Title: Only Human

Author: Nursie

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Rating: DEFINITE NC-17 NO EXCEPTIONS! DO not read if underage or you are offended by adult material. =)

Characters: Clark and the gang plus original characters.

Spoilers: Any and ALL Smallville eppies up to Nicodemus and possibly future eppies once they air and I keep up with the story.






Part 6-"Can't Fight the Moonlight"


A week can go by slowly, or it can fly by in a blink of an eye. The morning after his attempt at drinking everything in Lex's liquor cabinet, Clark had woke with an incredible headache... not unlike the ones he had when his x-ray vision had developed. He went through that day, trying to convince his parents that a new power wasn't showing up... and even went as far as starting an argument about how he couldn't just have a normal headache. Finally, he had gave in and told his dad he had a few beers. Jonathon Kent took it well... better than Clark thought he would. His father had actually laughed. Which confused Clark even more so.


The rest of the week went by uneventful, he saw Lex when he made the produce deliveries. But he avoided Lis like the plague. He went to baseball practice... did his article for the Torch and was more than painfully aware of Chloe's feelings... mostly because he had to acknowledge them now. Any other week... perhaps a month ago Clark would have considered this week to be wonderful. Especially after Lana announced that her and Whitney had agreed to see other people. Apparently with Whitney in college... it was hard to keep a relationship under such strenuous circumstances. Lana seemed to be taking it well... and Clark would have been more than happy for her company if he hadn't had his mind elsewhere every time she attempted to spend time with him. He had lost count how many times he blew her off during the week... and she wasn't the only person. He knew Chloe deserved an explanation as well... He just wasn't ready to admit he knew the truth just yet. When Friday finally came, Clark kissed his mom goodbye and got the talk from his dad about the last time they left him alone for the weekend. After reassuring them for an hour, they finally went ahead with their plans... taking the new Mercedes to Metropolis for the weekend. Clark watched them pull away from the driveway and sighed. It was going to be a long weekend.



Clark laid his head in his hands. Rubbing his tired eyes, he slightly jumped when he thought he heard a noise. Standing from his seat in his loft that he had dubbed his Fortress of Solitude his freshman year, he walked past his telescope towards the stairs that led down to the main part of the barn. When he reached the top of the stairs, he was startled when he saw the most beautiful face he had ever seen coming towards him over half way up them.


"Lis? Wh..What are you doing here?" He asked his emotions bordering on confused and embarrassed.


Alissa Luthor just smiled. "Hi right back atcha.... Clark." She said in her sarcastic way. Something Clark was getting rather endeared to. The square of Clark's jaw clenched. He turned sideways to let her pass him... another thing Clark was getting used to doing. She smiled at him... the same winning smile she flashed him the day they met... the same smile she gave him many times over the past four weeks she had been in Smallville. The same smile she had secretly reserved for Clark and nobody else, the one Clark didn't know was for him.


"Spoken to Lex lately?" Clark heard himself asking. He knew it was a lame question, and only intended to break the extreme bout of nervous energy balling in his stomach. He'd avoided Lis Luthor for a week. And now, having her here, he couldn't fathom why he had done so.


Lis looked up at Clark, for he was a good head higher than she, and smirked. "I didn't come here to talk about my brother." She said plainly all though there was something else in her tone that startled Clark. Was she flirting with him... no... that couldn't be it? He couldn't be that lucky. His mind flashed back to several kisses he had shared with Lis. Yes, he remembered everything about the night at the mansion... and he felt like a fool. His lips still tingled from the sensation... The point in the beginning had been to make Lana jealous... but all it did was turn him into a bumbling ball of goo. He wanted nothing more than to kiss her like that again... to feel her lips against his... to hold her like he had carrying her back to Luthor manor... to touch her the way he had that night. Clark unconsciously touched his lips under the watchful eye of Lis.


Lis arched an eyebrow. Clark catching her look cleared his throat. "I thought you had a thing for guys with a different car for every day of the week." He teased, hoping his tone matched hers of seconds ago. The corners of his own mouth turned upward and he gave her what Lis mentally referred to as the one million watt toothy grin.


Lis looked at his gorgeous green-yellow eyes and the white of his teeth, trying her damnedest to keep her knees from caving as they often did around Clark. "I also have a thing for guys that can tear the roof off my BMW M3 coupe."


Clark felt a stab at his gut. Why couldn't she just forget about that? There was so much she had seen since she came to Smallville... and she had helped him hide his secrets well. He sighed heavily. He knew Lex was trying to figure out his secrets but now Lis had seen his strength up close. And wait a second... did she just say she had a thing for him... and if so... what exactly was this thing she had? He laughed nervously. "You have a memory like an elephant?" He said, his voice higher in pitch than he would have liked.


"I... unlike my brother when you saved him... was conscious when you turned into a human can opener ripping the roof off my car and pulling me out within seconds of it blowing up." Lis stated. " Besides... after the incident at the baseball game... How wouldn't I catch it?"


"You really should stop hitting trees."


"And you should stop pissing off the other team... At least I didn't run off a bridge... You practically saved my family... The Luthor name should be in your debt. You're a regular hero Clark. A Superman... if you will."


Clark blushed. "I was just doing what anyone would have done."


"And to answer your question of a week ago... I was also just doing what anyone would have done..." She closed her eyes. "Not just anyone can do what you did. You saved my life Clark... and I am grateful."


"You wouldn't say anything to anyone... would you?" Clark looked away then back at Lis.


"Why would I? I covered for you at the clinic didn't I? Besides, I don't make a habit of ratting out friends."


"We're friends?" Clark asked her, a warm fuzzy feeling creeping inside his chest as he remembered the visit to the clinic a week ago. The night at the mansion... and what happened in the guest room.


"Well, sure Clark... what else would we be?" The question sounded rhetorical but Lis really was hoping for an answer. She held her breath for a brief millisecond until she realized that Clark had not picked up on her hint. ~You definitely can take the boy off the farm but you can't take the farm out of the boy ~ She shook her head from side to side slightly. ~Unbelievable~


Clark could hear Chloe's voice in his head... "Stop being such a farm boy Clark... Go for it." Clark looked down at Lis as she twirled a piece of hair around her index finger. ~ She's beautiful...~ He heard his head say with such feeling it frightened him. He suddenly shook off his thoughts. "Did you want to sit down?" He asked her as he threw his jacket on a bale of hay to clear off a chair for her.


Lis smiled and took the seat he offered. "You know Clark, I figured it was time for us to talk. We haven't done much of that since..." Her voice trailed off.


"I didn't know if you wanted to talk to me."


"Why wouldn't I? There's something going on here... I don't know what it is... but I'm not ignorant enough to ignore it." She blinked then opened her eyes and looked at Clark. "You have gifts Clark..."


"They don't seem like such gifts at times. If you only knew what I go through everyday."


"Why don't you tell me?" Lis offered.


"I can't..." Clark's voice was full of pain.


"Why not... everyone needs someone to talk to... and isn't that what friends are for?"


"All my life, I haven't been able to talk to anyone about this. I wouldn't even know where to start."


"How 'bout you start at the beginning." Lis offered. She reached her hand out and touched Clark's arm. He felt a jolt of electricity go through his body like a shockwave.


"You don't have time to listen."


"I have as much time as you need." Lis answered. "I'm all ears." She laughed whole heartedly as Clark's expression eased. There was so much he wanted to say to her... He just didn't know where to begin.


"You'd be surprised at what I am capable of." Clark's voice was a whisper.


Lis could see the questions in Clark's face, and knew she didn't have answers for him. She sighed, blinked hard and then looked up at Clark's telescope. She ran a hand through her shoulder length light brown hair. Tucking a piece behind her ear and securing the barrette at the side holding her bangs from her face. Deciding it was better to distract Clark rather than make him discuss something so private she began to think hard about how to do so. She reasoned that he had inner demons at work, and she didn't want to drudge up any more pain for him. She loved him. She had known that since she had first seen him practically. Four weeks of glances... stolen kisses... and keeping secrets. She was more than happy that Lana seemed content with that football star Whitney. Clark deserved more than that goodie goodie anyhow. An older woman perhaps... A sly grin crossed Lis's face. She was four years older than Clark, almost three years younger than Lex. She didn't much care for being Lex's little sister, for it seemed he was more than over protective... She knew why he was so protective of her... she just wished she could live her life out from under his watchful eye.


