Title: The Lion King

Rated: NC-17 some parts may be rated under that but the story over all is rated for mature readers.

Author: Nursie

Disclaimer: I don't own Voltron... WEP entertainment does...Only original characters and storyline are mine. That means Mena who appears in Part 4 or 5 is mine... Zejan has permission to use her, and if you ask nicely... you can too... just ask!

Characters: Keith, Lance, Princess Allura and the rest of the cast from the series.

Spoilers: Based on the Anime series Voltron from the early to mid eighties, also rerun on Cartoon Network in the late nineties. Any episodes and all episodes from the Lion Voltron series may be mentioned in storyline, so having watched any or all would definitely be helpful but not necessary.

"The Lion King"

 A Volton: Defender of the Universe Fan Fic






Interlude 3:

“The Curse…”

Myraana paced back and forth in her chambers. She was not comfortable on planet Doom, for the atmosphere though similar to New Vovin, it did nothing to soothe her bad mood. She hated the company she was forced to keep, openly showing her distaste for her host. King Zarkon was not one of Myraana’s favorite men but he was a necessary evil to her. Vovin had become such a desolate place since her rise to power, and although she would not admit it, she needed Zarkon’s army to get what she wanted.  She could feel the attraction that Zarkon was feeling for her, and used it to her advantage; it was not the first time she had used her body to get what she wanted. Nor would it be the last. His son on the other hand, was troublesome and loathing… her new apprentice Hagar was almost as troublesome to top off her worries. With these useless idiots, it was no wonder Arus had not been taken, but it was also to Myraana’s fortune that it had not been. If she ever wanted to return to her beautiful human form forever…


After leaving Arus weeks ago, she couldn’t shake the feeling of dread that engulfed her since. That fool she encountered during her meeting with her pupil’s offering was more trouble than he should have been. The deed should have been accomplished that very night and yet it wasn’t. She sighed angrily as she recalled the incidents. Why did this young man seem so familiar? What was this strange essence he brought to the room when he entered? WHO was this person? She sneered at her reflection in a nearby mirror before throwing herself onto a large cushiony chair. Cursing loudly, as the hum of a door opening filled the quiet room.


“Mistress…” a raspy voice beckoned her as she peaked through one eye at the ugly old woman bowing before her.


“What is it old hag?” She snarled, her upper lip curling into a growl as she peered at the hooded creature with hatred at her intrusion.


“I seek a word with you.” Was Hagar’s response. She hadn’t had many meetings with the mage,  since the new agreement and she was not yet certain how to approach the dragon lady.


“I’m listening.” Myraana snapped stood up from her chair and gestured for her student to rise from the floor.


“You seem unhappy with your surroundings…”


“You would be unhappy too if you dealt with the idiots I am forced to keep company with.” Myraana jeered. “Oh wait…” She cried her voice oozed with sarcasm. “You live here.”


Hagar ignored the apparent insult, crossing over to her teacher, her brown cloak swishing and dragging the floor behind her. Myraana placed a scaly greenish hand to her collarbone. Finding a thin gold chain there, she gently touched the jewel embossed on the rounded charm. Hagar eyed the red stone with favor as she watched Myraana pat it like she was petting her beloved dragons.


“It is more than your surroundings majesty…” Hagar replied after a brief moment of silence as she gawked at the pendant.


Myraana did not mistake the witch’s look… and she smiled almost pleasantly at the gesture. “You like my necklace? Do you?” She asked a kindness in her voice that did not fit her physical appearance.


“Not that I am one for adornments anymore my mistress… but it is very over powering.” Her voice held awe as she felt the power of the ruby. “If I am not mistaken, isn’t that the source of your power?”


Her disgust at for the witch was evident in her features as she again stroked the jewel at her throat. She sat down again in her over stuffed chair and motioned for Hagar to sit as well. “What is it that you want witch… I was resting.”


“I bring you some news… I saw in my crystal ball that there is something coming… change is in the winds tonight.”


