Joseph Lee Barton


Birth date: 01/24-97 (which makes him 5 on the 24th of January)


Family: Grandma & Grandpa Hinkle, Mama (That’s me!!! =P) Then there’s his dad’s side… but let’s not go into THAT subject. (Insert Wedding pic)To see a pic of Joseph’s dad click here.


Favorite stuff: Cartoons- Digimon: Digital Monsters, Voltron , Batman Beyond, Dragon Ball Z, Ed… Edd and Eddy, PowerPuff Girls, Scooby Doo… Sailor Moon, Pokemon, (I am sure there are more… just can’t think of them all right now. =)


Favorite things to do: Watch cartoons, play toys (This kid has EVERY Digimon and Voltron toy MADE right now. I can’t even put these Digitoys together… and he transforms them in seconds!) Plays sports such as Baseball, football, soccer, basketball, running, wrestling… You name it, he likes it. He’s got to be the fastest four year old in town!


Misc: Joseph was born with a condition called Talipes Equinovarus Or Club foot as it is commonly called on both feet. It is a hereditary condition passed down from parents to child. He has had three major surgeries and we are waiting to hear if he is to have another. Thanks to Shriner’s Hospitals, My son can run, jump WALK, and play with other children. I will be forever grateful to such a wonderful organization. Shriner’s Hospitals… YOU ROCK!



Pics of Joseph