Title: The Lion King

Rated: NC-17 some parts may be rated under that but the story over all is rated for mature readers.

Author: Nursie

Disclaimer: I don't own Voltron... WEP entertainment does...Only original characters and storyline are mine. That means Mena who appears in Part 4 or 5 is mine... Zejan has permission to use her, and if you ask nicely... you can too... just ask!

Characters: Keith, Lance, Princess Allura and the rest of the cast from the series.

Spoilers: Based on the Anime series Voltron from the early to mid eighties, also rerun on Cartoon Network in the late nineties. Any episodes and all episodes from the Lion Voltron series may be mentioned in storyline, so having watched any or all would definitely be helpful but not necessary.

"The Lion King"

 A Volton: Defender of the Universe Fan Fic




Part Five:


 “Vision Questa…”

Keith glared at Lance as he started to unpack his belongings. “How could you do that?” he hissed throwing a pair of socks into the drawers of the dresser he was furnished.


“You got to let her make her own mistakes sometime Mon Ami.” Lance sighed… obviously his friend was clueless… He rolled his eyes to the powers that be in his newfound world and cursed them comically. ~What were you thinking when you chose me to be…er well… um me? I couldn’t get these two together when I didn’t have magical powers… what makes you think I can now… MOTHER??? ~


And then, a voice echoed from within his brain… and he closed his eyes to receive the message from beyond. ~ Dragon Lance worries too much… this journey to Terra is not for your friends… they will find their own way to each other… True love conquers all and GOOD always triumphs over evil ~


~Questa… where is my mother…? ~


The fairy dragon’s voice sounded hurt when it replied next… for it truly did have a thing for Lance. ~ Are you not happy to hear from me? OR do I sound too much like a fortune cookie? ~ Questa added hotly her jealousy clearly showing in her brief torment of Lance’s psyche.


Keith looked up at Lance in a panic… his eyes had closed and he was in a trance again. Keith worried for his friend. “Lance??? Are you there?”


With that, Lance promptly held up a hand and one finger, telling him just a second with the gesture. Keith nodded then turned back to the task at hand. He would have to get used to Lance’s visions… he only hoped they didn’t interfere with Lance’s reflexes during battle. Then again… they hadn’t yet and Keith suspected the visions were nothing new to the Red lion pilot.



~Then what am I doing here besides for Garrison regulations? ~ Lance asked the fairy dragon.


Questa sighed… ~ There is another… another mage. We had lost her for some time now… but she has resurfaced. We are not sure where her intentions lie but she is a true daughter of Vovin. The girl… the glimpse I showed you at the cave, you know her features Dragon Lance. Find her and tell her of her heritage. ~


~ IS she my sister? Do I have a sister? ~ Lance questioned astounded.


~She is not your sister. She is the daughter of the evil one… thought to have perished in the dragon war. It is good that she remains unnoticed. She was to be your betrothed. ~


Lance smirked. ~ Yeah right… me married… your kidding. I don’t even know the girl… I am a life long bachelor. Marriage is fine for my friends… not for me. I can’t have children anyhow. Humans cannot have children with Mages. ~


~ She is of full Vovin blood. She does not know like you did not know. Although, she has come to her powers quite by accident and is more powerful than you are my Dragon…


~Stop with the love fest here… my name is LANCE… the Dragon Lance is a weapon and I am hardly a weapon. Nor am I a fictional pawn in a game ~ Lance paused for a second, his thoughts finally kicking in. ~ Wait a second… a true daughter of Vovin? What do you mean she knows her craft? ~


~She is skilled in the Terran culture of Wicca… the earth’s ‘answer’ to the mages.~ Lance could practically see the fairy dragon rolling her eyes. ~She grew up on Terra herself and is a healer from Vovin. You will know her when you see her. ~


~ Questa??? ~ Lance screamed after her mentally. But Questa was gone. Lance could sense the jealousy in Questa… For Lance feared the dragon was truly in love with him. ~ Great… instead of a monkey on my back I get a lovesick dragon. Who knew? ~ Lance shook his head and came back to reality. Looking at Keith, he simply grinned.


“Where are we eating?” Lance asked with a smile.


Keith looked at his friend and smiled accordingly. It was just like Lance to take such a scene with a grain of salt. He fished in his bag for his wallet and turned to Lance. “What was that all about?” he asked in a nonchalant manner.


“Nothin’ just gotta a little fairy dragon with a crush is all.” Lance replied simply like it was an everyday accurance.


“Oh… is that all.” Keith added finding the whole thing quite humorous.  They turned to go, but as Keith got the door, he chuckled a bit at Lance. “Is she cute?” He teased.


Next thing Keith felt was a blow to his head.





Later that day… the recruits barracks…


Allura almost panicked as she punched in the security clearance code to her new quarters. The door opened and she soon found herself a bit displeased. ~ You’d think they’d give a princess her own room. Suck it up now girl…  You’ve been through worse in the caves. ~ Her brief displeasure soon faded as a voice from behind her greeted her.


“Hi ya… my royal roomie.” She uttered with delight.


