Title: Only Human

Author: Nursie

E-mail: Nursie1126@hotmail.com

Disclaimer: I don't own Smallville... WB does... Only original characters and storyline are mine.

Rating: PG-14

Characters: Clark and the gang plus original characters.

Spoilers: Any and ALL Smallville eppies up to Nicodemus and possibly future eppies once they air and I keep up with the story.






Part Three: "How Clark Kent Got his Groove"


Clark, Chloe and Pete sat in a corner booth, watching the door for who would be coming in. Chloe who had already consumed massive amounts of coffee before Clark had arrived looked like she would launch out of her seat. Clark sat back quietly with his hand around his mug. Pete was busy telling Chloe that she needed to cut down on the caffeine. With one glance up at the door as the bell chimed someone's entrance, Clark saw a very upset Alissa Luthor storm up to the counter and place an order. He could see the apologetic eyes she wore as she told the counter girl how sorry she was for being rude. The girl smiled her understanding at Lis as she turned to find a quiet secluded seat.


She spotted it in the opposite corner. Sitting down, Clark watched as she placed the coffee on the table and practically spilled it as her head fell into her hands. Clark instantly rose from his seat, receiving questioning glares from both Chloe and Pete. He looked down at them, realizing how strange it looked for him to just stand up and disappear. Although he figured both of them should be used to it by now... hell this was Smallville.


Clark rolled his eyes. "Do I really have to explain myself? I mean come on guys... I just saw Lex's sister come in and she looked rather upset... Lex is a good friend of mine and that friendship extends to his sister." Clark didn't wait for an answer he walked off towards Lis Luthor.


One person in the group caught his explanation... and she watched Clark walk away carefully. Her heart sank into her stomach as she whispered her good bye to Clark. Finally deciding it was time to move on... love him yes... but from afar... they were better off as friends. She knew that... it was time she made herself believe that.


Clark could hear the faint sounds of The Calling's song "Where ever you will go" echo through the Beanery's stereo speakers. As he walked towards her the song stuck in his head and he heard his mind sing along with the music. ~ So lately been wondering... who will be there to take my place... when I'm gone you'll need love to light the shadows on your face... if a greater wave should fall; fall upon us all...In between the sand and stone... could you make it on your own... If I could... then I would... I'll go wherever you will go. Way up high or down low... I'll go wherever you will go. And maybe I'll find out... a way to make it back someday. To watch you, to guide you, through the darkest of your days... If a greater wave shall fall... yeah fall upon us all well I hope there's someone out there... who could bring me back to you...


"Clark?" Lis asked a bit startled as Clark stood in front of her... obviously in a world of his own. She called his name a second time.


~Run away with my heart. Run away with my soul... run away with my love... I know now just quite how, my life and love might still go on... In your heart in your mind... I'll stay with you for all of time... If I could then I would, I'll go wherever you will go... Way up high... or down low... I'll go wherever you will go... IF I could turn back time... I'll go wherever you will go... If I could make you mine...~ Clark heard her voice cut through the lyrics in his head and he could now faintly hear the music to go along with the words playing there. Clark looked at her and realized for the first time that it was her that was causing him the confusion and inner turmoil he felt the last few weeks. He shook his head, not letting his eyes leave her face for a second.


"I just really like this song." Clark answered a half grin adorning his chiseled features.


Lis smiled up at him. "It is a nice song." She breathed. "Can I help you with something?" She asked blinking her eyes slowly, making it clear something was bothering her.


"I saw you come in... You looked..." He searched for words to say that wouldn't upset her any further.  "For lack of a better phrase... pissed off."


"I'm not pissed off Clark." She answered. She patted the seat next to her.  "Here have a seat." She sighed. "Such is the life of a nurse." She shrugged wrapping her hands around her mocha latte. "I lost a patient today... a little girl about seven." She whispered. "She died of cancer Clark... she was so young... had her whole life ahead of her."


Clark heard her. He looked at her with empathy and finally took the seat she had offered. Practically knocking her to the other side of the booth. "It's not your fault you know." Clark said.