Myraana smirked. “Change is always in the winds…”


“Ahh… yes but this is a change that may not bid well for our endeavors.”


“Explain old witch… My patience wears very thin with you.”


“Maybe you should tell me what it is that is troubling you before I begin. Somehow… I think they are linked together.”


Myraana sighed, deciding to humor the hag. “I sense a presence I haven’t felt in almost a quarter of a century.” She said simply. “Only mages can feel this power, for it is a kinship… we are all bonded by blood… our magic being the main common link. I had thought that my people had died out years ago… but lately… since my time on Arus, I feel there is something… wrong.”


“Are you sure you are just not nervous? I know how anxious you are to return to your natural state. And if I was you, I would be a bit anxious to be with Captain Keith.”


“Yes, he is quite the hero… Too bad he uses his gifts for good. He could be a powerful ally if given the opportunity.”


“He will fight you… you know that… possibly try to kill you even.”


“Mortals are so senseless when it comes to love... Besides… “ She hissed, pulling a small ampule from her dressing table next to her. “He might just decide that he does… love me.”



Twenty-one years ago, Planet Vovin…City state of Kyrnn.


Myraana was young then, just barely seventeen…  she looked at the pillars that were the make up of the council on Vovin, in the new city-state of Kyrnn. She frowned disheartened at the historic symbol. The war had yet to begin but she had chosen her side. What good was being a mage if you did not use it to your advantage? Make people fear you… letting them know you were the superior race. There were those that opposed her political views so she hid them and hid them well.. Among those that opposed her hidden agenda  was her so-called friend. The princess herself… Princess Nikia. The princess was the daughter of the most powerful mage on planet Vovin, and Myraana was more than jealous for many reasons… some of which were self evident, others would show their nature in due time. Of all the planets out there, this one, Vovin was the only one that housed Mages. Sure there were rumors of other mystical beings out there, but they were not mages… and there were differences between mages and other magic makers… be it small or large. The Gold dragons, a symbol of good, dominated the sky. Harmony was felt in the hearts of everyone, Men, women and children alike. All had mystic powers, and most were members of the good order… the Order of Nikia… named after the youthful Arch Mage Princess.


It was written that most were members… in truth not everyone shared the views of the council. There were those that chose to seek out and destroy goodness on Vovin, the prospect of such magic creating a vivacious appetite for greed and power. A small group of mages, known as a make shift  third order were pure evil, and the leader of this order had sought out the help of a gruesome youth by the name of Zarkon after he had been exiled from his home on Planet Drule. King Zarkon, as he now proclaimed himself… ruler of the universe this side of the galaxy, formed an alliance with one of the royal court’s aristocrats. Talwin, Myraana’s father and King Alexander’s prime minister was also the leader of this third order hiding his true identity and parading as a castle diplomat to get inside information. The events leading up to the third dragon war was the murder of King Alexander, which was planned and executed by Talwin and the third order. However no one suspected Talwin of this heinous act, leaving Nikia ruler of Vovin at the age of fifteen.


For years, treason went on within the castle walls in the city-state Kyrnn on Vovin. King Alexander’s death was believed to be for some time, an accident. Leaving, Talwin to advice the young princess on royal affairs. Somehow, Nikia always had a strange feeling around Talwin and his daughter Myraana, but for some reason, she had also tried to be friendly with the pretty mage who was the same age as she. She treated her well, in fact Myraana actually liked having a friend. Until they both grew into young women of eighteen, and Nikia was to be crowned Arch Mage, ruler of the Planet Vovin. Jealousy got the better of Myraana, and not only was she envious of Nikia’s powers and station, she had also fallen in love with Nikia’s soon to be husband.


Myraana started to plot against the beautiful mage and her husband to be as soon as she laid eyes on the handsome man, whose son would become the mirror image of him when he reached adulthood. Jaymus was an honest man, a hero, with the heart of a lion, nobility and values. He used his spells to further the good for the planet and fought off injustice with a wave of his pendant. His pendant held a beautiful royal blue stone, a sapphire that was the essence to controlling the dragons on Vovin. For there were evil dragons on Vovin as well,  that were kept at bay with this jewel Jaymus wielded.


