Title: The Lion King

Rated: NC-17 some parts may be rated under that but the story over all is rated for mature readers.

Author: Nursie

Disclaimer: I don't own Voltron... WEP entertainment does...Only original characters and storyline are mine. That means Mena who appears in Part 4 or 5 is mine... Zejan has permission to use her, and if you ask nicely... you can too... just ask!

Characters: Keith, Lance, Princess Allura and the rest of the cast from the series.

Spoilers: Based on the Anime series Voltron from the early to mid eighties, also rerun on Cartoon Network in the late nineties. Any episodes and all episodes from the Lion Voltron series may be mentioned in storyline, so having watched any or all would definitely be helpful but not necessary.

"The Lion King"

 A Volton: Defender of the Universe Fan Fic





Interlude 2:


“Enter the Fairie Dragon"


Lance stared down at the velvet case once more. He hesitated not knowing what his newfound information would bring. He held the case in his trembling hands and sat down on his bed. Keith and Allura stood near him… eyeing the situation.


“It was a gift from my mother… my real mother.” Lance began. He unlocked the latch and proceeded to open the case. “I don’t remember much of her… she died when I was very young, on planet Azzuria. I was always aware we weren’t from there, but I was just a kid and Aunt Megara took good care of us. Megara was my mother’s sister… She married my uncle and they could not have children for some reason… at the time I did not know it but I think I understand now. She was a Mage… and he wasn’t. I guess there is something that makes it impossible for … wait a second… I can’t have children with a normal human female.” Lance almost looked horrified at a prospect that he usually cringed from. He may not have wanted any kids… but he certainly thought he could have them.


“I guess that explains the lack of accidents at the academy.” Keith joked but was sorry he did so when he saw Lance’s face.


“Accidents? I’m not the one that had any ‘accidents’ at the academy.” Lance hissed.


“Keith was in an accident at the academy? What kind of accident?” Allura’s wide-eyed innocence apparent in her features.


Keith bit his lip and glared at Lance. “That’s not what Lance meant.” He stared at Lance’s face until he caught something that he had never seen before. ~Was that a look of sadness on his face? ~ “Buddy… I’m sorry… I had no idea that something like this would be important to you.”


“Why? Don’t you assume that someday you will be able to have children with the woman you love?” Lance’s words dripped with meaning, that both Keith and Allura caught but let slide for lack of appropriate time or place to be discussed.


“What about this accident Keith was in… Was he hurt?” Allura asked concerned.


“Ugh no Princess, he wasn’t and it’d be good if you didn’t let that lil bit of info leave this room.” Lance told her giving a warm smile then his features returned to his own problem.


“I didn’t mean to make you feel bad. Lance you are my friend. I was just trying to make you laugh. I know… I’m awful at it. I bow to you… the master.” Keith said his tone apologetic.


Lance looked at his friends, his hand still holding the case… the other raked through his hair. “I guess that’s something I will have to deal with. But not now… I am not ready for that right now.” Lance admitted.


“You poor dear… I can’t imagine how you must feel.” Allura’s voice was full of sadness for her friend.


Lance smiled at her to cheer her up. “Don’t sweat it sweetie. If I can handle being a…” He rolled his eyes… “A witch…I can deal with that.”


“Haggar’s a witch… you are a Mage.” Keith’s eyes rested on Lance’s looking straight into them. “I’m sure there’s a difference… “ Keith added. “You brought us here for a reason… go on with your story.”


“The story goes, that when my mother was pregnant with me, my father, was killed in a war… A sort of dragon war if I am correct. Forgive me I do not remember all that Meg told me. At least not word for word. And I was a child… I thought of it as a bedtime story that she would tell me to help me sleep. I couldn’t even fathom that her fairytale was real.”


“Dragons?” Keith quirked an eyebrow at his friends. “I thought they only existed in Terran folklore and fantasy.”


“Don’t you ever wonder where that fantasy came from?” Lance answered. “Everything has a point of origin Keith. Whether they still exist is not known. Or at least I do not know.”


Allura and Keith both shook their heads in agreement. It had been one strange day already.