"You heard me?" Lis asked eyeing Clark.


"The sadness in your voice was hard to miss. Besides I have excellent hearing. My vision isn't too bad either... which is why I could see the tear on your cheek from across the room. Wanna tell me about it?" He offered.


"You hardly know me." Lis replied. In reality all she wanted to do was get back that safe feeling she felt when he carried her back to Luthor Manor. She'd give all her father's fortune just to be inside his jacket again.


"What more do I need to know... your aren't harboring any dark secrets from me... are you?" Clark teased.


Lis arched her eyebrow playfully. "I dunno... are you?" Her tone told him to tread softly. Like a rattlesnakes rattle warning of a potential strike. But her expression told a different story... it mirrored understanding... and gave Clark the impression he could trust her... if he were to tell her the whole story. There was a moment of comfortable silence as they met each other's gaze. Clark's stomach did cartwheels as he saw the gold streaks in her eyes. Lis watched his clear green eyes for any trace of how she was feeling. How she longed to have a glimmer of that in his eyes. Sure he was younger than her... she knew that. However he may not know how to feel the way she was feeling. She wasn't even sure how she was feeling. With that last thought though, she saw her emotions mirror through his eyes and at that instant; she was sure she saw his soul... but she saw something else. Clark Kent was not normal. He had displayed that earlier that day by ripping the roof off her car. She flinched at the memory... but that was all it took. Clark's eyes averted to the table and she had missed her chance to explore how deeply she felt for him. She cursed her thoughts profusely as she heard another small group of people enter the coffee house. She looked up to see the brunette Venus herself coming through the doorway. The one that Clark's head turned toward faster than a speeding bullet. No wait... no one's head can move that fast... She threw a questioning glare at Clark... She couldn't help but think that no matter what she found out about Clark... she knew he wasn't normal... and never would be... he was destined for great things she decided... and hell, she never was interested in normal. She watched as Clark looked at the lovely Lana with what she assumed were puppy eyes. But she made a mistake by thinking it was love in that so-called doe-eyed stare... and the whisper escaping his lips was not the devotion of undying love... she thought it was.  It was in it's own way a goodbye to Clark's childhood and Clark knew that at least. But Lis Luthor was jealous... and she could feel the green-eyed monster peering its ugly head. If it wasn't... then she would never have jumped to such silly conclusions... nor would she have done what she was about to do.


"You know Clark... if you take a picture... it will last longer." Lis said sarcastically.


"You sound like Chloe." Clark observed with a slight chuckle.


"Get a clue Clark... " Lis retorted. ~Great... not only do I have cheerleader bitch to worry about I have that Katie Curic wannabe to look out for as well...~ Lis's thoughts simmered. She could practically feel the green-eyed monster stirring the jealous remarks inside her head as if he were cooking up something. An idea... yes... The green-eyed ghoul was certainly making his presence known to Lis Luthor.


"Excuse me?" Clark blinked.


"It's obvious..." Lis shrugged trying to sound sincere.  "She's happy with her boyfriend..." Lis cleared her throat. "For the time being... why not have a little fun with her Clark bar. You need to make her think your unattainable... much the same way she's got you dangling on a string..." Lis tried to flash Clark a charming smile... she didn't' want him to think that what she was about to do was because she wanted it.


"But...I don't want Lana any ..." Clark insisted... but his words were cut off in mid thought. Lis grabbed him by the neck of his sweater and pulled him towards her. She kissed him hard on the mouth. Their noses scrunched together as Clark saw her eyes close and he felt her lips touch his. The sudden action made Clark flinch a bit but soon his eyes closed in response as he waved his hands around somewhat trying to figure out where to put them.


The whole coffee house turned to watch the display as the Calling's song went off the air and the sound of the radio sent Faith Hill's This Kiss through the room. Pete stood and started a loud whooping noise... Whitney scream "Way to go Clark man..." Lana stood her mouth dropped open as she pushed Whitney harder than she realized back into his seat. Chloe watched silently at the scene before her. She winced as the cheers from Pete caught on and loud catcalls were starting to echo through out the Beanery. Chloe just sat in her seat... tears unmistakable as they went streaming down her face, but nobody noticed. Remembering her decision to move on, she hastily wiped her eyes and forced herself to smile as big as she could. With that, she stood, joining the rest of the Beanery's customers.


