Title: The Lion King

Rated: NC-17 some parts may be rated under that but the story over all is rated for mature readers.

Author: Nursie

Disclaimer: I don't own Voltron... WEP entertainment does...Only original characters and storyline are mine. That means Mena who appears in Part 4 or 5 is mine... Zejan has permission to use her, and if you ask nicely... you can too... just ask!

Characters: Keith, Lance, Princess Allura and the rest of the cast from the series.

Spoilers: Based on the Anime series Voltron from the early to mid eighties, also rerun on Cartoon Network in the late nineties. Any episodes and all episodes from the Lion Voltron series may be mentioned in storyline, so having watched any or all would definitely be helpful but not necessary.

"The Lion King"

 A Volton: Defender of the Universe Fan Fic





Part 6:


“Lance’s Brown Eyed Girl”

Mena stretched at the nurse’s station. With a sidelong glance at Allura who was scribbling something in a chart she sighed. These so called shifts at the Garrison’s Veteran’s hospital were taking a toll on the beautiful princess. She was not a trained nurse… she had no books no manuals, not so much as a drug guide for nurses. Mena figured they were grand fathering her in to the profession. Knowing that she would not need to use it to earn a living. She received the title of a registered nurse here on Terra, not because of her time in the classroom, but for her time in the battlefield.  Surprisingly, she picked up quickly, learning the basics of Medication administration, wound care, CPR (something Mena figured Allura already knew well) there was so much Allura did not know though and Mena couldn’t contain her laughter when she had to change an incontinent man or bathe him even. The facility was simple… twenty-six beds per floor… with an special care unit in the west wing. Complete with a garden and house doctor. One thing she was certain Allura wasn’t used to yet was the surgical rotation.  That was Mena’s specialty though and no one died while on her table. That was odd since the majority of the injuries that came through the Garrison ER were fatal.  The drules were merciless… and Mena’s heart went out to the soldiers in their battle for universal peace. She yawned and peaked at the wall clock. ~ Half hour more and we are outta here. ~ She thought then turned back to the stack of charts in front of her.


It had been two weeks, since they had arrived on Terra. It seemed that they all got into there brief existence on Terra… each having their own schedule because of their rank. Allura hardly ever saw Lance or Keith the last week or so… and Keith and Lance were not seeing much of each other lately either. Allura and Mena were quite close now, if not because she was the only person Allura saw daily. Mena had been told of  this Keith that had captured her friend’s heart and she was a lot more like Lance than anyone knew… her thoughts on the subject were pretty much identical. To hell with protocol and do what your heart says. But she had not told Allura her thoughts on the subjects… for fear she would retreat and not tell her a single thing. Mena liked having a friend. It had been so long since she had found someone that she could talk to.  Mena glared at the chart, but it soon became fuzzy and she was yet again immersed into another vision that captured her brain.


From that time on she was not normal. Nikia… ever grateful to the young girl that had restored life to her son and hope to her planet had died… and now elders that were left were sending them all in separate directions. Lance, having recovered from being clinically dead was to go with his Aunt Megara and her new husband who was from Terra… but she was to grow up practically alone. For she ran away… too scared to face life without aunt Nikia or any of her family for that matter. She had hitched a ride to Terra… figuring she would be able to survive on such a lush planet but for a girl barely six, that would be a feet not even an adult could do at times. She did though, and for some reason not known to her, she had all but forgotten about the amber glow and the way her hand started Lance’s heart. As a girl of fourteen, she was brought to her magic quite by accident as the Fairy Dragon described. She was found by a coven of Wiccans. And then raised as one of them. She worshiped the earth and the heavens. She did not know evil nor did she understand it. Until her surrogate family died at the hands of one of Zarkon’s henchmen Cossack. She survived because of her skill and she knew this. Yet she could not shake the feeling that an evil more sinister had been done to her. Her white witchcraft had showed her the powers that were natural to her. Soon after she joined the coven, she became very powerful, with a sorcery that none of the women could explain. Alexis her surrogate mother once told her that she had a vision, and that she was destined for something big… and that there was magic all around her. But Mena knew none of that. Nor did she remember a time before her landing on Terra. It was as  if a spell were placed on her… and she hated the feeling that someone somewhere had messed with her mind. At sixteen, she joined the Garrison… and became a military nurse at the age of eighteen. Now at the age of Twenty-one, she was finally finding her niche… or so she thought.


The touch of a hand on her shoulder brought her back from her thoughts. She smiled and looked up at Allura’s sapphire eyes. She rubbed her eyes as she noted it was time to go.


“Times goes by fast when you day dream…” Allura teased grabbing her lab coat and walking towards the elevator.


Mena stretched and stood. As she followed Allura to the elevator a pair of haunting pale blue eyes crept to her consciousness. She shook off the thought and entered the elevator as Allura pushed the buttons. “I’ll be glad to get back to the dorm and go to bed.” Mena said, a tired rasp to her voice.


“I know what you mean. Mr. Kamps was giving me a hard time tonight when I went in to give his bedtime meds. He actually grabbed my bottom.”