“When Zarkon attacked Azzuria… I was about five years old. I remember my mother, bits and pieces anyhow. She was lovely, a wonderful smile and a warm heart. Although she was always afraid of something, Meg would never tell me what it was even later on. I never asked either though. I guess she figured I would have asked. I should have asked. Like this thing with the magic… I guess she figured I would have asked… but I didn’t Keith… Why didn’t I ask?” Lance’s face fell, his sadness showing apparent heartbreak as he remembered his family. “ It’s too late now… to ask Meg. She’s been mentally ill for some time now. Having lost her battle with what Terran’s call Alzheimer’s disease. She couldn’t give me a straight answer… She had the gift as well… although I seriously think that she didn’t have the training. She did things that I soon learned to do… simple stuff really… changing traffic lights so I wouldn’t have to wait at an intersection, I could light a candle with no match… turn on the lights with out a switch… crazy stuff really. Moving objects with my mind… Like when the remote is just out of reach… you know… when you are really comfortable… and don’t want to move but you don’t want to watch the commercial…” Lance rambled. “It was almost like that Jedi trick in those Terran Star Wars movies… we should all be so lucky to have it as simple as them…Then there was the stuff at school… being able to look at mathematical figures and know the answer.”


“That explains your grades at the academy.” Keith scratched his head. “You really are different. Who knew… my best friend? I just wish we could have found out long ago… we could have used this to help with the war.”


“There’s no time like the present…” Allura said.


Lance opened the case and took out the gift from his mother. “Yes there is… the past.” He stated… looking into two quizzical faces. “My mother left this for me. I have never really understood what it was supposed to do… but now that I have an idea… I will try to find out where its power comes from.” He looked nervous, grasping the blue jewel in his hand. Allura gasped at its beauty.


“We are here for you…” Allura reassured him.


Lance stood, clenching the jewel in his palm… he took a deep breath and cleared his mind.


What happened next… Lance could not fathom…



Lance peaked through his lashes, not daring to open his eyes. He was somewhere else. He could tell that just by the way his back felt against the solid ground. He almost cringed when he sensed something above him, calling out in a shriek of a voice.


“Master… Master…” An impish high-pitched voice cried… Lance jerked his eye fully open and looked directly into a pale blue sky… the sun was high  and gave Lance the indication that it was near or just after noon wherever he was. He heard the voice again… Sitting up he looked around for where it came from.


“Show yourself… and where are my friends?” Lance called out.


“What friends??? Master came alone.”


“My name is Lance...”




“Show yourself you little imp… I don’t have time for this… I must find my friends and get back to the castle. I was in the middle of something important.”


“Ahhh… yes… that you are… very important… here… follow fairie dragon… I will show you what you want to know.”


“Huh? Farie dragon? I don’t see anything… let alone a dragon.”


“Your eyes misjudge me… You look for classic dragon. I am not classic dragon. I am Fairie Dragon…” Lance could hear the smile in the things words.


“Why can’t I see you?”


“Because you do not choose to.” It said simply.


Lance finally understood. He looked to his shoulder and found a dragon, a few inches in height, with beautiful butterfly wings and rainbow colorations. It smiled at Lance with a goofiness Lance did not think capable of a dragon. “So little fella… what is your name?”


“You may call me Questa… Come… I will take you where you want to be.”


“And just where would that be?” Lance shot off… he did not trust this fairie…or did he?


“Why to see your mother… in the lair of the gold dragon.” Questa stated. “Where else?”


“Yes… where else.” Lance repeated. He relented, following the small creature.



Somewhat later…



The journey took hours… the sun dipped below the mountains, as they seemed to enter a jungle like atmosphere.  Lance collapsed into a near by stream. Drinking until he’d thought he’d pop… he then sat under the waterfall, trying to cool off. The jungle was humid even at dusk, and it was hot. Although at the same time it was more than lush and beautiful. Lance tugged at his collar and wondered where he was… was he still on Arus or had he been transported elsewhere. Maybe, this was just a dream. Lance sat on a rock next to the Farie dragon. He smiled at it, for he was getting to like the thing. It was quite funny and wise beyond Lance’s comprehension. He hadn’t asked her much… for he sensed she did not know the answers he sought. She was good company though.