Lis looked around the loft, glancing at Clark, who was staring at his work boots. She heard the faint sound of the stereo, standing she strolled over to it. It was an older stereo; it didn't even have a CD player. She fiddled with the stations, and sighed when she found nothing. Clark was still staring blankly at the straw on the ground. Lis removed her jacket throwing it on top of Clark's. She smiled at him. Clark blinked and returned her smile with one of his own. Her heart started racing as she searched for a station.


"What are you doing Lis?" Clark asked suspiciously for a moment escaping from his inner thoughts.


Lis thought for a second. Her eyes fell on the farmhouse outside the window. Noticing that there weren't any lights on inside, and the car was gone from the driveway, she turned to Clark. "Um where are you parents anyway?" She asked as she placed a finger on the tuner button.


"They're away for the weekend. Mom and Dad decided they needed some time alone. Besides, it's my mother's birthday on Sunday. They should be back sometime Sunday night. Which gives me tonight and tomorrow night with the house to myself."


"And I am positive Saint Clark would never dream of throwing a party. You know while the cat's away... the mice will play?" Lis chimed.


"I learned my lesson when I did that the first time."


Lis's jaw dropped. She hadn't expected Clark to say that. She smiled at the thought. "I guess you do have a dangerous streak in you after all... not to mention the way you seem to get yourself involved in every police investigation in Smallville."


Clark smirked as he remembered all the explaining he had to do, just because his gifts allowed him to do things others couldn't. Clark's mind did not stay on that particular subject however, as his eyes fell onto a part of Lis that made Clark's cheeks flush, and he allowed himself to take in the roundness of her breast, his mind remembering how they had felt against his fingers. Clark began to wonder again if there was something others could do that he couldn't.


Clark's mind drifted off a second, as his eyes traced the curve of each perfect globe that if he wanted to see, he could use his x-ray vision. Thankfully he had learned to control that gift... to his chagrin right then. He wouldn't have minded accidentally getting a peak at the perfect female chest. As Clark stared for a brief second, he wondered why he had never gone into further discussion about certain things with his father. Sure, Jonathon Kent had told Clark about different aspects of growing up. And yes, the subject of sex did come up... but they never really spoke about if Clark was indeed able to mate with a human female. Jonathon had told Clark many times; mostly joking that Clark could definitely perform. Clark seemed to be human in every aspect... except the obvious. Humans can't fly, nor are they able to rip the roof off of a car as Clark had done half a dozen times. They also couldn't see through walls, or burn things with a glare. Although Clark had proven himself human in almost every possible way, he was a bit apprehensive about girls. Sadly, Clark didn't know if it was adolescence or because he feared he might hurt someone. Clark had spoken to Lex about sex or at least he had tried... and from what he gathered Lex was no virgin. In fact, Clark sensed that Lex had many women in his bed. Clark envied that about Lex. If he saw something he wanted, then he fought for it. Clark was just an innocent farm boy as Chloe so well put it. Slowly, the red material clinging to Lis's chest became more transparent... then came the satiny royal blue of a Victoria Secret bra. A huge grin started to creep across Clark's face as the blue material began to disappear and he could see the pinkish hue of her flesh start to peak through.




Clark snapped back to reality before he could literally undress her completely with his eyes. Feeling extremely foolish and embarrassed, Clark couldn't look Lis in the face when he finally did look up from the floor.


Lis called his name a second time. "Clark?"


Finally, Clark answered her, hoping that the tone in his voice did not give him away. He smiled weakly at her wondering what she was doing standing next to the small stereo. "What?"


Lis looked at him puzzled for an instant.


"You said my name twice... I figured you were trying to get my attention."


"I wanted you to stop undressing me with you eyes."


"I wasn't doing...I mean... I swear I didn't do anything." Clark stammered.


Lis smiled. "Sure whatever." Finally she found a song she knew on the radio. She turned up the volume and the music started to play.


It was a song that Clark also recognized, he opened his mouth to comment but found he had no voice as he watched Lis.


Lis couldn't help it; it was one of her favorite songs. She started singing along with the radio. "You can try to resist... try to hide from my kiss...but you know... but you know...that you... Can't fight the moonlight. Deep in the dark you'll surrender you heart... but you know... but you know...that you... Can't fight the moonlight."


Clark was mesmerized much like the night at the Talon. He stood, and covered the two steps between them with one. Standing in front of her, Lis stopped singing. It was her turn to be embarrassed.


Clark found the courage to look her in her hazel eyes. "Please don't stop on my account. Far be it from me to have you hide your gifts." A playful grin crossed his lips. Lis beamed up at him.


"I guess it's my turn to be embarrassed. I don't usually go around serenading people." She laughed nervously. Clark placed his hands on her shoulders.


"Pleas tell me what's going on here." He whispered.


"Golly gee Clark." She rolled her eyes, "You really know how to ruin a moment." She went to turn away from him, but his hold on her arm kept her in her place. "Owww!" Lis cried as she felt the strength in his hand around her bicep.


Clark let go and looked down at the ground. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to."


"It's alright." She said as she tried to rub her bruised arm but was greeted with an excruciating pain. She looked over at her arm ignoring the mind-numbing ache; a sly grin crossing her face as she pulled her shirt up and over her head with one hand. Clark's jaw dropped in complete shock. Lis stood there, after flinging her shirt across the loft onto her jacket. "There... now I can see the damage." She looked at the dark purple beginning to form in the shape of Clark's hand. Clark stepped back, not knowing if it was the fact that she was half naked, or the discoloration of her arm at his touch that made him uneasy. He took another step backwards, a look of panic on his face.


"I'm so sorry... I didn't know... I didn't mean..." Clark's voice was full hurt. He had never felt so bad before. This sort of thing hadn't happened to him in a long time. Usually Clark could control his strength. In fact, he could have sworn that he had. "Gotta go..." He turned to leave.


"Wait!" Lis shouted, as Clark was half way towards the staircase.


Clark stopped. His jaw clenched, he turned towards her slowly. "I don't think I would be very good company right now, Lis. I think you better go."


"Alright..." She said weakly. "But tell me, why you won't talk to me? I know you didn't mean to hurt me."


"All my life, I have had to control my strength and hide these gifts. For a second, you made me feel human Lis. And I forgot I could hurt you."


Lis chuckled. "If taking off my shirt makes you feel human... imagine what would happen if I took off the bra."


Clark's expression eased. "You wouldn't really do that... right?" Clark asked skeptical, his face clearly showing a mixture of nerves and excitement.


"I dunno..." Lis smiled wickedly. "You know... I can still bend my arm backwards. It's not like you broke it or anything. It's just gonna have a wicked cool color to it for about a month." She stuck her tongue out at him.


Clark laughed. Shaking his head, he walked over to where he had been standing seconds before. "You really have a way of making a guy feel better."


Lis sighed. "I try." Was all she said.


He stood in front of her, inches from her. She looked up at him. He hesitantly brought his arms up to touch hers. He lightly touched the bruise with his finger.


Lis winced, and hoped Clark didn't notice. He did and drew his arm back.


"It's broken." He said his voice full of anger at himself.


"Broken? It doesn't feel broken..." Lis lied trying to move her arm but was greeted with the familiar ache of the injury. She cursed her illness. "How do you know it's broken?" She breathed.


"You know how I can pull the roof from a car... walk through fire... and run faster than the speed of sound? Well, the only thing I can't see through is lead." Clark admitted. "But I can control that gift at least..." He added quickly.


Lis swiftly brought her good arm to her chest. "So you could really literally undress me with you eyes." She cried astounded. She was learning something new about Clark daily.


"I wouldn't bother with the arm to cover up... unless you have lead wiring through that thing I could see right through it."


"But you didn't... right?"


"Do you think I'm some sorta animal?" Clark was insulted.


"No..." Lis said meekly. "I'm a bit offended that you didn't, if I had that gift, I'd be taking a wrong turn into the men's locker room at the hospital."


"I need to get you to emergency." Clark said picking up her shirt.


"No. I am not going to the emergency room. If you are so sure it's broken, 'x-ray' it... then set it."


"I couldn't do that." Clark cried.


"Just tell me how bad it is." Lis said.


Clark focused on her arm. "Hairline fracture to the inner aspect of the humorous."


"Well? It hurt's like Hell Clark... set the damn thing. You owe me..."