Clark found himself lost in the kiss, feeling the velvety softness of her lips, which reminded him of the smooth muzzle of a horse. His thought collected in his head as Lis's tongue touched his bottom lip and he opened his mouth receptively and duplicated her actions. Although the more he got into the stroke of her tongue dancing with his, the more he heard a loud roar of excitement. He opened one eye, seeing Lis's sweet face, noting that her eyes were closed. His heart fluttered as he hoped she was enjoying the kiss as much as he was... He also hoped he was kissing her back as fantastically as she was kissing him. He doubled his efforts, his strong mouth taking hers, his tongue rolling over her mouth tasting her with all he had. Clark had kissed very few girls, how funny that most of them didn't even remember what day it was afterwards. Clark could feel the blush creep up the back of his neck making his hair stand at attention. He could feel his body stirring elsewhere due to the innocent kiss that was turning out to be not so innocent. In fact, the thoughts running through Clark's head were far from innocent. In fact, they were down right pornographic... He couldn't help but think about how far this kiss should go... and he couldn't see any reason for it not to go somewhere... He wanted it to go somewhere... he needed it to... seventeen years of frustration balled up into his stomach and it was hard for him to just ignore it. Throwing caution to the wind...  his hand started to travel up her waist resting on her ribcage.


Lis could feel his hand on her side and did her best to ignore the goose flesh his touch created on every inch of her fervent flesh. Her own thoughts were growing feverish as she hoped he would bring his hand further towards her chest. Her hand also started to take on a mind of its own moving against his denim-covered leg. She found her hand following his strong thigh muscle as she traced her hand inside his thigh. Clark seemed to grip her side tighter, his fingertips proficiently tracing the underside of her breast. She stuck out her chest a bit to get him to move upwards, and it succeeded.  Clark's index finger traced the hardness of her nipple, before his large meek hand took her whole breast into it, fondling almost amorously. He was totally into the kiss and the feel of her body as was Lis with his, both were not aware of the chaos around them. However Clark did realize they weren't alone... for if they had been alone... in his loft...or anywhere else alone for that matter... Clark didn't know if he could control his dominant hormones... especially when Lis ran her hand up over Clark's masculinity and it threatened to eject through his zipper.  Clark had to distract himself fast... either that or he was going to be walking out with an all to informative stain on his clothing... and somehow the spilling of coffee didn't seem to be the right explanation to his mom to why his pants had a spot in that precise area. She wasn't stupid... and he wasn't in the mood for questions... but then again... Clark heard something vaguely break through the wall that had protected them thus far into the moment. ~What the? ~  He glanced to the side... and that's when he saw it. The pandemonium in the small coffee house was deafening. Clark pulled all his strength together and tore himself away from Lis's mouth.  She looked at him questionably until she looked past him at the chanting Smallville high students. Clark's mouth turned into a nervous grin as he peered at Lis. A grimace fell over her face as she slowly peaked through one eyelash. The sight before her had both eyes flying open and wide with horror. She hadn't expected there to be that big of an audience. Clark ran a hand through his tousled hair and a timid smile crossed his lips. He looked concerned at Lis who was mirroring his expression.


There was no time to linger on the feelings the kiss brought to the forefront of Clark's mind. He didn't know what to say. His eyes caught Lis's and he smiled sympathetically at her. The roar of the crowd was starting to die down as things started to get back to normal. Although Clark knew things were far from being normal.  Truth was, they never would be technically normal again. Clark blinked hard at his realization.  Lis still lingered in her daze.  However, Clark began to panic without thinking and an instant later, he uttered his famous line. "Um... gotta go." And he was gone. There was no super speed in the action... not until he was out the Beanery doors. Lis swore she saw him disappear once outside. She watched him closely as he stood to leave. The shocked look on her face was not from how fast he seemed to disappear though, it was from the way had kissed her.



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