“Should we camp here for the night?” Lance asked her. He squeezed the water from his hair. Taking off a boot, and suddenly wondering why he was in his battle attire, he emptied the water from within it.


“Hmmm… Forgive Questa. I sometimes forget that humans need sleep.” Questa admitted.


“I wouldn’t say I am human… Questa. I don’t feel human as of late.” Lance sighed.


“But you are Master… you are… You are just lucky because you have the gift of magic. It does not mean you are less than human… it means you are that and so much more.”


“I never looked at it that way.” Lance confessed. “But there are things I don’t think I can do because of this gift that has been so graciously been bestowed on me.” Lance was a bit bitter for a second, remembering the idea that he may not be able to have children of his own.


Questa closed her buggy eyes. She took on a yellowish glow and then smiled at her companion. “You jump to conclusions my friend. True, mages have been unable to have children with human males without the gift… but you do yourself mental damage thinking about such matters now. You never know what the fates have in store for you… my Master.”


“Would you please quite with the Master…?”  Lance shifted uncomfortably. “I don’t know why you insist on that endearment.”


“I am sorry… you see, it is you heritage. You were given your name because you are destined to save our world.”


“Forgive me… I do not understand… and I am doing good just to keep up with the troubles Lotor causes Arus and my friends.”


“Listen… and learn. You are special wait and see.” Questa’s voice was so very wise… as any good dragon should be. Lance had not known there were good dragons as well as evil… but he also had never given it much thought. He now knew that they must be similar to humans, having good and bad apples in every bunch.


“Special huh? I don’t think the jury has debated that issue yet.” Lance rubbed his eyes. He was exhausted from the hiking. “I don’t suppose there’s anything edible around here?”


“Look around you Mast… I mean Lance… This place is lush and fertile. Most everything is edible.”


“What is this place?” Lance said, striding over to a tree and picking a star fruit. He took a utility knife from his belt and proceeded to cut into the fruit. To Questa’s amazement, he offered her the first piece…


“You have a very kind heart, your majesty.”


“Majesty?” Lance looked bewildered.


“Why yes… you did not know? Megara did not tell you?”


“Just what was she supposed to tell me? You know besides the fact that I have magical powers.” Lance took a bite of his food. He wasn’t surprised if he was some sort of monarch… it wouldn’t be the first thing his people had hid from him.


“I am sorry… what ever was hidden from you, was done so for a reason… there is one out there that has hunted and killed most of your people. You could very well be the last of your kind.


Lance looked at the dragon. His eyes were full of surprise with a hint of confusion.


“Does this look like the human realm? Questa interrupted. “You are in a dream realm. This is where magic is at it’s most powerful… this is where you mother can appear.”


“Then to hell with sleeping. Take me to her.” Lance stated with newfound energy.


“You are definitely her son.” Quest quipped. “Come… if we travel all night we should be there by dawn.”



Just before Dawn…


Lance yawned. Tired and physically worn, he climbed up the rocks towards what Questa called the Gold Dragon’s lair.  Lance had to admit, he was a little more than curious… his whole life had made a dramatic turn. Even though he had had these ‘powers’ all his life, they had never felt so much a part of him.


Lance eyed the entrance to the cave… It was smaller than he expected… it sure wasn’t big enough to house a living dragon. Not in his opinion anyhow. He drew closer cautiously. Questa landed on his shoulder, he turned towards her, acknowledging her presence. “I guess this is the point of no return…” he stated with a nervous chuckle.


Questa just smiled. She knew Lance was destined for something… although she wasn’t quite sure what. She was almost as anxious as Lance to find out. For she, even though was a dragon, had developed a schoolgirl crush on her handsome pupil. And there was no luck in the world like that of the love from a Fairie Dragon. The dragon batted her lashes at him. Lance just smiled… he knew the look. He had seen it many times in the eyes of women he had encountered. But somehow, coming from a two-inch high pink dragon, it was different.


“We’re at the top of the rocks… what now?” Lance asked looking for a spot to rest.


“You wait.” Questa stated.


“Figures…” Lance responded taking a seat on a near by rock.



Time past slowly, or least Lance thought it did. He was growing impatient and looked around for anything that resembled something to do.