Clark took a deep breath. Placing a hand on her arm where he had injured it, he couldn't think of any way to distract her, so he figured he better be fast. With a small although quick movement of his wrist, the bone was set. Holding it in place with his hand, he reached down and picked up his jacket. Placing it around her shoulders, he gently guided her towards the stairs. "Come on... there should be something in the house we can use as a splint until I can talk you into going to the ER."


"I refuse to be in a cast up to my shoulder." Lis cried.


They walked out of the barn, Clark still holding on to Lis's arm and wrapping his other around her shoulders keeping the jacket from slipping. It was a warm night in late May but it could still get windy in Smallville. He pushed open the screen door to the house, holding it open for Lis to enter first. Clark entered behind her. He looked at her as moonlight hit her hair giving it a golden glow. No matter what a pretty picture it made, he could not just enjoy it. In reality, Clark felt terrible. Never had he felt so rotten about his so-called gifts. He hated whatever he was at that moment. Pulling out a kitchen chair he motioned for Lis to sit. She did, holding the jacket closed.


Clark excused himself for a moment, using his super speed to run up stairs to find something to splint her arm and perhaps a sweater of his mother's. He quickly found both, and came barreling downstairs. He was back the second he left, Lis hadn't even realized he'd gone when he handed her the large black sweater and two pills.


"What's this?" She questioned as Clark handed her a soda.


"Pain killers." Clark replied. "My dad has a standing order from Doc Leslie. Although I will warn you, I will splint your arm, and you can take the medication but you aren't driving home."


"Then were will I be sleeping?" Lis teased.


"You can take my room. I'll sleep in my parent's room or the floor."


"Why are you doing this? " Lis asked softly.


"Because it's my fault you got hurt."


"Honestly it doesn't hurt much." Lis offered.


"Don't lie." Clark said as Lis downed the pills.


"What are these? As a nurse, I don't know how right I feel about taking someone else's prescription."


"Don't worry... my dad hardly ever takes them. Farm work can get painful sometimes. I've told him to leave the heavy stuff to me... but he never listens."


"Will he miss the medication?"


Clark thought for a minute. "I think it's called Percocet or something like that and no, Dad won't miss them. I don't think he's even looked at the bottle in ages."


Clark placed her arm in the sling he found after helping Lis with the sweater.


"You're a really good guy Clark." Lis looked down at the floor. "Lana Lang is a fool not to ditch Whitney for you."


"I'm pretty much over Lana..." Clark admitted.


"That's good to hear. Anyone else caught those eyes of yours?"


Clark laughed. "Funny you should ask."


"Don't tell me... you developed a thing for Chloe." She asked exasperated.


"Uh... not quite." Clark laughed. "Why don't we take this into the living room. I can turn on the television, and you can get comfortable."


"Sure thing... but why don't you give me a tour first. At least while I still have use of my legs before the pain killers kick in."


"What's there to see? Are you expecting me to show you the space ship I came to Earth in?" Clark asked.


"I don't really care how you got here Clark... Are you trying to hide something?" Lis teased.


"Well, no." Clark rolled his eyes. "Here, I'll show you around."


They entered the kitchen once again... "You've seen the kitchen... now the stairs." They began to climb the stairs. At the top, they entered a hallway and proceeded to Clark's room. They came to the door and Clark pushed it open. The creak of the door opening filled the room as Clark allowed Lis to enter first. He walked in after her, closing the door behind him.


"Why do I feel really uncomfortable all of a sudden?" Clark said thinking out loud. He watched as Lis took a seat on his bed, propping her arm up on a pillow.


"You feel uncomfortable? Why?" Lis asked. "Do I make you nervous somehow?" Lis said confused.


"I can't explain it." Clark smiled and crossed the room sitting down on his computer chair. "I wish I could fix your arm. I feel terrible."


"Oh lordie... that again? Get over it." She said clearly bored with the topic of her cracked humorous. The painkillers were kicking in, for she was feeling a bit giddy. She started to giggle out of nowhere. Clark arched an eyebrow at her.


"Ok... what's so funny?"


"I haven't got a clue." She stammered trying to catch her breath between giggles. She hiccupped as she took a drink of the soda Clark had given her.


"Be careful or you'll choke." Clark leaned his chin against the back of the computer chair he was straddling.


Lis watched Clark's expression. His eyes always seemed to turn the color of a thunderstorm cloud when he was worried about something. Right now, Lis was positive that he was worried about her arm. She had to admit, she was a little concerned as well. What was she going to tell Lex? He wouldn't understand, he'd have her back in the hospital faster than she could protest. She looked up at Clark and for an instant, their eyes locked together.


"By the way..." Lis said softly, "Thank you."


Clark looked bewildered. "Thank you?"


"Well yeah."


"What on Earth for?" Clark asked resting his chin on the back edge of his computer chair.


"I just realized I never said thank you for saving my life."


Clark blinked hard. "I broke your arm and you're saying thank you." He took a deep breath and blew it out slowly. "I'll never understand girls." He shook his head.


Lis smiled. "What? Nobody ever said thank you?"


"That's not it..." Clark responded then thought for a second. "Well, seriously now that I think about it, they don't really say thank you all that much. I don't mind though. I'm not in it for the thank you."


"I sorta sensed that." Lis admitted.


"Do you think Lex will miss you tonight?"


"Nah... I'll just tell him I got called to work... You know a nurse's work is never done." Lis smiled. She was one of the youngest nurses at the Smallville clinic, being 21. She hoped that she could hide her injury long enough to have one of the doctors at work take a look. By then it would be too late to do any poking or prodding and maybe, just maybe she would be able to get by without so much as a blood test.


"You lie to Lex an awful lot."


"You would too if you were his sister. The guy is too overbearing." She sighed. "At least I know he loves me though."


"Lex has is issues but I think he's generally a good guy. I don't know what his future holds, or mine for that matter but right now, he seems decent."


"True. He is fond of you as well Clark." She paused before adding her next thought. "So am I."


Clark was taken aback by her openness. He ran a hand through his dark hair and looked her in the face. It wasn't as uncomfortable this time and his expression eased. "Could you repeat that last part for me? I don't think I quite heard you right."


"I'm sure you heard me just fine." Lis stood up from the bed, letting her arm fall to her waist hanging loosely in the sling. Walking towards Clark, and without a single thought in her head... she began to sing once again. She had always been told she had a beautiful voice, and the song earlier had struck a cord inside her heart. She only hoped that she had not misjudged the look in Clark's eyes when she had sung the last time. Without any music, she began the song. "Under a lover's sky, gonna be with you... and no one's gonna be around... if you think that you won't fall, well just wait until... till the sun goes down. Underneath the starlight starlight... there's a magical feeling so right... It'll steal your heart tonight... You can try to resist... try to hide from my kiss...but you know... but you know...that you... Can't fight the moonlight. Deep in the dark you'll surrender you heart... but you know... but you know...that you... Can't fight the moonlight... no you can't fight it... it's gonna get to your heart. There's no escaping love, was a gentle breeze leaves it's spell upon your heart. No matter what you think it won't be too long, till you're in my arms... Underneath the starlight starlight... we'll be lost in the rhythm so right... Will it steal your heart tonight... You can try to resist... try to hide from my kiss...but you know... but you know...that you... Can't fight the moonlight. Deep in the dark you'll surrender you heart... but you know... but you know...that you... Can't fight the moonlight... no you can't fight it...no... matter what you do... the night is gonna get to you. Underneath the starlight starlight there's a magical feeling so right... it will steal your heart tonight. You can try to resist... try to hide from my kiss...but you know... but you know...that you... Can't fight the moonlight. Deep in the dark you'll surrender you heart... but you know... but you know...that you... Can't fight the moonlight... no you can't fight it... You can try to resist... try to hide from my kiss...but you know... but you know...that you... Can't fight the moonlight. Deep in the dark you'll surrender you heart... but you know... but you know...that you... Can't fight the moonlight... no you can't fight it...It's gonna get to your heart."


