Title: Only Human

Author: Nursie

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Disclaimer: I don't own Smallville... WB does... Only original characters and storyline are mine.

Rating:  PG-16 Bordering on R

Characters: Clark and the gang plus original characters.

Spoilers: Any and ALL Smallville eppies up to Nicodemus and possibly future eppies once they air and I keep up with the story.






Part Four: "An Ode to Florence Nightingale..."


The door slammed shut behind Clark and all eyes fell on a very swollen lipped Lis Luthor. She arched her eyebrow and practically swallowed her pride. She then proceeded to roll her eyes at the crowd. They looked at her like they expected an answer... so Lis provided them with one.


Throwing her arms in the air as she stood, she shook her head. "Damn... you'd think these people had never seen a girl kiss a guy before... shesh..." With that, she tucked her hair behind her ear and left.





Clark threw the door to his bedroom closed. Pacing across the floor, he touched his lips then glanced over at the mirror.  When he caught his reflection, he noticed a little of Lis's lipstick on the side of his mouth. He crossed over to the mirror and stared at it for a moment... Looking at his reflection. He blinked hard trying to clear his thoughts. Smiling suddenly, he turned and flung himself on his bed.  He flipped himself over onto his back and placed a pillow on his chest. ~Alissa Luthor... Alissa Luthor-Kent...~ He startled himself at his thoughts. "Where did that come from?" he said out loud. He sat up, glancing at the clock.  Throwing his feet on the floor, he stood and started to strip off his clothing. His shirt fell to the floor as he walked towards the small bathroom connected to his room. He entered the bathroom and turned on the faucet watching the spray shoot from the showerhead.  He put his hand under the water, checking the temperature; he turned off the cold water. Clark liked his showers hot. Running a hand through his tousled locks, he then unbuttoned his jeans. With one quick motion, Clark stood next to the shower naked.


A knock on his door startled him. "Just a second..." He called from the bathroom. Grabbing his bathrobe he rushed to answer the door. The door flew open to reveal the face of his father, smiling at Clark.


"I heard you were having girl problems." Jonathon Kent said and casually walked into Clark's room.


Clark rolled his eyes... Good ole mom. "I suppose mom told you that there was something on my mind?" Clark asked as he knotted the belt to his robe.


"Your mom is just... well... your mother." Jonathon admitted. "She's worried about you."


"There really isn't much to tell." Clark shrugged.


"Well, you know you can tell me anything..." Jonathon's voice told Clark he meant that.


Clark's brain began to wander. ~What am I supposed to say Dad??? Tell you that your son is having sexual fantasies... There are so many questions... Like what's the difference between being on top or bottom...  I know we talked about human reproduction but this... well this is...~




Clark blinked at the sound of his name and a blush crept up the back of his neck. "Sorry dad... just thinking is all."


"About what?" Jonathon asked noticing the color his son was turning.


"A lot of things. I mean... there are questions I want to ask... but not sure how to ask them. I mean... I am not exactly human."


"Enough of that talk Clark... you're more human than most people." Jonathon argued.


Clark smiled. "You would say that."


"What's bothering you son?" Jonathon inquired curiously.


Clark ran a hand through his hair... a nervous habit he had picked up lately. "Dad... did you ever... um... did you ever..."


"Did I ever what?" Jonathon smiled... somehow he knew where this conversation was heading. He took a good long look at his son. ~Martha's right... he's growing up into a rather attractive man... ~ "Come on son... you can talk to me... or your mother."


"Did you ever think about girls at my age." Clark finally released his breath.


That wasn't exactly the question Jonathon thought he would hear... in fact it was altogether G rated from what he had expected. "Did I think about girls??? God Clark... Does every second of everyday count?" He chuckled.


"That's not what I meant." Clark said his voice barely audible.


"Somehow I knew that." Jonathon cleared his throat. "What is it that you want to know?"


"There are so many things I want to know... Like whether I am even capable...or what do certain things feel like..." Clark sat down next to his dad.


"Well son... you certainly have the right equipment..." Jonathon joked.


"Not the answer I was looking for."


"Who's the lucky lady?"


"Lucky lady? What do you mean dad... there's isn't one." Clark said keeping the panic in his voice in check.


"I assumed you were talking about sex with Lana... is there something I should know?"


"No... dad... I'm not thinking of Lana so much anymore."


"Getting tired of waiting around for her?"


"Not really..." Clark took a deep breath. "I met someone else." Clark said suddenly.


"Really?" Jonathon's tone was light. "I thought you said there was no lucky lady."


"I don't think she'd feel so lucky. I mean come on... Most likely, I can't even show her I have feelings for her... and if I could... I certainly couldn't express them."


"And how do you know that?"


"I guess I don't really... I just don't want to hurt her... who knows... with my abilities... what happens if I am in the middle of having sex with a girl and a new power develops or something..." Clark laughed at that reasoning so did his father.