“Lance worries too much…” Questa quipped. “Relax…” With that, Questa turned herself into a human female. She placed her hands on Lance’s shoulders, and started to rub his neck. Lance did not look up right away… For an instant almost falling asleep.


“A little to the lef…” Lance suddenly looked up into the eyes of a beautiful girl, her hair a medium brown in color, almost cinnamon, her eyes were a simple brown but to look into them, they weren’t so simple. “Wait a minute… who are you?” Lance cried… leaping to his feet. “Questa???”


“Right here.” The girl answered… “Don’t you approve of my appearance?” Questa looked hurt.


Lance eyed her… she was pretty. He especially liked her hair. Then there was her apparel… or lack there of. She was dressed in small sarong skirt and a bikini top that tied at the front. “I wouldn’t say that… but how?” Lance was confused.


“There are many things that are not what they seem. I am merely showing you.”


“Are you real?”


Questa looked down disappointed. She sighed. “Unfortunately no… And I should not have shown you. Or at least I should never have taken this form.”


“What exactly do you mean? You aren’t real?”


“No… I am not really this girl… but she does exist.” Questa snapped her fingers and was once again the fairie dragon. She flew around to Lance’s shoulder and perched there. “I have said too much.” She kissed his cheek.


Lance touched his cheek and then turned to kiss the fairie dragon on her own cheek. He did so, and Questa blushed immensely. She soon smiled and looked Lance in the eye.


“Remember Master, when the time comes, she will be waiting for you… she just doesn’t know it yet.” With that, Questa flew off of Lance’s shoulder and into the cave entrance.


“Questa?” Lance called watching her go. “Come back… I don’t know my way around this place without you… Come back…”


A hand lay on Lance’s shoulder, and this time he immediately jumped around to stare a familiar face in the eyes. His expression soon faded from one of surprise to one of skepticalism. His arms dropped to his sides and his legs felt like rubber.


“Mother?” His voice choked, his eyes started to fill with tears. He quickly brushed his eyes with is hand to hide them.


The woman didn’t speak. She stood in front of Lance, her hand slowly raised to reach out to him. Her face was unreadable. Finally her hand touched Lance’s and she took his hand in hers. “Lance… my son… it’s been so long.” She breathed.


“But you died… I saw you die.” Lance cried, his tears showing in his voice. “Haggar struck you down with her staff… and there was nothing I could do.”


“OH… but you did… you survived.”


“A lot of good that did me… I don’t even know who or what I am supposed to be anymore.”


“I think you know more than you let yourself believe. Meg may not have told you much but there were reasons for her deception. There are those out there that would like to hurt you.”


“There are those out there that have already hurt me.” Lance shot back. “Tell me what I need to know.”


The woman sighed. “My name was…er … I mean I am Nikia. I was the last in the royal line  of the planet Vovin. I was a princess, the youngest of the royal family, representing the royal house of Vovin. I was promised to your father, and we were wed just before what is now known to us mages… yes son… you are a mage… let me explain a bit more. It was the third of the dragon wars… and there were a few mages that had fallen to the darkness. They seemed to seek out the mages with the most powerful magic. Since I am a princess, and of royal blood, a full blooded mage… my powers enable me to do many things… even appear to you twenty years after my death.”


“I still do not understand. You tell me things that have no barring on who I am… or what I need to know.” Lance shook his head.


“This is your problem son… you are impatient and do not think before you do things… you are always... how do Terran’s put it… Oh yes… Flying by the seat of your pants.”


“It’s nice to know you at least visited the planet you had me grow up on.”


“My son, do you not think I have not watched you all these years?”


“I have had my doubts… I mean come on… up til a few hours ago, you were dead.” Lance ran a hand through his hair.


“I deserved that.” Nikia said hurt.


Lance took a deep breath and scolded himself for his distance. This was his mother, or at least it looked just like her, they had the same sandy hair, and icy blue eyes, and their smiles were identical. Nikia was a bit shorter than Lance, but he figured that he had to get something from his father. “Yes you did.” Lance said rather short with her. “Look, I love this family reunion and all but you aren’t answering any questions for me. There is so much I do not understand.”