Looking Lis in her hazel eyes that he realized were now flashing gold flecks, he stood, the only thing he was sure of was the touch of her lips to his as he pulled the chair out from under him and sent it flying across the room. The whole world went blank to him until he heard the shattering of a window as his computer chair went sailing out onto the lawn. Startled, Lis pulled back just now realizing the extent of his physical capabilities. With a look into his clear green eyes, she saw a mixture of innocence that was such a part of him and something else. It was almost like he was hungry for something. She prayed she wasn't misreading his actions. But then again, with kisses like that, how could she mistake her feeling. ~And where the hell did he learn to do that~ The essence of the kiss that lingered on her lips and the sheer physical strength of him made her body feel heavy. She felt Clark's strong arms around her, holding her, keeping her from falling to the floor in a heap, like he did the night at the mansion. She silently hoped Clark did not question the real reason for the broken bone. It wasn't her first, nor was it her last. Any normal human could have handed her the sentence of a shoulder cast... but she already had so many of those that she pretty much didn't care anymore. She simply was not going to allow them to put one on her. It may hurt like hell but the morphine at home would do wonders for that. Clark started to sense she was thinking of something and his innocent eyes now portrayed concern for the girl in his arms.


"Is it your arm?" He asked concerned.


Lis smiled. Wanting to change the subject inside her head as well as keep Clark from asking any more questions about her arm... she simply looked up at him touching his face. Clark took a deep breath.


"I can't carry a tune for what it's worth but I do know of one song that explains how I feel." Clark whispered. "I can't stand to fly... I'm not that nave... I'm just out to find... the better part of me... I'm more than a bird... I'm more than a plane... I'm more than some pretty face beside a train... and it's not easy... to be me... I wish that I could cry... fall upon my knees... find a way to lie bout a home that I'll never see... it may sound absurd but don't be nave... even heroes have the right to bleed... I may be disturbed but won't you concede even heroes have the right to dream... and it's not easy to be... me..."


Lis placed a finger to Clark's lips silencing them. Tracing them with her fingertip she rested the palm of her hand on his face. Clark literally holding her up effortlessly with one hand placed the other over hers. He swore he saw a single tear leave Lis's eye as she released the breath he felt her holding. Her voice was a whisper but it grew with every word. "It's alright... we will both sleep sound tonight. You're not crazy... or anything."


Clark's lips formed into his most dazzling smile. With that, her knees did betray her as she felt Clark's steady hand holding onto her waist. "I haven't decided about the silly red sheet yet." He teased.


Lis just smiled, thankful for the support. She rested her head on Clark's hard chest, and got another surprise. Not only was he incredibly strong, he was well built. She could smell the scent of soap and straw that was practically his trademark. Only he could make that particular smell work for him she thought to herself as she felt the side of his face next to hers. Their eyes met again and she could see the questions his were holding. She almost laughed; in fact she did... a little. Always the gentleman, Clark was asking her if he could kiss her again. She moved her head from his chest, making him draw back his face from hers. He looked down in disappointment. She felt the grip of his arms around her loosen and she realized she had given him the wrong impression.


She straightened her head to look him in the face. "Clark..."


"I know... You're a twenty-year old woman and I'm a seventeen-year old kid. You have a career... you have culture. What could you see in a clumsy farm boy with super powers? Clark looked to the side and then at the floor. "You're a Luthor for God's sake. I have no business making a move on my best friend's sister."


"Wait a second." Lis protested. "I am more than comfortable here... in your arms. The reason I giggled was cause I thought you were sweet. You worried about whether or not to ask me if you could kiss me again. No just any guy does that Clark. I found it flattering. Refreshing even. Clark... I'm worried what will happen if you don't kiss me again."


"Refreshing?" Clark questioned skeptical, trying to figure out if she was serious or just trying to be nice. His limited experiences with girls did in no way prepare him for Lis. He sighed nervously as her voice echoed inside his head. Lis found her feet, stepping back from Clark, the sling on her arm slowly slid down and off falling on the floor. She winced a bit, but was more than determined to show him that he wasn't the only one that could handle a little pain. His eyes caught the outline of the royal blue color underneath the baggy black cardigan sweater. Clark started to take a few steps back of his own but was stopped suddenly when Lis grabbed him with her good hand by the waist of his jeans. Clark looked up at her with a surge of panic. A few inches south and she would more than aware of what he so desperately sought from her. He found his breath stuck in his throat as he watched her holding on to his waistband with her good hand, and moving her broken arm slowly towards the button on the sweater at her waist. When she finally reached it, the sweater was instantly falling off her shoulders and Lis let go of Clark's pants to allow it to cascade to the floor. Clark blinked hard again at the deep purple in the shape of his hand on her arm. He knew she was hurting, he could feel it. She was handling it as if it were nothing. Almost like it was something as simple as a mere paper cut. He fought the urge to pick her up and carry her towards his bed. He wasn't even sure if that would be the right thing to do if this was leading somewhere.



Without warning though, Lis moved her bad arm upwards towards the middle of her chest to the small sapphire jewel that was the fastening claw holding her bra together. With a small movement of her good wrist, the straps went limp around her shoulders and slowly they began to slide down her shoulders coming apart at the middle exposing the peachy skin and two asymmetrical round breasts. Clark could not believe his eyes. Sure he had seen many things, things others could not thanks to his special gifts... but nothing in all his seventeen years had prepared him for having such wonder before him. Without asking this time, he gently leaned over and brushed his mouth against Lis's. She closed her eyes in anticipation, feeling one arm at her hip and the other touching her face. Clark surprised himself further when he found himself touching her lower lip with his tongue. Tasting the sweetness of what he guessed was a candy-flavored lip-gloss, for he couldn't imagine anyone's lips tasting so sweet. He paused for a second when her tongue touched his in response. He hadn't expected it... and felt his boxers becoming incredibly uncomfortable and strained against his jeans. He wanted to see more of her, and to touch her, but he was afraid. Some how he wasn't sure what he should do. He was becoming more aware of her hand on his waistband as he felt himself growing not even an inch from her hand. He wondered what she would think if she saw what was happening to him. Suddenly he fantasized that he wanted her to see, imagining that he had carried her over to the bed, laying her down and placing his lips where he had wanted to put them in the first place. Lis's mouth opened up to him more and he found his tongue enveloped in her warm mouth dancing with hers. Clark couldn't take much more of this, he desperately needed to at least unzip his pants. The kiss grew even deeper, frightening Clark at how skilled he seemed to be at this particular activity. He hadn't kissed many girls, and never like this. His heart skipped in his chest as it started to accelerate he could hear it inside his ears. Lis lightly touched Clark's hand at her waist with her hand, taking it, and lifting it off of her hip. She then placed his hand directly over one breast holding it there with her own hand. Clark ceased all movement, shocked yet incredibly aroused he felt the hard bud of her nipple against the palm of his hand and gave a soft squeeze. He pulled back a bit breaking off the kiss allowing Lis to catch her breath. Clark searched for an explanation in her yellow eyes as to what she thought she was doing but he suddenly realized she wasn't sure either. However if she was enjoying his company half as much as he was enjoying hers, then he was in serious trouble.


Clark gently circled her nipple with his finger then took her whole breast in his hand once more, this time revealing in the fact that it fit inside his hand so perfectly. He hadn't realized that his hands were so large until then. He loved the feel of her velvet flesh in his hand and this time... without clothing made it that much better.


"I want to touch you." Lis whispered just audible enough for Clark to hear her. He blinked. He hadn't expected her to say that. He was thoroughly enjoying his own sensations that touching her was causing, he couldn't fathom what he would do if she touched him in return.


Clark's face was engulfed in her hair smelling the scent of the herbal essence shampoo and thought he would be lost forever. Until her heard her say those words. "W...wh what did you say." He managed to choke out.


"Take off your shirt." She said looking up at his flushed face.


Clark complied, regretfully breaking his connection from her breast with his hand. He sighed as he pulled the lightweight gray-blue sweater over his head revealing a fitted white t-shirt. Lis could see the defined muscles of his upper torso, as she bit her lip convulsively and swallowed hard. She had seen him without his shirt on more than once... but she still hadn't anticipated how turned on she would be even with his shirt still on. She grew impatient, grabbing his shirt at the waist and hastily brushing against him. She almost gasped at the sheer size of him. Clark clenched his teeth and drew in a short breath trying to keep control. Lis blew off her passing thought allowing Clark to lift his t-shirt over his own head the rest of the way. He tossed it over across the room near the bathroom.


"Happy?" Clark asked, a bit self-conscious.