"Look son... sex isn't easy for anyone the first time... don't tell me you haven't noticed the workings of it by now... "


"Dad... I've kissed all of four girls... and it didn't go past that... it never goes past that..." Clark reasoned whether or not to tell his dad about Lis. He finally decided he should. "Ok... so it's gone a little past that." He shrugged.


"How far is a little?" Jonathon almost choked on his words.


"Don't worry dad... there won't be any lil aliens running around the farm." Clark teased.


"Funny Clark." Jonathon shook his head. "It's obvious you don't feel comfortable talking about this yet... I guess I'll leave you with this word of advice." Jonathon's smile turned mischievous. "Remember... if it works when you're alone... it'll work when you're not." Jonathon stood, as Clark's jaw dropped. He wiggled his eyebrows and proceeded to leave Clark's room.


Clark shook his head. "I can't believe you just said that."


"Hey... you left the shower on... it's not a cold one is it?" Jonathon laughed knowing full well that hot and cold did not affect Clark... Clark lobbed a pillow at him softly. "I'll see you in the morning son... try to get some sleep... There's a big game tomorrow and Smallville High doesn't have a shot in hell without it's star centerfielder." He stopped as he entered the hallway and started to close the door behind him. Pausing for a second he stuck his head back into Clark's room. "Oh and son... sweet dreams... just remember to change your sheets in the morning."


Clark's face turned into a full-fledged smile but he grabbed another pillow and lobbed it at him anyway. Jonathon closed the door behind him as the pillow hit the oak door. Clark could hear him chuckling as Martha Kent met him at the top of the stairs on her way to bed.


"How is he?" She asked concerned.


"He's fine... just a little anxious about the game tomorrow is all." Jonathon lied.


Martha crossed her arms. "I don't buy that... what's wrong." She insisted.


"Just normal teenage stuff... you know... girls... sex... stuff like that."


Martha gasped. "Clark's is having sex?" She cried. "Oh god... we weren't prepared for this...we don't even know if he's capable."


"Martha... stop worrying... he's definitely capable... he may have these abilities... but he's still a member of the male species... He loves, he has physical wants... there are lessons he needs to learn on his own Martha... let him be."


"Oh... and this is nothing like him using his gifts in public." Martha crossed her arms and stared skeptically at her husband.


"I don't see the connection." Jonathon said as he opened the door to their bedroom.


Martha sighed. "I dunno Jonathon... I guess I just can't imagine my little boy being old enough to be sexually active."


"You knew this was coming... he's had that crush on Lana for years... and now... I'm sure he's wondered about it for that long... I mean come on... if a normal teenager thinks about sex every five minutes... and Clark's not exactly from Kansas... he's not sure if he's even able to have sex, let alone the reproduction part of the whole issue... don't' you think he's given the subject some thought."


"I guess you're right." Martha admitted.


Clark heard the door shut and he turned towards the bathroom. The steam filled the room and he discarded his robe once again, it pooled at his feet and settled itself on the floor. His thoughts went to his conversation with his dad for a brief second and that led them to Lis. There was more to what had happened tonight at the coffee house than just a kiss. Hell... he actually touched her breast. Clark could not believe he had the nerve to have done that. But he did... and oh did it feel amazing.  His feelings started to make themselves clearer as the thought of Alissa Luthor's breast in his hand aroused him as quickly as the actual touch. Clark stepped into the shower. He winced as the water ran down his taut muscles and over his heated length. Clark was this time thankful for the release... No binding clothing to make it uncomfortable. He smiled up at the ceiling as the water ran down his skin.


Lana had done this to him many times, yet he had always been able to hide it. Today though someone had actually felt it behind the friendly confines of his jeans. He didn't know how he felt about that... he did know he liked the feeling of her hand brushing it. He also knew he liked the eventual outcome of such actions.  Clark was not unaware of how the male anatomy worked; in fact he had explored that avenue quite adamantly since he discovered his body reacted the same as any other man on Earth. He definitely knew that he worked when it came to his part of a sexual encounter... His back slid down the wet shower wall as he found himself sitting on the shower floor. His mind drifted back to the Beanery and what had happened there. Her hand on his leg, so close to his growing need for her... his hand on her breast... their mouths dancing together. Slowly, a lustful smile tugged the corners of Clark's mouth and his eyes closed and his hand sank down beneath his waist.



Lis Luthor stormed into the kitchen throwing her keys across the room. For once she was thankful Lex was out of town for the day... it would give her time to calm down. She took a seat on one of the stools lined against the counter island. She placed her head in her hands. What had she been thinking? Clark was a kid... she couldn't possibly have feelings for him... she shouldn't have kissed him. Oh but she had... and oh did it feel wonderful. His mouth tasted so good and his lips were so strong. She couldn't help herself, she blushed at the thought of his mouth elsewhere.  His hand had been on her breast and she had practically put it there. It felt so right for him to touch her. Damn those kids... why'd they hafta ruin her one moment. She wasn't sure she'd ever get that chance again. One thing she did know was even though she was a bit apprehensive about Clark's age; she still needed to kiss him again.  Her mind focused on the Smallville high students as she left the Beanery. She had to smirk a little at what she said when she left. Their faces were priceless.  She stood then went over to pick up her car keys. She placed them on the key holder then left the kitchen. Stretching, she proceeded to climb the stairs to her room. She needed a shower in the worst way. Something to help her relax... She entered the bathroom attached to her walk in closet stopping at the lighted mirror. Opening the side section, she pulled out three pill bottles from the medicine cabinet. She sighed heavily and looked at the bottle.


