Title: Only Human

Author: Nursie

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Disclaimer: I don't own Smallville... WB does... Only original characters and storyline are mine.

Rating: PG-14

Characters: Clark and the gang plus original characters.

Spoilers: Any and ALL Smallville eppies up to Nicodemus and possibly future eppies once they air and I keep up with the story.






Part Two- "The Interview"


Alissa Luthor sat up in her bed and slammed her fist down on her alarm clock. "Damn thing." She cursed as she quickly pulled back the covers. She stood and walked over to her closet. A glance in the mirror sent a chill down her spine. Hollow cheekbones, and pale skin, stared her back in the face. "Yuck." She exclaimed unhappily. A vision of her dream crept into her mind, as she dressed for her nursing job at Smallville Clinic. A tall boy with dark hair and magnificent green eyes, he seemed so vulnerable... yet strong. For some reason, the Kent boy hadn't left her head. Not that she minded; he was definitely something to look at. Her heart sank when reality once again forced her to be logical. "Lis." She told herself for about the billionth time. "He's got a thing for that cheerleader... and you... you don't need to breaking any hearts right now... especially right now." She sighed after a moment. "It doesn't matter anyway... a few dreams, a few glances... one conversation... at this rate you'll be gone before he gets the chance to know you." She pulled on her scrubs shirt and tied her Nike shoes. Pulling her hair into a ponytail she grimaced once again at her reflection. "Like he would be interested anyhow." She grumbled turning on her heel and leaving her bedroom.



Clark was up at sunrise. He was always up at sunrise. However this time, he just couldn't sleep. He made his way towards the kitchen. It was Friday and school would be out for the weekend. He opened the refrigerator door, taking a long drink of milk out of the pitcher. He looked around sneakily for his mom then gulped down half the glass container. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and placed it back in the fridge.  Scratching his head he took a seat next to a bowl of cereal he had made himself. He took several bites of the Trix cereal while staring into space. He was nervous. But he couldn't fathom why. He had been planning this for almost two weeks ...  it had taken him that long to talk Chloe into letting him run with the idea. Somehow if it didn't have to do with the meteor mutants... Chloe wasn't all that interested anymore. Lately, Chloe had really thrown herself into the Torch... and it took a lot of latte's to get her to let him do the interview.  So today... he would talk to Lex... and that was nothing new.  He had spoken to Lex hundreds of times... he was his best friend. What bothered Clark was not his friend though... it was his friend's sister. For it wasn't Lex that Clark was interviewing, it was in fact... Lex's sister. And Lis Luthor did something to Clark's nerves much the same way Lana did...or had done up until that night Lex returned from business with his sister and happened to stop by the Beanery. The past two weeks were incredibly confusing to Clark, for numerous reasons. Reason's Clark was not quite sure how to figure out just yet... Maybe he didn't know how to...  Maybe he was just realizing Lana was unattainable... or maybe he was just growing bored with the status quo.  He finished his cereal, and proceeded to get ready for school.



He glared at his closet. He was never any good at picking out something to wear. He settled for a comfortable pair of Levi jeans, a dark blue fitted t-shirt and a blue flannel shirt. He slid his arms into the shirt then another shirt caught his eye. He hadn't bought it... Chloe had. It was funny how Chloe always seemed to be doing little things like that for him. Perhaps it wasn't so funny... and Clark turned a blind eye to what everyone else could see because he valued her friendship way too much to let certain feelings jumble up a perfect friendship and the star news team of Smallville High. The shirt stuck out like a fat woman on a nude beach. He sighed as he hastily discarded the flannel shirt then went back over to his closet. Plucking the shirt from the hanger, he eyed it curiously. It was a fitted dark green Calvin Kline sweater with vertical ribbing as decoration. Clark never wore anything so stylish, it wasn't his nature, but he wanted to look good for the interview...right... the interview. He stripped the dark blue t-shirt from his chest and pulled on the green sweater. He didn't like the way it fit... it showed off his chest and clung to his waist. He definitely was more than aware of Chloe's ulterior motives. He thought about changing his jeans looking once again at his closet; a pair of khakis caught his attention. However Clark shrugged off that idea faster than an Amtrak... he wanted to look nice but not be totally uncomfortable. He grabbed his books off his desk and bounded down the stairs.