Allura stared at Lance in shock… She looked up at Keith in a panic. “Should we get Doc Gorma?”


Keith knelt beside Lance, searching for a pulse and any signs of distress. “He seems to be… asleep. Here help me move him to his bed.” Keith grabbed under Lance’s arm and Allura grabbed the other.


“Tell me you saw what I saw… Tell me you saw that jewel he holds glow and his body take on a blue hue. Tell me I am not crazy.” She said finally letting go of Lance’s arm.


Keith nodded, his eyes mirroring the princess’s concern. “I think we should stay with him. We don’t know what that stone has in store for him… but I am not going to let anything happen to him.” Keith stood above his unconscious friend.


Allura looked at Lance uncertain. “I don’t like this Keith… he’s not used to this sort of thing… he’s our friend.” She said softy.


Keith noticed a painful look cross Allura’s features and flinched at the meaning. He did not know the extent of her love for Lance… he had always known they shared something… but he was not sure what it was. He suddenly grew jealous and hated himself for his inappropriate feeling at the time.  “Lance has been through worse… I am sure he’ll wake up soon.” Keith told her, walking over to her and uncharacteristically placing his arms around her. “Forgive my forwardness Princess, but is there something I should know about Lance and yourself before we do go to Terra?” Keith was immediately sorry he had asked that question… he really didn’t want to know the answer.


Allura just smiled, taking in the comfort she felt with her head resting on his chest… secure in the crook of his arm. She closed her eyes, enjoying her current situation for the moment.


Keith felt his heart in his throat. Looking down at the gold braids in her hair, and smelling the sent of lilacs that always seemed to accompany her. If not for her circlet, he might have been tempted to act on the surging emotions that swelled in his stomach and seemed to filter downward into other regions of his body he could not really control. Especially with the killer headache he now possessed, thanks to his unconscious friend. Keith was finding it impossible to keep his cool. A red light went off in his mind; he could almost hear the bells going off in his head… or was that his hang over…? ~ Houston we have a problem…~ Try as he might though, he did not move, and the princess remained with her head resting almost lovingly on his chest. Was it lovingly? It sure felt that way. Dare he dream? With that, the sensations he felt in the shower were all too real for him right then and he knew if he didn’t pull away from her, she would feel a lot more than the firmness of his chest against her cheek. His body was betraying him already. He could feel sensation trickle further and further down as he noticed his clothing in certain areas was becoming more and more binding. He was at that time both thankful and disappointed he wasn’t wearing his uniform… it would have hidden his excitement but it would have also been incredibly uncomfortable. He took a nervous breath. It was getting even more apparent that he needed to step away… But he didn’t and Allura remained in his arms. ~Keith… get control of yourself… you know this can’t go anywhere… get a grip…~ Keith closed his eyes and rested his own head on Allura’s. She smiled contently and tightened her grip around Keith’s waist.  Keith relented… it was nice to dream. He found his own arms dropping, down… moving from her shoulders to the small of her back. ~Wonder what would happen if I kissed her… I wonder what it would be like to kiss her. ~ Keith bit his lip… and shot a glance over at Lance, he swore he saw him smirk. And finally with that small distraction, Keith was able to take a step back. He looked a very confused Allura in the eye, her face showing signs of being a little more than flustered.


“What is it? Is there something wrong?” Allura eyed his face.


Keith searched for words… He didn’t know what to say or what had happened between them. It certainly felt like neither wanted to let go. He sighed inwardly and turned to Lance. “I um thought I saw Lance smile or something.”


Allura blinked, then turned her own attention to Lance. Walking over to him, she surveyed his appearance carefully. “I don’t see anything different.” She looked over at Keith again. Could she have been wrong? Was she wrong to feel so comfortable inside his arms? No… never… she decided… and no matter what happened between them she knew she belonged there. Even if the feeling was not mutual.


“Really? I swear I saw him smirk.” Keith said truthfully. “Let me take his vitals again and see if he’s alright.”


“He’s fine Keith… he hasn’t stopped breathing and he does have a goofy look to him.” Allura glanced at Lance again. “If I didn’t know better, I’d think he was dreaming of some girl.”