Mena rolled her eyes. “He grabbed your ass princess. You don’t have to watch your mouth around me… I sleep in the same room with you… and you talk in your sleep.”


Allura turned red. “What have I said?” she wondered embarrassed.


“I dunno… you tell me… something along the lines of ride me cowboy?” Mena joked.


Allura promptly hit her with the homework papers in her hand. She had to map out some flight data… along with chart and diagram every muscle in the human body. She liked the nursing gig though more than she thought she would. The skills she was learning she was sure would come in handy someday.


Mena looked down at the floor… and then a flash went through her eyes and she looked at Allura. “I can’t believe I forgot it’s Friday night.”


“Yeah… so?”


“Well… you have the weekend to finish you ‘homework’ let’s go down to the Oasis club and have a drink.”


“I’m not really much of a drinker.” Allura argued.


“Then order a soda… I for one am having scotch with it.” The elevator opened and she practically dragged Allura outside of it.


“But my hair’s a mess… and I have some unidentified stain on my scrub top.” Allura cried. “You know how Mr. Kamps wanders… I swear he peed on me ON purpose!”


Mena couldn’t help it. She burst out in laughter, her eyes watering from the shear joy of it. Mena herself had been the victim of Mr. Kamps escapades at finding the bathroom… and she had been doused in a lot more stuff than urine. “Ally, us nurses have a grave position. We take care of the sick and disabled, the dying and the young… the injured and the mentally challenged. We have a thankless existence but we are needed… and we also need to take a break sometimes… come on… I’ll DRINK your drink.”


Allura smiled. She didn’t know what to say. She really didn’t want to go out in her current condition but Mena made it sound so… fun and she longed to do something normal.


Seeing the conflict on Allura’s face, Mena soon came to a realization. “Maybe Captain Keith will be there.”


And that was all it took. Allura was halfway down the hallway and nearing the exit by the second. “Ally! Wait up! I can’t keep up with you!” she screamed out of breath finally catching up to her outside the hospital.


“You have found my weakness my friend. Perhaps one day I will tell you how much of a weakness he really is.”


“Don’t worry friend. I already get the picture.” Mena smiled. “I on the other hand have had many boyfriends… although they all were alright in the beginning but once you got to know them… they usually freaked out or something. I guess I just scared them.” Mena placed a hand on her hips.


“So it’s the officers Oasis Club?” Allura stated, taking the pins from her hair and running her free hands fingers through it. Mena watched in awe at the beauty of the golden tresses. Mena’s hair was in her opinion a dull brown but what she didn’t know, it was quite stunning. It was a cinnamon color brown that ended in layers at her shoulder blades. The short layers ending at her shoulders and her bangs got in her eyes often. Her eyes were large with cocoa brown iris and lashes that framed them perfectly. Yes, Mena was beautiful, from head to toe inside and out. She was a bit taller than Allura, around 5 foot 6 inches and she wore a dress size larger at a size 8. But the extra fifteen pounds didn’t show in any malicious way, for it gave her curves a healthy glow and her chest something to stick out. They both were clad in rationed military medical scrubs of a blue gray color. White lab coats, athletic walking shoes and both women wore their long hair in a chignon, bun or ponytail. Mena happened to have her hair pulled straight back and mounted on the top of her head in a ponytail that ended at her shoulders and flew in her face when she bent over. Allura had tied hers in a chignon, and little wisps were now falling to frame her face. Both wore weary faces as they walked the block and a half to the officer’s recreation club, and neither said anything. A comfortable silence had found them as they both contemplated there day on the nursing ward.



Moments later… Officer’s Oasis Club


The two women entered the smoke filled atmosphere, searching for something they didn’t quite understand yet. Music filled the air and crowds of Garrison officers populated the club. Mena smiled and pushed her way towards the bar. Wedging in between an officer in military uniform she pulled Allura beside her and began to order a drink.


“I need two scotch and sodas.” She told the bartender.


Allura opened her mouth to protest but soon decided not to. She wasn’t on Arus, and there was no Nanny to tell her what she could and couldn’t do. Besides she was of legal Terran age to have a drink if she wanted and she figured that it would soothe her jangled nerves from the day’s events. Mena handed her a glass, then maneuvered away from the bar. Finding a table close to the dance floor they sat appreciating the rest.


Mena took a drink of her drink and smiled at Allura. Allura in turn tried the stuff, it was all she could do was not to spit the it out. She noticed Mena was quite comfortable, and yet she herself was nervous. ~ Would Keith come here? Would she see either of her friends?~ Her thoughts were cut off when Mena spoke to her.


Her tone was almost flirtatious as she looked at a guy that had entered the establishment. She couldn’t help but  notice that he walked with confidence and was very nice looking. “Would ya look at that?” She cooed taking a sip of her drink. Allura turned to look at whom Mena was referring to, but all she could see was Lance.


Her heart skipped a beat as she jumped from her seat almost knocking over her drink. “Excuse me for a moment.” She muttered cheerfully as she made her way towards her friend she hadn’t seen in weeks.