Unbeknownst to Nikia and her king, Myraana… who was now becoming quite skilled in her ancient craft, had renewed the ties her father planted with King Zarkon and was planning the demise of the current ruler. She also was experimenting with releasing the black dragons along with the red wyrms…, which were the most evil dragons in the galaxy. She was almost at her full strength when another rogue mage that was a well-known outlaw in the city-state appeared and offered to help Myraana in her conquest. Cain, was just as evil as Myraana if not more so. Cain had set his sites on the throne of Vovin, and planned his own agenda. Cain and Myraana plotted against Myraana’s ‘friends’ as she secretly lusted after Jaymus and Cain in turn lusted after Myraana. Myraana did not return Cain’s affection, in fact she found him rather disgusting. He was far from attractive, or at least to her he was. She was in love with Jaymus, or so she thought, and no body would ever compare to his marvelous physique. However, to get what she wanted, she flaunted her beauty and sexuality in front of Cain, knowing that he had feelings for her. She knew she was beautiful and often used her pretty face and body to get what she needed done. Even with King Zarkon, she would flash a little skin and get him to do practically whatever she wanted. However, both men soon caught onto Myraana’s games. Zarkon, thinking it humorous and taking other women into his harem… and Cain became obsessed…


Almost four years past, as Myraana plotted her way to the throne… Nikia and Jaymus welcomed a son whom they named Lance, after a weapon that was prophesized to be the savior of their world. They did not know at the time why this prophecy was such an important lesson in their training during their apprenticeships with the council. For four years, Myraana’s jealousy festered… She was the one that was to give Jaymus a son… an heir. She wanted to kill Nikia. In a fit of rage, she used her powers to release the black dragons, for she could not yet contain the red wyrms and first blood was drawn which began the battle that was to start the third dragon war.


Myraana had given Zarkon the information he needed to get through the planet’s barriers and disabled the gold dragons, which were the protectors of the sky and would have torn her beloved blacks to shreds. She had now mastered her skills as a rogue mage, and was no longer the novice she was thought to be. With the help of King Zarkon, the ruby pendant she had killed her father for and Cain, she set loose the evil dragons. Still remaining an unknown adversary, Myraana walked freely among the castle, and even shared company with Nikia, Jaymus and their son all during these trying times which could be described as nothing less than all out war. Zarkon was brutal… with the help of Cain’s magic many Mages lost their lives. Cain’s deeds were desperately needed if Myraana was going to pull off her master plan to take the throne of Vovin, kill Nikia and her four-year old son and marry the man of her dreams. But what Myraana didn’t know was how dangerous it would be to use a man of Cain’s caliber.


Cain, the long battle finally getting to his crazed mind, was growing very weary of Myraana’s obsession for the mage king. One late night, after everyone had gone to sleep during a lull in the fighting, Myraana crept down into her make shift laboratory deep in the recess of the underground caves where the black dragons used to hide before they were released by Myraana’s ruby. Myraana stood in front of a cauldron of bubbling potion, a puff of steam arising from the foul smelling green goo.  An image appeared inside the steam and she looked upon a sleeping Jaymus holding his wife during her slumber, the weight of war furrowing his handsome brow. It wasn’t the first time she had attempted to make a potion to force Jaymus to love her… but it was also a useless cause.  Rogue mages, after some time, lose their ability to do good magic such as love spells or healing. Even evil spells lost their luster and took more energy.  But her magic was still very powerful.  As for Jaymus… there were still  evil spells she could cast… he may not love her… but he would be hers. That was the beauty of evil to Myraana… she felt no guilt about using her magic for selfish reasons… why not use it to get what she wanted. She was beautiful and she knew it. In fact… for being a rogue mage, her magic was very strong, stronger than any other rogue mage in history, if not for that goodie goodie friend of hers, she would be the most powerful mage… perhaps even the greatest sorceress in the known universe. Her fool hearted confidence was what would get her into trouble… letting a moment slip by her, as she went into a daze staring at her sleeping king, Cain, angered by the dreamy expression on her beautiful face came up quickly behind her snatching the red ruby from the pendant around her neck and flinging it to the floor so that she could not use it’s energy to get free. The ruby, would have given her extra strength and doubled her abilities, now they were on equal terms magically… the ruby, which now rested somewhere on the rocky floor of the cave, was useless to the fighting Myraana. Cain was turning out to be stronger than her physically and was big enough to over power her in that aspect for just enough time to get what he wanted from her.