Strong drugs... truth was Lis was in a lot of pain... she clenched her teeth as she pulled two Diluadid from their bottle then took two other medications from the other two bottles, first the Methotrexate then the Prednisone. She filled the small cup next to the sink with water and popped four pills into her mouth. By the time she got through with her shower, she'd be sleeping rather well. She started by pulling the white scrub shirt over her head then walking over to the glass shower doors turning on the water. She sat down on the bench between the shower and the Jacuzzi tub. Shaking her head, she suddenly felt sick. The Methotrexate always had that affect on her. She placed her head between her knees then contemplated whether or not to take an antiemetic. She had several; the new one her doctor in Gotham had prescribed for her was also a class two scheduled narcotic along with the Diluadid. She didn't know what effect that would have together so she decided to endure the nausea for how ever long it lasted. And if it lasted longer than ten minutes, she was going for the compazine in her medicine cabinet. That would be all right to take with the other medications... She hadn't taken the Marinol at all yet...the idea of taking a street drug even if it was a synthetic and used for medical purposes, didn't sit well with her... it was still pot. Somehow she didn't think Clark would approve of that particular medication... and Lex... Lex couldn't know about any of them. He'd have her back in Gotham before she'd have time to tell him that it wouldn't do any good. Lis knew she was sick, sicker than she cared to admit. However there was something about Smallville that made her think she would make it.  She smiled at the thought of Clark... something made her think that no matter what he could make her better. She stood up, stripped down to nothing and opened the glass shower door. Stepping inside and letting the hot water soak her hair, she slid down to the tile floor of the shower. Her back leaned against the porcelain and the water pooling at her feet trying to drain as her feet covered the gold plated drain. The water felt good against her skin and she couldn't help but remember Clark's hand on her breast. She felt her heart tug at her chest and she knew she was in serious trouble. What a great time to fall in love...




Clark reestablished his grip. He turned his foot and dug into the batters box.  The first pitch sailed past him, near his head. Clark grinned. What a way to take out your frustrations... The next pitch came and Clark timed it, watching it hit off the end of his bat. It sailed behind the bleachers in left field.  Clark grinned broadly to himself, and started his homerun trot around the bases.


The crowd cheered for Clark, he could hear the distinct voices of his parents, Pete, Chloe and yes... Lex. Lex had gotten home late last night he had said and decided to catch Clark's game. He had also mentioned that his sister had wanted to attend but ultimately had to work. Clark was grateful when Lex did not pick up on the sudden change in his color at the mention of Lis's name. The game had given him a much-needed distraction... for his thoughts hadn't left Lex's sister since her lips had touched his. Clark rounded third base and then crossed home plate. He threw off his batting helmet and took his seat in the dug out. He looked up at his parents sitting behind it and they smiled lovingly down on him.  His father grinned at him broadly and Clark felt that warm safe feeling he got whenever he felt loved. He took a long drink of Gatorade his eyes falling on Lex and the empty seat next to him. Somehow, Clark felt a sense of something missing and realized he really wanted Lis to have been there. Clark was becoming painfully aware that he wanted her in his life and he missed her something fierce when she was not present. Clark blinked his eyes as he tried to watch his team play out the rest of the seventh inning. Lis was at the hospital working... He watched in silence as his feelings came gushing to the forefront of his mind. He missed her something awful... He wondered if he should just tell her how he felt.  His thoughts had distracted him and he hadn't realized the inning was over. He grabbed his glove and sprinted out to centerfield.