“If Lance was dreaming of some girl… there’d be a lot more than a goofy look on his face.” Keith commented looking over Lance’s face himself.


Allura blushed… she sort of had an idea of what Keith meant but didn’t want to let him know she understood. But she didn’t have to tell him anything. He saw it written all over her face and was immediately embarrassed at his observation.


“Princess, I didn’t mean to imply Lance would be dreaming about a girl in this situation… he’s probably just tired. We didn’t get a whole lot of sleep last night and all that reading he did today would make anyone fall asleep.”


“You still think he’s sleeping.”


“He’s definitely unconscious… if that’s your question… if it’s not then I don’t have an answer.” Keith admitted. “Maybe we should check in with Castle control. It’s been hours since we did any kind of security scan. Zarkon could have infiltrated Arus airspace and we would be here babysitting Lance. Whom I think hasn’t needed a babysitter since he was twelve. And besides, he would probably want one of those college girls that sleep with the kid’s father or something.”


Allura glared at Keith. She knew that he was trying to kid around, something he wasn’t that good at… She figured she had better let him ‘cheer’ her she wouldn’t want to damage the male ego. “Right Keith… maybe we should check in with Ops… and then come straight back here. I am not leaving Lance’s side until he wakes… he may need us.”


Keith agreed, trying not to read more in her words than what was there… a woman worried about her friend. “If you must stay Princess, I will go to Ops and check out matters there.” Keith relented finally, trying to make himself believe that there was just friendship between his friend and the Princess.


“That means a lot to me. Lance is very special.” Allura said glancing over at Lance once more then back at Keith.


A look of absolute heartbreak crossed Keith’s handsome features. He couldn’t hide it, nor did he want to right then. “You must care an awful lot about him.” Keith stated his heart in his throat and he was losing what voice he did have.


“Of course I do… I would feel the same if it were Hunk or Pidge laying there on the bed.” Allura reminded him.


Keith was suddenly taken aback, his mind drifting to the moment they had seconds ago. He felt the firmness of her chest against him and her cheek so soft resting in the crook of his arm.  Why couldn’t it be that way forever? What was it that was keeping him from just saying what he felt?


~Allura… I love you… more than life itself. Let me take care of you and your planet. Let me defend you with my life ~ Keith blinked as Allura stared at him with an arched eyebrow. ~She’s looking at you like you just sprouted another head…~ He shifted uncomfortably as the heat started to rise in his nether regions. ~Not that head you moron ~ Keith suddenly started to blush as the binding feeling in his pants crept back upon him. ~ Oh lordy Keith pull yourself together… do not let her see that side of you… Don’t let anyone see that side of you or you’ll be sharing a cell suite with Lotor and trying not to drop the soap in the shower. ~


“Keith…are you ok… you look like someone just kicked you in the stomach.”


~More like my heart…~ Keith swallowed hard and tried to speak. “Yah sure Princess, I’m fine. I was just thinking about how good a friend you are to all of us.”


~Friend? He thinks of me as just a friend? ~ Allura started to fume. She had not allowed herself to think about what the captain had thought of her... it gave her a reason to dream… she figured not knowing would allow her to at least indulge in her daydreams once in a while… and gods did she ever daydream. Her eyes inadvertently followed the shape of Keith’s body, from his strong shoulders, firm chest, muscular abdomen, and then further… Her eyes finally landed on a part of him that she wished she had gotten a better look at. She bit her top lip convulsively; her eyes never wavering from his body. ~STOP IT! You’re ogling… Princesses do not ogle! ~


It was Keith’s turn to arch an eyebrow. He suddenly was very aware of himself and a little bit curious to what she was looking at. He knew she was looking at him but he didn’t quite understand why she was looking at him that way. “Princess?”


~LANCE... Think about Lance… that is what you are here for… to help you friend. ~

Her eyes jerked up so fast Keith swore she hadn’t been looking at that part of his anatomy.  ~Why would Princess be looking there? You are losing it Keith… get a grip… perhaps Lance had the right idea last night… you’re starting to think with the wrong head. ~ Keith passed a passive grin to his companion. “I guess I should get going so that I can get back here… huh?” He said turning to exit Lance’s quarters.