"More than you know." Lis beamed up at him as she remembered how he had felt against the palm of her hand through his jeans. She hadn't meant to touch him there yet. It had been purely accidental. She touched his chest with the palm of her hands. Keeping the wounded arm in place against his right pectoral, she gently moved her other arm up around his shoulder and then down his arm. "So strong." She whispered. "So very strong."


"And you are so very beautiful." Clark told her catching her eye. Her lips parted awaiting another kiss and her wounded arm's hand slowly traced the abdominal muscles Clark had so well defined with years of farm work, lifting generators and stopping buses going sixty miles per hour. Lis knew Clark's secret was safe with her... she had secrets of her own... and now was not the time to bare her soul to Clark. She wanted to show him something without him feeling any sadness about the memory. Yes, tonight would be free of sad memories... and tomorrow... tomorrow she would tell him about her illness. Her hand finally stopped at the zipper of Clark's jeans and she slowly started to pull the zipper down. Clark had yet to place his hands back on her exposed body, and she figured it was because he feared he wasn't supposed to. She finished unzipping Clark's jeans and felt his hard erection spring forward against his boxers. With her good arm she took Clark's hand and placed it around her waist.


"Clark..." She breathed.


Clark's hand rubbed against her bottom as Lis tried to decide whether to wait until she got him over to the bed to touch him. "Yes Lis." Clark answered back his voice deep with passion.


"I think I'm about to lose the use of my knees thanks to the medication... could ya pick me up and put me over there?" Lis batted her eyes at him pointing towards the bed.


Clark flashed his one million watt smile at her pretty much telling her that she read his mind. He effortlessly picked her up and placed her gently on his bed. Sitting down next to her, he placed his hand in hers. Still unsure, he waited for her to speak. There was a long silence, and when Clark could not stand it any longer he finally broke the electrical tension.


His breath was labored, and for him that was a difficult task. He was not used to being breathless, he fought to catch his breath. Green eyes locked with gold. "I don't know what's going on here... but I don't think I can do..." Clark stammered.


Lis placed a finger to his lips. "You said I make you feel human... why don't you show me just how human you are." With that she replaced her finger with her lips, kissing Clark softly on the mouth. Clark stroked the outside of her hand with his thumb as he held it firmly in his grip. Her tongue pushed past his teeth making him more than aware of the blood rushing to his already aroused flesh. He wondered if she could feel his body's involuntary reaction to her touch as his boxers seemed even tighter around him than before, something Clark did not know was possible.


Lis pushed herself into the kiss, deepening it and opening her mouth up to him. She began to wonder where he had learned to kiss like that and thought about out right asking. When Clark finally pulled away from her, she licked her bottom lip trying to imagine his mouth still there. Her eyes fluttered open as she felt Clark untangle his fingers with hers and slowly move his hand up her unharmed arm. As he moved up towards her shoulder, a pattern of goose flesh followed his touch along with a tickle inside her stomach. To have him touch her felt better than her most erotic fantasy and Alissa Luthor had had many of those about the innocent teenager next to her. Clark came in closer, his breath sending shivers up her spine as his hand moved from her shoulder to her collarbone. She could feel his warm, moist breath on her neck near her earlobe as his hand started to travel further south of her collarbone.


For an instant Lis waited patiently for Clark's hand to touch her... and she waited. She could feel the hesitation in Clark's hand as he stopped just short of her breast, his face nuzzled in the crook of her neck. She began to wonder what was wrong, and then she remembered once again that this was Clark. She needed a way to get across to him that he didn't need to stop to ask if he could touch her, to kiss her... to be with her. Sure it was sweet, and she wanted to savor each caress of his hand... but there were other places for Clark to explore and she wanted him to do so. Lis felt her own hand resting against Clark's thigh. She began to move her hand upwards, to touch his bare chest. What a beautiful chest he had. So hard and firm... As she thought about his chest, her hand, almost by accident, lightly grazed his groin area, giving her a preview of something else that was also very hard and very firm. A soft pleasurable moan escaped her lips as she realized at just how full grown Clark was. He was no kid in many aspects, and this one created a tickling sensation inside her gender. Her legs squeezed together in an effort to control the mounting excitement pooling there for Clark to find. She stopped her perusal towards his chest and calmly rested her hand on him, feeling the thin cotton material of his boxer shorts that threatened to pop outside of the unzipped zipper.


She heard Clark groan as she gently squeezed at his arousal through his clothing. However her actions did do what they intended. Clark immediately took her breast in his hand, touching the rigid nipple with his index finger. He swallowed hard trying to think of something to say as his face slowly retreated from Lis's neck. He looked her in the eye and gave her favorite smile. "I.. I..." He stammered still searching for words. He clenched his teeth and sucked in a breath as Lis found the hole in the fly of his boxers and gingerly stuck a finger inside.


Alissa touched the tip of Clark's gender feeling the warmth and softness of the velvety flesh that strained against its confines. It flexed at her touch as she traced as far down the shaft as her finger would allow. He felt so wonderful against just one finger she had to keep herself from fantasizing about it further. She lightly traced up and down with her finger and smiled up at Clark as he released the breath he was holding.


"What is it?" She whispered. "Don't you like that?"


"Oh god yes." Clark cried a little faster than he had wanted to answer. "That... and the feeling of your breast in my hand..." Clark paused looking for words. "I've never felt so..."


"So what?" Alissa teased. She knew what he meant; she was feeling the same thing.


"You don't know what you're doing to me." Clark said, as he looked into her eyes and found the same type of emotion he was having staring back at him. He ran his whole hand across her breast and down her ribcage, onto her stomach. He noticed a small jewel in her naval and began to play with it slightly.


Alissa shifted her weight to allow Clark access to her flesh. They couldn't do much more with both of them sitting straight up like they were. "What is it that I do to you?" She asked.


"I want to... to..."


"Yes?" Lis whispered. "What do you want?"


"I want you." Clark answered for the first time realizing what those words meant. He wanted her, to touch her, to have her touch him, but then there was so much more he meant by that. Clark knew then what his heart had been telling him since the Beanery incident, why he had panicked so much when he thought he had almost lost her... Clark loved Alissa. This wasn't some crush.


Clark averted her eyes. Alissa withdrew her finger from Clark's boxers and placed her hand on his cheek to turn his head for her to look at his eyes. "You have me." She said. "You have always had me."


"I have." Clark asked.


"Ever since the first time you flashed me that smile of yours Clark. I lo..." Alissa stopped herself from saying the words. What if he didn't love her back? She didn't have to hear the words for her to relish being with him. Even if this were just a one-time thing, at least he would remember her, if just as his first time; she desperately needed him to remember her when she was gone.


Clark's pulse started to race faster if that was possible. No human could have with stood the rate his heart was going with out suffering a major coronary. She had stopped herself from saying it, but Clark had heard enough of it to respond. Or he was still just young enough to talk himself into believing he had heard it. Either way, Clark jumped on her words. He raised his hand to hers and placed them on top of them Her hands enveloped in his, her elbows at her chest covering it from his view, Clark took a deep breath. It was time to bare his soul.


"Well...I love you too." He stated then blinked. He didn't know what her response would be but he was glad he had said it. Somehow, it made any reservations he had about what they were doing fade away. Clark may have been a seventeen year old and his hormones may have been in over drive right then from having her so close, but he still had doubts about being so intimate. With those three words, the prospect of sex turned into lovemaking and that didn't sound so wrong. Even his parents couldn't argue with him there.


"You...you do?" Alissa softly whispered as a lonely tear escaped her eyes. He loved her... her heart felt like it would burst in her chest... never in all her twenty-one years had those words meant so much to her. Never had they made her feel so complete.


Clark's cheeks turned crimson in a blush he couldn't control. He was suddenly more than aware of his inexperience. "You don't have to say it... I can see it... feel it even." Clark whispered.


"No... but I do." Alissa sniffled. She was crying now, she couldn't help it. Her family was not exactly famous for saying I love you. In fact, the only person to tell her that and mean the words had been Lex. Clark wiped the tears on her cheeks away with his thumb.


"I... I mean... um...fuck..." Clark cursed as he fumbled for what to say.


Alissa was a bit shocked at Clark's use of profanity, for she had never heard him utter even an occasional damn. She started to laugh at his language.