It wasn't until the end of the seventh inning did Clark notice something strange about the other team's short stop. He seemed a bit aggressive to say the least... especially for the sport. Clark shrugged it off though; trying to focus on the game... he sprinted to the clubhouse for the seventh inning stretch.  He could hear the faint sounds of the Take me out to the ball game song and he smiled. The Smallville high Crows were up 4 to 3 with only an inning and a half to play if they kept the lead. Clark stepped out of the bathroom stall, and reminded himself not to drink so much Gatorade this inning. Even though he had super strength and other abilities... he still didn't have a super bladder. He buckled his belt and tied his cleat.  Straightening up, he fixed his hair under his hat and grabbed his glove.  A wave of nausea went through Clark as fast as the Gatorade had. He paused to figure where it came from, for he had been feeling it off and on all during the game but all he could see was the faces of his teammates mixed in with some of the players from the opposing team as they made their way to their own clubhouse by way of the hallway the teams shared.  Clark leaned against the stone wall and felt unbelievably sick. He suddenly wondered if he should tell the coach and then his dad. But Clark wanted to play... it was the game that would assure the Crows a shot at their division's championship ... and Clark thought their might be a scout or two in the audience. Clark had once thought about the prospect of playing pro ball, it had been a passing joke to his dad at the time... however, Clark loved to play baseball... and he knew he was very good at it. He knew he would be good at it even without his abilities. Hell, he kept them in check very well, he only wished he could hit more home runs without seeming like a show off to his dad. The wave of nausea engulfed him again and he bent at his waist trying to get over the feeling. Clark never felt sick... He knew it couldn't' be nerves. Clark never had gotten a nervous stomach before... He looked around the locker room trying to find an explanation. He slowly made it over to a bench and sat down. Clark didn't notice when another player came up behind him... he actually thought he might throw up... and Clark had never thrown up before. 


"If it isn't Smallville high's star ball player." A cocky voice came from behind Clark startling him. He jumped from his seat then immediately wished he hadn't.  He really thought he was going to lose his lunch. The boy was from the opposing team... the Quincy High Blue Devils... Quincy was a small town outside of Kansas City and about three hours from Smallville, in the opposite direction of Metropolis.  Clark looked up at the person talking to him. He could hear the animosity in his voice and he rolled his eyes. He wasn't in the mood... especially right then... being sick for no reason and all.


"Look..." Clark grumbled. "If you want an autograph... wait until after the game." Clark tried his damnedest to ignore his nausea. Turning to face the player, he saw that it was the short stop he had noticed earlier in the game. "It's you..."


"What about me fly boy?" The guy grumbled.


Clark shrugged. He wasn't looking for a fight. He held out his hand. "I'm Clark... and you are?"


"Brian... Brian Cox... Although it shouldn't matter... you've pretty much stolen the spotlight the last two years along with all the bases." Brian's voice sounded harsh and not friendly at all.


Clark winced. He really was in no mood. His nausea increased as the guy came closer to him.


"Why Clark... you don't look so well... looks like my work here is done...Maybe I won't have to kick the crap out of you... you'll miss the rest of the game just because you can't hold your lunch. Really big shot... I thought athletes of your caliber had iron stomachs." The guy smirked. "Ah hell who am I kidding? I'm gonna kick the crap out of you anyway."


Clark wanted to comment, he glanced down at his hand and saw the tell tale sign of his blood turning green and the veins in his hands popped out. He looked up at Brian. "IF you'll excuse me... I have a game to finish." Clark tried to push past him but he couldn't. Something was keeping him from moving. He knew it had something to do with meteor rocks, but he didn't know how... He looked desperately around the room.


"What's the matter Clark... still not feeling well?" Brain said sarcastically, he picked up his glove.


Clark didn't know what hit him... Something had... he saw a greenish glow to the brown leather before it hit him upside his head, sending him flying across the floor and hitting his head on a bench. Clark struggled to sit up, his arm braced on the same bench that attacked him and helped him pull himself into a sitting position. He was dumbfounded. No one had ever done that to him before, unless under the influence of meteor rocks. His eyes caught Brian standing above him, and he felt the hard kick to his stomach. He could feel the blood running in his eye from where he had hit it on the corner of the steel bench.


"Why are you doing this?" Clark gasped for air. He wasn't afraid, but he didn't much like getting his ass kicked either.


 "Because... No matter what I did... you always seem to out shine the other players... I go all season without an error... you go all season without an error, steal fifty-six bases, hit twelve homeruns and bat .380... I'm sick of living in your shadow... Those scouts out there at the division games should be watching other players but no... they are all watching you... the infamous Clark Kent." Another kick to his stomach and Clark doubled over.


"I'm sorry... I had no idea you felt that way... you are still a good ball player I'm sure... the scouts have noticed... I know they have..." Clark blinked as the blood stung his eye briefly. He went to wipe it from his eyebrow where he knew he'd been cut. He could see Brian caressing his glove almost too careful... it was only a glove... "What's with your glove... it's got a green tint to it..."


Brian chuckled menacingly. "I really don't think you are in any position to be asking the questions."


"Come on... why not tell me...You've already got me on the floor... I was just curious as to why you play so well." Clark could tell there was something odd about the glove.


"Well, I found this green oily substance and used it to soften the leather on my glove. If it's any of your business... I've never played so well." Brian smirked. "Now if you'll excuse me... I have a game to win."


Clark had it with Brian right then... the kid was insane with jealousy... and his talents were not natural. The glove had somehow been altered by the meteor rocks, which would explain the nausea through out the game and why he was so vulnerable now. He gathered what strength he did have, stood and knocked Brian to the ground. The kid had not expected it, and he sprawled on the floor. Clark picked up the glove that Brian had dropped and desperately looked for any way to dispose of it. Clark stumbled holding his ribs towards the exit. He made it halfway out the door when Pete came down the long walkway looking for him.


