run out of gas and he had to tow it back to the barn. He wiped his forehead and headed up to his loft to retrieve a bottle of water he had in the cooler he kept there. It was just easier than walking the hundred feet or so to the house. He climbed the stairs and grabbed the bottle. He plopped down on the red couch and took a long drink of the cold water. He placed it on his temple and wiped the sweat from his brow. Amazing how much he had been sweating in the last twenty-four hours. It took a lot to make him sweat... He figured it was the emotional tie ins last night that made him breathless and slightly worn out. He wouldn't mind that kind of fatigue though. Clark figured it took a lot for him to feel actually tired... and towing a huge tractor in from the field certainly counted as something to make him sweat. He rested for a second, then his eye caught onto a red object in the corner of his eye. Standing up, he walked over to it, picking it up he recognized the object.


He smiled fondly at it, as he heard the radio that was left playing. The same song Lis sang to him began to play and he hugged the shirt to his chest. "I wonder what she wore out then?" He questioned. He shrugged it off until his brain brought up the reason she had discarded her shirt.


"If I didn't do that to her arm... then what did?" He wondered out loud. "What kind of condition makes your bones brittle like that?" He thought to himself. Maybe going to see Lex was a blessing in disguise. He may have to explain himself a bit but he could prod his friend for some answers. If anyone would tell Clark what was up with Lis... it would be Lex. He placed her shirt in a place it wouldn't get dirty and decided to resume his work. The faster he got his chores done... the sooner he could pick Lex's brain.




Lis pulled up into the garage with her new grand am. She liked the new car... it wasn't as extravagant as the BMW... or any of Lex's other cars... then again... she wasn't as into material toys. She had tasted death more than once... and she was grateful to the Luthor fortune because it paid for her medical problems... but she didn't see any reason to get a new car for every day of the week. True, she could have replaced her BMW with a new one... but she like the 2003 Grand Am coupe. It was a beautiful color blue, and it had a rear spoiler, CD changer and was fully loaded. The one thing she insisted on was a standard transmission... she liked the idea of shifting gears. Pulling the parking brake, she exited her car and bounded into Luthor Manor.


She threw her keys on the lavish kitchen counter and called out to see if anyone was home. When no one answered... she figured Lex was either still sleeping or away on business. She entered the hallway and proceeded towards the stairs. Halfway up them, she heard the familiar voice of her brother behind her.


"Lis... you're home early... or should I say late?" His tone was cool and clearly worried about her.


"Hi Lex..." She rolled her eyes. "Aren't you supposed to be planning a corporate take over or something?"


"Funny Lis. The pharmacy called. Your Methotrexate is ready for pick up... they said they had to order the Pednisone though."


Lis stopped. She turned towards him and tried to sound nonchalant. "Thanks for the heads up Lexie." She turned to run up the remaining stairs.


"Lis... why are you back on your medication?" Lex met her on the stairs.


"It's just a precaution... don't worry. I am almost through the danger zone brother dear... Two more years and I won't have to worry about the A-L-L ever again." She smiled.


"No... you won't have to worry about a childhood disease... YOU will have to worry about adulthood diseases."


"Let me go Lex... I've lived most of my life with this problem... and I don't intend on letting it win now."


"Is that why you are on your medication again?" Lex asked disbelieving.


Lis thought about what to say. "Sure." She lied.


"Then why did I see a prescription for three painkillers in your room? You don't take Morphine, Diluadid and Fentynal on a regular basis... unless there's something I should know."


"Uh... no Lex... nothing new on the Leukemia front." She managed to say; not even bothering with the fact that Lex had been snooping in her room.


"Really? Then let me see your arm."


"My arm? Why my arm?" Lis panicked. "What about my arm?"


"Well, I've been your brother for twenty-one years... and when you start to get sick again, your bones tend to become a bit breakable... and usually... you end up with some sort of tell tale injury. Usually your left arm."


"Lex... let it go... I'm happy." She cried.


Lex reached out for her arm. When she pulled back in pain, he looked at her sternly. "I'll call the hospital in Gotham and get your bed ready."


"NO!" Lis screamed. "I'm not going. I'll take the meds... and I'll lose my hair... but I WILL not leave Smallville."


"Come on Lis... you know you have to." Lex pleaded. He didn't want to lose his sister like he did their mother.


"No... Lex... Please. I can't. I'll beat this thing on my own. I promise. You know the last time I came to Smallville I went into remission."


Lex looked up into Lis's eyes. "You knew you were sick when you came back here... didn't you?"


Lis looked down at the floor. "Yes." She said meekly.


Lex took a deep breath. "It's worse than I thought it was isn't it?"


