Title: The Lion King

Rated: NC-17 some parts may be rated under that but the story over all is rated for mature readers.

Author: Nursie

Disclaimer: I don't own Voltron... WEP entertainment does...Only original characters and storyline are mine. That means Mena who appears in Part 4 or 5 is mine... Zejan has permission to use her, and if you ask nicely... you can too... just ask!

Characters: Keith, Lance, Princess Allura and the rest of the cast from the series.

Spoilers: Based on the Anime series Voltron from the early to mid eighties, also rerun on Cartoon Network in the late nineties. Any episodes and all episodes from the Lion Voltron series may be mentioned in storyline, so having watched any or all would definitely be helpful but not necessary.

"The Lion King"

 A Volton: Defender of the Universe Fan Fic




Part 4:


" Push"



Three tired individuals exited and walked on to solid ground for the first time in days. Looking at a clear blue sky instead of space, they inhaled happily, their skin thankful for the sight of the sun. The transport had finally arrived. Allura thought that she would never see Terra, for she had not realized just how far it was from Arus. Lance and Keith seemed to have taken the ride better than she did. After all, they had endured it several times. She suddenly realized how happy they must have been to see Arus when they arrived and how shattered to see it under attack. She silently thanked the stars once again for her friends and prayed that Lance would soon start to feel like himself soon.


The time on the transport had given Lance a lot of free time to think. He pondered everything from the meaning of live to procreation. The latter of the two he was having a hard time dealing with. Lance was taking it hard that he may never have children. Especially after his mother had told him in his dream that he was the last full blood of the planet Vovin. There was no real way to relinquish the population of such a desolate place… nor did she think Lance wanted to become the Adam to that planet’s Eve. Not that he wouldn’t mind trying to populate a city-state himself… he was just so sure he couldn’t and for now, swore off women all together. Which made him retreat into an even further shell… for Allura sensed something else eating at him besides his new found sixth sense.  It was deeper than his centuries old family tree… it was something to do with people he knew and cared about. Lance could not hide such aspects from the princess… however she had a sixth sense of her own that she had something to do with this part of Lance’s problem. If only she knew what it was… maybe she could help. But that was just her nature… Allura firmly believed in helping others and was a strong supporter of her friends in their time of need.


Her thought were abruptly cut off as she found the aroma of salty sea air tickle her olfactory nerves and a figure dressed in military attire come forward towards them. The trio stood, shoulder to shoulder. Allura shot a side-glance at Keith who obviously knew the older man… then she blinked and her eyes rested on Lance’s stature… Which didn’t surprise her none. He was looking the part he always did when he was in the company of a general. ~ It’s a start… I can see the old Lance in that aspect~ She smiled to herself… maybe Lance would snap out of it sooner than later and he would be the same guy with the audacity to wear his underwear to his watch duty with Nanny inside the castle. She fought to keep a straight face as that image crossed her tired brain. How embarrassing it would be to crack up laughing in front of one of Keith’s superior officers.


The man came closer, and stood at attention as he reached the three. Keith and Lance both saluted the man, as he in turn bowed to Allura from the waist down. Now she was really embarrassed… She had hoped to be treated like a person instead of royalty on Terra… in fact she really didn’t want anyone to know she was a princess… she saw the trip as an opportunity to get out from under her title and have Keith see her for the person she was… a woman desperately in love with her commanding officer. But how was she going to do that? He already saw her as some sort of idol. An object to protect… She had wonderfully enjoyed any and all time she had spent in his company in which they were not fighting or he wasn’t protecting her… and those times came few and far between. She signed inwardly. She needed to show Keith she could take care of herself. She needed to show him she was a woman first and foremost… Yes she was proud to be Princess of Arus but she was also tired of people fawning over her every whim. Just once, Allura would like to do something as trivial as make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 


“Your royal highness.” The older man spoke with kindness and confidence. He smiled at her welcoming her to Galaxy Garrison’s home planet of Terra.


Her eyes met his and never wavered. Smiling she returned his greeting. “General… I thank you for your hospitality and invitation to the Garrison graduation.” She said her best princess voice apparent as she extended her hand to shake the general’s.


Lieutenant Barton and Commander Matthews… it is good to see you again… I trust your transport was not so bad.”


“No General Caulfield, I think the person that had the roughest ride was the Princess.” Keith said.


“Ah yes… that is to be expected… it is not everyday that royalty graces us with its presence.”


Allura fumed. She hated the fuss that was being made over her and she stewed accordingly. Without looking at her friends, and seeing an open window for her to act on, she again caught the gaze of the older man’s gray eyes. “General… I don’t think you understand my purpose for being here.”


Keith looked taken aback. HIS purpose for her being there was to protect her. She was a guest.


“I am afraid I do not follow you your majesty. Would you care to enlighten an old man of your so called purpose?” General Caulfield gleamed.


“Of course. These two fine officers have trained me well, and I would like to make my standing on the Voltron force official. Not as just the princess of Arus protecting her planet but as a trained Alliance pilot. I trust you do have openings in your six week advancement course for military pilots.” Allura said her voice strong and her stance set.


Keith thought he’d faint… but Lance seemed to just stand there like he expected it. Keith tried to open his mouth to speak but something kept the words from coming out. He glanced at Lance who he was sure was doing something to keep the words from forming on his tongue.


~Down boy…~ Keith heard ring inside his skull… it was not his voice, and Lance’s eyes locked with is, in an almost conversation. Keith tried to look away but found yet again he could not, and he was losing precious time if he wanted to stop the princess from what she was about to do. ~Let her go… she needs to learn to take care of herself~ The voice in his head sounded so much like Lance that his next attempt at words came in the form of a thought directed straight to him.