"Hey there Clark... best get your ass in gear... the coach has been looking for you." Pete said, and then he saw Clark was bleeding. He immediately ran over to his friend. It frightened him that Clark was bleeding... he'd never seen him so much as scraped before.


"Take it... the glove." Clark choked and Pete grabbed the glove. "Get it out of here... fast."


Pete just nodded his head. He had learned a long time ago not to question Clark when he had that tone of voice. "What should I do with it?" Pete said his voice a panic.


"Destroy it...hide it... I don't care... just get rid of it." Clark spat out still doubled over holding his middle.


"I'm getting Coach Anders..." Pete cried.


"NO!" Clark protested but Pete was already gone. Clark looked over at the clubhouse door, expecting to see Brian coming through it. He was in no condition for another round. He had been hit with something that was tainted with the meteor rocks... he didn't know how long it would take him to recover. It hurt to breath... in fact, his ribs felt like they did the time Eric Summers had thrown him across the school parking lot when he had transferred his powers to him from a lightening bolt. They had been bruised then, and he felt fine after his powers returned... and he was almost certain he'd feel better once the meteor rocks effects wore off. When he had hit his head, the glove had touched where he was bleeding which he figured caused the actual bleeding. He wondered if it would heal up once the meteor poisoning wore off.


A second later, Clark heard the voice of his coach coming towards him. He was barely coherent as Coach Anders tilted his head so that Clark would look him in the face. Pete had thankfully gotten rid of the glove, and Clark was starting to feel better. Coach Anders looked at the cut on Clark's brow and moved Clark's arm from guarding his ribs. He cursed rather loudly as Clark let him examine him. "You're gonna have to go to the clinic and get checked out." He finally said shrugging.


Clark's head shot up in panic. "Hospital? I can't go to the hospital... I am fine... or I will be." Clark protested.


"I won't have it. I sent a few of the off duty cops in the stands after that Cox kid, and I am now sending you to the hospital. Pete... would you take him... while I go inform his parents where he went."


Pete nodded a yes and allowed Clark to hang on him as he helped him in the opposite direction to the playing field towards the parking lot.


"MY parents... let my parents take me." Clark argued as Pete shut the car door in his face. Pete just laughed. He glanced up and saw the Smallville police taking the kid that attacked Clark into custody. He opened the driver's side door to his mother's Honda Accord and turned the ignition.


"Oh this is not good..." Clark cried. "Not good at all." He leaned his head back on the head support and closed his eyes.


"I know you wanted to finish the game Clark man but come on... the rat attacked you. You need to go get checked out. For as long as I've known you... I've only seen you really hurt once. I almost thought you were indestructible.


"But I'm feeling better Pete." Clark replied. He really was starting to feel better. He could practically feel the cut closing, and his middle wasn't throbbing anymore.


"Don't even start Clark. I am taking you to the clinic... and there you can get a clean bill of health... that way... you can play in the last two games of the season." Pete pulled into the ambulatory clinic at Smallville hospital. "Besides... we're here. No harm in getting checked out just in case." Pete smiled to reassure Clark... but Clark was having none of it. His head kept repeating the phrase ~Oh fuck...~ Over and over.


Pete made sure Clark was seated in a comfortable seat in the waiting area before going up to the nurse's station to register his friend. Pete smiled at the triage nurse and proceeded to tell her the problem.


Pete brought a clipboard with a pen over to Clark and helped him fill out the paperwork. No sooner did he finish his health history, did he hear an all too familiar voice call his last name. He stood, and walked towards the exam area entrance.


Lis Luthor looked up from her chart. She almost dropped it. It was Clark... she couldn't believe it. She hadn't thought he could get hurt. Not after everything she had seen.  "Clark..." She said the surprise was there in her voice... along with something else Clark couldn't quite figure out. Was it worry? Could she be worried about him?


She guided him to an exam area and pulled the curtain. He sat up on the exam table and looked around nervously. He wasn't worried about what had happened at the game right then... he was thinking about last night. ~If she only knew what I do in the shower thinking of her...~ His cheeks turned pink as Lis eyed the scratch on his eyebrow. Clark was right; it would heal incredibly fast, and was now barely a scratch.


"There's an awful lot of blood here for the size of scratch you have." Lis commented.


"I know." Clark said. "Truth is... I feel fine... the kid didn't do much, I knocked him out."


"I was wondering how the other guy looked." Lis teased. She touched his wrist to take his pulse and Clark jumped. "Hey... now... it's ok. I'm just taking your vitals."




"Yah... you know... your blood pressure, pulse and respiration."


"I've never had to have them done before." Clark admitted. "Well once when I got thrown into a car and bruised my ribs."


"You do look a little green... the doctor will probably want to take some blood tests." Lis placed the cuff on his arm and put the stethoscope earpiece in her ears.