Myraana let out a horrid screech as Cain’s seed planted deep inside her as he ravaged her roughly and without any compassion or love for that matter. He got what he wanted, taking her innocence along with her body. Now every trace of any goodness in her was gone. He had not just raped her body, he had raped her future… it was impossible for her to ever turn back. Cain pulled himself out of her and up off the dirty ground, wiping off blood where Myraana had bit off half of his lip. She eyed him with pure hatred as she drew her legs up to her chest, naked from the waist down. Cain smirked, gloating about how he had wanted to do that for some time, and now that he had her, he would take her again and again. Myraana stared at the floor for a second, as Cain’s voice faded from her brain. She could not hear a single word he said although she was sure it was something to do with what he had just done to her. She had been saving herself for Jaymus, and now that she was ruined for him, she was going to make Cain pay for what he did. Seeing her ruby on the ground not feet away from her, she stumbled to stand. Cain looked at her with lust in his eyes and an evil grin crossed his tired looking face.


“I knew once you had it… you wouldn’t be able to deny yourself of it…” He would gloat, touching himself in obscene ways gesturing to her that he was up for a second round.


Myraana swallowed her disgust for him at that instant, seeing the ruby at his feet. She walked slowly over to him and dropped to her knees. His face showed a look of extreme pleasure, at what he thought she was going to do to him and he closed his eyes in anticipation for the sexual act he was sure she was going to perform. Taking one hand, she grabbed his gender hard, but he seemed to like the violence in her action. With the other hand though she grabbed for her jewel… missing it the first time. She went to grab it a second time throwing him off by loosening her grip on him and squeezing harder than before. He moaned with pleasure as she slid her finger under the chain that was fastened to the ruby.  The jewel now firmly held in her hand, she mumbled a few choice words under her breath casting her spell. When Cain felt nothing happening, he opened his eyes.


Razor sharp teeth and the gullet of a reptile was the last thing he would ever see.



Nine months later, Myraana had the castle fooled… as well as everyone else that had not fled Vovin for a safer planet away from Doom’s raid. The mages, were having a difficult time fighting their enemy, and were confused to why. Zarkon had a beautiful lady friend, whom they thought was the cause of the chaos with the dark dragons. She was no mage, but she was a sorceress. Her name was Hagar, and she had just recently in the last few years become a part of Zarkon’s harem. Secretly she had sired him a child whom Zarkon told her had died shortly after birth. Hagar was heartbroken, and used every spell she could to help Zarkon defeat his enemies, trying to console her lover for the loss of his heir. Little did she know that Zarkon had hidden the child from her, sending him away to planet Nebo where he would be raised until a certain time at which Zarkon would call for him. Zarkon was clever, knowing that Hagar would now do anything for him to rid him of the pain of losing a child. Her usefulness was fading however, for the more spells she cast, the deeper she got into her craft, the more her beauty faded. Within a year’s time, Hagar’s beauty had disappeared and she seemed to age into an ugly old woman looking hundreds of years old instead of her youthful twenty-eight years. Zarkon had decided that he would never let Hagar know that Lotor was her son, and he bedded many women… Finally telling Hagar that one of the women in his harem had brought him forth an heir and killing any possibility of the good side of Hagar ever returning permanently. At this time was when he sent Hagar to Vovin to over see the finally conquest of the planet. He was growing bored of his treaty with the mage and was ignorant to the possibilities of having a well-trained magician on his right hand. It wasn’t that Hagar did not know her craft, she did and she knew it well, but Mages were the most powerful of the sorcerers, having the ability to call forth dragons with the right equipment. Hagar could not even begin to fathom the power of a mage. She could learn some from them, but she couldn’t ever use their tools. It would be impossible for her to make it work… for mages  are skilled in certain areas that make their magic possible. Now, at the closing of the third dragon war, Hagar was to help Myraana finish her game. Then, once that be done, Vovin would be a powerful ally for Doom to call on some day when needed.