Her voice was breathless, her eyes were filled with unshed tears of joy. She flung her arms around a very unsuspecting Lance.


He jolted in his spot until he saw a familiar face with blond hair sticking to it. “Whoa Ally… you look…”


Allura arched an eyebrow at her friend. He smiled gently as an old Terran song he loved growing up started to play on the disc player. He gave a slight chuckle at the song… it seemed to fit the situation. The Eagles had always been a favorite of his and the song Take it to the Limit was one he hadn’t heard since leaving Terra. He mentally noted to himself to get the vid disc for the trip home. “You know you look good.” He replied.


Allura sighed. “Do I?” She cocked a half grin and then looked Lance in the eye. “Where is you better half?” she asked trying to sound nonchalant about it but it was more than obvious how much she wanted to see Keith.


“He’ll be here… he had a few things to finish up. Tonight’s the first time we have had to do anything outside of give lectures to cadets, go over military mumbo jumbo and such. I tell ya Ally… it’s a bitch.”


Allura rolled her eyes. Same ol’ Lance. Not watching his mouth in front of her to save his life. Although she should be used to it by now, Mena wasn’t much better. “Would you care to join us? There aren’t many tables available and…”


“I’d love too. I’m sure Keith will be joining us shortly.” Lance answered as he and Allura made their way back to the table.


From the moment she saw him she knew her life was about to change drastically. But nothing prepared her for the meeting of his eyes and the touch of his hand. He strolled up to the table with such confidence, and such ease. She was mesmerized. He neared the table and her eyes locked with his. One second that seemed like an eternity. She saw her soul mate in those eyes. He came towards them and finally was there, obviously feeling the electricity in the air and the questions in the Mena’s features. He took her hand as he said a simple hello.


“Uh… Mena… this is my dearest friend… Lieutenant Lance Barton… pilot extrordinar.” She chimed. She was definitely proud of her friend but suddenly almost unnervingly she felt like a third wheel. Seeing the look on Mena’s face, she elbowed her back to the present.


Mena jumped slightly, and then an embarrassed flush crept to her cheeks as she blinked finally. “Hello.” She said softly. “I’m Mena… Corporal Mena Cooper RN…. Lieutenant.” She said regaining her composure.


“Just call me Lance.” He replied smiling for he too was sensing there was something magical in the air tonight.


Allura pulled up a chair for Lance and he sat down.


“Lance?” Mena mouthed. ~ Where do I know that name from?~ She shook her head violently. “Sorry, I am just a bit tired from the evening shift at the hospital.”


“You’re a nurse too?”


“Yes, and Ally’s roommate.” She answered.


“I see you call her Ally too.”


“It’s just faster to say is all.”


“I know… Keith hates it… he always calls her Princess… rarely does he call her by her name.” Lance smacked his lips.


“Speaking of the Commander…” Mena shot a glance at the nervous princess. “Where is he. I hear he’s your shadow.”


“My shadow? That’s a little drastic isn’t it? If anything, I am his shadow. I’m second in command.” Lance shifted uncomfortably. He felt like he knew this girl he had just met, and that seemed very odd to the Voltron Force’s right arm. He simply felt he’d seen her before in his dreams or in his visions… or in his past. He did not know which or if it was all of the above but he didn’t want to leave her company and from the way she was staring right back at him, he could feel the beating of her heart in her chest, knowing she was sensing the very same things. ~Is she who Questa prophesied?~ He quickly ran an eye over Mena’s features and it came to him. If she wasn’t in those military scrubs, and her hair was down… she was the mirror image of the girl Questa had materialized into. Lance knew this in his soul right then and this scared him. ~ So this is her...  at least the pip squeak dragon has taste She’s beautiful…~


A new voice joined the group but his eyes never wavered from Mena’s. They couldn’t. He was held captive by their essence and the promise of the future that lingered unknowingly to her. “Oh hi Keith.” He gestured.


Allura turned around and in true unprincess like fashion, she grabbed him by the shoulders and engulfed him in a hug. “KEITH!” she squealed. “I can’t believe you are here… I haven’t seen either of you in two weeks… what have they been putting you boys through.”


“I can tell you what they’ve been putting us girls through.” Mena offered her eyes still held by Lance but she could still hear the conversation around her.


“And what would that be?” Keith joked figuring it wasn’t all that much.


“A lot of crap.” Mena said almost self-righteously finally breaking her trance from Lance’s gaze. He blinked as she did. Both changed somehow at the chance meeting of the last two last mages of Vovin. Problem was, Lance did not know for sure if she was the one… he hoped so, for there was a seed that was planted and could grow into something he had never thought he was capable of feeling. And the other problem was that she had no clue right then who she was meant to be. Lance had hated that his past had been hid from him, along with his birthright as Prince to the Vovin order. If she was to be his princess, then he would join the ranks of Sven and Keith… all three would get the fairy tale… a handsome prince and a beautiful princess. Then hopefully… just maybe… they all could live happily ever after.

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