"Blood?" Clark gulped. He knew the needle would never penetrate his skin. Clark began to panic and Lis saw it in his eyes. She looked quickly at the clock.


"Ok..." She whispered.


"Ok what?"


"Ok... I understand there is something I don't understand going on here. I know that there is something not normal about you Clark... and you are for some reason afraid people will find out. SO I am going to help you out here Clark." She turned and opened the drawer under the exam table. Taking out a hospital gown, she placed it on Clark's lap. "Here... put this on... and trust me." She whispered as Clark started to unbutton his baseball uniform. Lis scribbled some notes in her chart. Once Clark had the baseball jersey off, he went to take the t-shirt off. Lis couldn't help but stare as his toned stomach muscles came into her view as the blue shirt went over his head. She licked her lips wondering what they tasted like. She scolded herself for the thought. Here he was, hurt... needing her to help him... and all she could think about was something physical. But oh would she ever love to get physical with him. She helped Clark tie the gown in the back, and then replaced the cuff on his bicep. She pumped the cuff to 220 and then it happened. The cuff tore straight down the middle. "Well... now... looks like I'm fudging your vitals as well." She quickly wrote in a decent blood pressure. Clark's hand went to hers covering the pen in her hand. He looked up at her with the most endearing look Lis had ever seen. He was trying to say thank you but didn't know how. She smiled at him, putting the chart down and digging into another drawer for more supplies.


She had to work fast... the doctor would be in to see Clark any second... and the more she had done... the less the doctor would need to examine him. From the look of the cut on his brow, ten minutes ago it would have needed stitches, but now... it was barely a kitten scratch and Lis had it figured that a needle wouldn't be able poke through Clark's skin for some reason. So she did the only thing she could... she used three butterfly steri strips on his eyebrow, then dressed it with some gauze and tape. With that covered up, she pulled his gown up to look at his ribs. There had been an ugly bruise on it seconds ago and now it had gone from a dark reddish purple to a faint yellow. She could only pray that it went away within the next few minutes. "You need to think what you are going to tell the doctor about this bruise... it looks old... so..." She thought for a second. Clark sat there somewhere between astounded at her work and dumbfounded at not knowing how to handle the situation. "I know... you could tell him you did it at practice trying to steal second base. He'll buy that." She chewed on the cap of her pen. "Now... what to do if he wants to draw blood?"


"Would he need to draw blood?" Clark asked finally finding his voice. His mind had been thinking about the kiss they shared since he had followed her in the room... and he had only responded to specific things she answered.


Lis drew a deep breath. "I don't know Clark... I.... Um..." her eyes lit up... she almost threw her chart down and darted from the exam room only to stop at the door and turn to Clark. "Hang on a second Clark... I have an idea."


Two seconds later, she returned with Pete. "Pete... I need you to do me a favor..." She began as Pete eyed both of them skeptically.


"What is it?" He asked.


"Um... Clark has a horrible phobia of needles... and I checked him out thoroughly... there's nothing wrong but... the doc may want to draw some blood and I can't get myself to put him through any more pain..." Lis batted her eyes at Pete who in turn smacked his lips, looked at Clark and then turned back to Lis.


Rolling up his sleeve, Pete shook his head. "If I get caught doing this... Don'tcha think they'll be able to tell the difference between a black man and a white mans blood... isn't it in the DNA?"



"Look... each of you have different genetic makeup that makes you unique... however... the things the doctor will be looking for will not show up anything that would incriminate either of you." Lis smiled hopefully at Pete. 'You don't have any childhood illnesses, diseases or problems that I should know of?"


"If you're so concerned why don't you just stick yourself?" Pete teased.


 Lis bit her lip. She needed a good answer and fast. She couldn't very well send her blood to the lab. Not unless she wanted his parents to be getting a phone call telling them that Clark was sick... very sick...She could hear it now...~Mrs. Kent... I am so very sorry to inform you that blood tests done on your son this afternoon were showing some abnormal growth in his white blood cells. We think he might have a condition called Acute Lymphocyotic Leukemia... but we'll have to take more blood tests and a bone biopsy to be certain. ~ She paused clearing her thoughts. "Please do this for Clark... He really needs you to do this. I'd do it for him but I can't stick the needle in my own arm." Lis pleaded. Yes... that explanation worked... he was accepting it.


Pete sighed. "Alright... I'll do it... but someday Clark... you are gonna tell me why you're so you."


Lis almost let out a loud whoop for joy. She wiggled her hands into a pair of surgical gloves then took out two specimen vials, a rubber band and a needle. She poked Pete for a vein... found one fast and then inserted it into his arm. They could all hear the clock tick the seconds by as finally the two vials were full and Lis placed a cotton ball on Pete's arm where she had stuck the needle. Pete bent his arm upwards to help stop the bleeding. Lis dug into yet another cabinet and pulled out something Pete could not see. Clark saw it, and a broad grin adorned his handsome face.