"Yes." Lis answered weakly.


"You don't want to die in the hospital do you?" Lex asked realizing that his sister had already received her death sentence.


"No." She answered... almost glad that he was allowing her the luxury of yes or no answers.


Lex paused for a moment, obviously thinking about the situation. "I won't tell dad." He finally said, turning to return to his study.


Lis laughed nervously. "Funny... I'm the one that usually says that." She paused. "Lex." Lis called after him.


"Yes Lis?" Lex turned to respond to her.


"Thank you."


"I won't get in your way... I had no idea it was that bad. Why didn't you tell me?" He asked clearly hurt and trying to let all the information sink in. He looked back up at her from his thoughts. "Did you tell Clark?"


"Clark." Lis said weakly.


"I'll take that as a no." Lex finished walking down the stairs.


She shook her head. "I don't know how to... especially since what happened last night."


"What did happen last night?" Lex asked. "He's a good kid Lis... he doesn't need his heart broken by you... even if it's unintentional."


"I don't plan on leaving him Lex."


"You didn't answer my question."


"We spent the night together." Lis admitted.


"Doing what?"


"Making love." Lis said truthfully.


Lex blinked hard. He went to run his hand through his hair and stopped himself before looking like an idiot. "Were you careful? I mean... you can't exactly afford to get pregnant."


"You know the Methotrexate makes me sterile. I can't get pregnant."


"Yes... but you just started the medication... it takes six weeks to get into your system. SO... I'll ask again... were you careful?"


Lis hadn't thought of that. Her two years as a nurse should have reminded her of drug reactions and interactions... but it didn't.  "If the cancer drug doesn't do the trick... then the narcotics will." Lis quickly added not being able to think of anything else to say.


"Either that or you'd have a narcotic dependant baby... That is if you live long enough to carry to term. Maybe you should have the doctor switch you from the Morphine to Methadone..." Lex' tone was bitter... and then softened.


 "Lex... I don't plan on getting pregnant."


Lex's expression eased. He truly loved his sister. He didn't want to cause her any more pain. He threw his arms in the air. "Oh alright... I give... so how was the guy? From what I gather... he's pretty green about such subjects."


Lis smiled. "It was wonderful... I was meaning to thank you for getting him drunk and watching those porn videos."


"Thank me?" Lex teased. "Don't thank me... it was purely selfish... that kids body could turn any straight man crooked. Besides... I think I was wasted more than he was... and I drank less... I don't know how a farm boy can drink like a fish and barely get a buzz. He's lucky I guess... I could have taken advantage." Lex made a face to show her he was kidding.


"Lex... you were already crooked... but I am not referring to your sexuality... I know you like the ladies, stop teasing me."


"I know..." Lex rolled his eyes. "But everybody experiments is college." Lex's laugh echoed down the hallway as he walked, leaving Lis on the staircase. She giggled slightly at him before turning to go to her room.




Lis stepped up to her full-length mirror, turning from side to side, she grinned happily. It seems she had managed to put on a few pounds. It was hard for her to keep on weight with the A-L-L (Acute Lymphocyotic Leukemia) and she was more than happy to actually have an ass. She examined her face. No hollow cheeks...or sunk in eye sockets, and then her eyes fell to her neck. A small purplish-yellow oblong bruise was forming at the base of her throat. She grimaced a bit and then shrugged.


"Clark..." she said rolling her eyes. She touched the bruise lovingly. It was one mark she would be happy to wear. She unbuttoned Clark's flannel shirt and let it slide down her shoulders. She looked at the deep purple in the bruise on her arm. She tried several range of motion exercises, abduction, adduction, and flexation. All three hurt like hell and she winced as she grabbed for the bottle of morphine. Noting the time, she promptly took 30mg of the MS Contin extended release capsules. Sighing heavily, she placed the immediate release tablets in her bag.  She strolled over to her dresser, opening a drawer. Her hand reached into it examining the contents. She pulled out a black lacey number and smiled wickedly. Now... with her new curves, she could finally pull off the Victoria Secret undergarment. Although she didn't plan to be wearing it long. She wanted tonight to be wonderful... she would cook Clark dinner with candles... the whole nine yards. Then show him the goods. She hugged the black material to her bosom. Folding it neatly, she placed it in her bag as well. She pulled out another pair of silk panties and a bra to match then threw them in her bag, as she made her way to the closet. Opening the closet door, she walked into her lavish three room dressing area. Complete with a Jacuzzi tub, dressing couch and about a million outfits with shoes to match. She pushed a remote button and the clothing moved past her on a conveyer belt. Stopping at the section of clothing she desired to look at, she placed a hand on one of the expensive evening gowns.


