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Kryptosite- Your Source for Smallville News & Information



Smallville Under the Covers- Every town has its dirty fantasies and this is the place to find them.



Smallville Level Three Fan fiction list (GOOD STORIES HERE!!!)


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First of all, I want to apologize to the owners of The Lion's Keep, Hunk's the Real Hunk fan club and Anime Notebook. I realize I had taken a long amount of time in fixing a problem you had addressed to me in a very nice manner... and I would like to keep the link to your webpages up with or without a banner... Honestly, If I had known it was such a problem to you I would have taken down the whole website here IF I could have at the time. Until this past week, my computer access has been absolutely zero. You being parents and having problems in RL know what it is like when it is something that just couldn't be helped. If there is anything I can do to show you haw very sorry I am that it took so long to fix the problem... please let me know.



Kaex (Keith /Allura Express) Fanfiction Mailing list and Archives (SOME great Voltron stories!!!)





My absolute FAVORITE MONKEY!!! Her site hasn’t been updated but go look at her stuff anyhow… there are some of her pics on my site in the Voltron section and Batman Beyond… I love her art work… I love her stories… TO read more and see more of her stuff join the Anime Notebook and Kaex mailing lists. We are a fun bunch of people… you’ll have fun!




My absolute Bestest online friend… Russ… or Supes as I like to call him. Read his Superman stories and Batman stuff… You Rock Supes!


Check out Aimee’s art work… she’s an animator on Futurama and went to Cal-Arts… A school I applied to and got accepted but didn’t have the $$$ to go… Oh well… I may love to write and draw… but I am a nurse foremost. (Banner coming soon for Aimee’s Studio)


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