Clark smiled as he wiped away the last of her tears. If he only knew all of the reasons she was crying, but now, now Alissa didn't know if she could bring herself to tell him ever. She needed to place all of her thoughts that did not apply to the moment to the back of her brain. "I love you Clark Kent. I always will... don't ever forget that... no matter what happens to me." She said and with that the subject of her broken arm, and any other subject dealing with why or how went to the back of her head. "Now... you've told me you love me..." She wiped her eyes with the back of her good hand. "Now... I want you to show me."


Clark bit his lip. The embarrassment still played with the color of his cheeks but now another emotion bounced around on his ruggedly handsome face. As she said the words, Clark became painfully aware of his swollen gender once again and ached for any kind of release. Shoving the feeling of need back for a second, he swallowed hard. "I've never done this before." He finally admitted.


Alissa seemed a bit surprised. The way he kissed her was what did it. She had eyes, she could see how gorgeous he was... how perfect his muscles were, and if his body didn't make a girl want him, his smile should have. She briefly wondered what the hell was wrong with the female population of Smallville High to not notice a piece of art like Clark. "You mean you've never had sex?"


"You are the first girl I've ever kissed like this." Clark answered. "I've never held anyone so close as I have you tonight." Clark placed his hand once again on her breast. "But there is also no one I'd rather hold like this." He kneaded it gently with his fingertips evoking a soft moan of pleasure from Alissa's lips. "You'll have to tell me what you want me to do. I don't want you to hate it."


"I could never hate anything about being with you... I don't know where you learned how to kiss a girl like you do but if you do anything else that good, we aren't leaving this bed all weekend." Lis smiled at him and brushed her lips against his, tasting his lower lip with her tongue briefly before taking his mouth totally.


"What should I do now?" He breathed against her mouth.


"Whatever feels good to you." Her answer was lost in his mouth. She felt his arm across her back in an instant. He started to pull her down onto her back, his arm keeping her from falling. A second later, Clark had her reclining against his arm his tongue darting in and out of her mouth as felt the hardness of her nipples against his chest for the first time. The feeling was so incredibly erotic, Clark didn't know if he could withstand any more. He pulled away from her, Lis biting at his lower lip as he did. He smiled at her, finally looking at her with lazy eyes. He could see the royal blue string of her underwear showing as her shorts hung loosely on her rounded hips. Clark suddenly looked up from his actions. He started with the color of her hair. It was a honey color, with golden highlights throughout, soft layers framing her face, and now... it was sprawled out against his flannel pillowcase with a jeweled barrette fastened at the side holding her hair in place. Her face was truly beautiful... Her eyes had equal amounts of yellow green and brown in them... at moments he saw gold reflect from them... he would like to think that it was her heart showing through her eyes. Her lips were the color of raspberries... and Clark did so love raspberries... His eyes fell on her neck, down the hollow of her throat and tracing the indentation of her collarbone. His eyes gazed upon her breasts, and for the first time really... he allowed himself the guilty pleasure of actually looking. He noticed the peachy color of her skin, the rosy pink color of the areola and erect nipple. He propped himself up with one arm as Lis lay under him. He kicked off his work boots and listened as Lis's shoes also hit the floor with a thud. His free hand caressed her cheek and gently trailed downward. His eyes looked upon her favorably as he hungrily glanced over her breasts and down her ribcage. He saw the silver navel ring that sparkled when the light hit it, as Clark made a mental note to himself to keep at least one light on during this encounter. He watched the light dance across her stomach as his eyes lowered to the waistband of her shorts. There again he caught a glimpse of her royal blue panties, that he was guessing matched her bra. Instead of a button and zipper, her olive green shorts had a string that laced up the front. He wanted so badly to pull the string, wondering if he did would her shorts simply fall off of her. He glanced briefly at the shapely legs and bare feet dangling off of his bed. He blinked and when he looked up, he caught her eye and smiled flawlessly, his teeth a perfect white. He lowered his head and nipped at her collarbone then kissed the small wound lovingly as he noticed the mark he left.


Lis leaned back onto some pillows, grabbing one and gently placing it under her left arm. There was a slight chill in the air due to the broken window to the far right; she glanced over at the curtain blowing with the spring breeze. She was only distracted for a moment but when she looked back at Clark, she saw him holding up a small leather-like string. Lis looked at it then down at her shorts, starting to laugh, she realized Clark had tugged too hard on her drawstring and pulled it completely out of her shorts. The front of them they lay open to him, but Clark looked a bit shocked.


"Oops." He replied sheepishly.


"Oops?" Lis repeated. She started laughing.


"I'm gonna break you... I just know it." Clark cried. He sat up. Lis growled in frustration.


"Why don't you let me help you." She offered sliding out of her shorts.


Clark just smiled and shook his head. Her shorts fell into a heap on the floor next to her shoes. Clark, clearly grateful at her help, stood up from the bed, turned and faced her.


"What are you doing now?" She asked uncertain. He wasn't stopping them was he? She didn't know what she would do if he stopped this late in the game.


"You're cold. I'm gonna fix that." He said simply as he picked her up off the bed into a standing position. He then pulled down the comforter to reveal the sheet. Noticing that he hadn't exactly coordinated his sheets with his pillowcases, Clark looked a little embarrassed. Lis caught his expression and giggled.


"Heaven forbid the sheets don't match Clark."


"You noticed that too?" He said almost seriously.


"Come on Clark. Let's just say I've slept on worse bedding." She looped her good arm though his.


"You have? May I ask where?"


Lis took a deep breath. She wasn't about to tell him it was in the hospital for months upon months... "A conversation for another time." She answered hoping it would satisfy him. It seemed to and he leaned over to kiss her quickly.


"Now... get into this bed before you catch a cold... didn't your brother ever tell you not to run around the house naked?" Clark teased.


"I'm not totally naked." Lis argued.


"Would you like to be?" Clark arched an eyebrow.


"I think I'd like to see more of you as well." Lis observed. She unfastened the button on his jeans and watched as they hung on his hips. She smiled as she shivered. Another blast of cold air flew through the room. Clark quickly realized that she wasn't going to lay down with out him, so he rolled his eyes and pulled his jeans down to his ankles. He kicked the remaining part of the pant legs off and stood there in his boxer shorts hoping she didn't find his body too unappealing. Clark was very self-conscious about his looks even though he had been told he was better than average looking a time or two.


"There happy?" He asked trying to pretend to be cold.


"Not quite." Lis challenged. "There's one more article of clothing left to remove."


"Ah but you still have on yours..." Clark played back.


Lis gave a small smirk. A look Clark had seen many times from Lex... he always knew Lex was up to something when he made that face... and now, his sister was the mirror image. Clark must have blinked because next thing he knew, Lis's blue panties were in a pile on the floor with her bra and shorts, and she was covered up to her neck with the down comforter.


"How did you... so fast..." Clark stammered. "I'm the one with the super speed here."


"Yes... maybe... but that still doesn't explain why you are still dressed."


Clark suddenly became serious, pulled his boxers down and they pooled at his feet. Lis's jaw dropped at the site of him and he felt the flush creep back to his cheeks.


"Oh my god... you are super man." She whispered as he pulled back the covers and shyly crawled into his bed.


Adjusting the covers, Clark sat up next to her and drew in a deep breath. ~It's now or never ~ His brain echoed the thought through his brain. He glanced over at Lis who was staring at him lovingly.


"You're nervous aren't you..." Lis asked softly as she turned to face him completely. The pain medication was starting to really kick in, and she could all but feel the sharp pain in her arm when she moved it. She was happy about that, for she feared it might get in the way. She didn't want anything to get in the way.


Clark looked down at the down comforter and tried to smooth out an imaginary wrinkle. Lis placed a hand on top of his to stop him from his distraction.


"How funny... here you are... totally naked, with a girl... who I might add is also totally naked... and you're worried about wrinkles in the bedding?" Lis arched an eyebrow.


"I told you... I've never done this before. I just don't know where to start."


"Oh come now Clark... you aren't that clueless are you. You know my brother and what about the night you two spent at the manor drinking beer and watching dirty movies..."


"I never watched..." Clark exclaimed... "Well, ok ... so I did... but it was all your brother's idea."


"I'm not upset about that... but does it take a beer to get you loose? I saw some in the fridge downstairs when you grabbed the soda." Lis observed.


"It would take more than the two beers in the fridge. I do have some of the same genetic make up you do. In fact the only thing that hasn't proven human about me is my abilities."


Lis kissed the side of Clark's face softly. He smiled as he felt her breath on his ear. "Why don't you just try to relax... let me help you with that."