"Now Pete... would you mind waiting for Clark in the waiting area? It'll attract less suspicion." She cooed handing Pete a blow pop and a comic book sticker. Pete smiled and shook his head.


"You'd better be able to play the last two games." Pete teased as he pulled his shirtsleeve down and turned to go. "I'll wait for you in the waiting area..." Pete winked at Clark. "And Clark... don't go getting that Florence Nightingale syndrome thing." And with that, Pete disappeared into the hallway.


"Florence Nighting who?" Clark inquired as Lis placed the vials along with her paperwork into Clark's chart.


"Florence Nightingale syndrome... or something... I don't know the exact name for it. However I do know what he was getting at." She smiled.


"And what would that be?" Clark asked not sure if he really wanted to know. He knew Pete and that alone said it all.


Lis suddenly appeared a bit embarrassed. It suddenly started to become uncomfortable in the small exam room. For some reason, the tension got thick enough to cut with a knife. Clark couldn't help but wonder how they could go from talking so easily with Pete sitting there to not knowing what to say next.


Clark decided to break the ice. "Aren't you going to tell me what it is? Could I die from such a disease?" Clark joked.


Lis smiled. "I dunno... are you prone to broken hearts?" Lis asked him half teasing.


Clark pretended to think for a moment. "I guess you could say I've had symptoms but it always seems to clear up."


"Does it now? What medication did you take for it?" Lis went along with his apparent game.


"I took a little time and it did wonders. I highly recommend it." Clark was back to normal now... or at least what was considered to be normal for him. He was grateful to Lis for doctoring the paperwork so that he would not be discovered. It somehow made him fall even more deeply in love with her. Partly because it made him realize he could trust her to keep his secret and help him hide it when he alone could no longer do so. He couldn't believe Lis had gotten Pete to do what he did no questions asked. He couldn't believe that she did what she did with no questions asked. Maybe this was her way of repaying him for saving her life. Or maybe that kiss had meant as much to her as it had to him. He sighed to himself as Lis started to gather her information together to give to the doctor.  He had to tell her how he was feeling. He didn't want her to slip through his hands like Lana did. Or had she? Maybe she hadn't slipped through his fingers... maybe he could have her if he wanted. Clark didn't want Lana anymore though... his eyes fell on Lis's lips... painted with a wonderful shade of berry lipstick. He gently traveled over the rest of her. The purple printed scrubs, with the solid dark purple bottoms that had ribbed fitted cuffs at the ankles.  A pair bandage scissors in her cargo pocket and a stethoscope around her neck. Her neck... flawless, he wanted to bury his face in to it and taste it with his teeth. Mark her as his... and her hair... that was half held back with a claw clip and the remainder of it fell loosely in ringlet curls dancing around her shoulders. The pink, blue and yellow hearts airbrushed on her top brought out the gold in her eyes... God how he wished she would look at him the way he saw her. He thought he had seen her do it... but Clark was unsure of himself. He didn't know the looks people gave to each other when they were interested just yet. So Clark fiddled his thumbs and Lis nervously pushed the button that retracted her ink pen's ballpoint in and out.


"When do you get off work?" Clark asked trying to break the silence.


Lis smiled at him. She leaned against the exam table. "I am off at 6 then Lex said something about going and celebrating a good friend's game victory over at the Talon.  They're having a karaoke night and Lex knows how I love to go to those."


"It'll be good to see the Talon reopened after the fire last year." Clark said.


"Yes... funny how it was only open a short time before the fire nearly destroyed it."


"Lex has a good business sense. He sure pulled that endeavor back from disaster."


"Yes..." Lis breathed. "He has a knack for those things."

"So you're going to the Talon tonight..." Clark said, wondering out loud.


"I think I already covered that." Lis replied, picking up her chart just to be ready for when the doctor did arrive.


"Well, Pete, Chloe and I might see you and Lex there. I think it's time we got Chlo away from the coffee for a night." Clark smiled that Clark smile and it was all Lis could do not to just throw down her clipboard, and jump on his lap, planting kisses on every visible and not so visible part of his body. She clenched the clipboard in one hand and tightened her fist behind her back to try to keep her control. If he licked his lips one more time or bit his lip that would be all she wrote.


"It's when the patient falls in love with his nurse." Lis replied meekly still watching Clark's mouth.


"Huh?" Clark asked not catching on to what she was talking about... but he definitely heard her words. Could she read him that easily? He shifted nervously. She would laugh now... he was sure of it. He slowly tried to cover his reaction. "Um... what is?" He asked trying to sound like he hadn't understood what she meant and in a way he hadn't, all except the part about him being in love with her.


"The Florence Nightingale syndrome Pete mentioned. It's when a patient falls in love with his nurse. I guess a classic case would be my father falling in love with my mother."