He entered the kitchen, as his parents sat drinking coffee and reading the paper.


"Hi guys." He said casually bending down to peck his mother's cheek lovingly then strolled over to pour himself a cup of coffee.



"You look nice today Clark." Martha Kent said. Her smile was more than evident in the compliment.


Clark shifted shyly. "I have that interview for the Torch this morning so I figured I'd bust out the new line of farm wear."


Jonathon Kent laughed. "Is this what the modern farmer is wearing these days? Doesn't look very practical... there's no room to move in that shirt."


It was Martha's turn to laugh. She watched Clark's face turn red with embarrassment but she couldn't help herself from noticing just how handsome her son had grown to be. He had definitely grown into his height and his physique. It was beyond her comprehension why her son did not have a girlfriend.... And hadn't had one. "You're sure to turn more than a few heads in that sweater Clark... you do still know how to dial 9-1-1 if anyone passes out." She laughed whole heartedly as Clark flashed her a look that could kill.


"Mawum..." Clark wined. For a split second, Clark wanted to tear the sweater off, and put the blue flannel back on... but if what his mom said was true... then maybe he would catch someone's eye and it wasn't Lana Lang he was thinking of.


"Lana's gonna have a heart attack." Jonathon teased.


Clark rolled his eyes. He now wished he had never told his parents about his crush on the neighbor girl for it had done nothing but fuel endless teasing since his freshman year. "Stop teasing me... I have an interview and that's it... I just wanna look nice."


Martha looked at him apologetically. "And you do Clark. I'm sorry dear... It's just that you never pay much attention to how you dress... and you look so nice even then... " She sighed. "IF I was Lana Lang... Or any other girl for that matter...I'd sure as hell notice you today." She added. Jonathon flashed a look at her and they both started laughing hysterically.


Clark put his coffee down and grabbed his books again. "If I don't go... I won't get the interview done in time to make the afternoon edition of the Torch." He muttered opening the screen door. As soon as the screen door closed behind him... Clark was gone leaving his parents still in awe at how he was able to disappear from their sight in a mere blink of an eye.


Clark slowed down as he walked towards Luthor Manor... He couldn't help but notice what a nice day it was turning out to be and he began to think maybe the sweater was a bad choice of clothing for how hot it might get. Although Clark never worried about being too hot or even too cold... those things never bothered him. He could hear the bluebirds singing a morning song as the sun took its place high in the perfect blue sky. He took in a deep breath then coughed at what he just inhaled. The warm wind must have carried the odor of the livestock from the neighboring farms. Clark grinned. "Fresh country air." He laughed to himself as he heard the engine of a car heading towards him. When it finally came around the bend into Clark's vision, he could see the metallic blue BMW M3 and a passing thought crossed his brain. "Wait a second... no one but Lex drives that kind of car around here." He said to himself. He watched the speeding car come closer and closer. He blinked, and then he wished he hadn't. The car swerved to the left and veered towards the trees lining the road. In an instant, Clark saw the car make contact with the nearest Sycamore. He raced to the site and felt his heart drop from his chest as he saw just who was driving the ill-fated automobile. "Lis?" He called out in a panic. "Are you ok?"


He held his breath for a second as he surveyed the damage. He had to get her out of there now. There was no time to think how to do it... the gas line had been severed and the car might blow up at any moment. Without waiting for her to respond, he tore open the roof of the car only to see a very confused Lis Luthor staring up at him.


~Damn it... she's conscious. ~ He thought for an instant before he took her under her arms and pulled her out through the exit he had created.