Myraana had told Nikia she had been raped by a rogue mage, and that she had killed him. Nikia, thinking she was her friend, loved her and wept with her when she had found out the horrid details of the conception of Myraana’s child. One late winter’s night, Myraana gave birth to a daughter, whom she named Mena. Nikia loved Mena like her own, and she would spend the next few war torn years in the sanctuary of the castle… living alongside Nikia, Jaymus, her mother and Lance, who was now 8. Until one long winter night close to Mena’s fifth birthday, Nikia over heard an alarming conversation. She could not make out the voices, one was familiar, like that of a friend… and the other was a wicked cackle. She strained to hear more. Nikia was so tired from the war that was tearing her planet in two, and she had all but given up. The last of the Vovin mages were planning to leave the world they loved and relocate to somewhere safe. Nikia did not want to leave her home but her husband insisted that they owed it to their son a future to survive even if it was on another world. Vovin would not die, they would not let it. The adults would teach the children of their heritage, and soon, hopefully the prophecy would come true, and  Lance would bring peace to Vovin and this invisible enemy they had been fighting, alongside Zarkon’s menacing evil armies would perish. Mages would live in peace and harmony again… their children’s children could return home. When Nikia finally recognized the voice she wanted to scream, the person she trusted most in the world had betrayed her. She clung to the wall she hid behind as her true sister Megara approached her, the words to ask her what she was doing forming on her tongue but were stopped by Nikia’s telepathy. ~Shhh…~ was the message, and the look in her eye had created the desired effect. Shutting up her younger sister and keeping them still unseen. Nikia held her breath as she listened at the conversation that was taking place in the next room.


“Hagar, it is almost done…” Myraana’s voice was elated. She clearly thought she was close to winning.


“I will have the king’s army attack at dusk tomorrow. We shall destroy the castle and all inside…” Hagar’s voice boomed through the room, creating an echo off the control room’s walls. Nikia peaked around the corner to look at her adversary, seeing a cloaked woman, with a hood hiding her face, in fact if not for the voice, Nikia would not have know if the thing Myraana spoke with was male or female or even if she was human. That she still did not know for sure. She could sense the presence of magic within the creature, knowing she was no mage.  That aspect seemed to give Nikia some hope for her planet and the future of her people and family. She turned to her sister. ~Megara, take Lance and Mena to the caves, hide there til I come for you. Spread word that the rest of the people should be on the next transport to the safe haven. Vovin is lost for now.~


The questions were there in Megara’s eyes as she linked her thoughts with her blood sister. ~No…~ she would cry out into her sister’s mind as a feeling of peace washed over her, she knew it was her sister trying to make her feel better with the love she had for her. Megara relented, nodding towards her sister and glancing at the corridor that would take her to the children then to the caves. ~All right… you can count on me. ~


~Have Jaymus come quickly, I will need his strength to cast my spell. ~


~What are you going to do? ~ Megara asked, as she turned to go.


~It’s best you do not know.~


Megara looked at Nikia one last time. ~But why?~ She shared a look of bewilderment with her sister as she heard the conversation in the next room, then turned, taking off almost running down the hall to the sleeping children.


“That troublesome fool that thinks she is worthy of such a prize is almost out of my way. I will have Jaymus and kill that meddlesome child of theirs.” Myraana gloated to Hagar.


“But what of your own daughter.” Hagar hissed. “She is as innocent as the boy.”


“She will have to perish with her beloved ‘auntie’.” Myraana said simply, no caring or feeling at all in her words.