Clark hoped he hid the relief he felt about her reply. On one hand, he wondered what she would have thought if she knew how he was feeling inside... on the other hand though, Clark was afraid to know how she was feeling. He didn't know if he could accept it if she didn't have some feelings for him. He could feel the attraction, which was something new to Clark. Sexual attraction and the realization of it were both very new to him. Not that he wasn't sexually attracted to someone before now; it was just that he was more aware of the other person's attraction back. And unless Clark had missed something in the exchange somewhere, he could feel the penetrating stare Lis gave him when she thought he wasn't paying attention. That alone would fuel him when she wasn't around. Clark grinned goofily... there was nothing like the feeling of animal magnetism and the gentle force he felt pulling him towards her whenever she was near him. At that moment he wanted to pull her close to him, to have her body against his and show her just what she did to him. He wanted to feel her in his hand again without the obstacle that was her clothing. To feel the skin against the palm of his hand would probably do more for him than his own hand ever did in the shower... He felt the growing heat in his belly and the goose bumps start to form on his arm. As he felt himself start to push against his uniform, he was more than thankful for the protective gear he was forced to wear in case a ball was to hit him in a rather uncomfortable place. Although Clark figured he could withstand a blow there better than any other guy, he still cringed at the thought of being purposely or accidentally hit in that particular region. Clark might have been thankful for the protection the piece of plastic gave him from the embarrassment, but he still cursed the hardness of it... it was not very comfortable against his swelling gender.


Lis looked up at the clock on the wall, and sighed loudly. "Where the hell's that doctor?" She cried more than a bit irritated. "You've been back here for over ten minutes..." 


Lis barely finished her sentence when suddenly two people entered the exam room... on a handsome older man, with blonde hair that bore a striking resemblance to John Schneider from Dukes of Hazzard fame. She had an urge to ask him how Roscoe was but laughed it off good-naturedly... Everyone has a twin she figured. The other person a woman, probably in her late thirties, with medium length red hair and a friendly smile just walked right past Lis and over to Clark. He looked happy to see them both and Lis finally figured out that these people were his parents. She smiled at Jonathon Kent who looked at her as if he didn't know what to think.


"Are you ok Son? Coach Anders tried to fill us in on the details and Pete tried to give us the jest of the situation in the waiting area." Jonathon looked at his son, noticing the bandage on his brow. "Did that kid do that to you?" Jonathon asked almost amazed. There was something else behind his voice though... fear... uncertainty... Lis couldn't tell what it was but she did know that Mr. Kent wasn't used to visiting Clark in a hospital. Lis watched as Martha Kent just flung her arms over Clark's shoulders and hugged him close.


She could hear her whispers... and she could make out what sounded something like "Oh my baby... thank god you're alright." Lis's stomach threatened to drop out. The display of affection made her miss her own mother and reinforced the rift between herself and Lionel.


It took all of two seconds before Martha tuned to Lis and shot a quick look at her husband trying to decide what to say. Lis cleared her throat. She had to tell them somehow that she knew something was different without alarming them... so she decided to play it off... like Clark was a normal seventeen year old and that she had no difficulty getting any kind of info from him. She had already decided to do whatever was necessary to help Clark keep his secret. She only hoped that someday... and someday soon because she didn't know how much time she did have... that Clark would tell her the whole reason why she went to all these measures to cover up his miraculous abilities. With all eyes on her, she picked up the chart and opened it. "Well, Mr. and Mrs. Kent... Clark seems to be fine. Aside from the minor scrape on his eyebrow, and an old bruise Clark claims he got a week ago during baseball practice..." She paused and winked at Martha... who caught on to what she was doing fast. "Clark should be just fine... and as soon as the doctor shows up, I'll have him release him to your capable hands."


Jonathon looked at Lis and then at his wife. The name on her name badge had not gone unnoticed... Jonathon knew who she was. However, when he looked at his wife, he could see that obviously Lis had gone to great lengths to help Clark out today and he was grateful. He smiled at her. Lis closed the chart and stood there nervously. A few long seconds passed and then Martha spoke. Her tone was very friendly and told Lis that she was Martha Kent's new hero.


"Thank you." Martha's voice was full of warmth and kindness. "You don't know how much what you did today means to us."


Lis didn't expect that kind of thank you.  She was a bit taken aback but she smiled in return. "I met Clark a few weeks ago... he's a friend of my brother... in case you didn't notice the Luthor part of Alissa Luthor RN on my name badge. I hope he considers me a friend as well... just know that whatever it is that Clark is afraid to display to the world... his secret is safe with me.


Jonathon's body language eased a bit and Martha hugged Clark once again. Lis's words did not go unheard by Clark though and he felt that same feeling he did when he looked up and saw his parents watching the game.


There was a shuffle outside the exam room and then the turning of the doorknob echoed through the room. A tall man in a white doctor's coat entered the room and looked upon his nurse and her patient.  Lis clutched the chart tightly and took a step towards the doctor. Clark looked at her and panicked slightly worried that maybe all her covering up had been in vain. But Lis just winked at him and simply strolled over to the doctor and began to speak to him in a low voice.


To Be Continued…


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