He raced with her in his arms to a safe distance before the car caught on fire. He heard the familiar boom of the explosion as he shielded her from the blow practically throwing his entire body on top of her.  She shrunk beneath him as she tried to comprehend what was going on.

"Are you alright?" Clark asked as she finally got her footing and tried to stand up.


"I should be asking you the same question." She said amazed dusting the dirt and leaves from her uniform. She looked up, just then realizing who had saved her. "It's... you."


"Me?" Clark asked dumbfounded. "Are you ok?"


"I'm fine Clark. Clark Kent." She smiled at him.


"Just Clark." Clark replied. "What just happened back there?"


"Well, my car just blew up." She said sarcastically. She smiled embarrassed as her expression softened. "I don't know... I was reaching for something in my purse and next thing I know... there's a tree."


"You need to be more careful... I can't be everywhere you know."



"Yah... what about that... You seem to be the Savior of Smallville... do you go around looking for people in distress? My brother tells me you pulled him out of the river."




"You just ripped a hole in the roof of a 2002 BMW M3 automobile Clark... how'd you do that?"


"Ancient farm boy secrets." He teased. ~Damn it...she's gonna ask questions! ~


"Funny." She smiled at him dropping her interest in the obvious for the time being. Him standing there in front of her was much more interesting for the here and now. "Were you coming to see Lex?"


"Actually I was coming to see you." Clark admitted... for the first time to himself.


"What do you want with lil ol' me?" She cooed. Maybe he wasn't such a lost cause.


"Uh...Interview... I am supposed to do an interview with you for the school paper. Lex didn't tell you?"


~Crap...~ Lis thought. "No... Not a word..." Lis answered. She arched her eyebrow. "Why would you do that? The interview I mean... I'm pretty booring compared to my brother.


"Maybe... but Chloe had the idea the night she saw you with Lex." Clark lied. It was him with the idea... but he didn't want to tell her that. He felt a connection to her; something was pulling him towards her, an invisible magnet... almost like he was meant to be there, not to mention the way she had felt when he had her in his arms. "Are you sure you're alright..." He asked again.


Lis rolled her eyes. "I wouldn't have been if you hadn't showed up... tell Chloe thanks for the thought."


Clark smirked for a second. Maybe he should have told her it was his idea. "Are you up for an interview?"


"I'm sorta late... but I guess a car accident is a valid excuse." She smiled. They began to walk up the road towards Luthor Manor. As she fell into step with him she couldn't shake the warm feeling she was getting being next to him. And she was beginning to miss the strong arms around her. She smiled to herself when an idea crept into her head. She suddenly fell to the ground, pretending to step wrong on her foot. "OUCH!" She cried.


"What? What is it?" Clark asked alarmed as he kept her from falling to the ground.


"I think I just turned my ankle." She lied. A true Luthor trait... while her father used his talent for evil and business... and Lex... well that was yet to be determined, Lis never really lied... it was a gift she found useful in situations such as these... but she would never have even considered it if it had seemed at all underhanded. In all honesty, it was quite harmless... and if it got his arms around her once again... then a little white lie could spare both of them the embarrassment of the naked truth.


"Here let me help you back to the house."


"Why don't you just get Lex... then he can bring a car down for me." She said.


"Nonsense... here I'll carry you." Clark threw his book bag over his shoulder and scooped her up in his arms.


Lis pretended to protest... as she rested her head on his shoulder and placed a hand on his chest. "You're pretty strong." She cooed feeling the chest muscle under the shirt. Clark caught her obvious touch and winced a bit at the feeling. He felt the blood rush to his appendages and got a jolt of reality when his jeans became binding and his gender pushed against his zipper. Clark almost dropped her and would have if he had thought she could feel his sudden arousal. No one had ever done that so quickly to him. Maybe it was her touch... Was she pawing him? Maybe the shirt was working after all. He grinned to himself forgetting his compromising position as he spotted Luthor Manor from the driveway.