"I don't think there's much you can do... I mean... I'll probably be nervous for a little bit... until I don't have a reason to."


"You don't have any reason to be nervous Clark. Just lean back on the pillows and relax." She pushed Clark down onto the pile of pillows behind him. She leaned over him, reaching for the light switch on the table next to him.


Clark grabbed her arm. "I'm um... afraid of the dark." He lied.


"Bull shit." Lis smirked. "So you want me to keep the lights on?"


Clark shook his head vigorously.


"Can I at least turn out most of them?" She asked.


Clark thought for a second. Then in a sudden movement, one where he was back underneath her before she noticed he was gone, the lights were all out except about a dozen candles he had lit around his room.


"Now that was odd." Lis said as she realized what happened. "I hope you don't do other things that fast."


"I hope not too." Clark teased.


"This is quite romantic... where did you get the candles?"


"Chloe always gives me a candle for Christmas and birthdays... and other holidays... she says they're good therapy."


Lis breathed in the scent from the candles. She could distinctly smell several scents, one a vanilla scent; the others were raspberry, and some sort of lilac. She smiled for it was pretty.


"You know... if I didn't know better, I'd think you were stalling." Lis said as she once again leaned onto Clark.


"At least I'm not a pig about it and throw you on the bed, get on top of you throw your knees apart and go at it." Clark teased.


"Would you?" Lis cried a hint of laughter in her voice.


"Only if you want me to." Clark answered back.


"Oh I want you to." Lis said. "I really want you to." She whispered in his ear seductively.


"But what about other stuff... don'tcha wanna do other things?" Clark gulped hard trying to get rid of the knot in his throat. He knew about sex and what a man and woman do during...


"Like what?" Lis asked curiously. She wondered what was going on in that handsome head of his... she also wondered what his fantasies were.


"You're the one running this thing... you tell me." Clark replied leaning back once again on the pillows. He started to think that maybe the alcohol idea wasn't so bad. He definitely could use a way to lose his inhibitions right then. He sighed rather loud and closed his eyes. He felt her head rest on his chest and he smiled not only outwardly but inside as well. He felt comfortable, and calm suddenly.






"What are you thinking about?"


"I was just thinking how peaceful this is... I mean we could lay here like this forever and I would be happy."


Lis took in a deep breath. She felt the same way but she also had a gnawing feeling in her stomach. This was a once in a blue moon occurrence. She had Clark Kent alone... without her brother... his parent... Chloe, whom she knew had a thing for him... although she felt Clark sensed it as well, and was just trying to be nice about it... a courtesy clueless as kids these days put it... and then there was that Lana who so obviously knew she missed her shot and was now trying to call a foul. She needed this night with Clark... not only for the sake of wanting to be with him... but also because she was selfish... hell she was a Luthor.


"I could lay here forever with you... like this... but I don't want to just lay here Clark." Lis answered simply. She bit her lip and moved her broken arm that was resting on his chest, down his perfect stomach muscles. The medication must have been working, because Lis didn't feel a thing... although another aspect of that could have been greed or the fact that she was used to dealing with a broken appendage. She noticed Clark relaxing his head on the pillows and breathing normally for the first time since she had arrived. She smiled up at him. She ran a finger on his abdomen, lightly tracing the definition of muscles there... Clark's lips spread into a huge smile that he was trying to hide but couldn't. Lis looked up at his face, and he peaked at her through his eyelashes.


"What are you doing? I just got calmed down." He teased. "You are gonna make this harder than it needs to be aren't you."


"I'll excuse the pun for now." Lis breathed as she touched him with a finger. For the first time, actually being able to get an idea of his size. Clark may have settled down, but even unexcited, he was no small guy. "I guess it's true what they say about guys with large hands and large feet."


Clark blushed. "And what do they say?"


"They wear big shoes." She teased as she took him into her hand at the base of his gender. Clark sucked in a quick breath through gritted teeth.


"Be careful." he breathed.


"Stop worrying about my arm." Lis ordered.


"It's not your arm I'm worried about." He replied.


"Oh... OH!" She cried as she realized how hard she had grabbed. "I'm sorry."


"I think you broke it..." Clark whined.


"Then... I'll just have to kiss it and make it better."


"Um... " Clark was speechless... ~ She didn't actually mean that...~ His eyes flew open as he watched Lis shift her weight. Her head sank down underneath the covers, and towards his waistline. Clark immediately threw the covers off of them, so he could see what she was doing... hell he wasn't going to miss this, especially if she was doing what he hoped she was.



Just then the phone started ringing and Clark jumped but Lis didn't move... she touched him first with her tongue and began to circle the tip of him. Clark grabbed at the cordless phone on his nightstand. Fumbling he finally held it to his ear.


"Hello?" He screeched. Clark cursed under his breath at the intrusion. He had dreamed about this moment forever and now he was distracted and unable to just enclose himself in the feeling.


A calm voice answered back at him. He instantly knew who it was.


"Oh... Hi Lex..." His voice broke. ~Damn it~


"Hi Clark." Lex said back to his friend. Suspicion clear in his voice.


"What are you up to?" Clark tried to keep the conversation light but as he spoke to Lex, Lis decided to torment Clark further... Clark's eyes grew wide as Lis's mouth sank over him and he bit his tongue to keep from moaning.


"Nothing much... have you seen my sister?" Lex asked as if he already knew the answer. Clark figured he did, but played along anyhow.


"Your sister?" Clark choked. God had he ever seen his sister. All of her in fact. "Uh... nope haven't seen her." Clark lied through clenched teeth.


"Well... she left a few hours ago... said she was going over there to clear up a few misunderstandings, she didn't stop by there earlier this evening." Lex's voice oozed with the charm and coolness that was his trademark.


"Uh... no Lex I haven't seen her." Clark's voice cracked as he lied with an ease he didn't know he was capable of. Curiosity finally got the better of him. "Why are you looking for Lis anyhow Lex?" Clark bit down on his tongue once more to keep from crying out. Lis was definitely making this harder that it needed to be.


"Let's just say that Lis is more fragile than she would care to admit."


"Somehow fragile doesn't describe your sister to me Lex." He looked down at Lis's head as she looked up from her task and smiled wickedly. He gave her a playful evil look. She taunted him with her teeth and Clark's voice went up several notches so that when he spoke to Lex next, he sounded like a second soprano in a girl's choir. "I love to chat with you Lex but I'm sorta busy right now."


"Ah yes... thinking about the future procreation of the Kent family tree..."


Lex surprised Clark with his comment. He was dumbfounded and searched for something intelligent to say. "Um no... what makes you say that." Was all Clark could come up with.


Lex just chuckled. "If I were you I'd be thinking more along the lines of inventions for prevention, if you know what I mean." Lex paused for a second, knowing he had hit a cord with Clark. "Tell Lis hello for me... I'll expect her to check in sometime tomorrow." Clark could hear the smile on his face. "And Clark... be careful. That goes for Lis as well." The phone went dead. Clark stared at the receiver for a moment then looked once again down at Lis.


Lis sank her mouth down upon him once more, carefully tucking her lips over her teeth. Clark's eyes rolled back into his head as he moaned in ecstasy. "That was Lex." He said when he could finally speak.


"Hmm?" Lis mumbled.


"Could you just stop that for a second... I can't think when you do that."


"That's sorta the point." Lis grinned up at him replacing her mouth with her hand.


"He's worried about you." Clark said softly.


"He's my big brother... what's your point." Lis shrugged her shoulders carelessly.


"He said something that startled me is all."


Lis sighed. "And what would that be?" She sounded irritated.


"He told me to be careful."




"Lis... he knew what we were doing."


"Sounds like Lex." Lis said sitting up and walking her body up Clark's.


"We need to be careful." Clark thought about that. ~ I need to be careful~


"Ah yes... the procreation speech. Don't worry Clark... I have you covered." She winked at him.


"I don't know if I want to be 'covered'." Clark admitted. He didn't know what he was trying to say. Although the prospect of getting a girl pregnant had never came up with Clark. Truth was...he didn't know if he could. There was a scientific element to that... he wasn't exactly human.


"Clark... don't worry about it. This is a conversation for another time. Although I do get the distinct feeling that the moment is over and I should leave." Lis sighed her regret then sat up accordingly. Swinging her legs over the bed she felt the floor for her clothing.