"What to wear to prom..." She thought out loud. Then it hit her... it was an excuse to go shopping, and a trip to Metropolis would be fun... especially if Clark could accompany her. "What are the girls wearing to formal events these days?" No doubt the Smallville High girls would be trendy, and even though Lis knew she was somewhat pretty, she was self-conscious about her looks. Especially now that she would be on the arm of the most attractive man in the whole town. At least that was what she thought. Clark definitely was eye candy. She could stare at him for hours. Which reminded her, she needed to get a picture of him. She promptly stepped back from her dresses and reached into a junk drawer built into the dressing table behind her. She pulled out a rather expensive camera, she checked for film, finding it loaded. She picked out the camera case and put it on the top of the table. Turning her attention back to the task at hand, she pulled out a beautiful black silk dress, which was cut to the knee, and had lace covering. It was strapless, and had rhinestones embroidered into the bodice.


"If all else fails... I'll wear you." She said out loud and marked the dress accordingly. She tucked a lock of hair behind her ear and turned towards the bathroom. She desperately needed a bath, especially if she were to get physical with Clark again. They had sex twice, and he hadn't pulled out when he came, not to mention the fact that they had gotten a bit sweaty. Besides, doing those dishes alone would make anyone feel the need to shower. She ran a hand over her legs. They could use a good shaving as well. She finished unbuttoning Clark's flannel shirt, debating whether or not to return it... with a simple no decision; she removed the rest of her clothing and entered the bathroom.






Clark pulled up to the farmer's market to load the produce for the deliveries. Getting out of the truck, he closed the door. He quickly went to grab several of the delivery orders when he felt a poke on his shoulder. He turned to catch Lana Lang behind him. She was smiling broadly, a smile that a few short months ago would have melted Clark's heart.


"Hello Clark." She sang.


"Oh... hi Lana." Clark replied sounding extremely bored. He hadn't meant to sound so rude.


Lana picked up on his tone and blinked taking a deep breath. "Um... you busy Clark?" She asked him.


"Yah... I have a few deliveries to make for my dad while he's out of town."


"Your father's out of town?" Lana asked with interest.


"Yes... my mom went with him." Clark offered the information without thinking. He loaded one deliver box onto the bed of the truck.


Lana smiled once more. "So you're all alone this weekend?" She asked him curiously.


Clark thought for a second. He hadn't meant to imply he'd be alone either. "Um... No... my parents should be back sometime this afternoon." Clark lied. He didn't need Lana showing up unexpected. Not with Lis there. "I have a lot of work to do when I get home as well."


Lana thought for a moment. "Well, if you change your mind, Chloe, Pete and I were going to hang out at the Beanery... and I know you're dad is not one for making you sit at home on a Saturday night." She smiled brightly at him.


Clark loaded the rest of the groceries onto the truck. He slammed the gate shut harder than he should have and opened the driver's side door. "I'll remember that." He said climbing into the seat. He shook his head slightly, wondering when Chloe and Lana had become such good friends. He finally figured it out why they hadn’t exactly bonded before, but lately… since Whitney was out of the picture… Lana and Chloe had been spending more time together. Especially working on the Torch. With Clark playing baseball, he’d sorta let his duties as one of the paper staff slide. He figured he had also let his attention falter as well… His friends weren’t coming around as much. Clark felt a weak stab at his gutt. It wasn’t something he was doing on purpose.


"And Clark... Whitney won't be there." She added.


Clark just smiled lazily at her comment. He did know that Lana and Whitney had broken up… but he could think of nothing else to say. He wanted to get to Lex’s as soon as he could. His mind was full of other things at the moment. "I guess I'll see you guys around then?" He started the engine and pulled out of the loading area. Stopped at the stop sign, glancing back at the Farmer's market. He saw her still standing there, watching him go.


He tried to ignore the immediate questions in his head as he turned the steering wheel to the left. Why would Lana be watching him leave like that? He had never caught her staring so openly before. He shook off his thoughts as he turned another corner heading straight for Luthor Manor. About twenty minutes later he pulled into the circle drive at the manor. He parked outside the kitchen entrance and glanced over at the garage wondering if Lis was there. He knew he'd be seeing her later... but he was curious to what she was doing right then. He focused on the garage door and immediately saw through the sheet metal. Her car was parked next to three other cars... a Ferrari, Jag SKE and Range Rover. He laughed slightly at the difference in the types of cars. Lis definitely did not have Lex's exquisite taste in cars.  He lazily pulled at the tailgate of the truck, finding it stuck from when he slammed it earlier. He cursed softly and pulled the gate down effortlessly hoping he hadn't broken it.