He carried her straight up to the door and kicked it open without effort. Lis noticed this as well but said nothing deciding to keep her observations to herself much the same way she wanted to keep him. He sat her down on a huge chair then quickly excused himself running to get Lex. She pouted when her body left his arms; her hand brushing against the front of his jeans, and she stifled a gasp. She hadn't expected to do that to him. Then again, he was a seventeen-year old guy... She hugged her arms to her chest and smiled broadly... she had felt safe there in his arms... almost like nothing could hurt her, not even the disease within. She watched him go with that feeling of warmth still inside her, slowly but surely making its way towards her heart. And from the way the cards were looking, Clark wasn't just carrying a pencil in his jeans pocket. In fact, those jeans couldn't have fit any more snug.  She waited impatiently trying to control her own hormones as how he sat her down so gently on the chair and her hand brushed against him replayed over in her mind... only this time, she didn't just brush against him, she allowed her hand to linger and in her mind's eye, he took her lips with his as she poked a finger through a tiny hole in the zipper.


Moments later Clark entered the foyer with Lex rushing close behind him. Lis grimaced at being interrupted before she got to imagine how Clark felt against her touch. Seeing the concern on Lex's face she momentarily forgot about her daydream.  ~ Oh great... I hadn't thought of that. ~ She mussed as Lex appeared next to her.


"Are you alright... the car it seems isn't." Lex smirked looking at Lis's ankle. He kneeled down to her feet taking her injured foot in his hands.


"I'm ok Lex... it doesn't even hurt honest."


Clark eyed her curiously as she wiggled her foot from Lex's hold and stood with full weight on both feet.


"I must have just stepped on it wrong. It's better now." Lis explained feeling extremely foolish.


Clark picked up on her nervousness and tried to ease her mind. "It probably feels better now... I wouldn't let her walk on it back to the house."


"Oh... really... I still should go get some ice." Lex flashed Lis a look that told her she hadn't heard the end of it then disappeared going towards the kitchen.


Clark looked at her and smiled. "Does it really not hurt anymore?"


"Not as bad anyhow." Lis lied. She smiled back at him. "Why don'tcha take a seat. You said you wanted an interview and this way you can talk to both of us."


"But I don't want Lex." Clark said then turned red from the hidden meaning. He fumbled over his words and realized it was true. It had to be especially from his hormonal reaction to holding her. Once again he felt his pulse quicken as blood rushed to his cheeks and other regions and he suddenly became thoroughly embarrassed looking at the clock for an excuse to run.


Lis blinked twice... the words were not wasted on her; She heard them loud and clear. A small grin touched the corner of her mouth as she thought what to say.


"Um... it's getting late... could we possibly reschedule this for later? I didn't realize how late it was getting."


Lis looked over at the grandfather clock then glanced at him skeptically. "You have a few minutes... Lex can drive you to school if you like."


Clark sighed. "I guess I do have a few minutes." He sat down in the chair across from her. "Well then, how long are you planning to stay in Smallville? Tell me about yourself."


"I am planning on staying indefinitely actually. And there isn't much to tell. I'm Lex's baby sister... He's four years older than me. I also have an associate degree in nursing... that's where I was heading... the hospital. That's why I'm dressed like this."


Clark looked at her clothing realizing for the first time how she was dressed, a pair of white nursing scrubs with a tweety bird on the top's pocket. He grinned at the nurse cap on Tweety's head. "It's a cute uniform."


"I'm glad you approve. I have one with Mickey Mouse too... then there are the floral prints and patterns. Today's nurse is very well dressed." She teased.


Clark just smiled. He was losing himself in her eyes. The gold specks flashed before him, he was in a trance. "It's surprising... You being in a profession so..."


"Giving? Hard? I deal with a lot of crap Clark... literally. I may be a Luthor but not all of us were born without hearts. My mother more than made up for Lionel's lump of stone."


"It's not that... Lex has a good heart. I wouldn't think you were any different. So why did you choose such a hands on profession... You're a Luthor... is there really a need to work?"