“She could be a powerful ally if you wanted to train her…” Hagar commented.


“No!” Myraana ranted. ‘I do not need that little pest poking her nose into everything I am doing and reminding me of her father.” Myraana ran a hand over her breast touching a scar she had there remembering the night Mena was conceived and how the man that had impregnated her cut her with a knife.


Nikia watched Myraana do this, seeing the emotions play out in her face, not sure if it was hurt, betrayal or regret. She could not tell anymore. She did not know Myraana like she thought she did. Everything about her had been a lie. She felt a stab of empathy, hoping that it was more than just a reflection, hoping it was her rethinking her whole concept… praying that she would stop what she was doing and come back to her as the friend she grew up with. However, the look in Myraana’s eye now, murdered any thought of that ever happening. There was no good in the gesture Myraana had just did… she did not place her hand over her heart or even rub an ache from a wound left by a truly evil man. It was a gesture of greed and vanity. She could not believe the words she was hearing from Myraana’s mouth as she stood their speechless waiting for her husband to help assist her in her next move.


“ With that bitch out of my way… I will have Jaymus… my beloved… for years I have watched and waited… now… soon, I will have him… awake with him in my bed… Have him inside me and for once enjoy the feeling of what men have to offer.”  Myraana sneered. “That dirty bastard Cain not only ruined my purity for him, he also disfigured my breast… did you see the scar he left?”  Myraana opened her tunic to show Hagar a hideous scar cut in a circular angle, around Myraana’s right breast.  “At least I am still beautiful everywhere else… and I am sure once he takes one drink of this…” She held out a small vile of something, a tube of glass holding a blue liquid. Nikia could not tell what it was but she was sure it was something that was important to Myraana’s plan. Myraana sighed. “I guess that bitch of a child I sired was some good after all, she allowed me to create something that I have not been capable of for some time now… I used her innocence to make a love potion… Yes… I will get my wish, Jaymus will love me. Now… thanks to Mena.”


Nikia gasped. She quickly placed a hand to her mouth to stifle any other noise she might make but it was too late. Myraana startled, looked around the room and towards the entrance. “Hagar, set the plan in motion, be prepared to execute sooner than we planned. If I am not mistaken, I just might be sleeping with my lover this very night”  Myraana cut the connection with the doom flagship. Turning towards the entrance, she took several steps and smiled wickedly. “Come out come out where ever you are.”


Nikia remained where she was, her feet felt bolted to the floor and she could not breath. She could sense the tingle of Myraana’s mental capacity reaching out to her and she cursed the fact that she had been friends with such a monster allowing her to get to know her so intimately. Now, Myraana could defeat her easily, for she knew everything about her. She knew her deepest darkest fears. She knew her strategy for fighting the war. It was true that Myraana could win, with just a simple wave of her hand and a threat to her son’s life. She put a hand on her stomach patting it gently knowing she was currently in the early stages of pregnancy with her second child. Her gut told her to be weary for Myraana could possibly sense it as well.


“Ollie Ollie Oxen free.” Myraana called out with a false pleasantry to her tone. “Nikia… you might as well show yourself… I sense your presence.” She cried almost laughing. “I smell your magic.”