Several members of the kitchen staff saw him pull up and were now poised outside the loading area. The two men, and one woman in a maid's uniform, greeted Clark happily. The two men walked up to the truck and took the crate from Clark. He picked up a small clipboard and went over to the lady in the maid uniform.

"Hey there Shelly... could I get you to sign for these deliveries?" He asked calmly trying to look past her into the house.


 The older woman smiled at Clark taking the clipboard. "Hello." She answered. Signing the papers, she looked up from the orders and handed Clark the pen. "Clark, Lex said to have you met him in his study... He said you'd be expecting to talk to him." She said confused.


Clark held his breath. He knew Lex would want to talk to him... and he wanted to talk to Lex... but now that it was actually time to do so... his stomach turned in knots and as he smiled nervously at the silver haired lady. "Thanks..." Was all he could manage to say. He placed the clipboard into the truck and walked past the kitchen staff as they unloaded the truck for him.


Clark walked through the house into the foyer then past the brilliant winding staircase and towards Lex's study. When he reached the double doors, his hand balled into a fist to knock but the door opened before he could execute the action. Lex stood in front of him wearing a pair of dress slacks and a freshly pressed white Armani shirt. Clark entered the room with caution. He wasn't quite sure what to expect.


Lex eyed Clark with a newfound suspicion. This time only, it had nothing to do with the Porsche incident or Clark's strange gifts.  This particular look was one of protection... a look Clark figured came from a brother trying to protect his sister from a drunken date of some sort. Clark wanted to jump to defend himself... but he had never had to do such a thing before. He stumbled on the words to say.


Lex could clearly see Clark was nervous. He took a seat behind his desk and motioned for Clark to sit as well. It was highly unusual for either of them not to say hello or something before this point and that made Lex a little uncomfortable. His expression lightened, relieving Clark of some anxiety.


"So..." Clark began... not knowing where else to start the conversation.


"So..." Lex repeated.


The two men looked at each other, a day ago they were friends... they still were... however there was a new element to their relationship now... and neither knew how to approach it.



Lex smirked. It was a friendly smirk. He really did like Clark. In fact, if there were anyone he wanted to be with his sister, it would be Clark. He knew she'd be safe with him... and that he could take care of her. Lex's lips suddenly turned into a smile and he rolled his eyes at Clark.


"Cut the crap Clark. I know what's going on here."


Clark fidgeted his foot nervously. "What do you mean... you know what's going on here." He asked nervously.


"I mean I know you have a thing for my sister." Lex said coolly.


"It's not just a thing." Clark defended himself.


"Not just a thing huh? Like with Lana? I mean... look at how fast you turned your eye away from her."


"My eye was not turned from her so easily Lex. I noticed your sister weeks ago... she just happened to grab my face and made me look at her. SHE caught my eye Lex. It didn't just wander."


"So tell me... what are your intentions towards my sister." Lex asked. He knew he was sounding more like an overly protective father with a gun rack full of loaded sawed off shotguns, but he knew Clark could handle a little third degree.


"Wh...what?" Clark asked. The line of questioning certainly caught him off guard. "Speaking of Lis... where is she. I didn't see her when I came in."


"She's upstairs... tending to some personal matters." Lex offered.


Clark looked at the floor. He knew he had to ask him... only he didn't know where to start. So he just came right out and said what he meant. "What's this disorder she told me about?"


"I thought she didn't tell you." Lex said surprised.


"She told me she has a disorder that makes her bones soft, breakable even. I sorta touched her arm and it... it..."


"It broke?" Lex finished his sentence. "That doesn't surprise me Clark. What does surprise me is that she refuses to go to the hospital."


"I tried to get her to go have an x-ray... she wouldn't go."


"And this broken arm... did it happen before or after my phone call?"


"Before." Clark muttered.


"And was that before during or after you two were intimate?"


Clark turned beet red. He hadn't expected Lex to come right out and admit he knew they were having sex... "How. How did you know we... we..."


"How'd I know you had sex?" Lex laughed. "I know my sister Clark my friend... and you are not the first boyfriend I've had to deal with."


Clark looked like someone kicked him in the stomach which was an odd occurrence because Clark didn't even know what that felt like without the effects of the meteors. "I'm not... I mean... I know I wasn't her first..."


"But she was yours... wasn't she?" Lex asked seriously.


Clark looked up at the ceiling then back at Lex. "Do you have a point?" He was growing angry. It was really none of Lex's business what he and Lis did alone.