"I'm very good with my hands..." Lis said then immediately realized the blatant innuendo as Clark blushed furiously. She cleared her throat.  "Nah... I just want to give back... I've been around a lot of hospitals. Not to mention... Our mother was a nurse. That's how dad met her. He was seriously injured in a horseback riding accident and she was his nurse." Lis shrugged. Lex entered the room in time to hear the last of the conversation.


"Yes but father made her quit as soon as they were married. I still don't know how you get around it."


"You are the only heir Lionel pays attention to. He never once came to see me in Gotham City... never once." Lis's voice was sad. It was obvious she missed their mother... and that their father never paid her much attention.


"Ok... I think I have enough for my interview... especially with the car accident. I swear between you guys and Whitney... the body shop has gotta be the best gig in town." Clark laughed.


"Do you need a ride?" Lex offered dangling his car keys and handing Lis an ice pack.


Clark thought for a moment. He could easily run to school and make it before the bell rang. He hesitantly accepted the offer though, as he stood straightening his sweater.


"You got a new sweater Clark... or is that what today's farmer is wearing?" Lex teased.


"Chloe bought it for me... and I figured she deserved to see me wear it." Clark lied.


"Ah... it looks nice Clark... let me know where I can pick one up for myself."


Clark stepped in Lex's direction. He passed Lis in her seat and turned to her. "It was nice talking to you. I hope we can talk again soon."


"Count on it." Lis said brightly. "I look forward to it."


Clark gave her that smile... then turned back towards Lex. When they were out of site, Lis smiled to herself and sighed. Sinking back in her chair she hugged herself. From that point on, Lis would remember that smile as the million watt toothy grin.



Clark sat in silence as they rode to Smallville High. It wasn't an uncomfortable silence, but Clark was uncomfortable just the same. Lex shifted into gear then turned to Clark as the car sped down the road.


"You're awfully quiet today Clark... something on you mind."


~No... Not something... someone is more like it ~ Clark thought to himself. "No... I'm just really uncomfortable in this shirt is all."


"It's a good shirt. Makes you look like one of those kids on the WB network... you ever watch those shows Clark... the one on Tuesday nights at eight has me intrigued."


"I've caught it once or twice... I like that billionaire's sister... she's nice looking... I don't know why the main character doesn't just get over the neighbor girl though." Clark shrugged. Small talk... it was good. It kept the mood light and Clark's mind from where it wanted to be.  He really needed to be alone. The need to sort out his feelings was wearing thin and Clark was afraid he might do something stupid.


Lex laughed. He didn't catch the apparent innuendo of the conversation. "I haven't seen Lis this..." He searched for the words.


"What? You haven't seen your sister in a while?" Clark asked.


"No.... that's not it. She looks happy Clark. I haven't seen her this way in years."


"Where has she been? You have never spoken of her before."


"She's been away... in Gotham City. I saw her every chance I got."


Clark couldn't think of anything to say, so he fiddled with the CD player in the Jag. He liked music, older music, new music... it was all the same to Clark. He listened to the words of the Eagles 'Take it to the Limit' and the lyrics touched his soul. His brain brought back the image from his dream the night before. His arms wrapped around Lex's sister, she was wearing a red shirt... and she was there with her head in the crook of his arm. He finally realized he was at school when the car stopped and Lex looked at him like he was crazy.




"What's with the goofy grin?"


"Oh... I was just thinking about a dream I had last night." Clark answered.


"About Lana?" Lex asked.


"No... Not at all." Clark replied opening the car door and exiting the vehicle.


"It wasn't? A goofy grin like that has to do with a girl Clark... unless you're stuck in a coat closet." Lex smiled wickedly.


Clark arched his eyebrow at Lex's accusation. "You'd be the first to know if my door swung that way." Clark then smiled and laughed.


Lex shook his head. "You aren't my type."


Clark began to shut the door. "True... I sorta like em with hair."


Lex threw a paper cup at Clark playfully. "Get outta here... you're going to be late." Laughter was apparent in his tone.