~ She knows… but how? General Caulfield promised I would be a regular officer… that I would not be treated with any favoritism. ~ She shrugged mentally… ~ Guess that explains the cramped quarters… and the roommate. ~ She couldn’t say anything further… she had practically demanded the regular treatment so to say. She turned to greet her new roommate and friend… she hoped. They would be spending a lot of time together… might as well get used to it. She turned, and looked into a familiar set of warm brown eyes.


“Nice to see you again Princess Allura.” Mena chimed. “It isn’t everyday I get to share my bedroom with a princess.”


“But…” she tried to question her but the feeling that she got from the woman at the orientation came back and flooded her brain.


 ~Something’s familiar about her… almost … no… But what if? ~


“It is polite in Terran custom to say hello to your roommate…” Mena smiled. She knew what Allura was thinking. She read her mind.


“Oh how rude of me… I just don’t understand why you know who I am


 “ Allura stated going over to the bunk beds in the corner, and laying her bag on the top bed.


“Things are not always as they seem. I am not what you would call a normal person. And then there is that little known fact around here that you are a princess and dooo need some sorta protection.”


“You have classified information?” Allura asked.


“Corporal Mena Cooper… RN… and Special officer in military combat… Stealth skills unsurpassed by anyone to graduate the Garrison since Commander Keith Matthews… I am also ONE hellava pilot.” Mena bragged. She knew she was good… at all of her titles… from Corporal to nurse… to pilot.


Allura sighed… Mena could not be any older than she… and she was a little jealous of all her accomplishments. She sat on the bed. “I guess they figured they needed to put someone in with me to secure my safety.  Tell me Mena… have you been on many missions?”


Mena smiled. She loved to talk about her combat skills but somehow… there was something different here… almost like destiny was taking a hand in her fate. She silently questioned the goddess of her religion and sat down next to Allura. “The fates have chosen us to meet. I don’t know why… Maybe we are all just a ploy in some demented writers sick mind.” She giggles slightly. Then turned back to Allura. “That was joke… you can laugh.”


And Allura did. She liked Mena. Something about her made her feel safe… almost as safe as she felt with Keith.


“You don’t get out much do you Princess.” Mena asked, almost sad. She knew all too well what it was like to be trapped somewhere and not be able to get out… her mind wandered for a brief second but it was enough for the memories of old to invade her mind.


Mena looked around… the Flagships of Doom were astounding. She was very frightened and clung to the skirt of her aunt. She eyed the boy behind her aunt wondering why he was so timid. He had also endured the same war she had… and at four it was alarming to anyone. She cried. Mamma! But there was no reply. She cried out again. “Auntie Nikki what is with the fire outside… I’m scared. Where is my mother?”


Nikia bent to the crying child. “You mother is not with us anymore. All that remained of HER is gone now. I am so sorry my child. I can do no right by you. For I am not you real aunt.” The child went into the open arms of Nikia who embraced the child with love and warmth. The boy beside Nikia did nothing. He stood there, in a shock of some kind.


And then it happened… the boy ran… Nikia cried out… “LANCE!” she began to run. Nikia ran for all she was. Her magic was nothing to her if she did not have her son. She left the little girl there in the cave. Mena watched with wide eyes as half hour later, Nikia entered the cave… crying inconsolably and holding a very dead child in her arms. Laying Lance on the cot in the corner she soon went to her knees in horror beginning to chant a spell that would bring her beloved son back to her. She was gravely powerless… the ruler of Vovin, and the most powerful mage in it’s history… now powerless. She cried. She wanted to die. There was no life if her son did not have it.


Mena came closer to her mother’s friend whom she so lovingly called her aunt since birth. She had not known her mother long but she loved and missed her greatly. However, the tears in her aunt’s eyes revealed the terror from within and Mena could only speak with a spirit that was not becoming a child of four. “It’s Momma’s fault Dragon Lance is dead… “ she said tearfully. “Why is Momma so evil.” She cried.


“I… I … don’t know. Mena… my child.” Nikia managed between sobs. She was to far into her grief for her son to be any help to the little girl tugging at her sleeve.


That was when it happened. Mena did not know exactly what it was but she was sure it had something to do with her soul. She glowed the color of amber and lifted her hand to her Aunt Nikki. “I must make up for my mother’s evil… somehow.” She too was in tears once again. The boy that lay dead was a friend of hers. She loved him. As any four year old could. She was four but her soul was four hundred. She brushed past Nikia and rested a hand on Lance’s heart.


“Mena?” Allura asked her concern showing on her features. “Are you ok?”


Mena shook violently for a brief second. “I think so… but I don’t know what that was. That has never happened to me before. I am usually pretty good at controlling my visions.”


“You have visions?” Suddenly Allura felt a sense of de ja vu.


“Yes… it is a simple perk to our craft. Although sometimes it’s a real pain in the ass.” Mena said obviously thrown by what she had remembered.


“Do tell.” Allura agreed. “I do not have visions but I have heard the they are somewhat disturbing.


“Yes… especially when they are of a time you don’t remember… “ She said then whispered. “Or a time you choose to forget.”


“You have been through a lot haven’t you?”


“I could say the same for you.”


They sat there… their souls bonding in a friendship that would move heaven and earth. For some reason… they knew that their friendship and this chance encounter would be the start of a whole new world for not only them but for those they loved.


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