"What are you doing?"


"Getting dressed."


"What for?" Clark started to panic.


"Look Clark. I want to be with you, but it doesn't seem like you are ready for this. Besides, the distractions are getting too numerous."


Clark was now in a full fledge anxiety attack. She was actually leaving. He couldn't just let her go. He wrapped his hands around her waist and pulled her down on top of him once again. "I have you here now, and I am not letting you go." He couldn't think of anything else to say... So much had happened the past few weeks, and she had walked away from him one too many times... or he had walked away from her. In any case he wasn't about to let either of them walk away right now.


"You aren't?" Lis asked happily.


"No... nothing Lex could ever say would get me to leave this bed without you tonight." He kissed her hard on the mouth, as his tongue entered her mouth, he ran his hand down her waist and onto her hip... sliding it down onto her leg and over her thigh, he stopped and rested it as his hand touched the light brown curls between her legs.


"Clark... " She whispered. "You don't have to... it's ok...we can lay here if you want to..." She breathed through the kiss, but her words were lost in his mouth as his middle finger traced the folds of skin beneath the curls. He looked down at his hand and then back up at Lis, catching the needy look in her eye, he didn't ask before his finger sank between the folds.


Clark's breath once again became labored, as his finger slid over the rose colored nub his touch called from it's hiding place. He fought to catch his breath. "God... You're so..."


"Hot?" Lis breathed her mouth at his ear. "Keep going... you're doing fine."


With that, Clark stroked her softly, mentally taking notes of her reaction. He watched as she seemed to purr like a kitten and move with each stroke of his hand. He moved his thumb to her swollen rosy flesh and entered her for the first time with his middle finger. Slowly, so he would not hurt her, he pushed past the warm satin that was her gender and couldn't wait to be inside her totally. He pulled out gently, and when he entered again, he added a second finger to his action. Still unsure of what he was doing, he watched Lis's face for any reaction. She was biting her lip, he noticed, and moaning softly. He went to kiss her, as his lips brushed hers, her hands grabbed his face and pushed him into the kiss as she arched her back and forced Clark's fingers even further inside her.


"How's that?" He asked her, moving more quickly. Just the thought of her enjoying what he was doing, almost sent him over the edge. The only thing keeping him from making a mess of his own was the anticipation of being inside her.


"Are... Are ..." She stammered. "Are you sure you have never done this before." She teased as his fingers penetrated her, withdrew and repeated.


Clark smiled. "Positive." He bent his head and touched his tongue to her nipple and started to suckle it fondly. Lis gave a pleasured moan as Clark felt her tighten around his fingers. Startled, he looked up from her breast catching her attention. "What's wrong?"


She smiled lovingly at him. "It's ok Clark... really... it feels amazing... Don't stop." She was breathless herself and Clark complied with her request, increasing his speed and taking her other breast with his mouth. He smiled inwardly at himself... if she liked what he was doing now... just wait till he was finished doing what he was going to do... He paid close attention to each breast then slowly traced a trail down her ribcage and over her abdomen with his tongue. Lis leaned back on the pillows and placed her good arm so she could run her fingers through his dark hair. Again, Clark didn't wait for permission; he withdrew his fingers, and brought both legs up to his shoulders. He glanced up at Lis, watching as she shook her head slightly, he bowed his head, and touched her with his tongue. His first close up look at a female made his sex throb and flex against the mattress as he tasted the nectar his fingers had called forth from her body. He suckled the swollen nub at the tip of her pink flesh and entered her with his fingers once more. It didn't take long, a few gyrations of his fingers and movements of his masterful tongue. Lis arched her back and cried out almost pulling a chunk of Clark's hair with her hand. Her body trembled around his fingers that he quickly withdrew and replaced with his tongue. Burying his face in her climax, Clark rode out the shaking of her legs on his shoulders and pulsation of her insides against his tongue. When it was over, it seemed to have lasted a lifetime, yet it was over too quickly. With one last lick as he withdrew his tongue, he came up over her, releasing her legs from his shoulders. He walked his body against Lis's and came to a halting stop as he came face to face with her. She could feel his body against her, the hardness of him against her apex just waiting to enter, the tip of him resting lazily just outside where Clark's mouth had been a second ago. She saw the questions in his eyes, and she wondered what they possibly could be, especially after what he had just done. She wrapped her arms around his neck and drew his mouth to hers. She kissed him, tasting herself on his tongue. Clark pulled away from her smiling.


"I was sorta wondering if you were going to go make me brush my teeth." He said shyly.


"What I wanna know is where you learned to do that." Lis nuzzled her face in his neck. She kissed it softly and pulled away, looking Clark directly in his green eyes. She could feel him restraining himself against her... She brushed the curl away from his eyes, and smiled at him. "Would you like your turn now Clark?" Her voice was raspy and she opened her legs up to Clark as his hips fit perfectly against her... his swollen gender just a push away from Clark's release.


Clark was overwhelmed. For an instant, his world went blurry and he didn't know what to do. He pulled his hips back slightly enough for his gender to easily slide inside her. "Are you sure? I don't want you to do anything you don't want to." Clark added meekly, the head of his erection now against her opening, surrounded by the golden curls that were the gateway to his existence right then.


"Clark, I want you..." Lis whispered her reassurance with a passion she didn't know she had.


That was all Clark needed to hear, he once again pulled back slightly. This time though he didn't stop, he pushed past the satiny warm insides of her opening, and then felt another barrier that he hadn't expected. He withdrew a bit and this time he pushed himself harder and further inside her... breaking the wall of heat and feeling the moist hot satin around his gender as he found himself embedded inside her as far as he could go. Lis cried out in a moment of pain when Clark broke past the barrier. Clark looked up startled as several tears rolled down her eyes and into her hair. Clark cursed himself at enjoying the act as much as he did. He had never felt so incredible in his life... nothing had felt so wonderful. She was warm, and tight, oh god was she ever tight... Clark didn't move inside her, he knew he wasn't exactly small, and he was hoping that if he didn't move that she would adjust to his size. He stroked her hair with his hand and looked her in the eye when she finally opened them.


"You stopped." She whispered.


"How could I not... you're crying... did... did I hurt you... I felt something and you screamed... are you ok... do you want me to pull out of you?"


"Clark... I'm sorry...you haven't hurt me... " She smiled meekly at him.


Clark brushed his lips past hers; he could feel her start to relax around him inside her.


"You're a very well endowed man Clark... In many ways." Lis took a deep breath trying not to giggle. "Please don't stop... You feel wonderful inside me..."


Clark smiled at her. Pulling out, he slowly pushed his way back into her, after several times gentle small penetrations; Clark increased his speed, burying himself inside her, practically grinding his hips into hers. Lis cried out several times, as he would thrust into her, she met his thrusts and flexed her pelvic muscles around him. Clark moaned in sheer gratification, knowing if she didn't stop that he would be filling her with his seed faster than he wanted to. He could tell she was close as well, for he recalled the trembling of her insides against his fingers, it felt even more amazing with him inside her as he took her right leg and began to place it on his shoulder, the way he saw in the movie Lex and he had watched. He was slightly taken aback when Lis instinctively place the other leg on his left shoulder. He didn't know it was possible but he seemed to fill her completely... further than before... "Do you feel that...." Clark whispered amazed at the feelings he was having. He closed his eyes and thrust into her once again. Several seconds flew by, his hands had moved across her breast and rested on her hips moving them into him as they moved. He felt her insides shutter around him and he knew she was on the verge of falling into him... so he let himself go pumping into her as hard and as far as he could, he felt the hot sticky liquid of her climax kiss his gender as his own seed spilled into her welcoming womb. They cried out in unison before Clark collapsed on top of her, his gender still not ready to exit its sanctuary. He kissed her full on the lips and hugged her close.


"Thank you..." he whispered.


"Thank you?" Lis asked with a slight laugh as she stroked his hair. He rested his chin on her chest.


"Yah... thank you... for... for..."


"For what?"


"For loving me enough to do that."


Lis smiled broadly. "You're welcome..." She answered then sighed. "We have the rest of the weekend to top that... and it's getting late, let's get comfortable." Clark moved up off of her and lay back on the pillows. Lis crawled up next to him and placed her head on his chest. "I do love you Clark... and I would make love to you every waking moment for the rest of my life..." she said... then whispered so he could not hear. "No matter how much longer that is."


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