~She’s a princess Lance… AND STOP with the practical magic… ok… I get the point~ Keith shot his thought to Lance and was well aware that he heard what he had said to him. ~Jeez I’m glad you couldn’t do THAT until recently~


“Why yes…we do.” General Caulfield said eyeing the princess with interest. “I would be curious to find out what these boys have taught you. I’d be lying if I told you otherwise. However, the only course we have available is the military training for our surgical nurses.”


“Will I still be able to do pilot training?” Allura commented, completely enthralled with the fact that someone was listening to what she had to say and not thinking about if it fit her imaginary station. She briefly thought about what was keeping Keith’s mouth shut in this conversation, and then she sent Lance a silent thank you for his efforts. She hoped that his little mind probing would not leave him drained of his energy.


“Of course… that is the main focus here as you know. Our cadets are first and foremost pilots… but there is a staggering need for alliance nurses. I think with your caring and compassion you would be an excellent candidate.”


“Where do I sign up?” Allura chimed as the General placed an arm around her shoulders and started to lead her off to an office where she could make her inquiry more official.


“She’d be a damn good nurse…” Lance finally spoke.


“But she can’t…” Keith argued finding his own voice.


“She just did.” Lance reminded him. “Besides… this will give her some defense maneuvers if Lotor ever does catch her and you are taking one of those long ass cold showers of yours.” Lance goaded his friend.


Lance found himself slipping back to what his friends would call normal the last few days. He had purposely given a lot of thought to things on the transport and he had decided that being a Mage was not half bad. There were so many things he owed to his culture, and to his mother. He even owed his life and the lives of his friends to it. He figured that if his heritage didn’t have room for his wise cracks and attitude then he would just have to make room so that it did. That was just the way Lance worked and twenty-four years of habit is hard to break.


“But what…er…” Keith stammered.

“Why did she decide to do such a thing?” Lance asked, a hint of brashness in his tone.


Keith gulped. He was sure he was not going to like his answer. “Well, now that you mention it. YES.”


Lance’s lips turned into a cocky half grin. “Easy Keith… all she needed was a little push.” Lance reached out and gently pushed Keith’s shoulder. “Push…” He cooed.


Keith bent over to pick up his bag mumbling something that sounded an awful lot like wise-ass.


“What was that Keith? I didn’t quite hear you.” Lance teased a color in his eyes that wasn’t there on Arus. He had found his mental powers… this might just be fun.



Later that day… Orientation Hall


Allura looked around nervously. It was the first time in a long while that she could remember being by herself. The boys were off doing their own thing. Although she suspected that Keith had put up quite an argument about her ‘joining the military’. She rolled her eyes at the thought.  Here she was, among a small group of young women that were obviously more prepared for the events than she was. She sighed inwardly as she scanned the area for a friendly face. One good thing would come out of this she hoped… She would meet a few girls her own age. Not that she didn’t love Romelle, but she would like to have a friend that wasn’t royalty. She fidgeted, biting her lip convulsively as she watched General Caulfield make his way to the podium. Again she surveyed the auditorium for a friendly face… or at least a face that wasn’t so duty driven. These girls were all mirror images of Keith. Every one of them having a displaced sense of honor.


“Ladies…” The general greeted his orientees with a smile and voice that was full of bravado. Allura couldn’t help but smile. “We want to welcome you… to our advanced space program. Here you will not only enhance your current piloting skills, learn the basics of healthcare getting a rank of First Lieutenant in Surgical nursing and over all, becoming Galaxy Garrison Alliance officers. We are proud to inform each and everyone of you that with this advanced class… our Alliance forces will be at capacity and our nursing staff will be at it’s finest. Some of you have come from distant galaxies just to attend this highly specialized program.”


Allura felt a tap on her shoulder, not knowing what to expect she tried to ignore it. Her head quickly scolded her for her rudeness. ~How are you going to make any friends if you remain standoffish ~ her mind cried out to her. So she jerked her head a little too fast, knocking into someone she didn’t know. She turned a pale shade of pink, shaking off her aching skull. “I am so so sorry…” she apologized profusely finally looking at who she had so briskly attacked with her head.


“I didn’t mean to be any trouble.” Allura looked down. A feeling of dread accompanied her thoughts, as she wondered if signing up for this advanced placement was a good idea. She frowned. She had never been so embarrassed around a stranger. Here she wanted to make friends and she was already making enemies.


The girl shook off her bruised forehead. Flipping her long cinnamon brown ponytail from her shoulder and looking Allura directly in the eyes with her dark brown piercing stare. “No brain no pain…” she teased with a pleasant grin. “I’m Mena. Corporal Mena Cooper RN.” She replied offering her hand to shake Allura’s.


Allura gave an inward sigh of relief. “I’m Prin… I’m Allura… Allura Arissa. I am a pilot.” She smiled… wondering if she should tell Mena who she was. She pondered this for a second then decided she would tell Mena if the time came to do so, but something in Mena’s gaze made her uncomfortable. It was down right weird. It was almost like looking at Lance lately… but that was impossible. She shook off her impression and smiled at her newfound friend.


“Allura huh?” Mena questioned. “You sure that’s your full name?”


Allura looked at her confused. “What do you mean… I only met you a second ago.”


“I dunno…” Mena said as she shrugged. “There’s just this aura around you… it’s almost regal.”


“I couldn’t possibly understand where that idea came from.” Allura lied, then had second thoughts. What a way to start a new friendship.


Both women didn’t hear any of General Caulfield’s speech. Not until they heard the call for room assignments and roommates. Mena picked up her backpack and proceeded towards the table lined with Alliance officers.


“It was nice meeting you… see ya around?” Mena called back towards her as she disappeared in the crowd.


Allura smiled… there was something about that girl… she liked her. So… honest… no… something else. She silently hoped she would find out. With that, Allura made her way towards the table herself.


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