Lex caught the tone in Clark's words. "Cool down Clark. I am not trying to anger you." He paused. "Look... you had to have known that Lis has had her share of boyfriends."


"Yes..." Clark answered.


"Well then... does it surprise you that I would know what she did with them...come now Clark. Us Luthor's aren't exactly saints... and Lis... well she has had reasons to be a little less... inhibited." Lex offered.


"You said you had a point?" Clark asked again.


"I do... Clark... I love my sister... and from what I can see on your face... you do as well. I must say I'm a bit surprised although I am not disappointed. You're like a brother to me Clark."


Clark smiled weakly. He knew Lex was his friend. It was something he had come to depend on... something he cherished.  A sudden heavy feeling went straight to the pit of his gutt as if he had swallowed a rock. Clark tried in vain to ignore it. He looked up at Lex. He knew he needed to ask Lex what was going on with Lis. He almost didn't want to... but it was something he had to do. He was afraid of the answer. Yet he was more afraid of not knowing. "There's something she's not telling me. I thought you... her brother could get her to open up."


"I can't get you to talk... what makes you think she'll tell me anything."


"You said yourself... you're her brother."


"Yes but some family ties aren't always tied in pretty bows like yours are Clark."


Clark winced at his sarcasm towards his family's values. "I thought you liked me because of my morals Lex."


"I do..." Lex looked away from Clark. "I don't know what it is you are asking."


"You're a smart guy... it hasn't escaped your knowledge that she's keeping something from you... has it."


Lex shrugged. "Even though very little goes on here that I don't know about... there are a few aspects that slip through my fingers."


Clark looked at him. He could feel he was ignoring the question, which only made Clark more curious. "You know something."


"I never said I didn't..."


"But you just said..."


"I know what I just said... it doesn't pertain to my sister. She's fragile Clark... If you can get her to go to the hospital... we would all be better off. Trust me on this one Clark. She needs medical attention."


"Why don't you tell her that yourself."


"It's not me she needs to hear it from."


"I'm confused."


Lex sighed deeply. "Clark there are many things you don't know... being seventeen... I don't think you can fathom what the seriousness of this is."


"You don't give me enough credit... Tell me what I need to know... and I'll see what I can do about getting her to the hospital for an x-ray."


"She doesn't need an x-ray Clark... She needs a hell of a lot more than that."


"Ok... once again, I'm confused."


Lex seemed aggravated for a moment. He looked up from his desk at Clark and for a moment Clark was almost frightened. "She's dying Clark..."


The rock in Clark's stomach once again made itself known. He swallowed hard as the information sank into his brain. "Dying?" Clark choked out. It was obvious that he was not taking the news very well.


"The broken arm... it's not her first. She's had this illness all her life. She wasn't lying when she told you she had started taking her medication again."


"Dying?" Clark repeated as the events of the night before replayed inside his mind.


"She has Leukemia Clark. A childhood form called Acute Lymphocyotic Leukemia. Two more years, and she would have beaten the thing... But somehow... it's back and she's sicker than she cares to admit."


"Why would she not tell me?" Clark looked like he would cry.


"She's afraid how you will take the news. I mean it's not every day you sleep with someone and believe you just started a new relationship that would last a lifetime... That's why most of my relationships are not based on love."


"Dying?" Clark uttered the words once more still trying to get them to mean some sense.


"Maybe I should leave you to your thoughts." Lex offered.


Clark jumped. "No! Don't... I don't know how to take this... she's coming over tonight... to spend time with me."


"Then spend time with her... Cherish the time you do have. I plan on doing just that." Lex said, the emotions clearly painted on his white Armani sleeve.


"Is she upstairs now?" Clark asked as he stood to leave.


"She's taking a bath." Lex answered.


"Can I..." Clark started.


"By all means..."


Clark shoved his hands in his pocket as he turned to leave the study. He turned towards Lex before he exited the room. "I'll talk to you later?"


"Count on it." Lex said as Clark left the room.


Lex laid his head on his arms. ~Maybe he can save her as well... he certainly has a flare for saving people who need him. ~




Clark stopped at the bottom of the stairs. He was confused. He didn't know what to do. Normally he'd ask him mom... but she was not available to counsel her adolescent son... and if she were... how would he explain what happened without telling her everything. The look she would give him alone made him shrink back from that idea. He looked up the stairs.  "Why didn't you just tell me?" He whispered as the tears behind his eyes broke the dam that kept the corralled. He heard a noise at the top of the stairs, followed by singing. He recognized the voice, and panicked. He didn't wait to see if she was coming downstairs... Clark Kent high tailed it out of Luthor Manor, faster than a speeding bullet, crying inconsolably.


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