Jaymus now joined Nikia behind the wall, nodding to his wife that Megara had gotten the children off to the caves without being recognized. He mentally reassured his wife that the last transport to Azzuria was loading as they stood there.  Jaymus opened the palm of his hand and revealed the blue sapphire he used to control the dragons until Myraana had started to use the ruby, which counteracted the jewel’s power and now only aided Nikia and Jaymus in their spells. No longer did it control the dragons, and they had all but destroyed the planet on their own fighting the evil dragons defending their territory. Dragons, being very territorial, are ruthless when it comes to their families, a lot like mages. One thing Nikia did know about Myraana was that she always did have a soft spot for the dragons, but up til know she had thought it was a respect for the Gold Dragons, not a sick love of the power hungry red wyrms. Her mind started to work an idea, creating a spell to rid her of her nemesis forever… however, all mage spells have loopholes, or consequences depending on the nature of the spell. The rule of three was always understood in situations such as these… If you practice your magic for the good of life, then good things will happen to you three times over… however, if you choose an evil path with your gift, then you will receive a curse that is three times worse than that of the spell you cast. Nikia took the sapphire in her hand. ~We need to get the ruby away from her to make this work.~ Nikia told her husband’s brain. He nodded, not wanting speak for fear it might trigger Myraana to do something faster than she might already be planning. So Jaymus, now knowing the extent of Myraana’s feelings for him, placed himself in the doorway, in view of Myraana. He looked up at the beauty of her, thinking how ugly she really was and that nothing, not even the shine in her brilliant hair the color of brown sugar could make up for the ugliness of her soul. He hated her, if he thought about it, he had never really liked her. More like he put up with her for Nikia. There was always something wrong with the way Myraana was, and it wasn’t like Jaymus never caught the looks Myraana flashed him, and he did peak into her mind once in a while reading her dreams. They were all very lustful, and each time ended with him and her in bed. He had dismissed it as a crush for Nikia and Mena’s sake. But now, he wished he had prodded further, maybe he could have stopped these terrible events from happening. He should never have doubted himself, for it was distracting to him and that was all Myraana needed to gain the upper hand. She walked straight up to the Vovin king and placed a hand on his shoulder.


“Don’t tell me that you came to play nice, Jaymus. I seriously doubt that you would come to me willingly.” Myraana cooed. She touched her necklace and looked at the blue liquid vile in her hand. Jaymus eyed it nervously. “It’s really too bad it has to be this way… I do wish you would have come to me willingly.”


“Never.” Jaymus choked, finding himself bound by something.


“Ahhh yes… Jaymus… my silly man, for a powerful mage, you are sure ignorant about binding spells.”


“I wasn’t going to use any magic on you.” Jaymus lied.


Myraana smiled knowing he was lying. “Well, just in case…I bind you Jaymus… from your free will and from your craft.” She spoke in a chant. “I bind you Jaymus… from your free will and from your craft…” Her voice grew louder and louder as Jaymus felt as if he were being tied to the chair he was now in. He did not remember sitting down, but he had also never had a binding spell placed on him before.


Nikia watched in horror as her husband was rendered powerless. She had to act fast before she herself was bound from casting a spell. She also knew that not just any mage could bind another mage. Myraana must have more power than she realized. She took in a breath and stepped into the control room. “I thought you were my friend Myraana. How could you betray your people?”


“How could you betray your magic…” Myraana shot back at her.


Nikia looked at Myraana… and suddenly she noticed she did not wear her pendant. Glancing over at her husband, she saw him nod.  Nikia closed her eyes.


“Your vanity will be your undoing… “ Nikia stated as she clutched the sapphire in her hand. “Let evil show it’s true face… What is inside now show out… Beauty is what beauty does“ Nikia cursed her enemy and watched as Myraana let out a blood-curdling scream.


The woman that was once a beautiful girl was now hunched over on the floor, when she looked up at Nikia she did so with blood red eyes and a heart as black as night. She hated Nikia with all her being even more than she ever thought she could, for that little bit of kindness Nikia had shown her now meant absolutely nothing. She stood, Nikia standing there not expecting Myraana to do what she did next. She watched Myraana as she raced to Jaymus’ side, standing near him a chill went down Nikia’s back as she heard Jaymus’ voice fill her head. ~Tell Lance… I love him… protect him ~


Nikia’s eyes grew wide with the instant understanding, knowing that Jaymus had sensed the action way before she had since he was seated next to where Myraana’s new half dragon and half human form stood. There was no fear in Jaymus’ eyes though, because he knew the monster was not thinking… because if she had been… she would not have done what she did next. She snarled, her lips curled into an ugly grimace showing two sharp fangs that over grew her lips. The last things Nikia heard was her husband’s I love you and the snap of his neck.


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