"Alright... say hi to your sister for me." Clark said without thinking as he shut the door. Lex watched Clark walk towards the school with a questioning stare.


The day went by as usual for Clark... except for the numerous looks Clark got from the new sweater. Chloe had practically drooled over Clark's new shirt, and proclaiming to everyone that she had purchased the item for Clark herself. Lana had even given Clark the once over.  He hated to admit it... but he liked the attention. Even though Clark was a good guy and not the most popular guy in school...everyone had a vain side, it took an awful lot for it to rear it's ugly head in Clark's case... but somehow, with all the looks he received, Clark was beginning to believe he wasn't all that bad looking. Either that or the sweater was just that trendy. Clark didn't care, hell it got Lana to notice... or did he care? For once his heart wasn't in the long stare he felt burn his back. He really did need that time alone to think.


Clark took a test in Microbiology, then went to his physics class... spent the lunch hour writing his interview story for the Torch and then went to his study hall to finish his Trig homework. Then he went to baseball practice. He loved the idea of being able to play a sport. His dad wouldn't let him play football, or basketball... too much contact and someone could get hurt. Clark was able to talk him into letting him play baseball his sophomore year with the argument that there was no human contact. The only thing he would do was crush the hell out of a baseball... and that explained why Clark was hitting .380 with no errors playing centerfield. He still held back, keeping to not more that 12 homeruns in a season, and he would miss a ball here and there so his speed would not be obvious. But no one was better than Clark at stealing bases. He held the Smallville High record. Something he was proud of. Clark dug into the batters box during batting practice that warm May afternoon... and let two fastballs fly past him. Clark never missed a fastball, and the coach caught it rather quickly. The next few pitches didn't elude Clark... he simply sailed them into the right field bleachers.


"That's my star centerfielder!" Coach Anders had shouted.


Clark smiled at the compliment. Before he knew it practice was over, he gathered his books, and headed for home. He placed his books on the table and went to fish a soda out of the refrigerator. He opened it and took a long drink. Super abilities or not, Clark was thirsty. He turned to go back outside and to his loft when a soft hand touched his shoulder. He turned to see his mother's warm face.


"Ok... Clark... what's eating you?"


"Nothing Mom." Clark insisted.


"Uh huh. I don't believe you. Don't blame it on the sweater this time Clark. I'm your mother. I know when something is bothering my baby."


Clark turned red with embarrassment. "Oh mom... I'm not a baby anymore."


"No... I guess you aren't. Being 6'4 anyhow... but you're still my baby." She smiled lovingly up at her son.


Clark sighed. She wasn't gonna just let him escape. "Ok... mom... you're right. There is something on my mind. But you can't help me with it. I hafto work it out on my own."


"Lana problems?" She asked softly.


"Actually no..." Clark admitted.


"Really? I thought for sure she'd notice how nice you look in that sweater. It really shows off your chest Clark."


Clark again flushed with embarrassment. "Mom..." He wined.


"I may be your mother but I still have eyes Clark. You're a very handsome young man."


"You have to say that... as you said. You're my mother." Clark smiled. "Really mom... I need to go do some homework before I meet Chloe and Pete at the Beanery."


"You know I'm here to listen..." She said. "You can always talk to me or your father."


"I know. You're one of my greatest assets." Clark said seriously.


Martha smiled as she watched her son walk out the kitchen door.



Clark made his way towards his loft, enjoying the fact that he would actually be able to spend some time alone. He walked up the creaky old wooden stairs and entered his refuge with a cleansing breath. Sitting down in a near by seat, he glanced at the straw scattered across the floor. "Finally alone." He said to himself. He leaned back in the chair and closed his eyes. When he opened them, they fell on the telescope in the window. Standing he bent down to look through it. He saw the front porch of Lana's house, and no one was sitting there. He sighed a deep sigh as he looked up from the telescope. With on last thought, he moved the equipment away from the window. 



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