“Yes… the sooner you go, the faster you can return.” Allura said not realizing the urgency in her tone.


“Beep me on the communicator if Lance snaps out of it.” Keith said as the door swished open and he took a step outside. ~ Or you could beep me for the hell of it…~ “Er… good bye Princess.” And with that, the door shut and Keith vanished from the princess’s sight.


She turned… taking a seat next to where Lance was laying. She smiled at her friend, brushing a piece of his hair from his face. “Good friend, I hope you can’t hear me. I have a confession to make.” She sighed, “Well maybe it’s not so much of a confession… I have a feeling you already know. Don’t ask me why but I know you know. You are special Lance. And I do love you… but I can’t live without Keith. You are the brother I never had… and I know you feel that. I sense it. Somehow, I think you have been sending me that message for quite some time now. Do you think you can send a message to your duty driven captain? You’d do that for me… your little sister? Wouldn’t you?” Allura blinked, embarrassed at what she was saying, and practically prayed that she really was talking to an empty room.   She felt foolish but the way Keith held her moments ago, made her have to get this out. “Tell him… I love him… more than life itself… that I want to take care of him and have him consider this planet home.” Allura thought for a second. Those were thoughts that had come into her brain seconds ago. Almost like they were being fed to her from another plane of existence… but that was impossible. She gasped at her next thought…  “Lance?”




Lance looked through the pool of water surrounded by crystals and gems. “But Nikia… what does getting them two to admit their feelings have to do with my future as a Mage?”


“Lance, my son… there are many things that will effect your future… there are things that I can guide you to… and things that YOU yourself must guide others to. These two have had these feelings for a great while as I am sure you knew that already. And your first try at getting into the mind of another worked very promising.”


“I am afraid I still do not understand. You say I can do magic… that I have been doing it since birth. True I have had odd occurrences happen to me, and I have never felt normal.” Lance turned his gaze from the picture of Allura sitting next to him. “She looks so sad Nikia… I wish there was more that I can do.”


“There is my son… there is… you need to realize your power and be brought to it… the Jewel you hold will help you make that journey. Even now your body holds it in your hand. It is what brought you to this dreamscape… When you are ready, you will be the most powerful Mage in the universe… for you are the only royal mage left of full Vovin blood. There were others that escaped our home world before Myraana took it… but I do not know where they are… any attempt I may have made to call them was hindered because of my fear of that wicked lady dragoniod finding you.”


“Who is this Myraana?” Lance asked curiously. For some reason the name struck a cord in his being and he felt a chill go through him that would have turned his hair gray if he would have been a normal human.


“She is evil itself my son… You cannot defeat her alone… the only way to do so is to help your friends and bring yourself to your power. When you are aware of your powers there will not be much you can’t do.”


“Hocus pocus and bibity bobity boo?” Lance smirked. “How ‘bout Abracadabra…”


“My son, it seems the Terran culture has jaded you to your heritage… you seem to think of your gifts as a joke.”


“No… Terra did not do that… there are several reasons I do not take my gift so seriously… One being that my ass has been kicked by magic so many times I lost count…


“Hmmm… so you say… but when standing up to the witch Haggar did you not remain standing?” Nikia interrupted.


“Two… well, you just took my number two reason.” Lance pondered opening his mouth to speak once again but realized he was speechless.


“Speechless Lance dear? I am not surprised… I know your thoughts my son and they are all relevant. However, open your mind and you will be rewarded. Don’t loose your heart… for you have a big heart and care deeply for people even though you do not show your true nature.”


Lance looked at the cave floor. A well of emotions hovering in his chest, he threw a glance at his mother. A light from a hole in the cave shone through on her brown locks and her blue eyes seemed to twinkle whenever she looked at him. As the sunlight danced around her body, Lance could see nothing but love in her face, and then the feeling washed over him like nothing before. He was loved. Without a thought in his head, his hand slowly reached up from his side. When his mother’s hand touched his as his lifted to hers, he knew he was exactly where he needed to be. Catching his mother’s loving eyes with his own, tears streamed down his cheeks but he did not care. Twenty years of wondering and sadness melted in that second and he embraced his mother. Forgiving her for the deception, and accepting her invitation to learn.  “I’ve missed you mom. And I want to learn whatever it is that you deem me worthy to teach.”


Nikia still holding her son, pulled her face away from his to console his violent sobs. She wiped the tears from his cheeks with a tender thumb. “And I do love you my son… protector of Vovin and prince of Mages. There are many things that you will not learn from me. You will understand in time… but open your mind and your heart for your powers will come, now that you are aware they do exist. There are no text books or study guides for our heritage. Once you leave here, you will be more than equipped for your battle.”


“Battle? But mom…? Lance stammered.


“Shhh… now… my son… save your strength. Your questions will answer themselves.” She embraced her son once again, her head on his shoulder and his tears dampening her shoulder length hair.



When Lance opened his eyes next, the first thing he saw was the Princess Allura hovering over his body. Her hands wrapped around his and her eyes closed in silent thought. He blinked one eye, and then the other.  He then looked around and smiled as Allura opened her eyes to catch him grinning at her. “You sat here with me the whole time I was out… didn’t you.” Lance said, a teasing aspect to his tone.


Allura’s eyes grew wide with relief. “OH thank the gods Lance… you’re here… Keith left moments ago to check Castle Control. I should  notify him on the communicator. He’ll be glad you are awake.”


Lance felt Allura’s hands start to inch away from his as she started to reach for her communicator. “Wait…” he said taking her hands in his with new energy, the blue gem still embedded in his right palm.


Allura felt the energy as Lance covered her hands with his. Their gazes locked and both smiled at one another, an unspoken feeling exchanged between them. “It was you… wasn’t it?” She said softly. “You knew exactly what I was going to tell you because you put it there in my head.”


Lance looked almost embarrassed at his apparent guilt. “Ally… there are things that are going to occur from here on out that I have no control over… I beg you to understand and bare with me… for I am just learning. But…” He took one hand and placed it under her chin, “You can be assured that once I know what the hell I’m doing, I will use my gift to defend my new home, and family. My sister Ally.” He leaned over and this time it was him that kissed her cheek. To anyone else, it would have been an awkward position… for if Nanny saw this; Lance would not be able to sit for a week. Neither would Allura… and no one would be allowed to be alone with her. But Lance did not care… he knew that it was warranted and after threw his arms around her shoulders and squeezed her quickly. “Just know that there are mysteries with in everything… the simplest issues are full of questions and the one that seems most puzzling have the simplest of solutions.”


“You sound like a fortune cookie.” Allura joked playfully but her eyes gave him the confidence that she understood the purpose if not the meaning of his words.


“Oh lord… shoot me. Grab my blaster and end it now.” Lance choked. He couldn’t believe he was talking like that. He scolded himself and vowed never, no matter what the situation, he was never going to speak in twisted verses.


Allura punched him on the shoulder. There was a sound of a door opening and they both turned their attention to the entrance to Lance’s room. Keith stepped inside, looking more tired that ever; his tired expression soon turned to one of reprieve.


“Hi ya Keith… looks like one of us got in a little nap.” Lance teased.


“Are you alright?” Keith asked concerned.


“I’m fine… I think I learned a little about myself and this gift.” Lance turned to Allura again, and he winked. “I couldn’t explain what happened if I tried… although, I will say… I’ve never been at such peace with myself.”


Keith smiled and went to his friend. “I’m glad one of us is.” Keith placed an arm around Lance’s shoulder.


“Good things come to those who wait.” Lance said… then cursed silently under his breath. “Gods damn it to…”


“Um Lance… wanna watch your mouth? Princess alert.” Keith nudged Lance’s arm. “What’s with the new enlightenment? You sound like a fortune cookie.”


“OK that’s it… both ya’ll out of here… GO!” Lance cried and proceeded to push both out of his room. He succeeded and the door closed behind two very stunned looking people. “Jeez man… I gotta work on my metaphors or somethin.” He breathed in the first real deep breath he had had in hours. Looking at the jewel in his hand, he crossed over to its casing. Placing it inside, he latched the clasp and put it away. Then there he stood… in an empty room… alone.


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